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  1. General
  2. How do you play Pikachu
  3.     Link #billspc
  4. Who does Pikachu lose to?
  5.     Generally agreed on: Ness, Game and Watch
  6.     Arguable: Mario, Peach, etc.
  7. Who are notable Pikachu players?
  8.     ESAM, DM,
  9. Is Pikachu's frame data located anywhere?
  10.     Link Micaelis's doc, Kurogane Hammer (work in progress)
  12. Combos and Gameplay
  13. How does Uair work?
  14. How do you use Quick Attack twice in the same direction?
  15.     Link practice stages
  16. How does Thunder work, and how do you not die while using Thunder offstage?
  17. How do you do Nair loops?
  18.     Esam's Nair loops video
  19. What are other combos Pikachu has?
  20.     My pin in #new player faq
  21.     Esam's DThrow video
  22. How does Pikachu kill?
  23.     Link rally's kill percent picture?
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