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Feb 16th, 2012
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  1. # Below are the default permissions set for plugin 'Train Carts'.
  2. # These permissions are ignored if the permission is set for a group or player.
  3. # Use the defaults as a base to keep the permissions file small
  4. train:
  5.   command:
  6.     rename:
  7.       description: The player can rename his owned trains
  8.       default: true
  9.   build:
  10.     blocker:
  11.       description: The player can build train blockers
  12.       default: op
  13.   place:
  14.     minecart:
  15.       description: The player can place minecarts
  16.       default: true
  17.   properties:
  18.     admin:
  19.       description: Carts placed by this player get the admin properties
  20.       default: op
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