Virtual Jaguar Desc

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  1. you have to run it in a certain way to run the games
  2. and it's not fullscreen only a workaround, not all games work (Besides the compat list) like they should
  3. some play fullspeed some don't. It's not even a deb package and by the time I was to release the article
  4. the libretro version came out so my non-fullscreen method is out of the question. Other than these reasons,
  5. the games work awesome if they are fullspeed, click the green blob to remove bilinear filtering
  6. use a program to resize the window and make the emulator window at 320x240
  7. precisely at that resolution then to use XZoom 3 or 4 times depending on what resolution your desktop is
  8. and remove the delay XZoom has with the hotkey "D" That makes the gameplay screen bigger while staying in 240p mode.
  9. Do all of that, and you got yourself a working Virtual Jaguar Emulator running fast on 240P xD lol. Enjoy this blob only release.
  10. You need the BIOS to run the emulator.
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