A Welcome to the Modern World

Nov 15th, 2015
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  1. You and Robin stumble into your bedroom in Vernon’s cabin. Whoo. Maybe you had a little more than you thought. Robin seems to be spinning a bit too.
  3. But her warm, small body feels good pressed against yours. Oh, and her mouth on your neck. She’s doing the same thing you do to her when you really want to rev her up. Your belly becomes warm quickly, and you run a hand through her short red hair. Your other hand moves over her shirt. You know she likes the feeling of the fabric of this shirt on her nipples. She rewards your skilled tweaking by pushing you onto the bed. You roll her over and quickly remove everything she’s wearing below her waist.
  5. “S-so quick!”
  7. You lick down the inside of her leg. She shivers and lifts her hips. You stop just before you get all the way there. “Hmm, You’re right. I’ll be right back.”
  9. “B-but...”
  11. “Oh, you’re right. I can’t leave you here all by yourself with nothing to do. Here.” You lean into your bag and pull out one of your toys. A realistic dildo. You spent way too much money and sacrificed way too much space in your bag for all of these, but as you hand it to Robin, it’s all worth it. “Suck on this. Don’t stop until I tell you.”
  13. Robin hesitates, then she does as you tell her. She kisses it. Her big eyes look to you for approval. You just lustfully smile back. With that encouragement, she takes the head in her mouth.
  15. “That’s right. You just keep at it.” You squeeze her skinny leg. “Remember our eighth gym battle? When Alex said you were a lesbian, but probably open to trying dick? Well, I won’t lie, I’m really liking the idea of seeing you take one. You just keep sucking that, I’ll be right back.”
  17. You get out of the bed, grab your bag, and head into the bathroom. You’re going to put on something sexy. Robin’s a little tipsy, but you’re sure she’ll keep the engine running. She loves it when you give her something humiliating like this.
  20. ==
  24. You are Robin.
  26. Kat has left you very frustrated. She does it on purpose. She knows that you’re a pervert on the inside. She knows how you try to hide it, even from yourself, but you’re a lustful, dirty person. Mostly you’re ashamed, but a small, small part of you gets off on holding that little secret. You know everyone looks at you as a naive little girl, and usually that bugs you because people tend to protect you and cause themselves all sorts of problems. But deep down, in places you only dare to glance at in the corner of your minds eye, you love the idea of being Kat’s sexy little perverted toy. You want her to push you to do more. You push the dildo far into your throat, suppressing the urge to gag.
  28. Kat knows all that, and she indulges you. She doesn't judge you or make you feel bad about it. She just accepts it. That’s why you feel safe with her. You can be vulnerable without fear.
  30. Her silhouette appears in the doorway. She cocks her head at you.
  32. Oh right. You keep blowing the dildo. You feel like such a weirdo doing it, but she told you to do it until she said to stop. You do as you were told and feel sexy doing it. You feel your saliva drip a bit as you keep working it.
  34. She slides under the blankets. Her warm hands tickle your inner thigh. She gives a muffled giggle when you jump.
  36. Then there’s nothing for what feels like forever.
  38. “Kat?”
  40. She moves under the blanket’s suddenly. Oh. Oh ho ho. Oh wow she’s doing all sorts of new stuff under there.
  42. Okay, ow. She’s sorta fumbling a bit now. “Just a little to the, ah, perfect~” You can hear how slutty your voice is turning. Kat always tells you to just relax and be yourself because you’d always be so reserved. Now you open up and just let it come out without thinking about it. It feels liberated and shameful and you love it.
  44. “I hope you’re still ready for me.”
  46. You’ve had a little to drink, but that sounded like it came from the doorway.
  48. It did.
  50. “Kat?”
  52. She looks confused. Her eyes come down to the lump under your blanket. You scream and kick and she wrestles the lump. You quickly see that it’s Sera. She wrestles Kat back, playfully laughing as she overpowers her. Kat’s tough, but she doesn’t want to fight dirty and hurt her. Sera is able to hold her down.
  54. “Understand. We fight to see who in charge.” She runs a finger up Kat’s leg, then gropes her roughly. “I won.”
  56. Kat huffs the hair out of her face and tries to keep some of her dignity. “Sera. Wait. Stop.”
  58. “No tricks. I won.” Sera keeps her molestations going. It’s having a visibly effect on Kat.
  60. You’re glad it’s dark in here, because otherwise they’d see your face. This is so wrong and so hot. You’d say you’ve had dreams like this, but dreams aren’t so ambitious.
  62. What’s wrong with you?
  64. No. Don’t go down that line of thinking again. You spent too much of your life hiding from any thoughts of sex, more hiding from being into girls, and feeling terrible about yourself for every kinky, sexy, deviant thought. It’s okay to like this.
  66. “Sera, seriously, stop,” Kat’s voice becomes weak.
  68. Okay. Maybe this is a little wrong.
  70. “Wait,” you finally do something. “Stop.”
  72. She sees your express and relinquishes Kat. Her head cocks to the side.
  74. “This isn’t right. We can’t do things like this with you.”
  76. She looks down, then takes off her remaining clothing. “No like?”
  78. “N-n-no, that’s not it. It’s just, well, you don’t really understand.”
  80. Sera slams a fist on the dresser. “Not dumb! Understand!”
  82. Kat puts a hand on her shoulder. “We’re not trying to be condescending, it’s just that there’s a lot more to fooling around than fooling around.”
  84. Sera’s eyes search around the room for the words to express what she wants to say. “Me...I understand. I not dumb. Not child. I not less person than you.”
  86. Kat keeps a hand on Sera’s naked shoulder and looks at you. “She’s not wrong. I mean, she’s just as capable as you or me.”
  88. “Yes! Capable!” Sera looks up hopefully. “Can us fuck?”
  90. You try not to laugh at her phrasing. Kat giggles first though, taking the pressure off of you. Sera looks confused and just goes for it by grabbing Kat and embracing her in a terribly sloppy kiss. You don’t care though, it’s really hot. Kat reaches out one hand in your direction and beckons you over. Once you’re in grabbing range, she pulls you in and kisses you.
  92. Sera rips you from Kat’s arms. “Like this?” She presses her naked body against yours and kisses you, slightly less sloppy than what she was just doing.
  94. Kat pulls you Sera and pushes her knee between your legs. She holds your head with both hands and makes you hers. Her breasts and handling of you are soft but firm. You moan as she skillfully show’s Sera how to make you want it so bad that you start to move your hips against her legs on your own.
  96. “See? Gentle. Give her just enough to really taste it, but don’t give her everything she wants all at once.”
  98. You’d feel insulted, but she’s right. She puts her finger on your lips and you suck on it. She leads you down onto the bed.
  100. “Sera, come here. Lie down next to Robin.”
  102. Sera lays down next to you. She cups your face with one hand, then licks down your neck. It’s rough, but it’s working. Kat takes Sera’s hand and guides it between your legs while she sucks on your nipple.
  104. “Wet,” Sera smiles smugly.
  106. Kat guides Sera’s fingers. You gasp and whimper while Kat and her doppelganger overload your senses.
  108. “Cute,” Sera remarks at one of your more high-pitched whimpers. You’re in too much of a haze to be embarrassed.
  110. Kat just laughs and moves everyone around so you form a triangle. “I always meant to do this with Clair.”
  112. You give Sera a lick. She shudders and looks down at you. “You do this every night?”
  114. “Well, we’ve been busy lately with training-|
  116. “More!” Sera pulls your head in. You comply. Kat lets you get into it before she starts eating you out.
  118. Sera’s powerful thighs press around your head. You feel proud to be making her react like this. You can’t believe how lucky you are to have a girlfriend like Kat that not only understands what you want in bed, but just goes for it without making you feel bad about it. You groan into Sera, and she moans into Kat.
  120. The tastes, smells, and Kat’s tongue drives you over to edge quickly. You grasp Sera’s legs with both hands and feel so good you want to cry. Waves of pleasure wash over you and you distantly hope you’re not hurting Sera. You graps the bed sheets instead and roll around on the bed, giggling as you slowly come down.
  122. “I...haha wow. That was...wow.”
  124. Kat just smiles and takes your position on Sera. Kat keeps correcting Sera on her timing and rhythm, making her slow down and be a bit gentler. Sera’s a quick learner does a good enough job to bring Kat to climax. You’re physically exhausted, but this visual is something you work hard to commit to memory for later.
  126. Sera seems proud. Her tousled hair lays at an awkward angle and sticks up a bit because of the swear around her head. “Fun.”
  128. Kat’s shaking arms push her upright. “You didn’t cum. You’re nervous, aren’t you.”
  130. Sera looks away. She’s cute when she’s vulnerable like this. You weakly reach out to her. “it’s okay.” Even talking takes a lot of effort right now. “There’s no pressure.”
  132. Kat pulls Sera in for a cuddle between the two of you. “That’s right. Don’t worry about that. If you make it into a goal you have to reach, sex stops being fun and becomes work.”
  134. Sera seems to feel better. You all cuddle for a bit, playing with each other’s bodies lazily. Things start to heat up again for Sera and you take the initiative to grab that vibrating little egg thing Kat bought. You test it out and it vibrates sharpy. You toggle it down a bit and press it against Sera. She jumps a bit, but Kat hushes her to relax and enjoy. She holds Sera up from behind, kissing her neck and playing with her tits. You slide the vibrating controls up and down, making a gentle pulse that Sera rides higher and higher.
  136. Kat bites Sera’s ear. “Don’t worry about doing anything. Relax.”
  138. Sera mutters something incomprehensible and her eyes roll up and glaze over.
  140. You lay down and start licking her as you keep the pulsing at a steady pace. Sera lifts her butt just a little higher each time. You want to go faster, but you’re scared of ruining it. She’s riding this up and she’s close.
  142. Suddenly her legs wrap around your head and she pulls you in again. It hurts a bit, but you keep going. She moans hard as Kat grabs both her hands. You tune everything out and just keep the rhythm. She’s threatening to break you with her legs, but you want, no, you need to make this as good for her as possible.
  144. Her bucking and shaking begin to come down. Kat loosens her grip as the jungle girl’s muscles lose their power and will. Instead of just stopping, you just slow and fade the pulsing and licking down until her ass comes down to the bed again.
  146. Exhausted, you all take a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow.
  148. Kat brings the blanket up so you can all snuggle in. “So, was it good for you?”
  150. Sera’s already drifting off. She pulls you up to use as a teddy bear between herself and Kat. “Better than tentacles.”
  152. Sera’s asleep before you and Kat can comment on that. You don’t care. You’re too tired and too covered in cuddly girl.
  154. Kat’s the best.
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