Lover's Crusade (NMP)

Aug 12th, 2018
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  1. >It was another restless night.
  2. >Another night filled with tossing and turning until you woke up in a layer of hot sweat.
  3. >”Are you okay, dear?” A willowy voice whispered out to you.
  4. “Yes.” You reassured her, “Just thirsty. That’s all.”
  5. >You stroked her velvet cheek winning from her a soft coo.
  6. >she plummeted back into her pillow taking your arm with her.
  7. >With a regretful tug, she relented and released you from her warm grasp.
  8. >with a glass of water you shuffled to the porch outside.
  9. >It was chilly in the Crystal Empire, to the point where you could see your own breath.
  10. >On nights like these, it was the best place to be.
  11. >Your old scars glowed with the warmth of an oven as if to remind you of its presence.
  12. >You saw another human carrying his mare across the crystal streets.
  13. >Their arms were tied around each other to combat the cold, moving together as one body.
  14. >You watched their silhouette disappear behind the crystalline buildings, oblivious to everything but themselves.
  15. >When started to shudder from the cold, you believed it was time to return inside.
  16. >It was a small building, with just a kitchen and a dining room living room combo.
  17. >In the living room were two sets of armor setup on separate stands.
  18. >One was the set of armor used by the guards of the city.
  19. >Even without the luster of its wearer, its exquisite craftsmanship still shone in the limited light.
  20. >The other set of armor looked dull in comparison.
  21. >the great helm above and the chainmail looked liked it seen better days.
  22. >The only decorative feature it contained was a red cross stitched into the surcoat
  23. >Ironically, its dullness made it standout in a building carved of crystal.
  24. >It always reminded you how alone you feel sometimes.
  25. >They said that you were an anomaly.
  26. >Even with Humans coming into this world through magic, you couldn’t relate to any of them.
  27. >It didn’t take much to make that observation yourself in first moments in Equestria
  28. >It wasn’t that no else came to this world with chainmail that bothered.
  29. >No one else could speak the same tongue as you.
  30. >You couldn’t hope to hold a conversation with anyone those first few months.
  31. >The only thing you had to look forward to was endless sessions of preparatory classes studying English, laws, customs, and…. mare anatomy.
  32. >It could’ve been one of the most loneliest moments of your life if she hadn’t approached you to return your armor.
  33. >You shimmied past the coffee table laden with a large set of tools and materials to your armor.
  34. >Upon closer inspection of your armor, you could tell extensive work done on it.
  35. >Some sections of the hauberk had been replaced with a new set of metal rings.
  36. >Leather straps had long been replaced, and you could smell a fresh coating of oil.
  37. >Just how did it not fall apart when it was in your hands?
  38. >You placed a hand over a scar marked right above your chest.
  39. >The same questions you’ve long had came swirling back.
  40. >Did that sword really found its way to your heart?
  41. ?Were you rescued by divine act of God?
  42. >If this is heaven, where is God to sing your praises too?
  43. >Where are the rest of your brothers who failed to greet you at God’s kingdom?
  44. >You feel your scars flaring up again, the sudden heat causing you to tremble to your knees.
  45. >You clasped your hands to stop the shaking as you prepared to pray.
  46. “Oh, God,” you mumbled in your native tongue, “Thank you for all that you provided me. For placing me in a land that knows no famine or war. But Is this truly heaven? How can heaven exist without your presence? If I still breath, even after I fought in your name, what do I do now?”
  47. >You waited see a sign, hear a message, anything besides the drowning silence.
  48. “What? What?! What is it, what is it, just… what is it? Am I alone?”
  49. >”Anonymous?” A voice called out, “Anon?”
  50. >She placed a hoof on your shoulder. “Anon, are you okay?”
  51. “Yes,” you said as you tried to hide your sniffing
  52. >As soon as she saw your tear streaked face she wrapped her hooves around you. “Oh Anon.”
  53. >You were raised to use a sword not your tongue.
  54. “I’m sorry just confused,” you confessed, “Is this all real?”
  55. >She was taken aback.
  56. >”Of course!” she gave you a smooch on the cheek to prove her existence. “I’m thankful to this very day that you’re with me.” She paused for a second. “Do you remember the day you first came to the Crystal Empire?”
  57. >You shook your head.
  58. >Your first thing you could remember was waking up in a hospital bed.
  59. >”The day you came to Equestria, you were summoned through a portal.”
  60. “Were you...there that day?”
  61. >She shuddered as she shied away from your gaze. “No I wasn’t,” she gulped ,”The day I discovered you were my match, you were already in the infirmary.” She started to sniff as water began to build around her eyes. “They said that you-you were barely alive when you came. Even with all the magic in Equestria, your chances were slim. I-I….”
  62. >Now it was your turn to be the support.
  63. >You held her in your firm grasp and stroked her back.
  64. “I’m okay now.”
  65. >At your touch, she melted into your arms and nestled herself against your chest. “And I’m happy that you are,” she whispered.
  66. >Her soft heartbeat and her calm breath made you wanted to stay like this for the rest of the night.
  67. >It was completely silent until she turned to gaze at your suit of armor. “Ever since the city has been saved by Spike the Dragon, I wanted to help in my own way. Making armor to protect others, It’s kinda been my obsession. The guards, Prince Shining Armor, you can bet I had my hooves in it. But you, you were a special project. When I couldn’t do anything to help you recover, I did the next best thing.” She looked at your armor with a spark of pride. “I wanted to make sure that while you wore it that nothing would ever harm you. But I guess there are somethings it can’t protect.” She stared up at you smiling at with tears running down her face once again. “Heh. I guess you focus on making armor all the time, you can sometimes forget about the pony who wears it. That’s always been my problem, I’ve hardly left the workshop, got too into the motion until I met you. It wasn’t fair wasn’t it?”
  68. “I don’t know. What do you mean?”
  69. >”You couldn’t understand the situation at the time. You couldn’t speak the language. You didn’t know what were you going into when Princess Cadence introduced us together as soulmates.”
  70. “You think I don’t love you?”
  71. >Her pupils shrunk as if she were punched in gut. “No!” she asserted, “Well...every other Human had come to Equestria of their own free will. You, you were an accident.” She winced at her wording and collapsed against you. “Oh Celestia. I just want you to be happy. I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  72. >You brushed your hand through her hair and wiped away the streak of tears from her face.
  73. You stared at her incredulously. “You really think I don’t love you.” You seized both sides of her cheeks. “Let me convince you otherwise.”
  74. >Before she could protest, you pressed your lips against her.
  75. >Her cheeks became flushed with red. “Ok” she gasped “You make a good argument.”
  76. “I love you. I don’t know how I came to be here, and I don’t think I’ll ever truly know. But I’m thankful to this day that I met you.”
  77. >What would life be like without her?
  78. >You couldn’t imagine it.
  79. >Whenever you look at her, you see the nervous guard sinking into her armor.
  80. >It just made you want to make her smile and to keep it that way for the rest of existence.
  81. >Compared to the duty you dedicated your life to before, this sounds more like a reward than a task.
  82. >So, is this heaven?
  83. >Your thoughts were interrupted with a long kiss.
  84. >You were caught off guard from such a sudden attack as her tongue was knocking against your lips.
  85. >You gladly invited the invader inside, and retaliated by pressing your chest against hers.
  86. >Her eyes widened from the counter attack, but soon had them closed.
  87. >After a few seconds you both broke off from each other.
  88. >She gazed at you with a lidded eyes.
  89. >You could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks.
  90. >”Anon,” she exhaled, “I have guard duty tomorrow.”
  91. >She stared at with lidded eyes and a tired smile before resting her head on your shoulder.
  92. >You got back to your feet as you carried her admiring for a moment, her soft breathing.
  93. >God! you’re knees are sore!
  94. >*Thud*
  95. >You just stubbed your toes against the coffee table.
  96. “Fuck!”
  97. >The both of you screamed, as you stumbled in the dark.
  98. >As you regained your bearings you heard a gasp coming from your mare.
  99. >”Anon, you devil.” she giggled
  100. >You were confused by what she meant until you realized your hands were holding her by her rear.
  101. You blushed. “Sorry, sorry.”
  102. >Soon, the both of you were laughing.
  103. >Once back into the bedroom, you laid her on her side of bed.
  104. >As you slid into your side, you heard turn towards you.
  105. >”Anon,” she whispered, “I promise to pay more attention. Okay?”
  106. You took hold of her hoof. “And I’ll do the same for you,” you promised.
  107. >She gave you one another loveing kiss before she broke off to yawn.
  108. >She scooted herself closer to you and you held her in one arm as you both drifted to sleep.
  109. >Your old scars didn’t bother you anymore.
  110. >The only source of heat that was worth paying attention to was one shared between the one you loved.
  111. >Now and forever.
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