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  1. *3rd party dont access the account/ cant confirm
  2.  and deny.
  5. *Name of company
  6. *Full Name
  7.   dr,jr,sr - must
  8.   mr, mrs, ms - no need
  9. *Complete address
  10. *Additional sec question
  11.   Date of birth (if available) *espp
  12.   SIN/SSN/TIN (Exception: OSB)
  13.   Direct Deposit info. (F.I. Name, Transit/Routing Number & Account Number)
  14.   Payee instructions *How div received
  15.   IAGQ reference number (provided by IA - viewable in Suivi d’appels)
  16.   or
  17.   Certificate/Ownership Statement number
  18.   Certificate issue date (Exact date required)
  19.   Number of shares (per certificate / DRS / DRIP / class total / account total)
  20.   Bond/Debenture dollar face value (per certificate / class total / account total)
  21.   Shares transferred from/when (month & year)
  22.   Amount of last OCP made to account
  23.   Cheque number
  24.   Amount of last dividend/interest payment
  25.   Previous address on file (Street and City is sufficient)
  26.   Date of last address change (month and year is sufficient)
  27.   Tax slip information (confirm amounts in certain boxes of issued tax slips)
  28. *VERBAL AUTHORIZATION (3rd party )
  29.  - verbal authorization first then 3rd party can do the Authentication.
  30. *Certify paperwork
  31.  -msg
  32.  -notary
  33. *
  35. *no chnage of address if
  36.  -Unissued/Lapsed payments  
  37.  - Returned (RTD) certificates
  38.  -A combination of both
  39.  *change of address must be done in writting
  42. -Issuer
  43. -Account registration
  44. *In addition, the request must include ONE of the following:
  45.  Holder account number (HID)
  46.  Certificate number
  47.  Current address on file (including postal code)
  48.  SIN/SSN/TIN
  49. *   Requests must be signed by ALL registered holders (joint accounts)
  50.     Should the request be from a legal representative, Proof of appointment must be submitted
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