win x uru S-EX

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  1. [18:51:52] <Kiuru> who starteth
  2. [18:51:58] <Giantree> ME
  3. [18:52:06] <Ramiel> No, ME
  4. [18:52:12] <Giantree> LET'S DO IT
  5. [18:52:13] <Giantree> TOGETHER
  7. [18:52:24] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> I'm reviewing the exposition shit right now to make the post.
  8. [18:52:25] <Ramiel> Time to break up the happy couple
  9. [18:52:33] <Ramiel> Like they deserve
  10. [18:52:36] <Giantree> man
  11. [18:52:43] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> THROUGH IT ALL WE MADE IT OUT
  12. [18:52:43] <Giantree> you're reminding me i need to force you to play as ionah sometime
  13. [18:52:45] <Giantree> because
  14. [18:52:48] <Giantree> AS FRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENDS
  15. [18:52:51] <Giantree> literally ramiel
  17. [18:53:11] <Giantree> ALL ALONG DISCOVERING
  19. [18:53:26] <Giantree> i love donna burke so much you don't even know
  20. [18:53:51] <Giantree> Ok no though it's nighttime and- jesus christ i just realized this
  21. [18:54:23] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> niqua it's literally 7PM at worst for you
  22. [18:54:30] <Giantree> The way you people come off to the villagers by marching into their city with this massive army ready to take on the lord of all dragons in his castle is LITERALLY the exact same way that people feel about Pokémon Go players invading their privacy.
  23. [18:54:34] <Giantree> Coincidence?
  24. [18:54:37] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> nice
  25. [18:55:19] <Giantree> no shut up though, it's a romantic evening scene and there might even be people waving torches in the background because Lilli's singing journey's end (what, who did you think was doing it?) in the middle of town with Sluggo providing sick instrumental accompaniment
  26. [18:57:22] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> O-kay... deep breath, compose self (with more deep breaths), don't forget to take that with... and then Edwin trips face first into the snow. Excellent, what a way to go, friend. Getting up and dusting (removing? fuck what word is it) the snow off himself, he really, truly is hoping that Ki did not see that at all.
  27. [18:58:09] <Kiuru> she's always watching you, JUDGING YOU (ok not really)
  28. [18:59:36] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Tree over there is definitely judging, but it doesn't come over! Doesn't need to, anyway.
  29. [19:00:52] <Giantree> I'm judging, and all my treegirls are judging too.  Statue on the edge of town doing a "Geez, oniichan!" pose with cheeks puffed up and hands at her hips.  And dragon wings (yes, she still hasn't gotten rid of those, but townspeople have given up on being scared at this point).
  30. [19:00:58] <Giantree> but it's because it's just a statue bro
  31. [19:04:05] <Kiuru> Kiuru was getting some snacks at one of the food stands near the Lilli concert. The music was still audible from there so it wasn't like she was missing anything, and she was too much of a rebel to actually wait for the concert to end before wandering around buying stuff!
  32. [19:08:38] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Okay, got some strange looks from others. Hopefully, they'd forget about a native like him tripping into snow. Wandering past the flow of the crowd, it takes a little while before the trickster finds the archer, waving at her. "Ki! Enjoying yourself?"
  33. [19:12:30] <Kiuru> Kiuru waved back and gave the trickster one of the <insert local snackfood here> she hadn't eaten yet. "Heya! Here, try some of this, it's pretty <insert food adjective here>! Yeah, those two are pretty good! ...Though I still have no idea what they're singing about or how they came up with those dance routines."
  34. [19:17:03] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin can't help but take a momentary glance at the snack Kiuru gave him, and then take a bite, trying to get a feel for its kin. ... all things considered, it wasn't that bad! "Hm... well, as far as I know, they do it all on the spot. That's what happened last time I saw them do a performance." Then again, he was kind of off stealing shit, so it wasn't so
  35. [19:17:03] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> clear as to what exactly happened. "Though um... I would like to talk with you. Preferably somewhere a little more... private, so to say."
  36. [19:22:21] <Kiuru> "...Sure!" Welp, incoming pre-final boss conversation. Kiuru quickly paid off the stand owner, and turned to Edwin. "Ya have a place in mind?"
  37. [19:30:38] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> YEP PRE-FINAL BOSS CONVERSATION INC-- "Erm... well, no." Nice going there. After a moment, however, a spark of inspiration strikes him the right way, and he offers his hand to Kiuru. "Actually, yes. Hold on tightly, Ki, it could be a wild ride."
  38. [19:38:52] <Kiuru> "Hmm, alright?" Kiuru took the trickster's hand, slightly confused. A wild ride? Kiuru couldn't quite imagine any place around here that one could get to by any other way than an arduous trek through all the snow.
  39. [19:48:56] <Giantree> I want to get off MR EDWINS WILD RIDE!
  40. [19:50:16] <Kiuru> fuck i'm doomed
  41. [19:50:33] <Giantree> the joke is it's actually taking as long as mr bones wild ride too lmao
  42. [19:51:14] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Kiuru would feel a sudden rush of air, as she felt herself lifted through the air, and before she knew it, there they were, on a rooftop, where the sun set. Definitely would be an... experience for someone who isn't used to 8 Move. "Sorry for um... not warning you as much." He fumbles for a bit with his jacketspace, before pulling out a pure white ring.
  43. [19:51:14] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Probably holy, probably not.
  44. [19:51:17] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> shut up tree
  45. [19:51:22] <Giantree> hhehehe
  46. [19:57:16] <Kiuru> "Whoa-- Huh? What just--" Kiuru cried out in surprise as she suddenly ended up on a FREAKING ROOFTOP, but her words were cut short when she looked back at Edwin and spotted what he now had in his hand. "...Ed..."
  47. [20:02:12] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> The trickster seems to have had his words stolen right out of him, for he struggles to find them! But then he realizes that he's a thief, and steals those words back from... wait, where did he steal them back? Whatever, it's all flowery language, anyway. "I... well, I planned on um, giving this to you earlier, but well... I didn't get the courage to." A
  48. [20:02:12] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> nervous laugh escapes him. "B-better late than never, right? Especially when the end's near and all that..." What kind of end it was, nobody quite knew for sure, but Edwin was sure it'd be a good end, just like the stories!
  49. [20:04:06] * kurea is now known as makee
  50. [20:13:26] <Kiuru> Kiuru held her breath, gingerly took the ring from Edwin, and without hesitation wore it on her finger. With that done, she immediately tackled Edwin into a hug. "Aw, thanks! I've been waiting, y'know? What took ya this long~?"
  51. [20:21:11] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin's about to let out his breath, as if he'd been holding it in the tension of the situation, but instead loses it all in one go in getting tackled! "Gah, don't... surprise me like that, Ki. L-like I said, I didn't have the courage to do it until now." A small pause. "... sorry."
  52. [20:27:53] <Kiuru> "Hehe, my bad!" Kiuru let go. Would be bad if they both fell off the roof! "...Yeah, it's gonna be the end soon. Already had a lifetime's share of fighting, more or less. What d'ya think, Ed? Should we settle down and just open a shop or something after this all blows over?"
  53. [20:31:54] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin could probably fastfall into recovery save. "Opening a shop... doesn't sound bad, Ki. What would we sell, though, books?" Hopefully, that'd be good enough to cover up his past--
  54. [20:36:57] <Kiuru> "Hmm...Yeah, I actually dunno! But eh, there's still time to decide, right? Maybe I can even improve my cooking and we can open a restaurant or something!" Beat. "Actually, can ya cook? How well?"
  55. [20:43:46] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> A restaurant? ... actually doesn't half-bad. The trickster places a hand on his chin. "Well, I've done some cooking and cleaning before, like when my ma was ill, but... it's been a while since I've done it." How long has it been since the start of the campaign, anyway? Exilement does that to you!
  56. [20:47:19] <Kiuru> "Right then! We'll going on a culinary journey after this to hone our skills, so I'll be counting on ya, Assistant Chef Edwin!"
  57. [20:50:50] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> W-wait, since when did he become an assistant chef? Bah, who cares? They were in this together, through thick and thin! "Then I shall be right by your side, Head Chef Kiuru!" Was that even the right word...? No, that's too many questions. Don't feel, just do! ... wow, that sounds hot-blooded.
  58. [21:07:32] <Kiuru> "Great! Looking forward to it!" Kiuru beamed at Edwin before turning to watch the sunset, locking her arms with her husbando. "I used to imagine Acaiah as kind of a monotonous, gloomy place because of all the snow and all, but...the way the snow reflects twilight like that. It's...pretty."
  59. [21:17:18] <Giantree> UGH LEAVING OFF LIKE THAT IS STUPID
  60. [21:17:20] <Giantree> FLAMY SAY THE THING
  61. [21:17:41] <Giantree> FINE I'LL SAY IT
  62. [21:17:53] <Giantree> Edwin and Kiuru have bonded so closely that they merged into a single being!
  63. [21:17:57] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> jfc rai you're giving me diabetes from this "It's not something you'd see in Ordanon, I'd say." A little chuckle. "... say, what's your homeland like?"
  64. [21:17:58] <Giantree> Activated 'Fusion Dragon' transformation!
  65. [21:18:08] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> wow you fuck let me say my post dammit
  66. [21:18:13] <Giantree> h e h
  67. [21:18:20] <Giantree> idk man you acted like it was over in the other place
  68. [21:18:25] <Giantree> ok continue for 4 more hours
  70. spoilers: he didn't
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