Oct 4th, 2011
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  1. [18:49:17] <Jack> It's morning! Jack finds himself leading an expedition out into the hills. Why? To find a Gible for Elizabeth like he promsied. Well, HE didn't promise it. His grandfather did. But he was going to deliver, dammit! Taro walked along side him, sniffing as though looking for a sign of something.
  2. [18:49:38] <Jack> "So," he looks to Maka, "where do they like to nest, exactly? What should we be looking for again?"
  3. [18:51:33] * Maka fumbles with the stack of books she brought along. "Um....Huh, my book doesn't say much specifically.'s just um...look around I guess."
  4. [18:52:15] <Jack> "It's alright," Jack says as he glances about, "speaking of books, I have some for you when we get back."
  5. [18:53:28] <Maka> "Oh! ...R-really? That's...that's really great." Maka smiles as she continues fumbling around for a large rough map. She starts filling in details as the group walks.
  6. [18:53:55] <Clarity> Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Some very tiny legs on a very tiny animal step on... well, it's probably more grass than leaves. But the animal himself, everyone's favorite Shinx, is incredibly cautious as he does so, if only because he knows SOMEONE with him isn't. And that someone is certainly on one of her very few awake-days, slapping poor Maka HARD on the back. Slung over her shoulder is a big fishing pole hoisted up like a weapon, too. "Ahahaha! You know how these guys are, they love it when you just YELL until they come out! Look at Sky, he knows what's up!" Sky stops in his tracks and turns back, tilting his head as to say 'what,' before shaking said head and walking along.
  7. [18:54:57] <Maka> "Ow! C-clarity! W-what was that for?! And don't...don't yell...we can't sneak up on them that way."
  8. [18:56:30] <Clarity> "Liiiighten up~! These Gible guys are the big beefy ones that are all about BURNING MANLY SPIRIT, right? They want someone who can get their attention!" Why would you let this monstrosity along, people? Sky, and the omanyte riding on top of him, try to keep cool heads, before Clarity stops and poses with a huge grin. "And I told you to stop calling me that! Today, I'm..."
  9. [18:56:48] <Maka> "No." Maka interrupts her.
  10. [18:56:55] <Clarity> "... Aaw."
  11. [18:57:35] * Clarity walks back along with a pout, with the Shinx alone doing a good enough job of saying 'shut up.' It works.
  12. [18:57:46] * Maka sighs and goes back to scribbling the location of common landmarks on her map. Isn't quick draw fun?
  13. [19:01:50] * Clarity keeps a permanent goofy grin on, making attempts to look around everywhere while walking. Anybody who isn't an idiot can tell that she's not actually paying attention to even the direction she's looking in, though. Those two mons of hers walk along seeming to be having a 'why do we put up with this' conversation amongst themselves. It's just the usual.
  14. [19:03:43] * Nike soon steps into the path of the three and any respective mons they had at the ready. She was leading Surt by the reins, and had her bow and sword in accord.
  15. [19:04:00] <Jack> "Do be careful, Clarity," he warns her with a sigh, already regretting taking her along.
  16. [19:06:10] <Clarity> A pout in response. "Ohhh, don't be so stingy, Jacqueline-- and I told you, I'm Fury Swipes!" A very rushed mention with the thumb-point being just as rushed in order to prevent getting cut off again. "Defender of truth and justice... or something." Cough, cough. "And it's okay! These guys are weak against Sky's type anyway, right?" Nike, surprisingly, actually was noticed and got a big wave to afterward. A bow from the Shinx, he's just that kind of animal.
  17. [19:07:03] <Maka> " want to keep Sky away actually..." Maka's quiet voice pipes up behind Clarity.
  18. [19:07:04] <Nike> "I take it she's been spending time with your brother, Maka?" Nike asks, looking to the young librarian.
  19. [19:07:31] <Jack> "Actually, they're...doubly resistant," Jack knows his pokemon elements!
  20. [19:07:32] * Maka nods to Nike. "Sub's taken care of her for...a long time."
  21. [19:08:05] <Barkeep> (jack doesn't know his pokemon elements well enough)
  22. [19:08:32] <Clarity> Sky stares at Clar- er, Fury Swipes too, with a 'yeah' from the narrowing of his eyes. For some reason his omanyte-hat seems to be piping up, though. So she can only shrug before pepping right back up. "You bet, Missy's awesome! ... But I totally came up with this one on my own. Isn't it cool?"
  23. [19:09:01] <Nike> No comment. "Well, she must have inherited some of his strength. Might come in handy for this expedition."
  24. [19:10:01] * Maka looks over at Clarity, then back to Nike. She shakes her head at the strength comment. "B-but...she can help me track down pokemon."
  25. [19:10:49] <Nike> "Even better."
  26. [19:10:52] <Clarity> A big grin and a giggle from her. "Nothing less! Don't worry, I can handle anything! ... And Sky can too, maybe. He learned from me, but he may not be AS strong yet." During her upcoming cackling fit, the Shinx only rolls his eyes before continuing to walk ahead.
  27. [19:14:26] * Maka finishes marking down the nearby geography on her map and turns to scan the landscape. "Um...t-try not to go near any mandibuzz roosts. And um...I think Gible like caves, b-but...but the books I have say they don't live in the mines around town."
  28. [19:15:48] <Barkeep> (Oh, you guys didn't have a specific destination in mind?)
  29. [19:15:48] <Jack> "I tried looking in the mines last time," Jack comments, "and all I managed to do was almost die."
  30. [19:16:04] <Jack> (We're looking around Iris Hill for gible pretty much.)
  31. [19:16:36] <zoofman> It's a warm morning, and the sun is still fresh on the horizon. The grass has a hint of dew, and far as you can see it's fairly clear. You can see the trees on the horizon, yes, but also in the distance is a pathway you've never ventured down before; it seems clean cut through the forest, and a dirt road seems to just appear from the grassy hills, leading down it.
  32. [19:16:39] * Maka nods. "'s look around for prints then first..."
  33. [19:17:45] <zoofman> There's grass. and more grass. it's a hill, you silly girl.
  34. [19:17:52] * Nike mounts up, settling into the saddle, before urging Surt to trot forward. She looks down the dirt road, then towards the others. "Perhaps we could find something down this way?"
  35. [19:17:52] <Clarity> "No, no, it's okay, I got this!" A deep breath, during which Sky bends down and covers his massive ears with his paws. "HEY GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBLES! ARE YOU OUT THERE?"
  36. [19:18:20] <Jack> Jack sighs, then just facepalms.
  37. [19:18:40] * Barkeep comes up the hill as clarity calls.
  38. [19:18:51] * Clarity pauses, then shrugs. "Nope, not here. Maybe over there?"
  39. [19:19:12] <Barkeep> "You're looking for gibles today, Miss Farrence?"
  40. [19:19:20] * Maka stops and flips through some notes in her book. "Oh...u- ow C-clarity why so loud? says here Gible used to live in tropical areas, so they might like warm forests."
  41. [19:19:39] * Nike holds up her hand to urge them to wait a moment. "On behalf of Jack, here. And what are you doing out here today, Barkeep?"
  42. [19:19:52] <Clarity> "Yaaack!" A jump back, as she holds the fishing pole out like a weapon before realizing it's just Barkeep and hoisting it back over. "Oh... you're not a Gible. G'mornin', Mr. Bark!"
  43. [19:20:11] <Barkeep> "I just happened to be looking for some Gibles as well. What a coincidence."
  44. [19:20:28] * Barkeep totally did not come here by coincidence but he felt too awkward asking if he could come.
  45. [19:21:07] <Clarity> "By the way..." Triumphant self-point again. "Call me Fury Swipes today. I'm gonna kick these Gibles so hard in the faces that they... that they..." Sky looks up with eyes that say 'why,' before Clarity releases the inevitable animu sweatdrop. "... Actually I dunno. Just sounded like something fun to do."
  46. [19:21:21] * Jack looks to Claud a bit surprised, "Barkeep! I did not expect to see you up here."
  47. [19:21:57] * Nike narrows her eyes a little, before relaxing to that neutral expression. "Well, you know which places to avoid now, having looked about the area already."
  48. [19:23:05] <Barkeep> "Well, here I am, Jack. I guess if we're both looking for gibles, we might as well help eachother out, right?"
  49. [19:23:17] * Maka is taking the lull in time to hurriedly sketch out the beginning of this forest path on her map. After a few moments she steps up to examine the area of forest it leads into. Her gaze is methodical and practiced, as she's quite used to this pokemon hunting thing.
  50. [19:24:06] <zoofman> The forest goes down a while, you can't really make out where it leads, just that it's got foilage on both sides, and is a dirt road. It's literally just a dirt road down the forest trail. Give me a pershupshion check though, Maka
  51. [19:24:22] <Maka> 1d20+7
  52. [19:24:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+7: 23 [1d20=16]
  53. [19:24:28] <BB_> (Just her?)
  54. [19:24:38] <zoofman> (yes.)
  55. [19:24:49] <zoofman> You notice it's heading...downward, it has a downward slope to it.
  56. [19:24:51] <Clarity> (Oh, I'm sure she's your best bet to BE the one doing it for now)
  57. [19:27:04] <Clarity> "Got anything yet, Sky?" The derp looks down expectedly at the poor Shinx, who only eyerolls for like the third time today and keeps walking. "Hey, don't gimme that look! Gibles are the ones that are really smelly because of the big mushrooms on their heads, right? Shouldn't they be easy to find?" It's really for the best if nobody listens to this bickering. Though, that's not to say stuff of the sort hadn't been going on during their whole trip up there.
  58. [19:27:36] <Jack_> "Need any help there?" Jack eyes Maka's balancing act with concern.
  59. [19:28:16] <Clarity> March, march~ "Ohh, 'Ka knows what she's doin'. We just gotta make sure she doesn't miss anything, right?"
  60. [19:28:39] <Nike> "Wait..." Nike leans forward on her horse, and cocks and eyebrow, looking at Clarity. "Mushrooms on their heads? Are you sure you're not thinking of something else?"
  61. [19:28:43] <Maka> "Huh? Oh uh...n-no, I' f-fine..." Maka taps Sartre's forehead and little wynaut suddenly seems much better able to balance himself on Maka's arm. (Channel friend)
  62. [19:29:22] <Clarity> Head-tilt. "Am I? ... Oh, they're the ones with the really long legs, aren't they? Whoops~!"
  63. [19:30:28] <Barkeep> "Are you sure..."
  64. [19:30:41] <Barkeep> "I was kind of looking for something that was more like David."
  65. [19:30:41] * Maka slowly continues down the dirt path, precariously balancing her pokemon and books. As she walks, she surveys the area for any signs of pokemon. Not even necessarily Gible, just something of the ground typed persuasion.
  66. [19:30:51] <Barkeep> "I heard I could use them for uh... nevermind."
  67. [19:31:27] <Nike> "Actually, from what I recall, Gible are rather short and stumpy creatures with mouths almost connected to their stomachs they're so large..." Nike continues to trot at the back, letting Maka take point. Her hands were loose on the reins...just in case she needed to grab for that.
  68. [19:31:32] <Barkeep> "Hmm..."
  69. [19:31:37] <Barkeep> "I wonder..."
  70. [19:31:54] * Barkeep turns away from the party and his eyes glow blue ever so slightly.
  71. [19:32:01] <Barkeep> (Hour's past. Any gibles here within the last hour?)
  72. [19:32:37] <Clarity> "... Oh! Mm-hmm, mm-hmm." Nodding along, though it's not like she really understands what's being said. At least Sky listens intently for her, he's used to doing this sort of thing.
  73. [19:33:38] <zoofman> The dirt path is rather don't really see much other then some hoothoots in the trees, as well as the occasional swellow. However as you walk down you do notice the...path does indeed lead downward to something, the forested sides are slowly giving way to cliff faces, as you descend.
  74. [19:35:28] <Maka> Sartre playfully hops up and down on Maka's shoulder as she lightly sketches in the cliffs on her map. "Um...g-guys? I...think we're getting closer. But um...still watch out for m-mandibuzz."
  75. [19:36:16] <Clarity> "S'alright! They can't hurt me!" Another triumphant point to herself with an enormous, goofy grin. The worst part is that even though she's not wearing any armor, it's probably true.
  76. [19:36:40] <Nike> "I have my bow," Nike reassures. "If they try anything, I can cover you as you go for cover." Considering it was that Boulder Bow she nicked from one of the bandits after they were repelled from the village...
  77. [19:37:28] <zoofman> Eventually, you...see where the path is leading you, it's not a place you've been before. The ground is dry, cracked, old. The path leads down into a wasteland of sorts. As you finally descend into the clearing, you can see on either side, the forest abruptly ends at a cliff on either side of the path. Rocks are abundent.
  78. [19:37:35] <Barkeep> "There's mandibuzz around here huh?"
  79. [19:38:28] * Maka nods toward Barkeep. "Y-yeah...they can be scary."
  80. [19:38:55] <Barkeep> "Can't say I've ever seen one in person, but I've read about them."
  81. [19:39:01] <zoofman> Indeed, you see mandibuzz flying off in the distance, but they don't seem interested in livingprey. You can see a few sandshrews as well, and...there's a Tyrogue punching a bolder not far from you.
  82. [19:39:42] <Nike> "We encountered them when we were searching for Joanna's missing mareep. Still, given our distance, we should be fine."
  83. [19:39:45] * Clarity places a hand on a hip with a stare. Sky treads much more cautiously than he had been, giving a brief nod to Salt, who was still riding on his back. It's really adorable. Clarity, not so much. "Are there still not any around? Aw maaaan, don't they know how mean it is to make us wait?"
  84. [19:39:49] * Maka follows the sandshrew, knowing they'll lead her to similar pokemon. She carefully examines the surrounding area with a measured gaze, locating a rocky place where she thinks there'll be ground types.
  85. [19:39:56] <Maka> 1d20+12 vs 15 type finder on sandshrew
  86. [19:39:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, vs 15 type finder on sandshrew: 31 [1d20=19]
  87. [19:40:35] <Maka> "Clarity! help me follow that sandshrew." Maka starts dragging the other girl off.
  88. [19:40:39] * Barkeep follows Maka curiously since he knows she knows what she's doing.
  89. [19:40:42] <zoofman> There's also some dwebbles dwebblin' around - and Maka aced that
  90. [19:41:00] * Clarity shrugs and walks where Maka goes, at LEAST holding the fishing pole in a weapon-y stance to provide cover if necessary. And, of course, a nod. Like she wouldn't anyway! "Fuuuuury Swiiiiiiipes~"
  91. [19:41:08] <Maka> (LMHYWT+ is best feat)
  92. [19:41:25] <Clarity> (that feel when we both tried to fluff it but you typed yours first)
  93. [19:41:25] * Jack_ remains alert, Taro at his side. He rquietly allows for Maka to do Maka things.
  94. [19:41:36] <zoofman> One of the sandshrews stops, and stares at you, they weren't particularly GOING anywhere, just chilin'
  95. [19:42:24] <Clarity> "Hey." With a really stern expression, Clarity bends down for a second to glare at a 'shrew, pausing for a few seconds before opening her dumb mouth. "You're not a Gible, right?"
  96. [19:43:17] <Jack_> "No, that's not a Gible," Jack states, trying to hide frustration.
  97. [19:43:31] <Eddy> The sandshrew squints with suspicion at Clarity, you get the intention it thinks she's not the shiniest toy in the sandbox.
  98. [19:43:35] * Maka shakes her head. "of...of c-course not! But...they should have similar homes around here..." Maka examines the ground around the sandshrew, looking for that trail to other ground types.
  99. [19:43:55] * Nike however is trying her best to hide her mirth at this, a laughing smirk struggling to pass her lips.
  100. [19:43:57] <Clarity> "'Kay! Good luck, little guy!" She pats it on the head and goes back to marching around. Sky bows at the same sandshrew as they walk past, in a sort of 'thanks for putting up with this shit' way.
  101. [19:44:08] <Eddy> The sandshrew tugs on Maka's arm.
  102. [19:44:19] <Maka> "...H-huh? W-what?"
  103. [19:44:33] <Barkeep> "Friend of yours, Maka?"
  104. [19:44:44] <Clarity> "Oh ho ho, the Not-Gible likes you, huh?"
  105. [19:44:58] <Eddy> It...shudders, you think, and points past the Tyrogue, deep into the wasteland. It waddles forward a bit, turns around, turns around, waits for you.
  106. [19:45:01] <Maka> "N-no," she bends down to look at the sandshrew.
  107. [19:45:26] * Clarity quickens her pace with a grin, now being the one pulling Maka ahead in the direction the little guy went. "C'mon! He's got something!"
  108. [19:45:29] * Maka shrugs and begins following it. "Um...okay I guess..."
  109. [19:47:28] <Barkeep> "You have an interesting way with pokemon, Maka."
  110. [19:48:19] * Jack_ eyes the Tyrogue curiously, "Anyone mind if I stop to challenge this guy?"
  111. [19:48:37] <Maka> "I...I guess I do?" Maka manages that much before getting dragged off by Clarity.
  112. [19:49:00] <Nike> "Depends, can the Sandshrew afford to wait?" Nike calls over her shoulder, before she and Surt continue to follow.
  113. [19:49:34] <Barkeep> "You're a man, so I'm sure you can take care of yourself, right? Try to catch up with us as soon as you're done!"
  114. [19:49:39] * Barkeep follows the ladeez
  115. [19:49:49] <Clarity> "Oh, don't worry, he just wants to show us something... right? I don't think he'd mind if you caught up-- I mean, just look at his FACE." It's a sandshrew face. Sky facepawlms. That's right, he did it again.
  116. [19:50:19] <Jack> "Mmm, true," Jack nods, releasing his Skitty, who starts...slapping the shit out of the Tyrogue.
  117. [19:50:32] <Eddy> The sandshrew shrugs, and continues onward, not very quickly, as for you to not lose sight of him.
  118. [19:50:33] <Jack> (10 speed)
  119. [19:51:07] <Eddy> (errr I can't set turn order in topic so)
  120. [19:51:22] <Jack> (Oh, Taro is also participating via Dual Wield, 10 speed also)
  121. [19:51:31] <Eddy> Jack | Skitty + Taro > Tyrogue
  122. [19:51:43] <Jack> Taro yelps, as though giving commands to Nam, the Skitty.
  123. [19:51:53] <Jack> (Helping Hand+Doubleslap)
  124. [19:51:56] * Clarity turns around briefly and cheers. "Go go, Jasper! Kick his ass!" Sky has a silent conversation with the sandshrew, and an apologetic one at that.
  125. [19:51:58] <Jack> 1d20 AC 4
  126. [19:51:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, AC 4: 12 [1d20=12]
  127. [19:52:04] <Eddy> The Tyrogue turns around, being distracted from his rock punchin' and oh what -
  128. [19:52:10] <Jack> (Oh, four more times
  129. [19:52:15] <Jack> 4d20 AC 4
  130. [19:52:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, AC 4: 54 [4d20=6,20,16,12]
  131. [19:52:25] <Jack> (Wow, did any of those miss?)
  132. [19:52:37] <Eddy> (nooope.)
  133. [19:52:42] <Jack> (HAHAHAHA)
  134. [19:53:02] <Jack> 5d10+5+5
  135. [19:53:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 5d10+5+5: 33 [5d10=2,7,3,8,3]
  136. [19:53:09] <Jack> 1d20
  137. [19:53:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  138. [19:53:15] * Maka follows the Sandshrew and tries to scribble out more details of the wasteland as she goes.
  139. [19:53:17] <Jack> (45 damage total)
  140. [19:54:28] <Eddy> It takes the blow, but looks pretty beat up after that barrage of slaps...It simply tackles back.
  141. [19:54:31] <Eddy> 1d20 ac2
  142. [19:54:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Eddy, ac2: 20 [1d20=20]
  143. [19:54:37] <Clarity> (shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit)
  144. [19:54:48] <Maka> (crits aren't even that good after move tutor, whatevs)
  145. [19:54:50] <Eddy> 20 damage :I
  146. [19:55:14] <Jack> (Tackling the sktity, right?)
  147. [19:55:40] <Eddy> yes.
  148. [19:56:36] <Jack> Nam takes the blow quite easily, as vicious as it is. She retaliates by...singing. Taro, on the other hand, is getting the fuck out of that radius.
  149. [19:56:40] <Jack> 1d20 AC 11
  150. [19:56:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, AC 11: 5 [1d20=5]
  151. [19:56:47] <Jack> (:I)
  152. [19:57:18] <Jack> Jack follows up by tossing a Lure ball. It's not like he's ever actually going to FISH again.
  153. [19:57:31] <Jack> 1d100 Catchan check
  154. [19:57:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Catchan check: 36 [1d100=36]
  155. [19:57:45] <Eddy> wobble wobble wobble...
  156. [19:57:48] <Eddy> click
  157. [19:58:40] <Eddy> ( don't have a clue what the stats on it are, ask Dox after he's done w/ west or somethin')
  158. [19:58:44] <Eddy> ANYWAY, the Sandshrew
  159. [19:58:55] <@TwigTheMagicTwiggo> 1d10+10
  160. [19:58:55] <Jack> "Great work, guys!" Jack praises his pokemon, picks up the ball, and then hurries after the others.
  161. [19:58:56] <DiceMaid-9001> TwigTheMagicTwiggo, 1d10+10: 11 [1d10=1]
  162. [19:59:34] <@TwigTheMagicTwiggo> (Level 11 Tyrogue, Male, Steadfast, Poised Nature)
  163. [19:59:53] <Clarity> "Yeaaaah! That was so manly!" A bit cruel, but such is the world of Pokémon. And such is also the world of Clarity, who giggles and keeps dragging Maka toward the Sandshrew even though it's totally not necessary.
  164. [20:00:01] <Eddy> The sandshrew leads you across the barren landscale. There's...really nothing out here for as far as you can see. He looks a little scared though, not even minding the Mandibuzz flying over head. It's what lays before him that he fears.
  165. [20:00:17] <Barkeep> "Those are the mandibuzz... right?"
  166. [20:00:35] <Eddy> Perception checks.
  167. [20:00:38] <Eddy> all of you maggots.
  168. [20:00:38] * Clarity sticks her tongue out at it. "Sure doesn't look that tough!"
  169. [20:00:38] <Eddy> >:|
  170. [20:00:41] <Maka> 1d20+7
  171. [20:00:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+7: 14 [1d20=7]
  172. [20:00:43] <Barkeep> 1d20-4
  173. [20:00:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20-4: -2 [1d20=2]
  174. [20:00:46] <Clarity> 1d20-3 wat r purcept
  175. [20:00:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, wat r purcept: 0 [1d20=3]
  176. [20:00:52] <Nike> 1d20+1
  177. [20:00:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20+1: 8 [1d20=7]
  178. [20:00:55] <Maka> (oh this is just lovely)
  179. [20:01:00] <Barkeep> (this was a terrible plan)
  180. [20:01:02] <Eddy> (ppppppphttt)
  181. [20:01:10] <Barkeep> (jack?)
  182. [20:02:01] <Jack> 1d20
  183. [20:02:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  184. [20:02:07] <Clarity> (savin' the day)
  185. [20:02:23] <Eddy> Barkeep possibly had his mind in the gutter about something. Clarity, it's a mystery how she ever pays attention to anything...Nike couldn't see past the glare in the horizon. Maka and Jack, however...
  186. [20:02:51] <Barkeep> "Henry better not have messed it up..."
  187. [20:04:02] <Eddy> You can see what you believe it's afraid of. Off in the distance, there's a sudden sunken spot of land, and in it...a large collection of bones. Big bones, small bones, tall bones, short bones, a mass graveyard of times gone by. Beyond it, you see a small cave heading underground.
  188. [20:04:40] * Jack eyes the bones, "Kinda ominous, huh?"
  189. [20:04:47] * Barkeep uses hour's past.
  190. [20:05:10] * Maka has been mindlessly sketching the landscape as she's dragged along but stops suddenly at realizing she's drawing a miniature skeleton on her map. "...Y-y-you don't think there are g-g-ghosts, do you?"
  191. [20:05:42] <Barkeep> "I'm not worried about ghosts this time..."
  192. [20:06:10] <Nike> Maka could suddenly feel a hand on her head comfortingly, and the snort of a Ponyta. "We've got you," Nike reassures, firmly holding onto the reins with her other hand.
  193. [20:06:38] * Maka nods and finishes her quick addition to the map, then cautiously heads toward the cave. "...In h-here..."
  194. [20:06:56] <Clarity> Blink. Blink, blink. Oh, there's a thing happening. "Is this where they're at?" A small pause with a 'hmm,' before letting go of Maka and pepping up. "Okay, then! Thanks a bunch, little guy!"
  195. [20:07:11] * Clarity leans down to the sandshrew and extends a fist, as a bizarre gesture of thanks. A bro fist.
  196. [20:07:20] <Barkeep> "Oh... boy."
  197. [20:07:26] <Barkeep> "I just had a bit of a nasty thought."
  198. [20:07:37] <Maka> (sexy dungeon cave thoughts?)
  199. [20:07:38] <Barkeep> "What if the gibles weren't the ones that made all these bones."
  200. [20:08:00] <Eddy> The sandshrew does not know your gesture of broness, Clarity, but it accepts it anyway with a headtilt.
  201. [20:08:06] <Barkeep> "Well... let's hope whatever did it doesn't want to bother us at the moment."
  202. [20:08:17] <Barkeep> 1d20+8 image tailing.
  203. [20:08:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, image tailing.: 22 [1d20=14]
  204. [20:08:23] <Maka> "W-w-what do you mean Barkeep?" Maka nervously peers into the cave.
  205. [20:08:27] <Eddy> It then waddles over to Clarity, tugs her arm arm, simply points forward, and then starts to waddle off.
  206. [20:08:37] <Nike> "Maka. I think from here out, you should stick behind us."
  207. [20:08:55] <Barkeep> "Right. I'll go in front. Everyone, follow me."
  208. [20:09:40] <Nike> "Right behind you. Do you want Surt to give you a light?" Nike is already taking out her bow.
  209. [20:09:48] * Maka nods and steps to the side to let everyone by, flipping to a new page and starting a map of the cave complex.
  210. [20:10:13] <Barkeep> "That'd be apprecianted."
  211. [20:10:16] <Clarity> Nod, nod. "Gotcha! See ya later!" A thumbs-up to the sandshrew, before walking in the direction it pointed. Which is probably where everyone else is going. Would she really see it later? Hahahaha.
  212. [20:10:33] <Eddy> (so entering the bonepit?)
  213. [20:12:00] <Maka> (yes)
  214. [20:12:14] <Clarity> A small 'hmm' while walking along. Saltsky follows, and Clarity, seeing this is cool and everything, looks down to them. "Hey Sky, think you could light stuff up too?" His face is a big 'fuck no,' especially considering the now-terrified Omanyte on his back.
  215. [20:12:24] * Barkeep moves as though he knows exactly where he's going.
  216. [20:12:39] <Eddy> (you guys can't get into the cave without crossing the bone pit :c)
  217. [20:12:51] <Barkeep> (oh)
  218. [20:12:55] <Barkeep> (didn't realize that :B)
  219. [20:13:01] * Barkeep just follows the image in his mind
  220. [20:13:05] <Clarity> (oh, we thought it was just like a short walk through the bonepit TO the cave, whoop)
  221. [20:14:21] <Eddy> The bonepit...there is a little path of sorta that crawls down into it. It's silent down here, very silent. It's an errie sensation, since you can see dozens, possibly a hundred, skulls poining your way, eyeing you with empty sockets.
  222. [20:14:41] <Eddy> (they don't like, physically turn to look at you.)
  223. [20:14:45] <Eddy> (just are sittin' there.)
  224. [20:15:24] <Clarity> It's not silent when Clarity's around, who is bursting with anticipation. At least Sky's pretty terrified, and Salt so much so that he just clamps his eyes closed. Suffice it to say, the former keeps on walking, just a bit more cautiously. And Clarity hasn't stopped waving to that sandshrew, anyway. What a bro.
  225. [20:15:25] * Jack eyes the skulls warily as he follows along with the rest of the group.
  226. [20:16:48] * Maka puts away her map in progress momentarily to hug Sartre. "G-guys? This...this place is creepy." Nonetheless, she continues forward, wary eyes glancing around. (channel borrow: encore, counter, destiny bond)
  227. [20:17:11] <Barkeep> "Yeah..."
  228. [20:17:22] <Eddy> DEX checks. Hand them over.
  229. [20:17:30] <Barkeep> "More bones... geez, why can't I go anywhere without running into a corpse..."
  230. [20:17:31] <Clarity> "Don't wooooo~rry! Nobody's gonna get hurt or anything! Just some creepy... bones n' stuff." She kicks a skull while walking past it.
  231. [20:17:32] <Barkeep> 1d20
  232. [20:17:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20: 3 [1d20=3]
  233. [20:17:33] <Clarity> 1d20+1 boom
  234. [20:17:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, boom: 8 [1d20=7]
  235. [20:17:51] <Maka> 1d20-4 fffffff
  236. [20:17:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, fffffff: 2 [1d20=6]
  237. [20:18:00] <Nike> 1d20+2 any changes since I'm on a horse?
  238. [20:18:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, any changes since I'm on a horse?: 5 [1d20=3]
  239. [20:18:11] <Clarity> (inb4 jack crits)
  240. [20:18:48] <Eddy> I'm gonna wait for a full call on them :3c
  241. [20:20:28] <Jack> 1d20+1
  242. [20:20:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20+1: 21 [1d20=20]
  243. [20:20:34] <Jack> (Holy shit wow.)
  244. [20:20:35] <Clarity> (IN AFTER)
  245. [20:20:52] <Eddy> OKay so.
  246. [20:21:11] <Eddy> every single one of you goofballs trips over a bone on your way across, falling flat on your faces, except Jack.
  247. [20:21:26] * Clarity tripped on the one she kicked. Fluff!
  248. [20:21:56] * Jack looks back at the others, helping them all up.
  249. [20:21:57] <Nike> Surt whinnied as he stumbled, and Nike had to spend a minute making sure he was okay and unhurt.
  250. [20:22:01] * Maka spills over, dropping her map and books and sending Sartre flying through the air. He lands perfectly on his feet a few meters away, still with a derpy smile on his face. He doesn't seem to have noticed anything is wrong.
  251. [20:22:03] <Eddy> Jack, perception check.
  252. [20:22:04] <Jack> "Eesh, are you alright?"
  253. [20:22:15] <Jack> 1d20
  254. [20:22:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  255. [20:22:53] <Clarity> "Bluh!" The peppy teen leaps right to her feet, with a glare at the bones on the ground. "Okay, okay, I get it. Respect for the dead blah blah blah. C'mon, let's just get outta heeeeeere."
  256. [20:23:49] <Eddy> You barely catch a glimpsy of a bone being thrown at Clarity, bonkin' her on the head.
  257. [20:24:14] <Eddy> Atop some of the piles of bones, you see...many Cubones, angry. "Bone bone! Cubone!" They are waving their clubs and descending upon you...
  258. [20:25:34] <Eddy> (dex and speeds. I dunno how I'm gonna manage this cleanly w/o an op in the channel though :O)
  259. [20:25:36] <Jack> "Well, that explains the bones!" He eyes them as they approach, "Everyone, get ready!"
  260. [20:25:39] <Maka> (Hm, anything significant about this boneyard I'd know via prophet?)
  261. [20:25:41] <Clarity> "Mmph!" And Clar- Fury Swipes rubs where it hit, hoisting the pole-arm over with a confused - and angry - glance around. Because she couldn't succeed a percept check if she wanted to, anyway. "Aw, okay, where the heck's this comin' from?"
  262. [20:26:17] <Barkeep> "This isn't very good..."
  263. [20:26:20] <Nike> Nike, 15 DEX. Surt, 16 SPD
  264. [20:26:23] <Barkeep> "Come on, Marcel."
  265. [20:26:23] <Clarity> (Query Dox to give you op-- anyway 12 DEX, 2 SPD Salt. Sky's IDGAF.jpg)
  266. [20:26:38] * TwigTheMagicTwiggo sets mode: +o Eddy
  267. [20:26:45] <Barkeep> Barkeep dex 10, Marcel speed 9
  268. [20:26:57] <@Eddy> Maka, you know exactly what is about to happen, if only cause you read it in a story once...
  269. [20:27:04] <Maka> (6 DEX, 2 speed on Sartre, sending out K Unown with 7 speed though...)
  270. [20:27:29] <Jack> (12 DEX, 10 speed and 10 speed. Using Nam and Taro)
  271. [20:27:30] <Maka> (er, scratch that, 11 speed, O Unown)
  272. [20:28:15] <Jack> (So wait, how does Fake Out work. Do I declare on the Mons' first turn or the very start of the battle?)
  273. [20:28:35] <Barkeep> (start. it's an interrupt)
  274. [20:28:54] <Clarity> "Hey, that's not fair~! Okay Sky, blow 'em up!" Sky gives a big glare as the best 'no' he can muster, but the Omanyte on his back peps up a good deal, glad to have the ride. In fact, he's even smiling. Cute, huh?
  275. [20:29:05] <Jack> Nam is already clawing at a Cubone as they charge down.
  276. [20:29:14] <@Eddy> The bones in the yard, they start to...gather, collect, A large rustling is heard as they click together and some of the piles collaspe. Ittakes form in front of the cave...a giant, skeletal monstrosity with etheral crimson red yes. <WHO DARES WAKE THE BARONESS OF THE BARRENS?>
  277. [20:29:22] <Jack> (Fake Out, AC 2)
  278. [20:29:25] <Jack> 1d20
  279. [20:29:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  280. [20:29:25] <Barkeep> D:
  281. [20:29:31] * Barkeep points at the cubones
  282. [20:29:31] <Barkeep> "They did."
  283. [20:29:32] <Jack> 2d6+10
  284. [20:29:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=3,2]
  285. [20:29:34] <Clarity> "..."
  286. [20:29:38] <Clarity> "Oh hey, Gibles can talk?"
  287. [20:29:58] <Maka> "....y-yeah, them" Maka joins in pointing at the cubones. "n-n-not us! Not us at all!"
  288. [20:30:02] <@Eddy> (sec i"m a little overwhelmed w/ people IRL)
  289. [20:30:23] * Jack eyes the monstrosity as it forms, "What in the world! A-and yeah. It was totally these jerks!" He points at the cubone.
  290. [20:35:03] <Nike> "We were trespassing on their ground, with the intent to be out of the way and not intrusive..." Nike observes under her breath.
  291. [20:36:33] <Clarity> Nodnod. "Yeah, we just wanna grab some Gibles, ya dig? I mean, that's no big deal or anything... right?"
  292. [20:37:07] * Eddy changes topic to 'Nike > Jack >Clarity > Barkeep > Maka > Baroness | Surt > Baroness > O > Nam + Taro > Marcel > 5 Cubones > Salt'
  293. [20:37:23] <@Eddy> (okay, situated.)
  294. [20:38:11] <@Eddy> <I AM NOT ONE TO TROUBLE WITH REPEATING MYSELF, CHILD OF MAN.> It looks to Jack, an ectoplasmic forked tounge hisses at him.
  295. [20:38:41] <Maka> "...G-guys? I about this in a book that it helps any, b-but...that was a giant serpent a hero killed long...and...oh, t-this won't help anyway..." Maka just steps back.
  296. [20:39:18] <Jack> "Welll...looks like that hero didn't do a very good job!"
  298. [20:39:40] * Clarity shrugs. "It's not a Gible, right? Easy peasy~! Let's just bust this thing up and get into this place, it's nothin' but talk."
  299. [20:40:07] <Maka> "...It's a...a...g-g-g-ghost though!"
  300. [20:40:12] <@Eddy> (feel free to start combat, Nike.)
  301. [20:40:41] <Clarity> "That Newt dude didn't seem like he had a problem with 'em, why should we?"
  302. [20:41:18] <Nike> Well, she WAS going to try diplomacy, but after being so rudely put on the menu, yeah, that was out of the question. Nike readies her Boulder Bow, and fires right at the Baroness.
  303. [20:41:30] <Nike> 1d20 AC2
  304. [20:41:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, AC2: 3 [1d20=3]
  305. [20:41:58] <@Eddy> She bites the arrow in half >:|
  306. [20:42:20] <@Eddy> Jack's up
  307. [20:42:22] <Clarity> "Oh man, this is kinda exciting now." ANTICIPATION.
  308. [20:42:54] * Maka cowers behind a large bone. Scary goasts. ;-;
  309. [20:42:55] <Jack> (Hm...)
  310. [20:43:01] <Barkeep> "Why... why do I have to encounter some kind of godlike being that hates me every time I go outside without neph."
  311. [20:43:07] <Barkeep> "Every time..."
  312. [20:43:53] <Jack> Jack is going to return Nam and release Opal
  313. [20:43:57] <Nike> "Sorry, pal. I wasn't really seeing this coming either, when I got out of bed." Nike looks worriedly to Surt.
  314. [20:44:05] <Jack> (Can you return someone after an interrupt?)
  315. [20:44:17] <Barkeep> (probably)
  316. [20:44:27] <Jack> (Then yeah totally doing that)
  317. [20:44:35] <Jack> And that's really all Jack can do this turn.
  318. [20:44:36] <Barkeep> (but you still can only have 2 commands)
  319. [20:44:53] <Jack> (Releasing Opal, Speed 5)
  320. [20:45:39] * Eddy changes topic to 'Nike > Jack >Clarity > Barkeep > Maka > Baroness | Surt > Baroness > O > Nam > Marcel > Opal > 5 Cubones > Salt'
  321. [20:45:50] <@Eddy> Clarity's up
  322. [20:46:20] * Clarity walks up with a frown, and kicks a Cubone in the face, before giving Sky a thumbs-up and standing in front of him. Something like that.
  323. [20:46:26] <Clarity> 1d20 I think these are like ac5 or something?
  324. [20:46:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, I think these are like ac5 or something?: 20 [1d20=20]
  325. [20:46:35] <Clarity> (4 BONK DAMAGE)
  326. [20:46:41] <Nike> KO!
  327. [20:47:04] <@Eddy> The Cubone just stares at you, much like the sandshrew.
  328. [20:47:21] <@Eddy> Barkeep / Maka, doin' anything?
  329. [20:47:21] <Clarity> ... Of course, Salt and Sky are the same entity. Just one's actually into the game right now. Sky may as well be asleep.
  330. [20:47:34] * Barkeep backpedals... making sure nobody can see him and then...
  331. [20:47:36] <Clarity> "You like that, huh?"
  332. [20:47:42] <Barkeep> 1d20+8 STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM
  333. [20:47:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM: 14 [1d20=6]
  334. [20:47:48] <Barkeep> (NEVER FUCKING WORKS)
  335. [20:47:55] <Maka> (use a PC?)
  336. [20:48:04] <Barkeep> 1d20+8 it never works ; ;
  337. [20:48:04] <Maka> (also, use +5 on your roll :P)
  338. [20:48:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, it never works: 9 [1d20=1]
  339. [20:48:10] <Barkeep> (ALFKHASDLPKHJP)
  340. [20:48:10] <Clarity> (herpa)
  341. [20:48:15] <Maka> (ooor, not)
  342. [20:48:20] <Barkeep> 1d20+8 come on just FUCKING WORK ONCE.
  343. [20:48:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, come on just FUCKING WORK ONCE.: 18 [1d20=10]
  344. [20:48:32] <Nike> (A...PC?)
  345. [20:48:40] <Clarity> (no, seriously, take a +2 to that)
  346. [20:48:47] <Barkeep> (no that worked)
  347. [20:48:50] <Clarity> (oh okay)
  348. [20:48:54] <Barkeep> (it just needs to beat 15.)
  349. [20:48:55] <@Eddy> (I'm confused what did you just do :O)
  350. [20:49:01] <Barkeep> (I used Stop)
  351. [20:49:03] <Clarity> (oh, right, stop)
  352. [20:49:03] <Maka> (Used Stop on it.)
  353. [20:49:08] <Barkeep> (influential feat, the target can't move for 30 seconds)
  354. [20:49:20] <Barkeep> (so it's disabled for 3 rounds)
  355. [20:49:38] <Nike> (On the Baroness?)
  356. [20:50:21] <Barkeep> (yup)
  357. [20:50:30] <Barkeep> (baroness is completely immobile for 3 rounds)
  358. [20:51:00] <Clarity> (But was it worth Barkeep totally trashing himself?)
  359. [20:51:41] <Maka> (how big is the cave entrance vs giant skeleserpent?)
  360. [20:51:46] <Jack> (Hm, when it comes to using Fling, can my Sableye pick up a bone and toss it for the additional damage?)
  361. [20:51:55] <@Eddy> The Baroness had no intention of movin' from in front of the door anyway, she's...not the size of an average Arbok. She just glares at Barkeep, however now actually stuck. <Ooooh, you think you're soooo clever, little one...>
  362. [20:52:43] <@Eddy> She's sorta blocking the entrance.
  363. [20:52:45] <@Eddy> Maka's up
  364. [20:52:45] <Clarity> Good thing nobody saw Barkeep. The taunting continues. "Ohh, you bet I do! I'm gonna kick you into next season, too!"
  365. [20:53:33] * Maka notices the baron's frozen up near her and tries to make a dash for the cave. As she gets there to find it's blocked...
  366. [20:53:35] <Maka> 1d20 book bonk
  367. [20:53:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, book bonk: 9 [1d20=9]
  368. [20:53:39] <Maka> 1d10+22 damage
  369. [20:53:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, damage: 23 [1d10=1]
  370. [20:54:00] <@Eddy> Baronness is sorta stuck, so... Surt's up
  371. [20:55:12] <Nike> Surt rears back, and lets out a loud whinny, before slamming his hooves on the ground.
  372. [20:55:24] <Nike> 1d20 Growl AC2
  373. [20:55:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Growl AC2: 12 [1d20=12]
  374. [20:56:13] <@Eddy> O is up.
  375. [20:56:32] <Maka> (how many cubones can I catch in a 3m burst?)
  376. [20:56:46] <@Eddy> (2.)
  377. [20:56:47] <Nike> (I probably should have asked that with Surt's 5m burst growl)
  378. [20:57:01] <Maka> O floats over to the group of Cubone and spins, unleashing a rain of ice shards into two of them.
  379. [20:57:05] <Maka> 1d20 ac 2
  380. [20:57:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, ac 2: 20 [1d20=20]
  381. [20:57:20] <Maka> (well now!)
  382. [20:57:22] <Clarity> (DM's gonna fuck us all over later, she always gets like this)
  383. [20:57:34] <Maka> (54 ice damage to them)
  384. [20:57:50] <@Eddy> annnd two of them go down.
  385. [20:58:00] <@Eddy> Nam is up.
  386. [20:58:08] <Jack> Nam is switched out
  387. [20:58:16] <Jack> Taro is still out, though, with the same speed
  388. [20:58:38] * Eddy changes topic to 'Nike > Jack >Clarity > Barkeep > Maka > Baroness | Surt > Baroness > O > Taro > Marcel > Opal > 3 Cubones > Salt'
  389. [20:58:40] <@Eddy> right then.
  390. [20:58:51] <Jack> And Taro is going to deathtackle one of the Cubone.
  391. [20:59:14] <Jack> "Taro, take out the boneheads!" Jack calls out. Taro yips and rushes at one of the cubone with a tackle.
  392. [20:59:17] <Jack> 1d20
  393. [20:59:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 2 [1d20=2]
  394. [20:59:33] <Jack> ...and crashes into a pile o' bone.
  395. [20:59:39] <@Eddy> Marcel's up
  396. [21:00:02] <Barkeep> "Marcel, that ice attack looked good, mimic it!"
  397. [21:00:09] <Barkeep> 1d20 mimic :D
  398. [21:00:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, mimic :D: 17 [1d20=17]
  399. [21:00:15] <Barkeep> how much does it do, maka?
  400. [21:00:23] <Maka> (2d12+16 ice damage)
  401. [21:00:34] <Barkeep> 2d12+16+8
  402. [21:00:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 2d12+16+8: 34 [2d12=3,7]
  403. [21:00:42] <Maka> (but hm...if you mimic hidden power, does it give you the same hidden power?)
  404. [21:01:07] <@Eddy> It hurts, but the Cubones are not KO'd like the first two were. Opal is up.
  405. [21:01:29] <Jack> (Opal doesn't get an action, as I used up my two actions with Nam's interrupt and Taro's tackle.)
  406. [21:01:32] <Jack> (So move on.)
  407. [21:02:17] <Barkeep> (one of 'em is flinched right)
  408. [21:02:23] <Clarity> "Stay behind me, 'kay?" Sky yawns, but the Omanyte on top of him looks a little disappointed at this, despite the big grin Clarity's giving. Maybe it's a good thing-- his shell doesn't look very hard.
  409. [21:02:35] <@Eddy> (nope.)
  410. [21:02:45] <@Eddy> The still up Cubones throw their bones with practiced precision, Bonerangs!
  411. [21:02:47] <Barkeep> (didn't one get hit with fake out?)
  412. [21:02:57] <@Eddy> 6#1d20
  413. [21:02:57] <Maka> (yeah, one should be flinched)
  414. [21:02:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Eddy, 6#1d20: 1 [1d20=1], 9 [1d20=9], 13 [1d20=13], 4 [1d20=4], 6 [1d20=6], 8 [1d20=8]
  415. [21:03:06] <@Eddy> (Fake Out missed?)
  416. [21:03:36] <Jack> (Fake out hit)
  417. [21:03:38] <Clarity> (It didn't, was a 9 on AC2)
  418. [21:03:55] <Jack> (Yeah)
  419. [21:04:33] <@Eddy> (I'm not seeing where this happened, but okay, the last one was flinched.)
  420. [21:04:50] <Jack> (24 damage total, adding STAB and Type ace bonus)
  421. [21:07:05] <@Eddy> Clarity and Nike get bonk'd with Bonerangs, the other one missed clean.
  422. [21:07:13] <@Eddy> 1d20+15 damage
  423. [21:07:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Eddy, damage: 32 [1d20=17]
  424. [21:07:34] <@Eddy> Salt's up
  425. [21:07:53] * Clarity flinches a bit, then shrugs. "Okay, Salt-- we've practiced for this! Use your finishing move! HYPER BEAAAAAAAAAAAM~!"
  426. [21:08:06] <Clarity> ... Salt has no idea what this means, but sprays SOMETHING from his mouth at one of the Cubones.
  427. [21:08:16] <Clarity> 6d6+18+2 it's actually water gun, also sup IBIY
  428. [21:08:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, it's actually water gun, also sup IBIY: 42 [6d6=2,6,4,3,6,1]
  429. [21:08:31] <@Eddy> Another falls!
  430. [21:08:39] <Maka> (was there an acc roll in there?)
  431. [21:08:47] <Clarity> 1d20 oh yeah I knew I forgot something
  432. [21:08:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh yeah I knew I forgot something: 9 [1d20=9]
  433. [21:08:56] <Clarity> (INTO THE MOMENT)
  434. [21:09:14] * Eddy changes topic to 'Nike > Jack >Clarity > Barkeep > Maka > Baroness | Surt > Baroness > O > Taro > Marcel > Opal > 2 Cubones > Salt'
  435. [21:09:17] <@Eddy> Nike's up
  436. [21:11:37] <@Eddy> (Nike?)
  437. [21:11:49] <Nike> Nike's head is spinning from the bone to the head, but she finally manages to right herself. She arms herself with another arrow, and tries to fire again. If the Baroness is stuck in place like this...
  438. [21:11:55] <Nike> 1d20 AC2
  439. [21:11:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, AC2: 4 [1d20=4]
  440. [21:12:08] <@Eddy> hits
  441. [21:12:08] <Nike> Then again, a bone to the head would mess up anyone's aim...
  442. [21:12:14] <Nike> Oh!
  443. [21:14:53] <Nike> 2d12+21+3
  444. [21:14:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 2d12+21+3: 37 [2d12=10,3]
  445. [21:15:11] <Nike> Plus 4 for 41
  446. [21:15:34] <@Eddy> She ain't a happy camper, by the way. Jack.
  447. [21:17:27] <@Eddy> (Jack?)
  448. [21:17:47] <Jack> Jack is goign to activate Hidden Strenghth on Taro
  449. [21:18:05] <@Eddy> Clarity's up
  450. [21:18:10] <Clarity> Bones to the head are nothing. The village derp - or one of them, anyway - seems more-or-less unaffected, rather focusing on something else. The grave issue of this poor Omanyte barely even being able to lift himself up, for one. So with a smile Clarity leans down and pokes him, considering he has no hands or anything similar to high-five with, followed by picking him up and placing him on her own shoulder. "Good job, that was flippin' awesome! Okay, Sky, you're gonna go after the big one." A goofy grin's plastered on her face, and a terrified one on the Shinx's. Still, despite his horror he can't just say 'no,' because how would he actually speak it? So, a bit shyly, he steps up and shakes the mild slimy residue or whatever off his fur, readying his claws. But, the look on his face definitely says 'please don't hit me.' Then again, that's just the kind of individual he is. He also doesn't seem to show any sign of sparking or using any of his electricity despite the odd disappointed glances Clarity keeps shooting him. The most shameful thing is that she probably doesn't even know why. Still, her own pacing moves a bit closer to the Baroness by a couple steps, leaving the Shinx a good open space to... oh, she has no idea. Would it be surprising at all to say that fighting together isn't something they do often for a reason? Of course, fishing together is similarly disastrous, but still!
  451. [21:18:22] <@Eddy> (mother of god dude.)
  452. [21:18:25] <Clarity> (... tl;dr 12 SPD Sky is out)
  453. [21:18:32] <@Eddy> (tl;dr wtf is your action - k)
  454. [21:18:47] <Clarity> (yeah, turns taking a long time is... is pretty bad when I'm around, whoop)
  455. [21:18:49] * Eddy changes topic to 'Nike > Jack >Clarity > Barkeep > Maka > Baroness | Surt > Baroness > Sky > O > Taro > Marcel > Opal > 2 Cubones'
  456. [21:19:47] <@Eddy> Barkeep is up.
  457. [21:20:30] * Barkeep passes for now :D
  458. [21:20:37] <@Eddy> Maka
  459. [21:20:39] * Maka is none too happy with the fact the baroness is still blocking the cave door. She raises her book again and takes another whack at her. "ohno ohno g-g-ghost..." she squeeks as she wails away.
  460. [21:20:39] <Maka> 1d20 ac5
  461. [21:20:39] <Maka> 1d10+22 damage if hit
  462. [21:20:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, ac5: 5 [1d20=5]
  463. [21:20:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, damage if hit: 23 [1d10=1]
  464. [21:20:47] <Maka> (fffffffff dicemaid)
  465. [21:20:57] <@Eddy> Perception check, Maka
  466. [21:21:02] <Maka> 1d20+7
  467. [21:21:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+7: 20 [1d20=13]
  468. [21:21:47] <@Eddy> Surt's turn.
  469. [21:22:04] <Maka> "...S-she um...she's...s-s-shrinking...ohno shrinking g-g-ghosts..."
  470. [21:23:03] <Nike> "Shrinking?" Nike looks over to the librarian. "Maka, what do you mean?"
  471. [21:23:30] <Maka> "L-look, s-she's getting shorter..." Maka points.
  472. [21:23:41] <Clarity> "Pff! That just means the ghost's scared!" A pause, to clear her throat. "Scared of our awesome fighting power!"
  473. [21:23:50] <Clarity> "... Right?"
  474. [21:24:00] <@Eddy> Indeed, she's a little smaller then before, not any less angry, though.
  475. [21:25:00] <@Eddy> (Surt's action?)
  476. [21:25:07] <Nike> "This could be bad..." Nike mutters. "Surt! Clear up the rest of the Cubone, then prepare to charge!"
  477. [21:25:36] <Nike> Surt responds by charging at one of the Cubone, and then bucking at it with its hind legs.
  478. [21:25:42] <Nike> 1d20 Stomp AC2
  479. [21:25:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Stomp AC2: 8 [1d20=8]
  480. [21:25:51] <@Eddy> Stomp'd bone
  481. [21:25:57] <Nike> 1d10+1d10+10
  482. [21:25:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d10+1d10+10: 16 [1d10=3; 1d10=3]
  483. [21:26:03] <@Eddy> (ppppht)
  484. [21:26:08] <@Eddy> ...not so stomped bone.
  485. [21:26:46] <Barkeep> (I think you messed that up)
  486. [21:26:55] <Barkeep> (you rolled 1d10+1d10)
  487. [21:27:03] <Clarity> (Was that supposed to be old STAB?)
  488. [21:27:18] <Barkeep> (she doesn't get stab on stomp)
  489. [21:27:25] <Clarity> (oh, right, disregard)
  490. [21:27:42] <Barkeep> (I think she meant to roll 1d10+10+10)
  491. [21:27:54] <Nike> (Well, Stomp's damage calculation is 1 10 sided die +10, with another 10 sided die if the target is small)
  492. [21:28:05] <@Eddy> <I AM FREE AT LEAST! YOU SHALL REGRET YOUR TRICKERY, LITTLE MAN!> She glares at Barkeep...a dark, pulsing glare.
  493. [21:28:19] <@Eddy> 1d20
  494. [21:28:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Eddy, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  495. [21:28:20] <Barkeep> (you realize she's paralyzed for 30 seconds, as in 3 whole rounds, not 3 turns)
  496. [21:28:31] <Barkeep> (not paralyzed)
  497. [21:28:37] <Barkeep> (but... you know, immobile)
  498. [21:29:08] <@Eddy> (that's not any fun though :<)
  499. [21:29:18] <Maka> (yeah, it's a boss encounter. By 3 turns we'll have taken it out)
  500. [21:29:22] <Barkeep> (yeah :B)
  501. [21:29:38] <Barkeep> (just making sure)
  502. [21:29:45] <Clarity> (Well, she also had that typical boss thing of going once on both trainer and mon turns, so a trainer round and a mon round passed, meaning THIS is technically the third one)
  503. [21:29:49] <Barkeep> (anyways what did that do :D)
  504. [21:29:51] <Clarity> (is the most easy/fun way to bullshit it)
  505. [21:29:57] <Barkeep> (yeah)
  506. [21:30:10] <Barkeep> (it'd be a bit silly if she died without getting a turn)
  507. [21:30:55] <@Eddy> The dark mass spreads from her, hitting Maka, Barkeep, Jack, Nike and Marcel.
  508. [21:31:05] <@Eddy> 2d12+16+15 dark damage
  509. [21:31:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Eddy, dark damage: 49 [2d12=10,8]
  510. [21:31:08] <@Eddy> (dark pulse.)
  511. [21:31:10] <Barkeep> (uhh)
  512. [21:31:13] <Barkeep> (uh oh)
  513. [21:31:29] <Maka> (knew I should've taken mirror coat :/)
  514. [21:31:40] <Maka> 1d20 sartre intercept?
  515. [21:31:40] <Clarity> (... What's the ruling on trainer intercepts here?)
  516. [21:31:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, sartre intercept?: 10 [1d20=10]
  517. [21:31:47] <Maka> (GOD FUCKING DAMNIT OFF BY 1)
  518. [21:31:55] <Barkeep> (wait...)
  519. [21:31:56] <Barkeep> (HA!)
  520. [21:31:58] <Barkeep> Marcel is still up!
  521. [21:32:09] <@Eddy> (D: dayum he's got some serious defences.)
  522. [21:32:19] <Barkeep> (he has a 20 in sdef and filter)
  523. [21:32:27] <Botherer> ( You don't fuck with Base 12 SpDef :3c )
  524. [21:33:04] <@Eddy> Sky's up anyway.
  525. [21:33:06] <Nike> (On top of the 32 bonemerang...Nike is now at 19 HP)
  526. [21:33:11] <Clarity> (Isn't, he just came out)
  527. [21:33:22] <@Eddy> then O is.
  528. [21:33:30] <Maka> (O is passing)
  529. [21:33:43] <Clarity> (But, can trainers intercept with DEX mod or is it stuck to mons only?)
  530. [21:34:11] <Barkeep> (barkeep is at 42)
  531. [21:34:25] <@Eddy> Taro's up then.
  532. [21:34:41] <Clarity> "Okay, Sky, now shoot lasers from your eyes! ... What's that look for?"
  533. [21:35:00] <Jack> (Taro is goign to use Bite on the Baroness, accessed via Hidden Strength)
  534. [21:35:03] <Jack> 1d20 AC
  535. [21:35:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, AC: 18 [1d20=18]
  536. [21:35:15] <Clarity> (flinchan gaems)
  537. [21:35:17] <Jack> (That's a flinch)
  538. [21:35:25] <Jack> 1d0+5+7
  539. [21:35:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d0+5+7: 12 [1d0=0]
  540. [21:35:28] <Jack> 1d10+5+7
  541. [21:35:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d10+5+7: 17 [1d10=5]
  542. [21:35:36] <Jack> (Not much damage, though.)
  543. [21:36:08] <Jack> Taro moves towards the Baroness, gnawing on its bones like some sort of dog.
  544. [21:36:30] <@Eddy> <ow ow ow ow> she whips her tail back.
  545. [21:36:32] <@Eddy> Marcel's up
  546. [21:36:43] <Maka> (Sartre's still out, at speed 2, by the way)
  547. [21:36:47] <Nike> (back and forth, whips her tail back and forth?)
  548. [21:37:52] <Barkeep> Marcel moves between the two cubones, "All right, one more time, copy that uh... black... thingy. Whatever it used."
  549. [21:37:59] <Barkeep> 1d20 copycat
  550. [21:38:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, copycat: 5 [1d20=5]
  551. [21:38:23] <Barkeep> 2d12+16+8
  552. [21:38:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 2d12+16+8: 35 [2d12=4,7]
  553. [21:38:28] <Barkeep> ice :D
  554. [21:38:41] <@Eddy> annnd the cubones are down.
  555. [21:39:22] <@Eddy> Opal is up
  556. [21:39:35] <Clarity> "Alriiiiight! Now, you gonna get out of our way or what?"
  558. [21:41:03] <Clarity> "... Dunderhead." Images of Cedric pop up in her derpy head. "Hey, I like that, thanks! Totally gotta use that one sometime."
  559. [21:41:03] <Jack> (Opal is going to...)
  560. [21:41:17] <Maka> (actually, how did that dark pulse hit Maka without hitting Sartre anyway? They're right next to each other :|)
  561. [21:41:28] <Clarity> (magic, explain shit, etc)
  562. [21:41:33] <@Eddy> (Cause I didn't see you saying he was out :I)
  563. [21:41:41] <Jack> Opal is going to use Foresight.
  564. [21:41:48] <Barkeep> (well she'd been channeling him but... eh)
  565. [21:41:55] <Maka> (he's been out the entire session, just not ordered, and that's a chance I didn't get to use mirror coat because of it)
  566. [21:42:01] <Jack> The Sableye eyes the Baroness, its gemlike eyes gleaming as it contemplates.
  567. [21:42:36] <@Eddy> (Sorry then, kinda slipped my mind?)
  568. [21:43:18] <Maka> (can I have him be hit and use a mirror coat then?)
  569. [21:43:24] <Clarity> (Well, you're also like billiontasking, so we're trying to give you a break, sorry 'bout that)
  570. [21:43:25] <@Eddy> (sure.)
  571. [21:43:53] <Maka> (it's 176 damage :B)
  572. [21:45:40] <@Eddy> (well you guys shut her down for the whole fight is anyway so wynaut)
  573. [21:46:20] <Clarity> (being PTA boss is suffering...)
  574. [21:47:10] <@Eddy> (gonna fluff it?)
  575. [21:48:36] <Maka> The derpiest wynaut takes a hard hit as waves of dark energy send him flying into the air. As he tumbles though, he opens his mouth in a great 8D as a large black laser launches from his mouth toward the baroness. he lands softly back where he was and burps up a few black vapors.
  576. [21:49:49] <@Eddy> The Baroness is coated in the dark energies...and when they fade a considerably smaller snake is left sitting there, about the size of an Ekans.
  577. [21:50:18] * Barkeep curiously approaches the snake.
  578. [21:50:25] <@Eddy> <DOOM AND DESPAIR FOR ALL OF OR- wait, what did you just do...> her aura squeaky.
  579. [21:51:14] <Clarity> Blink, blink blink. Clarity's face is plastered with less of a goofy grin and more of a bored look. "Oh, we can just step over her now. Neat. See ya later then!" Beckoning Sky to come too, she walks straight forward without a second thought.
  580. [21:51:55] <Nike> Nike still has her bow out, but levels it off, walking forward slowly and carefully now.
  581. [21:52:03] <@Eddy> The Baroness looks up at Barkeep. <Uh...hi.> Her ego is defeated.
  582. [21:52:09] * Maka nervously walks over and scoops up Sartre. <ohgodohgod are you okay?> "I...C-clarity, what if she can still..." she eyes the now much smaller snake with suspicion.
  583. [21:53:02] <Barkeep> "Look, we weren't trying to disturb your... bones."
  584. [21:53:05] <@Eddy> Indeed, the path downward is fairly clear.
  585. [21:53:20] <Barkeep> "We're just trying to find some gibles. We had to pass through to get to the other side."
  586. [21:53:33] <Clarity> "Fury S- aw whatever, let's go." Yawning while walking, she steps straight forward toward where the baroness is standing. Probably with a SQUISH if she doesn't move out of the way. If bones even make that kind of noise. Sky, on the other hand, gives a Shinxy bow at her as if to say 'sorry' in the best way he can.
  587. [21:54:08] <@Eddy> The little skeletal Ekans looks up at you with its red etheral eyes. <I'm just hungry.> :<
  588. [21:54:55] <Nike> "We had intended to pass through without disturbing anyone," Nike adds on. "If we got you something to eat, could you rest?"
  589. [21:55:05] <Barkeep> "How can you eat? You're all bones."
  590. [21:55:28] <@Eddy> <I don't think you really wanna know the answer to that.>
  591. [21:55:42] <Clarity> Yaaaaaawn. "Yeah, there're just a buncha bones here. Do those even taste good?"
  592. [21:55:54] * Clarity actually pauses for a few seconds to seriously consider this.
  593. [21:55:59] * Jack considers the prospect, "I think she feeds on, like uh souls or something."
  594. [21:56:05] <Maka> "...I don't like g-g-g-ghosts...even g-ghost snakes..." Maka walks past with a few nervous glances before finally getting inside the cave.
  595. [21:56:26] <Barkeep> "... yeah that's not happening."
  596. [21:56:48] <Nike> "Well? Is it souls?"
  597. [21:56:59] <@Eddy> <What? No. Ick, why would you eat a soul. It's red meat I need. Blood and such.>
  598. [21:57:03] <Clarity> "Mmm. Yeah, sorry for beatin' up on your guys and stuff. We alright now?" A glance down, while still holding the fishing pole very menacingly.
  599. [21:57:30] <@Eddy> Maka, inside the cave, you find a fairly short passage down to what looks like a nest.
  600. [21:58:07] <@Eddy> <What do I look like some kinda monster? I got STANDARDS.>
  601. [21:58:42] <Maka> "...G-g-guys? I...think I found the nest. M-m-maybe you can feed the...the...g-g-ghost snake later." Maka shivers.
  602. [21:58:54] <Clarity> "Eheheh. Oh, yeah, stop by the village sometime! Food Guy cooks some great meat!" A wink at the snake before following Maka along with a wave. Sky follows along.
  603. [21:59:05] <Barkeep> "Hm. Can you drink?"
  604. [21:59:46] <@Eddy> <Yes, that's how I 'eat.' Sippin' up blood and such.>
  605. [22:00:05] <Maka> "...v-v-vampire g-ghost snake...."
  606. [22:00:08] <Barkeep> "Hm."
  607. [22:00:24] * Barkeep pulls out a small bottle of emergency sake.
  608. [22:00:27] <Barkeep> "How about this?"
  609. [22:00:31] * Nike remains with Barkeep and the Baroness outside the mouth of the cave, still with her bow ready in case the others needed her in there.
  610. [22:00:50] * Clarity just grabs the timid girl by the wrist and continues walking into the save with a sigh. The Omanyte's still on her shoulder, smiling at poor Maka.
  611. [22:00:59] <Clarity> The cave, too. The save is all the way back there.
  612. [22:01:25] <Maka> "Clarity, shouldn't we w-wait for everyone?"
  613. [22:01:41] * Maka tugs back a bit and tries to stay in place.
  614. [22:02:12] * Clarity continues tugging with a pout. "They can catch up! Not like she's gonna hurt 'em anyway."
  615. [22:02:17] * Jack remains with the Baroness for now, considering.
  616. [22:02:49] <@Eddy> As the two goofballs struggle in the cave as to which way they are going, the Baroness eyes the bottle curiously, an ectoplasmic forked tounge reaches out to sample it. She jitters. <...what IS that?>
  617. [22:03:38] <Barkeep> "It's rice wine. Also called Sake. I usually keep it around in case I need to placate some sort of gods. Or I think I'm about to die."
  618. [22:03:51] <Barkeep> "If I give you some, will you promise to stay out of trouble?"
  619. [22:04:37] <@Eddy> She looks up again. < guys are the first people to come here since...well, forever.>
  620. [22:05:19] <Barkeep> "Can't you just eat pokemon?"
  621. [22:06:39] * Maka relents and lets Clarity drag her into the cave. "f-f-fine, but it's your fault if someone gets eaten. Come on..." she beckons at her pokemon, setting Sartre on one shoulder and just grabbing O.
  622. [22:07:20] <@Eddy> <That's what I usually eat. What does this have to do with the town though - I haven't gone that path since my death.>
  623. [22:08:03] * Barkeep sighs and lays down a little dish, pouring some of the sake into it. "Look, just drink this for now, and try not to eat the next people that come through here, okay?"
  624. [22:08:08] <@Eddy> Down at the base of the cave you find...
  625. [22:08:10] <Clarity> "Well, you're the best at this stuff. Light the way, Sky~" Unfortunately he isn't actually very bright. So, they don't move all that quickly anyway.
  626. [22:08:37] <@Eddy> 1d100
  627. [22:08:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Eddy, 1d100: 24 [1d100=24]
  628. [22:08:44] <Barkeep> "I've got to go find some gible."
  629. [22:09:24] <@Eddy> Ther's a Gabite sitting down at the base of the nest. No sight of any Gibles.
  630. [22:09:34] <@Eddy> It appears to be napping
  631. [22:09:52] <Nike> "I'll be out here keeping the entrance clear."
  632. [22:10:05] * Barkeep follows the psychic image he was watching earlier.
  633. [22:10:05] * Clarity squints and squints at it, with a turn to Maka. And then back to the Gabite. Then between the two of them, and again, and again, and again.
  634. [22:10:06] <Maka> (Clarity, got a LMHYWT+ left?)
  635. [22:10:14] <Clarity> (1 +, and like 4 normals)
  636. [22:10:31] <Clarity> (But I know what you're gonna do, please take the +)
  637. [22:11:12] * Maka sneaks around the Gabite at the nest, looking for a trail of footprints that might belong to Gibles, or I guess other Gabites.
  638. [22:11:19] <Maka> 1d20+15 vs 15 family finder
  639. [22:11:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, vs 15 family finder: 24 [1d20=9]
  640. [22:11:35] <@Eddy> The Baroness seems to sigh as well. <I'm just hungry. Could take me home with you and put me in a box somewhere for all I care long as I could get some food...> She sips at the sake.
  641. [22:11:52] <Jack> "I suppose we could, actually."
  642. [22:12:01] <Jack> "Joanna could take care of her, if no one else."
  643. [22:12:10] * Clarity doesn't let go, knowing how Maka gets like this-- rather it's just some more motions of making sure it's safe wherever she's looking. A lot of it involves eyeing the Gabite carefully, actually NOT yelling to wake it up, surprisingly enough.
  644. [22:12:18] <Nike> "Not to mention there would be several in the village fascinated to meet you."
  645. [22:12:31] <Barkeep> :/
  646. [22:12:59] <@Eddy> (more people distracting me wargarbl)
  647. [22:13:14] <Barkeep> "Well..."
  648. [22:13:24] <Barkeep> "If one of you wants to try to take care of her."
  649. [22:13:58] <@Paradox> (goddamnit, you people and your -class features-)
  650. [22:14:10] <Clarity> (mine is SO TOTALLY NOT class at all)
  651. [22:14:41] <Jack> (Barkeep, you should take her.)
  652. [22:14:49] <Jack> (Like, totally.)
  653. [22:15:24] <Barkeep> (I dunno... I'm trying to keep to dragons and normal now)
  654. [22:15:37] <Barkeep> (She might be a dragon...)
  655. [22:15:43] <Maka> (...are you going primevalist?)
  656. [22:15:51] <Barkeep> (:3c)
  657. [22:15:55] <Clarity> (Primevalist is a REAL HOMEBREW FOR REAL MEN)
  658. [22:15:56] <Break> (Gift for Raven! Or Neph!)
  659. [22:16:11] <Barkeep> (Well why do you think I came gible hunting)
  660. [22:16:44] <Clarity> (to fit in, obviously)
  661. [22:17:15] <Jack> "I'm sure we can find someone to take care of her. If not, then I will. It's better than just leaving her out here."
  662. [22:17:32] <@Eddy> Maka, you nearly trip onto one, they are burrowed underground, sorta.
  663. [22:17:52] <@Eddy> You find another 5 of them. They are much larger then the one sleeping above ground.
  664. [22:18:11] <Barkeep> "What about you, Nike?"
  665. [22:18:15] <Clarity> "Are th-" Sky gives his best 'shh' in the form of a menacing glare. Good enough.
  666. [22:18:20] <Maka> "Oof, oh um..." Maka clasps her hand over her mouth as she notices all of them.
  667. [22:18:45] <Maka> "C-c-can you go get Jack?" Maka lowers her hand and whispers at Clarity.
  668. [22:19:00] <Nike> "Well, I could definitely do my best to take care of her. I travel the area a lot, so she wouldn't go hungry."
  669. [22:19:38] <Barkeep> "Then again... I think I might know someone who could take good care of her."
  670. [22:19:49] <Clarity> "Y-Yeah." Whoa, this is kind of freaky, with them all... well, there. But instead of actually following through she beckons Sky over and points backward; the two of them nod at each other and the tiny lion darts at top speed back to the entrance.
  671. [22:20:02] <Jack> "Well, then, it's settled."
  672. [22:20:11] <Jack> "We'd better catch up. Come along, Baroness."
  673. [22:20:20] <Jack> Jack makes his way down.
  674. [22:20:20] <Barkeep> "Here..."
  675. [22:20:25] * Barkeep takes out a apricorn ball.
  676. [22:20:30] <Barkeep> "Why don't you come along in this?"
  677. [22:20:41] <Barkeep> "I know someone who'd be more than willing to feed you."
  678. [22:20:45] <Clarity> Of course, as soon as he gets there, the first thing he does it hop around and tug on Jack's... pants or something. Who knows, maybe he even interrupts this heartwarming scene? He makes it clear that it's very, very urgent.
  679. [22:21:36] <@Eddy> (roll a capture check)
  680. [22:21:40] <Barkeep> 1d100+5
  681. [22:21:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d100+5: 60 [1d100=55]
  682. [22:21:45] * Jack eyes the Shinx tugging at him, noting the urgency. He makes haste, assuming the worst.
  683. [22:21:46] <Clarity> (oh u)
  684. [22:22:20] <Barkeep> (wish I could roll cha, I actually have decent cha :3)
  685. [22:22:38] <@Eddy> (actually shit let me actually calculate this)
  686. [22:23:15] * Clarity wiggles back and forth, barely able to keep still, but by some miracle manages to pull it off. Salt, being an Omanyte, does a pretty good job of shutting up too. But Sky runs inside the cave, stopping every few seconds to look back and make sure Jack's still following before proceeding further in to where the two are huddled over or something.
  687. [22:23:25] <@Eddy> (ahahaha check was 65.)
  688. [22:23:38] <@Eddy> <Hey wait let me finish this -> sucked in.
  689. [22:24:05] <Barkeep> "Oi, hold up! Don't catch all those gabite without me!"
  690. [22:24:07] * Barkeep runs after them.
  691. [22:24:40] * Nike collects the sake container, and goes after the others as well, Surt right behind her.
  692. [22:24:45] * Maka is pressed against the wall near the buried Gibles, nervously deciding what to do.
  693. [22:25:15] <@Eddy> There are no burried Gibles.
  694. [22:25:31] <@Eddy> it's 5 burried Gabites, and one snoozin' above. The one above is noticably smaller.
  695. [22:25:34] <Maka> (wait, I'm confused then, what did I find?)
  696. [22:25:36] <Maka> (ooh)
  697. [22:25:49] * Clarity keeps a steady location in front of Maka, or between her and the burrowed beasts, anyway, totally intent on being a meatshield in case something happens. Cute, huh? At least her face peps up as soon as Sky comes running back.
  698. [22:26:04] <Barkeep> (wait, which ones are gabite and which one are gible)
  699. [22:26:11] <Maka> (they're all gabite, apparently)
  700. [22:26:21] <Barkeep> (but which is the first and which is the second stage)
  701. [22:26:24] <Clarity> (Better hope Elizabeth likes 'em big)
  702. [22:26:27] <Barkeep> (I can never remember)
  703. [22:26:29] <Jack> (Gible is first.)
  704. [22:26:30] <Maka> (gabite is 2nd)
  705. [22:26:30] <Clarity> (Gibles are first)
  706. [22:26:45] <Jack> (If Elizabeth DOESN'T want a Gabite, we can just breed one.)
  707. [22:26:50] * Maka nervously cradles a quick ball in her hand. She seems to be waiting for everyone else to get here first.
  708. [22:26:58] <Barkeep> (I'd actually rather have a gabite :3c)
  709. [22:27:02] <Barkeep> (err)
  710. [22:27:04] <Barkeep> (gible.)
  711. [22:27:27] * Clarity totally does the same, or rather, has one in a loose pocket or something. Gotta hold that rod up.
  712. [22:29:27] * Jack arrives on the scene, instinctively pulling out a ball at the sight.
  713. [22:30:11] * Clarity smiles at Sky as he takes position next to her, then points at the sleeping Gabite as soon as Jack shows up with sort of a quizzical expression.
  714. [22:30:50] <Maka> "They're um...they're evolved. Is that okay?" Maka whispers to Jack.
  715. [22:31:22] <Jack> "I'm not sure," Jack shakes his head, "but I suppose it's better we catch these than let them get away."
  716. [22:31:45] <Barkeep> "I'm sure there's some gibles around here..."
  717. [22:31:53] * Barkeep uses the image tailing of the gible he saw before.
  718. [22:32:16] <Maka> (I can roll family finder again but no guarantees on whether or not that will wake up the whole nest and send us into clusterfuckville)
  719. [22:32:37] <Clarity> A whisper that's really not as low as whispers should be. "I sure wouldn't wanna get woke up like that, anyway. Poor guy."
  720. [22:33:09] <Barkeep> "I think they might have burrowed..."
  721. [22:33:12] <Barkeep> "Just a hunch."
  722. [22:33:43] <Barkeep> "Does anyone have a pokemon that can dig?"
  723. [22:34:17] * Clarity shoots a glance toward Sky, who only glares in response. A shrug follows.
  724. [22:34:47] <Maka> "...Y-you...aren't afraid of w-waking them up?" Maka turns to Barkeep.
  725. [22:35:05] <Barkeep> "Well..."
  726. [22:35:31] <Barkeep> "I could always have marcel make a wall to keep them out of the way."
  727. [22:35:58] <Maka> "...C-can't we just have Joanna breed these?"
  728. [22:36:14] <Clarity> Yaaaaawn. "We could beat 'em up if that happened, anyway, huh?"
  729. [22:36:26] <Barkeep> "We could... but that'd take a while."
  730. [22:36:35] <Barkeep> "And they'll be easier to catch if they're not as strong."
  731. [22:36:44] <Barkeep> "I don't have a lot of balls on me."
  732. [22:37:12] <Clarity> A pout, with a reluctant nod. "Yeah, yeah, gotcha. Wanna see if we could look further in?" The meatshield is ready.
  733. [22:37:32] <Barkeep> "Guess so."
  734. [22:37:43] * Barkeep uses hour's past again to see if there's any other gibles lurking nearby.
  735. [22:37:44] <Maka> (you guys really want me to roll family finder again for this? :V)
  736. [22:37:55] <Clarity> (you only get a +2 this time, but do it fgt)
  737. [22:37:58] <Jack> (in b4 Garchomps)
  738. [22:38:30] <Barkeep> "Uhh..."
  739. [22:38:37] <Barkeep> "You know, we really shouldn't..."
  740. [22:38:42] <Barkeep> "Try to go in any further."
  741. [22:38:47] <Barkeep> "There might be stronger things in there."
  742. [22:39:10] * Maka is already tracing the path down but stops. "l-l-like what? G-g-ghost gibles?"
  743. [22:39:10] <Clarity> A shrug. "Eh, how bad can it be?" She's already creeping ahead, giving Maka room to keep looking. Sky agrees with Barkeep, but unfortunately he can't speak the same language they do. Poor him.
  744. [22:39:23] <Barkeep> "Uhh, yes."
  745. [22:39:27] <Barkeep> "Exactly like ghost gibles."
  746. [22:39:37] * Clarity perks straight up and grabs the quick ball hard.
  747. [22:39:43] <@Eddy> There isn't really room to go ahead.
  748. [22:39:44] <@Eddy> Just down.
  749. [22:39:46] <Barkeep> "So we should probably stay back, Miss Farrence."
  750. [22:39:50] <Clarity> Down is so totally ahead.
  751. [22:39:59] <Barkeep> "Please."
  752. [22:40:03] <@Eddy> It's a nest in a hallowed out chasm, there's no 'path' anywhere.
  753. [22:40:14] * Clarity looks back with a pleading glance.
  754. [22:40:28] <Barkeep> 1d20+8 PRETTY PLEASE
  755. [22:40:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, PRETTY PLEASE: 11 [1d20=3]
  756. [22:40:31] <Barkeep> nope.avi
  757. [22:40:41] <Clarity> (can you imagine if I tried to LMHYWT that)
  758. [22:40:43] <Maka> "Let's um...l-let's grab some of these...and maybe after that?"
  759. [22:41:04] <Barkeep> "You know, we kind of took a pounding from that last battle."
  760. [22:41:08] <Barkeep> "We shouldn't push our luck."
  761. [22:41:41] <Maka> ( don't worry guys, I'll do it near the end of session so we can run out of the cave comically chased by a Garchomp )
  762. [22:41:47] <Clarity> And then a pep up. She didn't even notice anything odd. "Oh, I didn't! Gimme a sec, we'll be fine." Sky, who was giving the same face, is quickly scooped up as she descends. Oh boy.
  763. [22:41:47] <Nike> "Agreed. Surt could make it through these caves and escape, but how many of us can really get on his back?"
  764. [22:42:13] <Barkeep> "Aaah!"
  765. [22:42:13] <Maka> "C-c-clarity, what are you doing?!"
  766. [22:42:22] <Barkeep> "Clarity oh god please come back."
  767. [22:42:28] <Clarity> "Be right b- whoa!"
  768. [22:42:31] <Barkeep> "Well... we have a couple options here."
  769. [22:42:38] <Barkeep> "How much do you all like clarity?"
  770. [22:42:44] <Clarity> 1d20-3 HEY WHAT DO I SEE HEY
  771. [22:42:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, HEY WHAT DO I SEE HEY: 10 [1d20=13]
  772. [22:43:02] <Maka> "S-she's my friend! Y-y-you're not saying leave her, are you?"
  773. [22:43:17] <@Eddy> Clarity is staring at a wall doing absolutely nothing, cause...there's no path down.
  774. [22:43:23] <Clarity> OH COME ON.
  775. [22:43:25] <@Eddy> you all feel incredably silly.
  776. [22:43:25] <Jack> "I'd rather she not die here. Especially since this all was my idea."
  777. [22:43:53] <Jack> "Oh, uh, right."
  778. [22:44:06] <Barkeep> "No, of course not, Maka."
  779. [22:44:13] <Barkeep> "... that would be wrong."
  780. [22:44:47] <Barkeep> "Where does a nice young girl like you get ideas like that?"
  781. [22:45:05] <Clarity> A turn around, since there was apparently no hole. "... Good news, there's nothing there, I think."
  782. [22:45:26] <@zoofman> The gabite above ground yawns in its sleep.
  783. [22:45:27] <Barkeep> "Again, I have to ask. Anyone with a pokemon that can dig?"
  784. [22:45:58] <Maka> "...C-clarity..." Maka sighs and turns to face the Gabites. "Um....a-are you sure these aren't okay? Otherwise, I might idea..."
  785. [22:46:21] <Barkeep> "You know, these will be fine. These will be just fine."
  786. [22:46:24] <Barkeep> "Let's use these."
  787. [22:48:02] <Clarity> Another pleading look. "Y'think we could do it without waking the poor guy up? I'd feel like a jerk if we did."
  788. [22:48:21] <Maka> "Um...what if we c-capture that one first?"
  789. [22:48:51] * Clarity is already holding the quick ball, just waiting to peg it. Though it's Jack's prey, anyway.
  790. [22:50:29] <Nike> Nike thinks a moment, then starts feeling at her wrist. She eventually is able to undo her gauntlet, and remove it, allowing her to get at a special device attached to her wrist.
  791. [22:50:50] <Jack> "When you're all ready then," he eyes the Gabite warily.
  792. [22:50:53] <Maka> (She's a Ranger? Interesting)
  793. [22:51:04] <Nike> (I know, I totally forgot that)
  794. [22:51:06] <Barkeep> "Got it."
  795. [22:51:14] * Barkeep lets out David, the littlest dialga.
  796. [22:51:21] <Clarity> Nod. "Yeah."
  797. [22:51:29] <@zoofman> <DI! DI! DI!> he hops around adorably.
  798. [22:51:42] <Nike> "Hang on, everyone. I think I have a way we can get them on our side."
  799. [22:51:53] <Jack> "Oh?"
  800. [22:51:55] * Maka lets go of O and lets him float above her as she readies her quick ball.
  801. [22:53:42] * Clarity drops Sky to the ground, still holding the fishing pole in one hand and the quick ball in the other. Staring at the Gabite in anticipation, still a bit annoyed at having to be so quiet.
  802. [22:54:02] <Nike> "This is a device passed down through the Fyron family. It can't capture a Pokemon, but if it works, they're inclined to be helpful." She tapped a few buttons. "Once I release it, it'll attempt to tame the Gabite. If it doesn't work..."
  803. [22:55:01] <Clarity> "Whoa!" A crawl over to where Nike's at. "Wouldn't that wake him up, though?"
  804. [22:55:29] <Nike> "Yes. This is why I'm asking if you will allow me to do this. It is something of a gamble."
  805. [22:56:05] <Maka> "Um...w-why don't we all just throw pokeballs at it? And do that if we fail."
  806. [22:56:17] <Barkeep> "If she does that..."
  807. [22:56:21] <Clarity> Nodalong, very energetically too. "Yeah, that works, doesn't it?"
  808. [22:56:21] <Barkeep> "We can dig to try to find a gible."
  809. [22:57:48] <Nike> "Alright. Everyone, toss the ball. All of them fail, I launch the device."
  810. [22:58:29] <Barkeep> "Well... do what you like. If we get in too much trouble, David could probably take them all out in a single shot."
  811. [22:58:30] * Maka nods. "Um...who's going first?"
  812. [22:58:35] <Clarity> "Gotcha~! This one first!" Already in position, the ball is tossed into the air and then batted in a really comical way with her fishing pole. That said, it's probably unlikely to even hit the poor guy in the right way.
  813. [22:58:43] <Clarity> 1d100-20 GOTCHA COVERED CHIEF
  814. [22:58:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, GOTCHA COVERED CHIEF: 70 [1d100=90]
  815. [22:58:49] <Clarity> (BUT NOT COVERED ENOUGH)
  816. [22:58:50] <Maka> (pffft)
  817. [22:59:02] <Jack> (Oh crap, I'm not sure if I have any QUick balls.)
  818. [22:59:24] <Barkeep> (I know I don't. that's why I'm not throwing one :D)
  819. [22:59:32] <Jack> (Yeah, I don't.)
  820. [22:59:34] <Nike> (Likewise)
  821. [22:59:40] <Clarity> (Maka and I do, that's the whole point of this)
  822. [22:59:45] <Jack> (Just 2 lure balls, a moon ball, and a pokeball.)
  823. [23:00:11] * Maka throws one as well, launching it with surprising force for a girl of her age and stature.
  824. [23:00:13] <Maka> 1d100-20
  825. [23:00:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d100-20: 45 [1d100=65]
  826. [23:00:17] <Maka> (fffffff)
  827. [23:00:21] <Clarity> (jesus h. christ)
  828. [23:00:51] <@zoofman> Both balls pop it in the face, waking it up. "BITE?" Luckily the ones below are pretty heavy snoozers.
  829. [23:01:13] <Maka> (prob co- oh wait none of those left)
  830. [23:01:20] <Clarity> "Aw crap, now I just feel awful."
  831. [23:01:47] * Clarity lets out a nervous giggle at the Gabite. "Whoops~" Sky's face says 'you done fucked up now,' nothing more or less.
  832. [23:01:48] <Maka> "N-n-nike?" Maka backs up to the wall. "C-c-can you use that thing?"
  833. [23:03:33] <@zoofman> "BIIIITE" it starts to chase Clarity around chomping its mouth
  834. [23:03:49] <Maka> (someone toss it a pancake)
  835. [23:03:54] <Nike> "On it." Nike pushes one last button, and the device launches, tracing a pattern around the Gabite, with an intent to charm it.
  836. [23:04:00] <Clarity> "I said I was sorryyyyy!" At least there's no reason to dive in front of Maka or anything silly.
  837. [23:04:03] <Nike> 1d100-10
  838. [23:04:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d100-10: 51 [1d100=61]
  839. [23:04:07] <Clarity> (WHY)
  840. [23:04:16] <@zoofman> The styler, it does nothign!
  841. [23:04:20] <@zoofman> "BITE BITE BITE BIIITE"
  842. [23:04:25] <Maka> (because, like you said, DM has decided to shit on us for the rest of the session after I got that crit)
  843. [23:04:44] <Clarity> "Okay okay okay we didn't mean to!" Sky rolls his eyes but gets in position to leap.
  844. [23:04:51] <Maka> "O...C-can you stop it?"
  845. [23:05:09] <Maka> (any way to aim a 3m burst to only hit the awakened gabite?)
  846. [23:05:17] <@zoofman> (I'll be kind and say no.)
  847. [23:05:27] <Barkeep> "Marcel, can you block it off with a barrier?"
  848. [23:05:44] <Clarity> 1d20 well, let's get this bite out of the way first
  849. [23:05:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, well, let's get this bite out of the way first: 11 [1d20=11]
  850. [23:05:59] <Clarity> (YOU NEVER FLINCH WHEN I WANT YOU TO, DM)
  851. [23:06:29] <Clarity> 1d10+5+20+3 at some point though
  852. [23:06:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, at some point though: 33 [1d10=5]
  853. [23:07:28] <Clarity> "I-It's okay! I got this!" With a gulp the total shounen protagonist of a teenager stops running and turns around, ready to endure whatever. Or maybe just tackle the poor Pokémon. ... No, it's definitely more like 'get tackled.'
  854. [23:07:29] <@zoofman> It IS ANGRY! It puffs fire at Clarity, dragon fire!
  855. [23:07:33] <@zoofman> 1d20
  856. [23:07:34] <DiceMaid-9001> zoofman, 1d20: 18 [1d20=18]
  857. [23:07:39] <@zoofman> 35 damage, dragon rage
  858. [23:07:45] <Clarity> Or get burned! But still totally bracing.
  859. [23:07:58] <Clarity> (more like 25, fuck yeah ICTAH+)
  860. [23:08:02] <Clarity> (or wait a second)
  861. [23:08:14] <@zoofman> (nope.jpg, 35)
  862. [23:08:16] <Clarity> (yep)
  863. [23:08:27] <Clarity> (... yep on the nope)
  864. [23:08:36] <Maka> "I-it's okay, I...I bet it can't do that again!"
  865. [23:08:38] <Maka> 1d20 encore
  866. [23:08:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, encore: 3 [1d20=3]
  867. [23:08:58] <Maka> (please tell me this thing doesn't have 20 speed D:)
  868. [23:09:01] <@zoofman> It sits there with its thumb in its mouth, suddenly confused.
  869. [23:09:04] <@zoofman> "Bite?"
  870. [23:09:06] <Barkeep> "Oh, that's good thinking..."
  871. [23:09:10] * Clarity shakes the cinders off. "Pff! That was nothing, anyway!"
  872. [23:09:12] <Barkeep> "Nike?"
  873. [23:10:09] <Nike> "Yeah?"
  874. [23:10:32] <Barkeep> "Can you try that device again?"
  875. [23:10:49] <Nike> "I can give it a shot. Only got a few charges left." She gives it another go.
  876. [23:10:50] <Clarity> Also Sky totally clamped his adorable teeth onto the dragon at some point there. He's probably still attached to it. Cute, huh?
  877. [23:11:02] <Nike> 1d100-10
  878. [23:11:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d100-10: 64 [1d100=74]
  879. [23:11:09] <@zoofman> Yeah that didn't work.
  880. [23:12:24] <Clarity> "Just keep trying! I'll try to keep it over here or something. Maybe. Kinda. I hope." After a pause to have a staring contest with the Gabite, she tauntingly gives it a small punch at the stomach. Just to make sure it's not amused.
  881. [23:13:06] <@zoofman> The Gabite takes a tackle at Clarity!
  882. [23:13:12] <@zoofman> 1d20
  883. [23:13:13] <DiceMaid-9001> zoofman, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  884. [23:13:19] <Clarity> Yaaaaawn~
  885. [23:13:20] <Barkeep> (encore lasts for 1d4+2 rounds)
  886. [23:13:21] <@zoofman> 3d10+20 TAKE DOWN
  887. [23:13:22] <DiceMaid-9001> zoofman, TAKE DOWN: 39 [3d10=7,10,2]
  888. [23:13:30] <@zoofman> (oh, durp. retcon that then.)
  889. [23:13:32] <Maka> 1d4+2 rounds
  890. [23:13:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, rounds: 5 [1d4=3]
  891. [23:13:44] <@zoofman> it continues to suck its thumb.
  892. [23:13:47] <Barkeep> "Just keep trying? It's bound to work eventually..."
  893. [23:14:07] * Clarity reels back a little, but doesn't do more than wince a bit. "Ow, kinda. That all you got?"
  894. [23:14:14] <Nike> Sighing, Nike closes her eyes and concentrates, before firing off the styler again.
  895. [23:14:19] <Nike> 1d100-10
  896. [23:14:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d100-10: 48 [1d100=58]
  897. [23:14:35] <@zoofman> Nope.
  898. [23:14:37] <Barkeep> "Are you sure you're using that right?"
  899. [23:14:57] <@zoofman> Nike flails the thing around wildly, seriously who taught her how to use this thing?
  900. [23:15:36] <Clarity> Sky, still grabbed on, rakes his claws against the beast, using its body as a makeshift sharpening tool. Or maybe it's his teeth that're getting sharpened? Nobody can tell, apparently.
  901. [23:15:49] <Clarity> (Honing Claws just to be honing claws)
  902. [23:15:53] <Nike> "Look, it's out of my hands. The device launches itself off and then tries to spin a pattern around the target. I'm trying to hit the coordinates just right."
  903. [23:16:56] <Barkeep> "Well... try again?"
  904. [23:16:57] * Clarity puts a hand at her hip. "Can you do any better than that yet?" Of course, a pleading glance of 'please hurry up' is shot over to the side for the briefest of moments.
  905. [23:17:42] <Maka> "...C-c-can't we just capture it normally?" Maka glances over at O, who is getting restless and very close to just murdering some Gabites.
  906. [23:18:32] <Nike> "One more try. Then go for it." Nike punches in one more set of buttons, then fires off the styler.
  907. [23:18:34] <Nike> 1d100-10
  908. [23:18:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d100-10: 17 [1d100=27]
  909. [23:18:42] <Clarity> "Well, do SOMETHING already! I... still kinda feel sorry for this guy. Would you feel better if I took you out for dinner and apologized?" A look into his eyes, with a point to Jack. "I mean, that guy still wants you though."
  910. [23:18:42] <@zoofman> Yup, finally got it.
  911. [23:18:47] <@zoofman> It's bound, confused.
  912. [23:18:50] <Clarity> "... Oh, that works too."
  913. [23:19:03] <Barkeep> "Finally..."
  914. [23:19:12] * Barkeep goes over to where he saw the gabite burrow.
  915. [23:19:19] <Barkeep> "Here, can you ask it to dig right here?"
  916. [23:19:37] * Clarity brushes some more ashes off. "Whew! I'm gonna need a SUPER long nap after this."
  917. [23:20:04] <Nike> The styler taking effect on its last shot, Nike stands up, and approaches. "Sorry about that, big guy. We really need your help." She crouches down next to him, and looks to Jack. "He has a promise he needs to keep, and to do that, we need someone to help us get through this cave. Could you burrow some tunnels for us?"
  918. [23:20:20] <Nike> "Right about...there?" She points to where Barkeep is indicating.
  919. [23:21:40] * Maka goes to retrieve the broken quick ball now that the gabite's been restrained.
  920. [23:22:03] <Clarity> "Yeah, we tooootally didn't mean to wake you up. Just a quick favor and you can go back to napping, 'kay?"
  921. [23:22:20] * Clarity ain't even mad. He didn't hurt a bit.
  922. [23:24:59] <Clarity> "... Oh, and you can totally let go." Sky does.
  923. [23:26:16] <@zoofman> The Gabite starts to dig down....
  924. [23:26:20] <@zoofman> down down down down...
  925. [23:28:29] <@zoofman> It tosses up a Gible as the styler wears out! It bounces around, then looks around confused.
  926. [23:29:05] <Clarity> "Thanks a bunch!" A thumbs-up is given to the Gabite. "That... actually IS a Gible, right?"
  927. [23:29:22] * Maka nods in response. "But we only have one..."
  928. [23:29:38] <@zoofman> The little land shark ball just waltz around confused.
  929. [23:29:49] <Nike> "Definitely a Gible."
  930. [23:30:07] <Jack> "Indeed."
  931. [23:30:30] <Clarity> "Do we need to show off our BURNING SPIRITS to this guy, too?"
  932. [23:30:35] * Maka looks into the hole and drags Clarity to look too.
  933. [23:30:37] <Barkeep> "Well, maybe not..."
  934. [23:30:40] <Maka> 1d20+12 vs 15
  935. [23:30:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, vs 15: 31 [1d20=19]
  936. [23:30:42] <Barkeep> "Let's try to talk to it first."
  937. [23:30:49] <Barkeep> (... what was that maka)
  938. [23:30:54] <Clarity> (Family findan)
  939. [23:30:55] <Maka> (family finder on Gible)
  940. [23:30:59] <@zoofman> (...)
  941. [23:30:59] <Barkeep> (oh god)
  942. [23:31:04] <Barkeep> (damn it)
  943. [23:31:04] <Clarity> (bisonyes.mp3)
  944. [23:31:10] <Maka> (I derped, it's not the family line, it's the specific pokemon, so it's Gibles now for sure)
  945. [23:31:10] <Barkeep> jkl;l';
  946. [23:31:16] <Barkeep> (Oh it is?)
  947. [23:31:22] <Maka> (yeah. :X)
  948. [23:31:25] <Barkeep> (Oh!)
  949. [23:31:28] <Barkeep> (thank god)
  950. [23:31:34] <Clarity> (inb4 garchomps anyway)
  951. [23:33:01] <@zoofman> The ground begins to shake.
  952. [23:33:24] <Nike> "....Surt..." Nike already moves to mount up.
  953. [23:33:25] <@zoofman> 4 more Gibles pop up, and starts wailing wildly.
  954. [23:33:39] <Clarity> "Okay~! So who wants to carry these home?"
  955. [23:33:42] <Maka> "Um....J-j-jack? You want to catch that one n-now? Now?"
  956. [23:33:47] * Jack smiles, "Great work! Now are we all ready?"
  957. [23:33:48] <@zoofman> The Gabites below the surface, awake, notice you eyeing one of their young.
  958. [23:33:54] <@zoofman> And...start to glow.
  959. [23:34:10] <Clarity> "..."
  960. [23:34:10] <Maka> 1d100+5 pokeball a gible
  961. [23:34:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, pokeball a gible: 47 [1d100=42]
  962. [23:34:17] <Maka> (ffffff dm)
  963. [23:34:18] * Clarity scoops Sky up. "Yeah, let's go home."
  964. [23:34:21] <Jack> Opal releases a thick dark vapor at one of the gible.
  965. [23:34:24] <Barkeep> (hey, can I try to get a quick attack in)
  966. [23:34:33] <Jack> (Nightshade, -28 HP on a Gible.)
  967. [23:34:33] <Barkeep> (on the now garchomps)
  968. [23:34:37] <Jack> 1d100 Ballin'
  969. [23:34:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Ballin': 97 [1d100=97]
  970. [23:34:44] <Clarity> (dicemaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid)
  971. [23:34:44] <Jack> 1d100 Ballin' Again
  972. [23:34:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Ballin' Again: 47 [1d100=47]
  973. [23:34:47] * Barkeep throws a ball at the nightshaded one
  974. [23:34:51] <Barkeep> 1d100+5
  975. [23:34:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d100+5: 99 [1d100=94]
  976. [23:34:57] <Maka> 1d100+5 another ball come the fuck on dm
  977. [23:34:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, another ball come the fuck on dm: 24 [1d100=19]
  978. [23:35:04] <Maka> (on the damaged one)
  979. [23:35:08] <@zoofman> (well.)
  980. [23:35:15] <@zoofman> (Jack's ball worked anyway, but...)
  981. [23:35:23] <Jack> (Oh.
  982. [23:35:29] <Jack> (In that case, I'll take it.)
  983. [23:35:35] <Maka> ( so on another one then I guess )
  984. [23:35:39] <Clarity> (Did those not have +5s on them?)
  985. [23:35:46] <@zoofman> After much frantic ball throwing, there are 4 Gibles and 5 Garchomps clawing out of the sand all around you.
  986. [23:36:03] <Barkeep> (can I get in an attack before they start trying to kill us?)
  987. [23:36:05] <Clarity> "O-Okay, just get behind me and slooooowly walk out..."
  988. [23:36:32] * Clarity starts backing up, arms full o' mons.
  989. [23:37:13] * Nike gets on the horse. She motions for Maka or Jack or the barkeep to get on with her; this was high time to put Ponyta's speed to the test.
  990. [23:37:37] <Barkeep> (zoof? can I try to get in one attack before we run?)
  991. [23:37:50] <@zoofman> (sure go ahead.)
  992. [23:37:55] * Jack lets someone else mount with Nike. He could get out of here on his own.
  993. [23:38:04] <Clarity> (WAIT)
  994. [23:38:16] <Clarity> (Hold on, what's the SPD before you do that?)
  995. [23:39:02] <Clarity> (Because, like)
  996. [23:39:27] <Clarity> The Shinx in the terrified teenager's arms looks angry. Really really angry. Pissy, even.
  997. [23:39:44] * Maka grabs up her broken pokeballs and gladly takes the spot on the ponyta.
  998. [23:39:50] <Clarity> 1d20 leering at some point in whatever clusterfuck of an order this is going to be, okay, now go for it
  999. [23:39:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, leering at some point in whatever clusterfuck of an order this is going to be, okay, now go for it: 19 [1d20=19]
  1000. [23:40:13] <@zoofman> These are Garchomps. They do not fear your kitten.
  1001. [23:40:28] <Clarity> He's a really really really really really mad kitten.
  1002. [23:40:47] <Clarity> "... Okay, run!" And off.
  1003. [23:40:55] <Barkeep> 1d20 draco meteor
  1004. [23:40:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, draco meteor: 9 [1d20=9]
  1005. [23:41:06] <Barkeep> 5d10+20+20
  1006. [23:41:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 5d10+20+20: 83 [5d10=9,9,10,5,10]
  1007. [23:41:07] <Nike> "Surt, hyah!"
  1008. [23:41:25] <Maka> (ohshit that draco meteor)
  1009. [23:41:33] <@zoofman> (....ahahaha....)
  1010. [23:42:07] <Clarity> (THIS IS WHY ORAN IS THE BEST)
  1011. [23:44:30] <Clarity> 1d20+1 DO YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW FAST I'M RUNNING HERE?
  1012. [23:44:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, DO YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW FAST I'M RUNNING HERE?: 14 [1d20=13]
  1013. [23:45:08] <@zoofman> The Gibles go down like rocks, and the Garchomps are definently stung by the blow...not enough to take them out, though. They begin to pursue you, however the cave is not very large, so...
  1014. [23:45:34] <Barkeep> (aww man, I wanted to one shot garchomps)
  1015. [23:45:50] <Nike> Surt blazes through the cave, his overdeveloped sense of self preservation helping Nike and Maka beat a hasty retreat.
  1016. [23:46:46] * Jack hurries out, placing his pokemon in their balls for their own protection.
  1017. [23:47:12] * Clarity dives out the cave entrance, with a roll... and starts giggling once in the clear. Then cackling.
  1018. [23:48:38] * Jack looks to Calirty uncomfortably, "Er, are you alright?"
  1019. [23:48:40] <Clarity> "Oh man, Skyyyy, that was SO AWESOME!"
  1020. [23:49:10] <Nike> Nike looks over her shoulder at Maka. "What do you think? Some time later, we going to look back on this and laugh?"
  1021. [23:49:28] <@Paradox> (guess again)
  1022. [23:49:28] <@zoofman> As you clear the cave, the Garchomps roar, but the compactness of the path made them lose any chance of pursuit.
  1023. [23:49:34] <Clarity> The Shinx would hold up a middle finger if he had one. He doesn't. Clarity herself only brushes off and... well, keeps moving, assuming the others are. "Let's totally do it again sometime!"
  1024. [23:50:11] <Maka> "M-m-m-maybe. N-n-not right now though!" She clings to Nike.
  1025. [23:50:22] <Barkeep> "Well... at least we got a gible."
  1026. [23:50:29] <Nike> "Well, it's good we're taking The Baroness back home with us. She probably couldn't live out here with these angry Garchomps now stomping about." Nike reaches behind herself, and pats Maka's shoulder.
  1027. [23:52:19] * Maka nods and clings harder. If Sartre weren't in his pokeball, he'd probably just respond with a derpy smile anyway. " don't think maybe...they'll um...go as far as the town someday, do you?"
  1028. [23:52:31] <Barkeep> "Probably not."
  1029. [23:52:38] <Barkeep> "Let's get home though... before some mandibuzz try to pick us up."
  1030. [23:52:59] * Clarity reaches to her shoulder and pets the Omanyte once. "Well, at least you got to see some action for once, huh? That was SO COOL. Now we gotta..." Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. "We gotta..."
  1031. [23:53:08] <Jack> "Thank you so much, all of you," Jack smiles, "hopefully miss Elizabeth is satisfied."
  1032. [23:53:20] <Barkeep> "Hey maka, you don't think I could have that gible, do you?"
  1033. [23:53:20] * Maka unrolls her map in progress and shakily sketches an angry Garchomp face to mark the nest they found.
  1034. [23:53:21] * Jack keeps his eyes peeled for Everstones on the way back.
  1035. [23:53:30] * Barkeep rolls itemfinders :D
  1036. [23:53:35] <Jack> 1d20+4
  1037. [23:53:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20+4: 18 [1d20=14]
  1038. [23:53:38] <Clarity> (take +2s on everything)
  1039. [23:53:38] <Barkeep> 4#1d20+8
  1040. [23:53:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 4#1d20+8: 26 [1d20=18], 11 [1d20=3], 23 [1d20=15], 28 [1d20=20]
  1041. [23:53:48] <Nike> "I hope so too, Jack." Nike looks to Maka. "Alright, all set back there? You want me to go fast to get as far away from here as possible, or slow to make it easy on you?"
  1042. [23:53:55] <Maka> "Huh? Um..." Maka looks at her pokeball, then at Jack, who also has a captured Gible. " got extra, didn't we? S-sure then." she hands it over to Barkeep.
  1043. [23:53:59] <Barkeep> 1d20+10 prob control on that last itemfinder
  1044. [23:54:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, prob control on that last itemfinder: 15 [1d20=5]
  1045. [23:54:16] <Jack> "So, Nike, you'll be taking care of the Baroness?"
  1046. [23:54:16] * Barkeep trips a little and looks someone dizzy, but straightens up and takes the ball.
  1047. [23:54:25] <Barkeep> "Thank you, Miss Maka. I appreciate it."
  1048. [23:54:32] <Barkeep> "Actually, I took her."
  1049. [23:54:59] <Nike> "Indeed. I had no means to take her with me. The tavern siblings will be looking after her."
  1050. [23:55:14] <Clarity> "Mnnngggh." Another yaaaaaaaawn, after a pause, starting to fall behind the others. "Well... maybe it's not... SO bad up here..."
  1051. [23:55:44] <Maka> "I'm....I'm fine Nike...g-go at whatever pace you want..."
  1052. [23:56:11] <Barkeep> "Oh boy..."
  1053. [23:56:21] <Barkeep> "Nike, could you help give clarity a ride back."
  1054. [23:56:29] <Barkeep> "I don't want her to get eaten by mandibuzz."
  1055. [23:56:49] <Clarity> Sky's already on the ground, jumping up and down, sounding the alarm the best he can.
  1056. [23:56:52] <Nike> "Surt? You mind taking them on your back?" Nike dismounts, so that Clarity can sit where she was.
  1057. [23:57:30] * Jack pockets a strange green stone.
  1058. [23:57:38] <Nike> Surt snorts, and bows down, allowing the tired Clarity to mount up, with a bit of help. Nike keeps one hand on Surt's reins, the others on the hilt of her sword.
  1059. [23:57:48] <Clarity> "Saaaawrry..." Eyelids are already really heavy. It's amazing that a Shinx can help somebody onto a mount like that-- not as amazing that he can jump on himself, but he certainly does. And when he does, the first thing he does is crawl over to Jack and sniff him.
  1060. [00:00:36] * Maka gives Clarity a comforting pat as she gets up on the ponyta. Her hand is shaking like mad though, so it's probably not all that reassuring.
  1061. [00:01:15] * Jack looks down to the Shinx curiously.
  1062. [00:01:53] <Clarity> The Shinx more specifically sniffs at whatever he just put in his pocket, drawn to it for some unknown reason.
  1063. [00:02:16] <Clarity> But, then realizing how rude that is, he plops straight down and looks up with an almost apologetic glance on his face.
  1064. [00:05:20] <Jack> "By the way, Barkeep. This Shellder I adopted from Joanna's," he adresses the psychic bartender explaining, "it's a little sick, veyr prone to illness. Your sister seems to be pretty good with that sort of thing, so do you mind seeing if she can do something for it?"
  1065. [00:07:28] <Barkeep> "Uh, sure. I'll see what we can do."
  1066. [00:07:30] * Clarity lies totally slumped in a really awkward way over the horse, with that beautiful specimen of an Omanyte watching the scenery go by. And of course, the yellow scarf-wearing Shinx is still showing a lot of interest in Jack as they go along.
  1067. [00:08:31] * Jack hands over the Shellder's ball, "Thanks."
  1068. [00:09:21] * Barkeep takes it and nods. "No problem."
  1069. [00:14:35] <@zoofman> (thinking of something.)
  1070. [00:16:48] <@zoofman> Barkeep, as you flip your coin, it rolls over to a rock, and stops behind it.
  1071. [00:17:03] * Barkeep checks behind the rock
  1072. [00:17:39] <@zoofman> You find a plant, the only plant you've seen out in this barren wasteland. It's a red herb.
  1073. [00:18:02] <@zoofman> (you collect 3 red herbs)
  1074. [00:18:53] * Barkeep gladly accepts the herbs
  1075. [00:21:16] <Clarity> Zzzzzzzzzzz. Just in case there was anybody who wasn't expecting it, it begins. There's some sleepy mumbling mixed in there as well.
  1077. [00:27:38] * Maka has mostly managed to get over the...excitement of the day and is back at the library as usual. It was a pretty successful trip, nabbing two of the pokemon they came for, and hey, Maka even finished her map of Iris Hill, complete with an ANGRY Garchomp face marking the nest. She's busy hanging it up in her new "adventurers' room" in the library.
  1078. [00:31:06] * Jack makes his way over the library later in the day, a stack of books under one arm. Oddly, no pokemon are following him. They're likely resting after the adventure.
  1079. [00:31:22] <Jack> Remembering not to knock, he carefully makes his way through the door.
  1080. [00:32:34] * Clarity probably BY SOME MIRACLE got inside, though really, that's all up to Maka. There's probably some 'No Clarities Allowed' sign in the library, so if anything she's up in some hidden room or maybe even outside the building. Regardless, Sky the Shinx is inside and gives the man a polite bow as he enters. He'd been spending time with his daughter, who's... so much bigger than he is now.
  1081. [00:33:22] <Maka> Clarity's unconscious body is in fact inelegantly sprawled across a sofa for something, somewhat bruised from falling off a ponyta several times and sleeping through it each time.
  1082. [00:34:06] <Clarity> Beautiful degrees of accuracy.
  1083. [00:34:33] <Maka> "There we go...done~" Maka finishes hanging up the map on the wall and starts returning to her desk. "Oh! Um...hi Jack. D-did...did the person like the Gible?"
  1084. [00:36:17] <Clarity> And just to describe the scenery, Salt the Omanyte had also been lazing around. He'd grown attached to Dahl for some ridiculously silly reason, hitching rides here and there, but for the most part his activities consisted of sitting around on desks and such, occasionally rolling around.
  1085. [00:36:32] <Jack> "I haven't seen her to give it to her yet," Jack shakes his head.
  1086. [00:36:37] <Jack> "I hope she does, though."
  1087. [00:38:21] * Maka nods. "Oh um...w-would...would you like to see my map? I finished it while we were on the hunt."
  1088. [00:39:34] <Jack> "" Jack seems a bit puzzled for a moment before he realizes, "Oh, right! Sure!"
  1089. [00:41:04] * Maka leads Jack around to the back of the library where there's a curiously empty room. Well, except for a few chairs the map hanging on the wall now. "I wanted to make um...a room for adventurers in town. Y-y-you know, to plan expeditions. So I wanted to make maps of places around town and...oh, I need a..a table here too...I'll ask Sub later."
  1090. [00:41:47] <Jack> "You mentioned that, yeah," Jack says, looking about curiously, "so that's what this map is for."
  1091. [00:42:52] <Maka> As Jack examines it closer, he notices that in lieu of the cave, there's just an ANGRY Garchomp face drawn where it would be. The bone pit is depicted with a skeletal snake as well.
  1092. [00:44:29] <Maka> "Yeah um...s-so, you looking for books again?"
  1093. [00:47:05] <Jack> "No, actually I came to drop off these books I ordered from the city," he sets them down on a nearby counter, "you said the library could use more novels, right?"
  1094. [00:48:34] * Maka 's eyes widen. "Oh...w-wow, it's been ages since I got new books from the city...Um...well, half a season anyway. T-thanks!"
  1095. [00:49:43] * Jack shows the books to her one by one. They are: Of Minun and Men, The Adventures of Tom Sawsbuck and Huckleberry Finneon, Anna of Green Gible, The Lord of the Beautiflies, and The Portrait of Nidorian Grey
  1096. [00:50:06] <Barkeep> (one day you will pay for these puns.)
  1097. [00:50:13] <Maka> (nevar!)
  1098. [00:51:12] <Maka> "T-t-that...that d-d-doubles the number of novels in the library." It's hard to tell if Maka is excited about getting that many, or if she's sad at the realization that the library had so few novels to start with.
  1099. [00:54:02] * Jack seems glad to know Maka appreciates them, or at least appears to, "Well, I suppose that makes it a start, hm?"
  1100. [00:56:17] * Maka nods quickly. "Y-yeah, You got Cedric to get them, right? I n-need to ask him about getting some more now that I have some money...Oh um..." Maka fishes in her pocket and pulls out a pirate galleon. "Um...Iona gave this to me...d-do you think I could sell it somewhere? For book money."
  1101. [00:57:11] * Jack eyes it, "Maybe. It certainly looks pretty valuable."
  1102. [00:58:29] <Maka> "But...w-who would buy it? Oh um...n-nevermind. Thank you again for the books. I'm...uh, going to file them now, okay?" Maka grabs the books. And...well, since there are like 5 other books on the shelf she's putting them on, filing them doesn't take very long at all.
  1103. [01:01:53] <Jack> "Maybe ask Lisa? She certainly has a way with trinkets."
  1104. [01:04:14] <Maka> "Um...yeah, I...I could do that..." Maka straightens out the books one last time with a satisfied grin. "So um...have you gotten anywhere with that uh...pokemon...g-gym?"
  1105. [01:07:27] <Jack> "Not yet. Funding is moving along steadily, but I think I need more experience before they consider letting me run one," he admits a bit shyly.
  1106. [01:08:35] <Maka> "...Experience? Um....w-we really only battle pokemon here in the village when...there are b-b-bandits,, like with the Baroness today I g-guess..."
  1107. [01:13:11] <Jack> "I guess I'll have to make a report on all that and send it to the league in the city," Jack says, then wonders, "perhaps you'd like to edit it, once it's done?"
  1108. [01:14:18] <Maka> " You need to do that?" Maka picks up and cuddles a quite battered Sartre who has wandered her way. "Um...I g-guess I could, but I don't know what to do for that kind of report..."
  1109. [01:18:22] <Jack> "Well, I'm guessing that's the best way to go about it," he considers, "or I suppose I could there and fight some people to demonstrate my skill." He then blushes, "I suppose I should have looked into the general process a bit more first, huh?"
  1110. [01:19:34] <Maka> "M-maybe? ...But you don't have to be are a lot of things I want to do with the library I don't know the process for um...making an observatory." Maka ponders the idea aloud.
  1111. [01:21:31] <Jack> "An observatory? Like one for seeing stars?" Jack asks, seeming a bit unfamiliar with the idea.
  1112. [01:22:28] * Maka nods. "I...I just really like the idea...yeah..."
  1113. [01:24:09] <Jack> Jack nods, understanding, "Well, this whole gym idea of mine was because I liked the idea. Nothing's too crazy."
  1114. [01:24:21] <Jack> "What...would you need to get something like that started?"
  1115. [01:26:00] <Maka> "Um...A t-telescope. I d-don't even have one...I might ask Balthazar if he can build one. He um, built that clock over there too." Maka points at the Elgyem shaped clock near the front desk. "It's pretty complicated. So um...maybe he can build telescopes too?"
  1116. [01:29:30] * Jack looks at the clock, then nods, "Probably. That does look nice."
  1117. [01:29:43] <Jack> "If there's any way I can help, just ask."
  1118. [01:30:54] * Maka nods. "And um...I...I g-guess I can try to help with the gym too..." she looks around the library. "Um...but as you can tell, I d-don't really do much pokemon battling...Maybe some of my books will help?"
  1119. [01:31:48] <Jack> "Well, you were a great help today," Jack says earnestly, "the person I did this for. She wants to be a gym leader too."
  1120. [01:33:33] <Maka> "Mmm it was, well it was fun until the G-g-garchomps came after us..." Maka shivers a bit. "Um...maybe you can ask her. If she's looking for specific pokemon then maybe she's further along..."
  1121. [01:39:06] <Jack> "Something to consider," Jack agrees, "perhaps next time we do something like this together, it can involve less being chased by angry dragons?"
  1122. [01:39:08] * Jack chuckles.
  1123. [01:40:14] <Maka> "...Maybe fewer g-g-ghost snakes too." Maka smiles meekly.
  1124. [01:42:36] <Jack> "Try not to tell Submission too much about the danger you were in. I doubt he'll appreciate it."
  1125. [01:44:56] * Maka nods. "He um...sorta knows from my hunting trips with Arawn. Not very happy about it though...Oh um...Arawn is pretty handy with a scythe. M-m-maybe he would have been helpful to have around..." Maka mulls this over as she grabs her sketchbook and starts drawing a babby Dialga smashing the shit out of a group of Garchomp.
  1126. [01:46:14] <Jack> "You're a pretty good artist," Jack says, eyeing the drawing.
  1127. [01:48:21] <Maka> "Thanks. People didn't used to come here often I was bored I'd just sketch..." She flips the page and starts sketching the fight with the cubones and the Baroness. (hm, for some fun, do a perception check?)
  1128. [01:49:48] <Jack> 1d20 derp
  1129. [01:49:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, derp: 19 [1d20=19]
  1130. [01:49:52] <Jack> (Not so derp)
  1131. [01:50:15] <Maka> Yeah, the sketch of O Unown on the page DEFINITELY just blinked at you.
  1132. [01:57:54] <Jack> Jack doesn't want to look crazy, so doesn't call attention to it.
  1133. [01:58:28] <Jack> "Well, if there's nothing else, I guess I should get going," Jack says calmly, "it was nice spending time with you. Thanks again for all the help today."
  1134. [01:59:20] <Maka> "You're welcome. I'm glad I could help two people get Gibles...but um, wow, g-g-garchomps are scary..."
  1135. [02:03:03] <Maka> (/session?)
  1137. BONUS because it's totally safe now, nobody reads these:
  1138. [23:13] <Eddy> Maka just Family Finder'd it, uuuuh
  1139. [23:13] <Eddy> figure you should figure that one out
  1140. [23:13] <Paradox> hmm what does family finder say
  1141. [23:14] <Eddy> If the total exceeds 15, you can start an encounter
  1142. [23:14] <Eddy> with several more of the same pokemon as the target after the encounter you use Family Finder in
  1143. [23:15] <Paradox> Okay
  1144. [23:15] <Paradox> They find 8 level 50 Gabite who will evolve if attacked.
  1145. [23:16] <Eddy> o.o
  1146. [23:16] <Paradox> okay you're right make it 5
  1147. [23:16] <Paradox> but I will make them think before recklessly using family finder
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