Stalker x Stalkee B

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  1. [20:51:22] <`Tielle> So after the bullshit bravado stunt you pulled, you wake up in Hell and are tormented by the sound of young girls crying forevermore in eternal darkness.
  2. [20:51:31] <`Tielle> Wait, nevermind, that's just your eyelids.
  3. [20:51:34] <`Krauss> Sounds spooky
  4. [20:51:37] <`Krauss> Oh
  5. [20:51:38] <`Tielle> And only a single young girl crying.
  6. [20:51:41] <`Tielle> Sniffling, even.
  7. [20:52:43] <`Tielle> As your consciousness fades in, you gain the ability to see through your eyelids like in a children's book nobody here but me has read (and for the gods' sake don't ask what it is because I forgot its name), and it turns out that it's actually the medical tent.
  8. [20:53:00] <`Krauss> We had one of those?
  9. [20:53:11] <Flamy> I'm sure we did.
  10. [20:53:18] <`Tielle> Oh yeah, Edwin ended up there when he literally suicided against that one boss a few sessions ago too
  11. [20:53:28] <`Tielle> And you have like, 50 healers, so you're in pretty good hands
  12. [20:54:08] <Flamy> also we temp reclassed into maids/butlers dw
  13. [20:54:09] <`Tielle> At the forefront of the healers is that pink-haired chick who's apparently your sister-in-law now, wearing a nurse costume instead of a maid one.
  14. [20:54:11] <`Tielle> I'm not kidding.
  15. [20:54:32] <`Krauss> Not sure how to feel about that. One on hand Maids > Nurses
  16. [20:54:36] <`Krauss> But this could be cute
  17. [20:54:51] <Flamy> wow that sounds silly but this is a silly campaign
  18. [20:54:56] <`Tielle> But she's off in the corner doing her own thing, tending to the wounded and whatnot.  And what a coincidence, you're WAY more wounded than any of these people are.
  19. [20:55:37] <`Tielle> At the bedside, it fades in and becomes more apparently, Tielle is sitting there patiently, face red with tears.  And she wipes said tears every now and then, but it looks like they've been flowing long enough that she's pretty much given up.
  20. [20:58:27] <`Krauss> Oh uh, is this the part where I say stuff
  21. [20:59:06] <`Tielle> you actcually have a dialogue prompt where you can say words or "...", like you're literally squall or something, and the whole scene could probably pass by with TL monologuing thinking you're unconscious
  22. [20:59:23] <`Krauss> Oh cool
  23. [20:59:25] <`Krauss> "..."
  24. [20:59:26] <`Tielle> But right now she's just sitting there patiently, not even reading a book or anything.  Just gazing forth with piercing eyes.
  25. [20:59:26] <`Krauss> Game on
  26. [20:59:51] <`Tielle> "... Idiot."  She sniffles, signaling the start of the monologue.
  27. [21:00:16] <`Krauss> I'm ready to put no effort into this support
  28. [21:00:31] <`Tielle> rip devoted childhood friend who only wants to be noticed
  29. [21:00:45] <`Tielle> After some time, you feel a sharp BONK on the head.
  30. [21:00:57] <Flamy> what high quality memery
  31. [21:01:07] <`Tielle> ... Followed by overall relief.  Yeah, that's how healing staves work.
  32. [21:01:47] <`Tielle> It's Eileen holding said staff, and before you ask, yes, her costume is buttoned up and not revealing any cleavage.  So she's not one of the SLUTTY slutty nurses.  Short skirt tho.
  33. [21:02:28] <`Tielle> With yet another sniffle, Tielle turns to the maidnurse and mutters.  "So he'll be okay?"
  34. [21:03:19] <`Tielle> The woman nods and smiles, "Just needs some rest, hon.  Make sure he eats well when he gets up, too- aintcha his girlfriend?  Take 'im out to a nice dinner!"
  35. [21:03:35] <`Tielle> TL's face reddens.  "N-No I mean, w-well, I..."
  36. [21:03:38] <`Tielle> They have a stareoff.
  37. [21:03:45] <`Tielle> "... Yes, ma'am."
  38. [21:04:19] <`Tielle> Footsteps.  It's the two of you alone again, and the redhead falls silent.
  39. [21:05:04] <`Tielle> For a moment.  "I... knew something like this was going to happen.  The one time I wasn't watching..." Sniff.
  40. [21:05:22] <`Tielle> "Why do you have to be like this..."
  41. [21:05:33] <`Tielle> [dialogue prompt]
  42. [21:06:12] <`Krauss> "..."
  43. [21:06:14] <`Krauss> Too good to respond
  44. [21:06:18] <`Krauss> Plus, it saves me the effort
  45. [21:06:28] <`Krauss> I like this idea better anyways
  46. [21:06:43] <`Tielle> yeah just wait for the part where screams and explosions start happening outside
  47. [21:08:40] <`Tielle> "...'s what I like about you," she grumbles.  And then you feel a sudden pressure.  From the wetness, it becomes apparent that it's her head against your chest.  Which isn't really proper patient-bedside procedure, but she doesn't seem to care.
  48. [21:09:10] <`Tielle> "Cherubim," her dialogue is followed by a soft metallic clanking, "Am I hopeless?"
  49. [21:10:09] <`Tielle> "Guess you're right."  Hard to tell if she can actually talk to it or is just deluded.  "But I don't know what to do..."
  50. [21:12:16] <`Tielle> "Of COURSE I'm gonna scold him, but," a heavy sigh.  "We're just chlidhood friends to him.  It wouldn't have the same kind of meaning I want it to."
  51. [21:12:51] <`Tielle> "Hey, Kraussy... why do you have to be the way you are?"  The pressure lifts.
  52. [21:13:09] <Flamy> amazing
  53. [21:13:27] <`Tielle> "You stupid, stupid, STUPID, STUPID!  How do you think other people feel when you do this stuff, huh?"  Another sniffle.
  54. [21:14:36] <`Tielle> "Like that time you slept by yourself in the woods without a tent having not eaten in days... or that time you tried to fight a bear by yourself and got that claw injury..."
  55. [21:14:48] <`Krauss> Seems about right.
  56. [21:14:56] <`Tielle> "Well... maybe it's better if you think it was some passerby who carried you to safety."
  57. [21:15:31] <`Tielle> "But no matter how reckless you are, that won't change the way I feel... you're right, Cher.  I really am hopeless."
  58. [21:15:37] <`Tielle> "..."
  59. [21:16:07] <`Tielle> "What's that?  If I shoot him in the heart with an arrow right here he'll return my affection?"
  60. [21:16:23] <Flamy> oh hey wk
  61. [21:16:24] <`Tielle> "Okay!"  You hear the sound of metallic clanking, and her bow unfolding.
  62. [21:16:30] <`Tielle> [dialogue prompt]
  63. [21:16:35] <Flamy> there is some shit happening here
  64. [21:16:40] <Flamy> please do not mind it
  65. [21:16:50] * WhitePaladin is now known as WhiteCrusader
  66. [21:16:59] <`Krauss> God damnit, forcing my hand.
  67. [21:17:10] <`Tielle> /me sip
  68. [21:19:47] <`Krauss> "Sutoopppuu" The swordsman wakes up instantly, almost suspiciously slow. "I don't know what that is, but I think I could do without it." Given his hair was probably let down now, he must've looked a lot different in this set up. And with differnt appeareances comes different personalities, or something like that. "Ah." He'd realize his mistake soon after speaking up. "Is it morning already then?" Playing it off with a slow chuckle, nice.
  69. [21:19:58] <`Krauss> >slow
  70. [21:20:01] <`Krauss> Fucking shit I'm so bad at this
  71. [21:20:19] <`Krauss> literally how do I go from "so" to "slow" without realizing I typed 2 more entire letters
  72. [21:20:50] <`Tielle> "I thought so!"  Tielle now wears a devilish smile, one that could probably kill with a glance.  And in fact it just might.
  73. [21:21:08] <`Tielle> "I mean..." Small animal mode: ON. "... Good morning, sleepyhead?"
  74. [21:21:37] <`Krauss> "ahahah...." Very quiet laughter now. "..Yeah, good morning."
  75. [21:22:17] <`Tielle> "... Why'd you do it?"  She doesn't' waste time, now looking with almost moterly eyes.
  76. [21:22:22] * WhiteCrusader is now known as WhiteKnight
  77. [21:23:30] <`Krauss> "...I'm not getting out of this one, am I." He'd start to look down at the bed a bit, potentially avoiding eye contact while he spoke.
  78. [21:24:12] <`Krauss> "I can't really give an answer or anything, I felt like settling something with myself, and I had a chance."
  79. [21:24:36] <`Tielle> "How..." She sounds more confident than usual.  "How do you think the rest of us would feel if you died?!"
  80. [21:25:17] <`Krauss> "I can't imagine it, but I know it'd be painful..." Still avoiding eye contact. "..Even still, I had to do it. I'm sorry."
  81. [21:26:41] <`Tielle> "... Okay."  She doesn't go for the all-out attack, and relents.
  82. [21:27:08] <`Tielle> "When you get better, can..." Now she starts fidgeting.  "Um... I mean... can we..."
  83. [21:27:18] <`Tielle> "Can we... talk?  Like old times?"
  84. [21:28:14] <`Krauss> "" Well, that was certainly surprising. "You mean you're uh..not mad?" Since he wasn't immediately yelled at, the surprise causes him to look back up, directly at her even.
  85. [21:29:25] <`Tielle> "Of course I'm mad.  Furious!"  She says with a straight face.
  86. [21:29:44] <`Tielle> "... But what can I do about it?  You'll always be you, Kraussy."
  87. [21:31:25] <`Krauss> "...guess so." Hearing that was actually somewhat painful for him, but he wouldn't let it show, so he'd just face another direction now. "..If you want to talk, I'd be fine with that. I'd love to do it even. It's been kinda lonely these past few years, even if I have met a bunch of people."
  88. [21:33:38] <`Tielle> "... 'Kay.  I'll hold you to that."  Satisfied, she stands up.  "And if you do something like this again..." Tielle clenches her fist and the bow-sides come out, pointed straight in your direction.  "Pow!  Right through the heart!"
  89. [21:34:48] <`Krauss> Sounds kinda romantic actually, to me, not to krauss, that sounds painful to him. "I think I like living after all, so let's not do that..."
  90. [21:36:34] <`Tielle> "Hmm..." She leans in closer, grinning mischievously. "Then how about... you'll have to give me a kiss?"  Her words are followed by a schoolyard-esque giggling, like she was still a little girl, and a MASSIVE internal blushing that fortunately you're not capable of seeing unless you were actually a wizard all along.
  91. [21:39:39] <`Krauss> "A kiss?" Head tilt engaged. "That's a pretty weird thing to ask, when'd you get forward?" He'd laugh a little bit, genuinely even this time. "Guess you're not the same little girl anymore though, you've grown up, you and lucas both." Right, I guess he should probably answer. "I'm uhh..not so sure about that, but I guess If I'm already at that point where I keep worrying you, it shouldn't really matter, huh? Sure then,
  92. [21:39:40] <`Krauss> why not." Pretty powerful words dude, sure you don't wanna take that back?
  93. [21:43:11] <`Tielle> "Hehe.  You promised then, so don't do anything reckless!"  After speaking so forwardly, she finally shies back and mumbles, "But I wish we could do it anyway..."
  94. [21:43:41] <`Tielle> And, of course, cuts herself off with much louder words to mask the mumbling.  "A-Anyway!  I-I'm glad you're okay!"
  95. [21:44:13] <`Krauss> "I'm pretty glad too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up the whole sword thing."
  96. [21:44:57] <`Tielle> "And uh.... g... get well soon!"  Like a civilian fleeing from a kaiju, Tielle gives you a polite nod(is that what that's supposed to be?) and dashes off at unprecedented speeds.  As she goes, the camera pans in to her inner monologue going "KYAAAAAAAAAA I DID IT I FINALLY TALKED TO HIM" and then she faints from the sheer social pressure.
  97. [21:45:13] <`Tielle> Fortunate for her that she doesn't end up back in the medical tent, but what happens there is an adventure for another time.
  98. [21:45:23] <Flamy> r-rip
  99. [21:46:08] <`Krauss> "...huh, wonder where she's in such a rush to get to." Now alone (Or presumabely with some nurses or something), Krauss just sits there silently a bit, poking at his hair or something since he almost never has it down.
  100. [21:46:15] <`Tielle> this orange crush pop-tart is mediocre as fuck
  101. [21:46:43] <Flamy> thats a thing?
  102. [21:46:48] <Flamy> that sounds awful
  103. [21:46:49] <`Tielle> ... Also don't worry, Eileen's the only 'nurse' because she's literally cosplay: the character, the other healers are much more sensible in their dress codes.
  104. [21:46:54] <Flamy> so thats a c right
  105. [21:47:01] <`Tielle> YEAH THAT'S WHY I GOT IT ok on second thought the aftertaste is actually pretty good
  106. [21:47:02] <`Tielle> no, it's B
  107. [21:47:10] <`Krauss> "All grown up huh...wonder if I've gotten any better now..." He'd stare out somewhere to make the camera pan with him and point at the sky or something.
  108. [21:47:13] <`Krauss> I'm not done by the way
  109. [21:47:15] <Flamy> shit i was gonna do something amazing
  110. [21:47:18] <`Krauss> I get my own solo scene now
  111. [21:47:20] <`Tielle> yeah, and he's not done by the way
  112. [21:47:21] <`Tielle> RUDE
  113. [21:47:53] <Flamy> > Krauss and Tielle have attained a relationship of Budding Buddies?
  114. [21:48:05] <Flamy> it was gonna be "> Krauss and Tielle have attained a Support Rank of [muffled cuck.mp3 in the distance]!"
  115. [21:48:08] <`Krauss> "Compared to back then, these wounds feel pretty light...guess that's how it goes though."
  116. [21:48:30] <`Krauss> Flamy shut your trap I'm monologuing
  117. [21:49:03] <`Tielle> yeah wow that joke is only funny when i do it anyway
  118. [21:50:34] <`Krauss> He'd let out a pretty obvious sigh of exhaustion, before laying down to get some rest. "I probably won't have enough time in this world to apologize for what I've put them through but...if even a little, I hope I can pay them back." He'd crack a small smile. "The things I have now...aren't so bad, that's how I really feel."
  119. [21:52:14] <`Krauss> "Still though, a kiss? Come on, she's already a grown woman and she's still making jokes like that? I wish I had the heart to tell her she didn't need to make it a deal or something...not like I'd really have a problem being with her or anything."
  120. [21:52:30] <`Krauss> He'd look towards his sword (Presumabely in the room) and read the name on the side a few times over.
  121. [21:52:43] <`Tielle> hnnng
  122. [21:54:03] <`Krauss> "Guess it's only a matter of time now...wonder if I should just tell her myself..." Silent contemplation. "Nah...if she's spent all this time stalking me, I might as well let her bring it up herself.."
  123. [21:54:16] <`Krauss> What you thought he wasn't aware this entire time? Krauss is lot less stupid than he acts.
  124. [21:54:28] <`Krauss> Those history and tactics books weren't actually his father's
  125. [21:54:29] <`Krauss> Spoilers
  126. [21:54:52] <Flamy> SHIT SON
  127. [21:55:01] <Flamy> WE WERE ROOSED
  128. [21:55:02] <`Tielle> someone brew me some tea so i can sip it
  129. [21:55:36] <`Krauss> Anyways, another sigh before actually settling in for some rest. "Man, I guess I gotta lay of the drinks for a bit. It ain't nothing compared to then, but it still stings dude..ow."
  130. [21:56:34] <`Krauss> "I'll sleep it off in a night then!" Sudden determination? "I've got a schedule to keep, can't let johan get past me this early."
  131. [21:57:31] <`Krauss> Thus he puts forth all of his effort into getting super good amounts of rest
  132. [21:57:36] <`Krauss> So that he might sword again as soon as possible.
  133. [21:57:41] <Flamy> like you should
  134. [21:57:55] <`Krauss> He falls alseep pretty shortly, and looks pretty peaceful despite his situation.
  135. [21:58:03] <`Krauss> Of course, in his sleep you can hear him mumble a few words
  136. [21:58:09] <`Krauss> Mostly stuff abou swords, but occasionally a name
  137. [21:58:14] <`Tielle> Yeah, and sometime later that night Jones' limbs get ferried in and he hangs out in the next bed over while he puts himself back together, so at least it isn't lonely.
  138. [21:58:25] <`Krauss> And you know who it is
  139. [21:58:32] <`Krauss> And nice
  140. [21:59:10] <`Tielle> hmm
  141. [21:59:13] <`Tielle> ok flamy you can hit it now
  142. [21:59:44] <`Krauss> are you sure he still deserves to
  143. [21:59:52] <Flamy> > `Krauss and `Tielle have attained a Support Rank of B!
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