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Science et vie fusion froid ENGLISH

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Apr 2nd, 2015
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  1. The path of the e-cat.
  3. Cold fusion: a first prototype has already been sold!
  5. An alchemist dream! Taming nuclear fusion in a simple test tube and at almost
  6. room temperature. Even if, according to common nuclear knowledge,
  7. the only condition of such temperature and density that allows it reign in the core of the sun.
  9. This dream, held for over twenty-five years by advocate of the cold fusion
  10. theory or LENR (low energy nuclear reaction [in english in the text] ),
  11. the italian engineer Andrea Rossi pretend to have mutated it into reality
  12. with the E-Cat, a device powered by a mix (obviously kept secret)
  13. made of hydrogen, aluminum and lithium, nickel and catalyser, all of it
  14. being warmed-up with heated coils, themselves exicited with precise electro-magnetic
  15. pulse.
  16. According to information communicated by Andrea Rossi, a 1 MegaWatt prototype
  17. was sold to Industrial Heat who hold e-cat rights for U.S.A. to one of his client.
  18. It should now be subject of a year of testing before commercialization to larger scale.
  20. This is not the engineer's first announcement. (S&V #1134, page 132)
  21. But like we can read it on his website since 2014, this time, he let independant
  22. scientists from Bologna university in italy and Uppsala in sweden take a look to the
  23. machine.
  24. Conclusion of their report: the device is producing "thermal energy consistent
  25. with nuclear reaction but working a low energy".
  26. The begining of cold fusion era? Did E-cat succeded where Iter is still struggling?
  27. Bo Höistad, physicist from Uppsala university, who participated test confirm
  28. the first conclusions, but remain careful: "LENR will not be confirmed unless
  29. our test are validated by a second independant team".
  30. Jean-Paul Biberian, ancien conference master of Aix-Marseille university and
  31. Fervent advocate of cold fusion don't want to heat-up too quickly: "If significative
  32. heat, transmutations shown are very interesting, I will not be convince unless
  33. the experiment is reproduce by other scientist."
  34. Why all this caution?
  35. It's about knowing if heat produced by E-Cat really is greater than what it gets
  36. and if his origin is indeed nuclear.
  37. Many points to methodological flaws which could have altered data.
  38. Calorimetric test of the empty reactor and loaded reactor were made at different
  39. temperature. Also it's Andrea Rossi himself who loaded and unload his device,
  40. whom design still remain secret.
  41. Vice director Bernard Saoutic from CEA (french Atomic Energy Commission)
  42. "To be qualified as independant, this experience should have been conducted
  43. without any intervention from Andrea Rossi and better yet, the reactor itself
  44. should have been built by the independant team with published instructions".
  46. Many controversy
  48. Excess of skepticism? Trial?
  49. It's what is at stake that require to lift any doubt:
  50. to prove an extra-ordinary scientific result --here to question known nuclear physic laws--
  51. demand extra-ordinary proof has well.
  52. Since the beginning of the attempts to reproduce historical experience by
  53. Martin Fleschmann and Stanley Pons turned to horrible failure, work on cold fusion
  54. created many controversy where were mixed un-replicable results, theorical enignma
  55. and secret culture.
  56. In their large majority, physicist stay sceptical on the LENR subject.
  57. "They would rather tell their discovery to the press than publishing in
  58. scientific papers, and they give few details about what they do." Says Ignatios Antoniadis
  59. from CERN, Geneva. Even if Geneva was host to a cold fusion seminar in 2012 inside
  60. his venerable wall.
  61. Alain Becoulet, director of magnetic fusion of CEA add "The community of cold fusion
  62. folded on itself."
  63. Jean-Paul Biberian, stay confident: "many experimental ways were suggested
  64. and 'abnormal' heat production was confirmed dozens of times."
  65. LENR also has admirer among highly-regarded labs.
  66. Some very serious american agency like NASA or the military keep an eye on
  67. cold fusion, unofficialy.
  68. The scientist add: "our publications arent read and we are suffering from
  69. the nearly absent funding."
  70. Jacques Foos, ex-director from Laboratoire des sciences nucléaires du Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers finish: "It's a shame, considering what is at stake.
  71. a few millions euros would be enough to make progress."
  72. Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat have ambition to change things.
  73. The italian picked a date: he has one year to give definitive belivable tests.
  74. There is no turning back now. Maybe it's the dawn of a revolution in the energy world.
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