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  1. Useful Commands
  3. !votemap
  4. /rank
  5. /rankme
  6. /session
  7. /damage_report chat
  8. /damage_report short
  9. /damage_report help
  11. RankMe Commands:
  13. sm_rankme
  14. sm_session
  15. sm_statsme
  16. sm_hitboxme
  17. sm_weaponme
  18. sm_rank
  19. sm_next
  20. sm_top
  21. sm_top x (x equals number) (also topx on chat)
  22. sm_topkills
  23. sm_topkills x (x equals number) (also topkillsx on chat)
  24. sm_topdeaths
  25. sm_topdeaths x (x equals number) (also topdeathsx on chat)
  26. sm_topknife
  27. sm_topknife x (x equals number)
  28. sm_topnade
  29. sm_topnade x (x equals number)
  30. sm_tophs
  31. sm_tophs x (x equals number) (also tophsx on chat)
  32. sm_topacc
  33. sm_topacc x (x equals number) (also topaccx on chat)
  34. sm_toptime
  35. sm_toptime x (x equals number) (also toptimex on chat)
  36. sm_topweapon
  37. sm_topweapon x (x equals weapon name. Eg: glock,usp)
  38. sm_topweapon x z (x equals weapon name. Eg: glock,usp. z equals number)
  39. sm_resetmyrank
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