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(GWA script) 34GG cup mommy sides with your rival

zerbob May 19th, 2017 (edited) 1,165 Never
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  1. [F4MM] [Script Offer] [Request]  34GG cup mommy sides with your rival [Cuckold] [Humiliation] [Nipple Sucking] [Tit fucking] [Huge Breasts] [Incest Denial] [Cougar] [Horrible Mother] [British Accent][Cum on breasts] [Big Cock] [Nice to Mean] [Sucking sounds] [Moaning] [Cruelty] [Violence] [Sex in another room]
  3. Hey guys this is my first request after lurking and enjoying your audios for some time. I'm not a writer by any means but I'd love it if someone could give this script a try. I know the story is very unrealistic and farfetched but it's quite the fetish of mine. I hope I'm doing this right in terms of the tagging and such. Also The only reason I included the British tag is because I loosely based the mother off of UK milf Danica Collins, it could be done in an American accent. Thanks alot to who ever considers it and if not at least someone will get off on the script. Also if anyone else is into this fetish (mom-son cuckolding/netorare) I'd love to chat about it.
  5. "Knock on door"
  7. Son? Are you awake? It's mum. May I come in?
  9. "Door opens"
  11. Good morning honey. Get a good night's rest? Well, there's someone waiting for you downstairs so after you fix yourself up please hurry down. What's that? Why is mum not wearing a bra? I think you have your own problems to worry about, young man. Now come on downstairs.
  13. "pause"
  15. Oh there you are! Aw, what's with that look on your face? Are you surprised to see this guy? Aren't you two well acquainted? Or are you so protective of your dear old mother that seeing her in the same room as your rival has you steamed up already? Come on, have a seat. Now!
  17. "pause"
  19. Now if I could get both of your eye's off of my chest and on my face, I'd like to settle this dispute that Jack here has brought to my attention. What is this about you pissing in Jack's gym bag because he took your place as a starter? Oh you didn't do it? How can I be so sure? I mean these last few weeks you've been pouting and complaining every day about the new guy coming in and stealing your thunder. So it seems like a plausible scenario. Especially since he's so much taller and athletic looking than you.
  21. " pause"
  23. Aw, what's that? Did you think mum would side with you just because? Do you believe you're still mummy's little innocent angel? Don't think I don't know what you've been doing while I'm away at work. You sneak into my room like a litle sissy and mess with mum's bras and panties. I imagine you're not doing it for educational purposes. God, you probably try them on too for all I know. What a sick little pup you are. Well, since you know all about mum's cup size, why not tell your buddy Jack here their exact size. I'm sure he'd love to know!
  25. "Long Pause"
  27. Want to pretend to be a mute now, huh? Well, they're a healthy 34GG in the flesh.
  28. "pause while mum takes off her top, revealing enormous breasts that hadn't been contained by a bra"
  30. That's right, son. Since you've been no doubt jerking off into mum's bras, I decided that I'm just not going to wear them anymore. Not when I go to your games. Not when I go to work. Not when I go grocery shopping. Definitely not when any of those handsome friends of yours come over. No more bras for mum. And you can blame no one but yourself for me making that decision.
  32. "pause while mum walks over and sits next to Jack"
  34. Hmm. You haven't taken your eyes off my cleavage since you've come here. I'm starting to think this visit wasn't about confronting that little weak pussy son of mines over there, but really to come see me. Am I right about that? Yes I am. Well, aren't you going to touch them or are you just going to stare like a dumbass?
  36. (Moaning)
  38. That's right, squeeze those big suckers. I bet none of the girls at your University have tits like this. Suck on them too like a real man!
  40. (Sucking sounds)
  42. Oh baby yes! Suck my huge tits right in front of my loser son! Do it like a baby breastfeeding on it's mum!
  44. (Sucking sounds get louder and more aggressive) (Moaning intensifies)
  46. Oh god, this is great. Doing it in front of him makes it so much hotter. But I've got a better idea. Drop those drawers right now! Oh my, it's so big. Son, I'm afraid it really does look like you've got a rather huge reason to envy Jack here.
  48. (Laughter)
  50. Well you've done enough sucking on these things, how about putting this big meat stick to use. That's right slide them right between my tits.
  52. (Moaning) (Wet slapping sounds)
  54. Umm oh fuck yes! That feels so good. Just keep sliding it in, oh!
  56. (Moaning intensifies)(Wet slapping sounds)
  58. Aw look at him sitting over there like a little dunce. He wishes he could stick his little dick in between his mum's tits like this. But he's not man enough!
  60. (Moaning)
  62. Aw yes that's right, you cumming baby?! Cum right on these huge fucking tits!
  64. (Extremely loud moaning) (Ejaculation sounds) (Orgasm sounds)
  66. Oh my goodness, what a huge load. It's dripping all over the floor.
  68. (Loud Sigh)
  70. You know what, I bet there's more where that came from. How about we finish this upstairs in my room where we'd have more privacy?
  72. "pause"
  74. Aw look at my little boy. I think he's going to cry. It's okay baby. Come give mum a big hug. I'm sorry.
  76. "As son walks over to hug Mum, she grabs a figurine from a nearby table and smashes it over the back of her son's head.
  78. (Wham) (Thud)
  80. Aw look at him, he landed right into your cum puddle.
  82. (Laughter)
  84. Come on Jack. We've still got some buisness to attend to in my bedroom, now don't we.
  86. (Kissing sounds as mum leads Jack upstairs to her room)
  88. (Loud Footsteps walking away)
  90. "Door closes"
  92. (Loud moaning begins)
  94. (Bed starts creaking)
  96. "All sound soons fades away as son passes out on the floor"
  98. End
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