AAW mods insta kicks

Megnarosh Jan 24th, 2020 118 Never
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  2. MoreaToday at 15:17
  3. Sorry Megs, after last time, we don't think it's a good idea to take you back in
  5. MegnaroshToday at 15:17
  6. After last time
  7. Explain yourself
  9. MoreaToday at 15:18
  10. You were kicked from AAW for bad behaviour
  12. MegnaroshToday at 15:18
  13. No?
  14. I left it myself when I left blood howl
  16. MoreaToday at 15:19
  17. Got it!
  19. MegnaroshToday at 15:22
  20. So why am I banished then if I was never kicked
  22. MoreaToday at 15:23
  23. You left before we could, really
  25. MegnaroshToday at 15:24
  26. And what poor behaviour
  27. Did I have
  28. And that's a lie I did not say anything rule breaking the day I left AAW
  29. Why are you lying straight to my face
  30. Are you taking 10 minutes to talk with all the mods calling them in for that 1 hour meeting now to discuss this
  31. Or why is it so hard to awnser
  33. MoreaToday at 15:28
  34. I'm eating some eggs on toast before they get cold. Good grief
  35. You're so aggressive
  36. Excuse me while I eat my food :rolling_eyes:
  38. MegnaroshToday at 15:29
  39. Sure thing
  41. MoreaToday at 15:32
  42. All right
  43. The reason we're not fond of you is that you were very frequently causing a ruckus, scoffing and calling into question every decision, seemed to be trolling or at least baiting, and appeared to have some kind of vendetta against one person in particular (Mayto)
  44. None of those are constructive or enjoyable things
  46. MegnaroshToday at 15:35
  47. So you take the critism I have given as just causing a ruckus and to bait people?
  48. That's not really nice to say of you
  50. MoreaToday at 15:35
  51. There are ways to give constructive criticism in a way that doesn't cause a headache to the people it's aimed at.
  52. You consistently seemed to heckle us, for lack of a better word
  54. MegnaroshToday at 15:36
  55. Yeah and when I did that in the feedback channel
  56. You guys just delete it
  57. Lol
  59. MoreaToday at 15:36
  60. It's the way you say it my dude.
  61. You're doing it to me now, too, and it's not pleasant
  63. MegnaroshToday at 15:40
  64. And you kicked me under false information and then proceed to change that information two times, you have now told me 3 different reasons why I was removed. Seems to me you just keep on trying to make things up to keep me out
  66. MoreaToday at 15:40
  67. I was under the impression that you'd been kicked and that Mayto quit immediately afterwards
  68. I was wrong, that doesn't make me a liar
  70. MegnaroshToday at 15:41
  71. No? Mayto left before I did.
  73. MoreaToday at 15:41
  74. I wasn't present at the time. Like I said, I was wrong
  76. MegnaroshToday at 15:42
  77. And kind of does when you just keep on making on excuse after the other about how I am bad and should not be in the discord.
  79. MoreaToday at 15:42
  80. Also, what thee different reasons have I listed?
  82. MegnaroshToday at 15:43
  83. Kicked, left before being able to be kicked, unpleasant feedback that we don't like
  85. MoreaToday at 15:45
  86. Right, well, we weren't quite happy with your behaviour in the discord (as you were made aware of), we considered just throwing you out because it wasn't changing. Mayto advocated that too, some of us others wanted to give you a bit more time.
  87. Then came the day when Mayto went berserk.
  88. (I thought he'd kicked you and then quit, but as it turns out I was mistaken and he just quit)
  89. Then you left.
  91. I think that's right
  92. At no point have I changed my story or made excuses
  94. MegnaroshToday at 15:49
  95. Correct and never knew you considered kicking me. And sure you have changed it, it went from I was kicked and therefore not allowed back in to "we don't like you and what you say even if it's not rulebreaking"
  97. MoreaToday at 15:50
  98. You consistently were rather aggressive and provocative
  99. We didn't have the rules as clearly defined as we have them now, but it isn't considered good behaviour in either case, you see?
  100. It makes people defensive
  101. If you go like "omg stop being mean to me" then you're considered a weak mod or a pushover though, so yea, we put up with it for a while
  103. MegnaroshToday at 15:52
  104. Telling you that if you approach the mods with a problem and it then takes 2 hours to solve ain't a good thing
  105. Example
  106. Yury when he was doxing perroys face
  107. That makes you defensive?
  108. Comon man..
  110. MoreaToday at 15:54
  111. We responded to the problem, it took a while for Yury to see reason. He agreed to get rid of it once we explained that it was problematic (He understood and said he'd change it, that's why we didn't boot him). He was in public transport at the time, iirc, so it took him a little while to get a good moment to actually change it
  112. Badgering mods in PMs and adding pressure is -not- helping, there
  113. That could be considered adding fuel to the fire
  115. MegnaroshToday at 15:55
  116. Then why were we not told that he will change it when he get home?
  117. Instead of this secret stuff over nothing important
  119. MoreaToday at 15:55
  120. I believe we said that we were working on it? Communication from the mod team into the server has been lacking at times
  122. MegnaroshToday at 15:55
  123. Like you always do
  125. MoreaToday at 15:56
  126. You're doing the thing again Megnarosh. You're getting these little digs in.
  127. I know that this'll sound snarky but I mean it sincerely - Do you not know how to give constructive criticism without putting people on the defensive?
  129. MegnaroshToday at 15:58
  130. So when I say "I don't like how the mod team feels the need to be so secret about everything and not give us reasons for the things that they do"
  131. It ain't critism
  132. But just putting you
  133. On the defensive?
  135. MoreaToday at 15:59
  136. It would be criticism if you phrased it differently.
  137. And it'd be useful
  139. MegnaroshToday at 16:00
  140. You know phrasing differently is saying the same thing
  142. MoreaToday at 16:01
  143. if a generally calm person chooses a calm moment and goes like
  144. "Hey mods, I've some advice if you don't mind. When things happen and you mods resolve it, the members often don't really know what's going on until afterwards. And even afterwards we don't always know what has been decided. Could you maybe be more transparent about your moderation choices and also check back in with the affected people after you've done something?"
  146. That goes down much better than
  148. "LMAO look the mods are doing their secretive huddle again, wonder if anything will be done this time, probably not. But if they do, it's not like they'd inform us or anything, right? We're just the sheep in their eyes after all."
  149. Do you see the difference?
  150. The latter is laced with cynicism and aggression
  152. MegnaroshToday at 16:04
  153. Sorry don't see the point here because I was not going"look at the mods!!"
  154. But
  155. Going straight at u
  156. Engaging in conversation
  157. And plenty of times it got deleted
  158. And I got told to go to feedback
  159. I did
  160. Then it get deleted again
  162. MoreaToday at 16:06
  163. You sincerely do not see the point I made with those 2 different bits of text about the same point?
  165. MegnaroshToday at 16:06
  166. Nah because it doesn't relate to your problem with me
  168. MoreaToday at 16:07
  169. It was meant to illustrate the difference between constructive criticism and heckling
  170. You've often been seen as if you were heckling
  171. (not the perfect term there but it captures the general feeling all the bystanders got)
  173. MegnaroshToday at 16:10
  174. and there it is again, not the first time you guys make a generalization of what other people think and feel about a situation. What do base that fact on? Do you have proof of that beyond the mods who at all times feel attacked and needs to be on the defensive even when you say "hey i don't like you being secretive, and not telling me why you did what you just did. Why should i trust that you make the right decision if i don't know what you make it based on"
  175. ????
  177. MoreaToday at 16:12
  178. I'll try to explain again. It would also be bothersome if:
  180. - a situation is unfolding and mods are tense
  181. - mods have started deliberating on what to do (Because if a mod makes a snap decision without first talking to the others, we get other problems)
  182. - someone starts commenting on it in the vein of "Oh, this again. I bet it's gonna take 2 hours again until they do something"
  184. That is not the same as choosing a calm moment to say "Hey mods, here's some advice if you want it"
  186. MegnaroshToday at 16:13
  187. why are you making examples that does not at all
  188. compare to me
  190. MoreaToday at 16:13
  191. You've picked so many 'Still Ongoing' moments to share your (negative) thoughts on what the mods do, that we started to get defensive, yeah
  193. MegnaroshToday at 16:13
  194. stop it
  196. MoreaToday at 16:14
  197. OK, well I've just spent half an hour trying to explain to you how your behaviour has led here. I suppose we won't get any further if I keep trying.
  199. MegnaroshToday at 16:14
  200. no because i think its absolute bag and you have been talking absolute bag
  201. you might aswell just say
  203. MoreaToday at 16:14
  204. And we did get in fact several PMs from various people asking "Uh, why do you let them talk to you that way?"
  206. MegnaroshToday at 16:15
  207. "yeah i don't like you"
  208. you get me?
  210. MoreaToday at 16:17
  211. I don't think we're gonna get anywhere by talking further
  213. MegnaroshToday at 16:17
  214. i think we are though when you can bring a proper example of what you are talking about
  215. because right now you just been talking out of an empty bag clearly from the start not knowing what you been talking about
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