sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛʟʏ ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜ7

Aug 12th, 2018
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  1. sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛʟʏ ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 7 몰래 하는 사이
  2. ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴀɴ ᴀᴘᴘ. ʙᴀsᴇ ᴛʟ ᴀᴄᴄᴜʀᴀᴄʏ ᴍɪɢʜᴛ ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇ ɢᴏᴏᴅ.
  3. {ᴛʜɪɴᴋɪɴɢ} "ᴛᴇxᴛʙᴜʙʙʟᴇs" [ɴᴀʀʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ] (sᴘᴇᴄᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ) *ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ*
  4. ᴍᴄ: ᴡᴏᴏ ᴊɪɴ
  5. ғᴍᴄ: ʜʏᴇʀʏᴜɴɢ (ʜʏᴇʀɪ)
  6. ʜʏᴇsᴜɴ: ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ sɪsᴛᴇʀ
  8. ...*TITLE DROP*...
  9. Chapter start with Woojin asking himself "Just now did I heard it wrong?" Woojin thinks {Night} {She will come at my room?}...*That night while lying in the bed*... Woojin looks on his phone thinking of {11:08 pm} {Coming to my room} {in other words} ...*Visualizing Hyeri here putting some sexy lingerie*... [At night when everyone is asleep~] [In my room~] ...*Imagining Hyeri in his bed naked telling him "Oppa I'm ashamed of myself" Woojin tells her "What is there to be ashamed you idiot!"*... [What comes out of the dream, it becomes a reality!~] Visualizing Hyeri moaning "Aang! Oppah!".."Ahn!" ...*Woojin notice his erection and flip in the side*... Woojin thinks {Eh no way} {Really coming here?} {Let's just sleep} ...*Woojin begins to blush and sweat*... Thinking of {When she really comes.What am I going to do?} {I cant sleep} ...*Clock time 1:25 am When they are all sleeping*... Hyeri opens the door of Woojin's room and sit in his bed. Looking at him. The half awake Woojin sees a pair of tits and rapidly spring up and say "Ah?" Hyeri tells him "Did you slept Oppa?" Woojin goes "Uhhmm" while thinking of {Well she came here really??} Hyeri tells him "Oh come on I said I will go here.How come you fall asleep?" .."I'm disappointed" Woojin tells her "Ah, The time is" Hyeri ask him "Time? what's with the time?" Woojin tells her "No, What I mean is you actually came at this time" Hyeri tells him "I understand so keep on sleeping. I will go now" ...*Hyeri stand ready to leave but Woojin hold her hand*... Woojin tells her "Ah. No don't" [In spite of myself~] [I grabbed the elder daughter wrist preventing her to go~] Hyeri goes "Hmm" and lie on the bed. Hyeri tells him "Then I'll sleep in your room oppa" [Of course, I have dated a few girlfriends~] [According to my memory~] [The meaning of this behavior of a woman is~] [She's asking me to taste her~] [I have to say thank you but~] {Will this be okay?} ...*Woojin lies on the bed*... [Her parent's are at home too~] [If we get caught like this?] ...*Woojin try taking her short off*... Woojin thinks {Damn it!에라}
  11. TBC
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