Giantree Dream Diary Collection: 2018

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  1. January 1
  2. [15:39:06] <HostileElderOak> i completely forgot the prophetic dream i had until just now
  3. [15:39:12] <HostileElderOak> well not "completely"
  4. [15:39:20] <HostileElderOak> but "forgot but remembered that whatever it was, it was something significant"
  5. [15:39:24] <HostileElderOak> the worst kind of forgetting
  6. [15:39:35] <HostileElderOak> but miraculously it came back
  7. [15:39:57] <HostileElderOak> and the prophetic dream was that i ran nerd shit again but the players all ditched or drama'd out or something
  8. [15:40:05] <HostileElderOak> like i was being told not to run nerd shit this year
  9. [15:40:21] <HostileElderOak> and since it's on the first of the year it's PROBABLY going to come true
  10. [15:40:28] <HostileElderOak> since all my other prophetic dreams came true
  11. [15:41:02] <HostileElderOak> but knowing that it'll fail makes me want to do it more
  12. [15:41:23] <HostileElderOak> i think i'll get to work preparing an unfuckable failsafe for when everything inevitably goes FUBAR
  13. [15:41:27] <HostileElderOak> thanks prophetic dream power
  15. January 3
  16. [05:37:13] <HostileElderOak> D R E A M  D I A R Y
  17. [05:37:16] <HostileElderOak> fading fast
  18. [05:37:22] <HostileElderOak> gonna use this place to drop it rq
  19. [05:37:44] <HostileElderOak> so i was called in by the ups to go with the same driveman again i guess
  20. [05:37:50] <HostileElderOak> there was something WAY more important before that though
  21. [05:37:57] <HostileElderOak> like a whole months/years of adventure
  22. [05:38:10] <HostileElderOak> i believe it involved finding out manaketes (dragon lolis) were real
  23. [05:38:13] <HostileElderOak> OH
  24. [05:38:21] <HostileElderOak> and the SaGa series got film adaptations
  25. [05:38:22] <HostileElderOak> movies
  26. [05:38:44] <HostileElderOak> they did 1 months ago and the romancing saga 2 movie just came out
  27. [05:38:51] <HostileElderOak> and it was supe xciting
  28. [05:38:56] <HostileElderOak> apparently theaters over here had it
  29. [05:39:26] <HostileElderOak> so i had a guy who communicated solely through email(!) that i would talk to about this series because, unlike certain british furries, he had good taste
  30. [05:39:48] <HostileElderOak> and he wrote a huge blog to me about how i felt about it and i was writing one back to him
  31. [05:39:53] <HostileElderOak> when i got called in to do normie shit
  32. [05:40:13] <HostileElderOak> but also
  33. [05:40:36] <HostileElderOak> since i knew loli dragons were a real thing and i was trying to save them from an evil dragonman empire operating in the shadows of modern society or someshit
  34. [05:40:40] <HostileElderOak> i felt that to be also important
  35. [05:40:50] <HostileElderOak> and didn't want to work because i had dragon-related shit to do
  36. [05:41:12] <HostileElderOak> it was that time when i got an email from the owner of a (donut? sandwich?) shop i started going to recently because it was fuckin good
  37. [05:41:29] <HostileElderOak> telling me to come by because he was also a loli dragon supporter and heard about my deeds so he had some info for me
  38. [05:41:40] <HostileElderOak> and it turned out the ups driver was going by there anyway
  39. [05:41:55] <HostileElderOak> so i asked him if he'd mind if i did some shit for a minute and he was like nah it's cool
  40. [05:41:59] <HostileElderOak> so we went on a drive adventure
  41. [05:42:26] <HostileElderOak> wherein we were in a big city instead of rural nowhere for some reason
  42. [05:42:34] <HostileElderOak> specifically it was supposed to be springfield i guess
  43. [05:42:53] <HostileElderOak> and we ended up
  44. [05:42:56] <HostileElderOak> in a sushi restaurant
  45. [05:43:03] <HostileElderOak> and the package we were delivering
  46. [05:43:06] <HostileElderOak> was not a package
  47. [05:43:12] <HostileElderOak> but a humongous plate of nigiri
  48. [05:43:18] <HostileElderOak> that had no reason to be able to fit through the door
  49. [05:43:20] <HostileElderOak> but it somehow did
  50. [05:43:26] <HostileElderOak> and we just set it next to the chef
  51. [05:43:30] <HostileElderOak> and he was like arigatou
  52. [05:43:34] <HostileElderOak> and the asian waitresses
  53. [05:43:40] <HostileElderOak> started arguing with each other on our way out
  54. [05:43:50] <HostileElderOak> because they didn't actually know moon and were just pretending to know moon
  55. [05:43:54] <HostileElderOak> probably weren't really asian either
  56. [05:43:55] <HostileElderOak> like
  57. [05:44:02] <HostileElderOak> making up words because the customers didn't know any better
  58. [05:44:13] <HostileElderOak> but one of them fucked up and the other screamed at her
  59. [05:44:21] <HostileElderOak> and the drive dude just stood there watching
  60. [05:44:34] <HostileElderOak> i asked what he was doing and he was like "yeah work can wait, this is more interesting"
  61. [05:44:37] <HostileElderOak> to which i agreed
  62. [05:44:46] <HostileElderOak> so the chef yelled at the waitresses to take it outside
  63. [05:44:47] <HostileElderOak> they did
  64. [05:44:57] <HostileElderOak> and they started playing
  65. [05:45:04] <HostileElderOak> some game?
  66. [05:45:13] <HostileElderOak> i don't remember any of the details about it
  67. [05:45:22] <HostileElderOak> it was some children's playground style game though
  68. [05:45:28] <HostileElderOak> and all the audience was cheering for them
  69. [05:45:33] <HostileElderOak> while only we didn't understand what they were doing
  70. [05:45:42] <HostileElderOak> so we just started loudly shittalking
  71. [05:45:47] <HostileElderOak> and either the driver or myself
  72. [05:45:55] <HostileElderOak> called it "dragonball background character lines"
  73. [05:45:57] <HostileElderOak> that we were doing
  74. [05:46:01] <HostileElderOak> ?????? don't ask me
  75. [05:46:15] <HostileElderOak> and we just kinda rolled away from the scene while talking shit
  76. [05:46:20] <HostileElderOak> and also i was getting more emails during this time
  77. [05:46:23] <HostileElderOak> fucking WEIRD
  78. [05:46:31] <HostileElderOak> until i started blogging about it i didn't even remember it was a dream
  79. [05:46:40] <HostileElderOak> it was in that hazy "the memories feel like real memories" state
  80. [05:46:51] <HostileElderOak> and then i woke up before anything interesting happened i guess
  82. flamy stop stalking my shit i'll kill you
  84. January 5
  85. [06:57:31] <HostileElderOak> had a dream about having a dream
  86. [06:57:37] <HostileElderOak> where all my teeth fell out
  87. [06:57:46] <HostileElderOak> and i didn't take it seriously because lol just a dream bro
  88. [06:57:53] <HostileElderOak> then within 24 hours
  89. [06:57:57] <HostileElderOak> all my teeth fell out
  90. [06:58:07] <HostileElderOak> in huge chunks at a time
  91. [06:58:22] <HostileElderOak> so i replaced them with legos
  92. [06:58:27] <HostileElderOak> hoping nobody would notice
  93. [06:58:29] <HostileElderOak> everyone noticed
  94. [06:58:33] <HostileElderOak> fin
  96. January 25
  97. either Discord or some similar shitty pseudo-social media communication thing becomes stronger and begins taking over the world
  98. it does this by some kind of cybernetic implants(?) that all humans eventually have, or get
  99. basically if you tap on any surface with your right index finger (can probably turn it to left) a menu pops up in the corner of your vision with notifications and your friendslist and shit
  100. i, in a twist of realism from the stream, stopped using it for years because it was shit
  101. i guess this was okay
  102. but eventually i joined a LARP group where i was cosplaying and roleplaying as rean schwarzer from trales of coldsteel (what the fuck) and everyone mandated using that thing so i couldn't get out of it, and used it solely for receiving messages from that group
  103. that meant i didn't fuck with the settings at all either
  105. i guess i lived in a faux-school with the LARP group too because that was the setting
  106. so i had to come to another town to visit my parents, which i did, and we were meeting somewhere to go to some theme park and a theater to see a movie
  107. at the movie my loud generic notification sound went off because the guy playing elliot was PMing me
  108. this pissed off some stacy in front of me because i didn't bother turning the sound off since i knew i had no friends and wasn't going to keep getting messaged, but this angry bitch kept mockingly tapping a surface in front of her
  109. which i guess would be the normie insult in a future where that shit exists, like a "turn off your phone" but using body language that people can understand because that's what they have to do to do it
  110. and then i woke up without ever reading the message he sent me
  111. oh and i guess i got "notifications" whenever my character's wiki page got updated, which i had and did also happen
  112. apparently some idiot was putting "rean facts" in their own little tables on my page without asking me
  113. why the fuck was i rean though
  114. jesus
  116. February 12
  117. Power went out around midnight
  118. Rolled around in the freezing cold for hours wondering when it'd come back on
  119. Ended up having a dream about the power never coming back on and humanity regressing back to the stone age because technology didn't work, expressed through characters from a bunch of different SRPGs (and JRPGs by SRPG devs)
  120. They might've been actually coming out of their games like Toy Story because they were aware they were videogame characters, but since there was no electricity they weren't able to access game mechanics like healing after combat was over, so they all fought amongst themselves and got to low HP but were stuck that way and didn't realize until too late that they could now be killed by a gust of wind
  121. Due to this, Annie from Beyond the Beyond was at like 3 HP and then got assassinated by someone after they'd stopped fighting, turning into a skeleton and exploding
  122. This made the protag of the aforementioned go berserk
  123. then i woke up, and the power came on
  125. February 21
  126. [07:05:17] <Giantree> had a dream about an anime
  127. [07:05:37] <Giantree> it went on for like a billion seasons but was still really niche somehow, which was weird considering how unique it was
  128. [07:06:36] <Giantree> its name was something like "[name of protagonist]の[labyrinth/maze/dungeon/cave/etc]"
  129. [07:06:41] <Giantree> i want to say it was rei though
  130. [07:06:46] <Giantree> Rei's Labyrinth?
  131. [07:07:17] <Giantree> and the titular protagonist was a super moe loli with hair in a medium bob (great work subconscious) and EXTREME blush
  132. [07:07:53] <Giantree> in the first episode she's telling her parents that she wants to go adventuring and they chide her and then suddenly they just disappear
  133. [07:08:03] <Giantree> so she goes adventuring anyway to find out what happened to them
  134. [07:08:37] <Giantree> in all the 190+ episodes it's never really explained what happened, the leading fan theory is that she's not human and the memories are implanted
  135. [07:08:48] <Giantree> which is kind of invalidated by the fact that she grows up over the series
  136. [07:08:50] <Giantree> gradually
  137. [07:09:08] <Giantree> but anyway it's a horror series and it's not like kiddie "horror"
  138. [07:09:19] <Giantree> it's real SCARY AS FUCK nightmare fuel shit
  139. [07:09:56] <Giantree> and in a lot of the episodes the protag is killed/dismembered/traumatized but still manages to miraculously be okay by the end, which contributes to the theory that she's actually a robot or ghost or someshit
  140. [07:10:27] <Giantree> and of course the story is about her traveling to ruins everywhere, which all happen to be full of monsters and "other shit that give good reason to why the ruins are ruined"
  141. [07:10:36] <Giantree> eventually she meets a hot bishie and some other companions
  142. [07:10:48] <Giantree> whole show had a really jigoku shoujo vibe to it
  143. [07:11:05] <Giantree> though the protag as of the beginning and early seasons was xtreme diabetes
  144. [07:11:14] <Giantree> wonder how much porn she'd have if that were real
  145. [07:11:18] <Giantree> dream #2:
  146. [07:11:22] <Giantree> forgot it
  147. [07:11:27] <Giantree> probably wasn't as good as the other two
  148. [07:11:33] <Giantree> dream #3:
  149. [07:11:44] <Giantree> SoL dream
  150. [07:11:59] <Giantree> in it, Myrrh (Fire Emblem Myrrh) was real and for all intensive purposes a normal girl
  151. [07:12:12] <Giantree> nobody questioned why she still had dragon wings, i don't think she even knew they were there
  152. [07:12:21] <Giantree> she MAY have been my girlfriend
  153. [07:12:27] <Giantree> or maybe i just had a crush on her
  154. [07:12:38] <Giantree> considering she was okay with me headpatting her i'm pretty sure it was the former though
  155. [07:13:16] <Giantree> i also knew a dude who reminded me of a kid i knew in high school
  156. [07:13:21] <Giantree> and we both had nothing to do
  157. [07:13:27] <Giantree> so he was like "hey let's break into houses"
  158. [07:13:29] <Giantree> and i was like sure
  159. [07:13:41] <Giantree> so we went around a neighborhood looking for fools who left their houses unlocked
  160. [07:13:43] <Giantree> and there were none
  161. [07:14:00] <Giantree> but eventually we found an air vent that we could get into
  162. [07:14:14] <Giantree> our clothes were too big to fit into them with them on so we took them off
  163. [07:14:18] <Giantree> and snuck into the house naked
  164. [07:14:34] <Giantree> we were both skinnyfat btw
  165. [07:15:04] <Giantree> and this whole sequence was spent just
  166. [07:15:07] <Giantree> walking in the house
  167. [07:15:12] <Giantree> not looking at anything or taking anything
  168. [07:15:20] <Giantree> we just thought it was cool that we were in a house we weren't supposed to be in
  169. [07:15:24] <Giantree> and casually walked out
  170. [07:15:31] <Giantree> their dog tried to follow us out
  171. [07:15:42] <Giantree> and i picked it up (heavy doggo) and carried it back in
  172. [07:15:51] <Giantree> based on a true story, that part
  173. [07:16:09] <Giantree> at the end i went back to hang with myrrh
  174. [07:16:11] <Giantree> still naked
  175. [07:16:13] <Giantree> she didn't notice
  176. [07:16:16] <Giantree> end dream diary
  178. March 11
  179. Something about a modern city with a portal (that has the appearance of a door leading to outer space when you open it) in the middle of the sidewalk
  180. Experienced the perspective of different characters who enter the portal, making people turn and look at them, and then the people immediately forget it's there once the door's closed, presumably because whoever enters it gets erased from existence
  181. Inside the door is a pretty cool staircase, and whoever goes inside is compelled to run down the stairs at dangerous speeds I guess
  182. Mostly 'played as' cute girls of course, including a chick named Freya who transforms into a cat, and there was a mystery to what happens to people who go down there as they only are able to be aware of the portal if they're really angry/sad, like some kinda jigoku shoujo thing
  183. woke up when there was only one or two 'routes' left to take, so i'll never see the ending
  185. March 27
  186. [07:09:46] <Giantree> Yo THF i just had a dream that you said something to me but i can't remember what it was- knowing all my dreams are prophetic, think there's anything you might've intended to send my way in the next week or so?
  187. [07:10:20] <Agata> Not in particular.
  188. [07:10:35] <Agata> Perhaps you had prognosticated this very brush-off.
  190. April 3
  191. [12:26:50] <Giantree> The anime trend of the 2020s will be about interior design.
  192. [12:26:57] <Agata> Chilling.
  193. [12:27:23] <Giantree> It begins with a show about a loli who personality-wise is a lot like the protag of Wizard's Soul at the beginning and begins decorating houses to pay off debt accrued by her parents, but is also doing it to get leads on the yakuza that swindled her parents into being in debt in the first place and take revenge on them
  194. [12:28:10] <Giantree> At the start she emotionlessly and mechanically makes design decisions that somehow are the best in the world and earn her a position as some kind of legend while having angry inner monologue about how she's only doing it for revenge, but as it progresses she starts to realize she actually enjoys it and gets really cheery as she works
  195. [12:29:31] <Giantree> It begins as an anime-original and goes backwards, eventually getting manga and LN adaptations later in its lifespan, and like all hot new trends spawns an army of clones that are all about "What if [strange, unusual thing] became an interior designer!?" starting with isekai leftovers from the 2010s of course and then getting even weirder
  196. [12:30:36] <Giantree> Kind of like variety shows, but being animated instead, which probably means it's going to be a window for variety shit to start seeping into the animu world with foolish otaku consumers none the wiser
  197. [12:30:41] <Giantree> be careful, the future is dangerous
  198. [12:54:54] <Agata> What about the inevitable LN-turned-anime concerning a high school boy who gets hit by a truck and sent to a fantasy world where all international conflicts are settled by interior design contests?
  199. [12:55:33] <Giantree> That comes out in 2021, when the author is convinced that isekai LN like in the previous generation can still sell well, and it ends up just being average-at-best
  200. [12:56:02] <Giantree> There's a 2023 series that works on the same concept but is even more blatant a parody and does a way better job, becomes a cult hit and gets a large fanbase for years
  201. [13:00:32] <Giantree> The reason it's much better is subtle differences, such as in the latter the truck the protag is hit by is a moving truck containing furniture, and also the cute girl harem (which exists) being much better-designed and getting infinitely more porn on neo-Twitter, and a couple dozen volumes into the series it drops a huge plot twist bomb where the whole reason the protag was isekai'd was as part of an interior design contest between deities - with the 'interior' being 'entire universes' - and the God of the series' universe occasionally delivers the protag cheaty advice on interior designing which is beyond what any other mortal can comprehend
  202. [13:01:51] <Giantree> The joke behind the trend is that nobody who works with it beyond the first series has any idea what "interior design" actually means, and just interprets it as "any kind of decoration" in order to make a quick buck
  204. April 11
  205. Some guy made a Runescape tabletop, which had not just a pdf but physical hardback copies, and I was invited to playtest it with a couple other literally whoms
  206. For some reason the playtest took place in my late grandparents' dining room and the combat was just as bad as actual low-level Runescape with the whole 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 thing
  207. Also the setting had nothing to do with Runescape and the GM was so bad that there was no roleplaying permitted and he didn't even let us name our characters before starting
  209. April 18
  210. Dreamt of being the most generic-ass isekai protagonist in the most generic-ass isekai world
  211. I'd wake up every few hours, finally free, and then immediately fall back asleep and return to the same isekai shit, possibly making it even longer than actual shitty isekai LNs
  212. pretty sure i had a beard and of course a shitton of loli companions
  213. it was awful
  215. April 19
  216. #1: some magical girl shit maybe?
  217. was a cute girl for sure
  218. lost it
  219. #2: got caught by some middle-eastern prince(?) who was flirting with me even though i wasn't a cute girl this time
  220. ended up working together with his servants to make something out of old cd cases for bad pc games
  221. led to a flash back about >buying a kusoge called 'Mafia' 10 years ago thanks to a slut from high school being hype about it and it had literally the worst controls in the world, so that one was scrapped for sure
  222. no idea what we were making
  223. suddenly scene swap and everyone is trapped in some mirror dimension or some shit, something something some ankh reveals the room the BBEG is in, something something something
  224. it's gone
  226. April 22
  227. walked through town to get to some relative's house to watch reruns of a TV show?
  228. on the way, there were 2 teenagers with guns and katanas (yeah) trying to steal a boat
  229. looked a lot like the columbine massacre kids actually
  230. However, Batman was there too, and he was too busy protecting some guy (the mayor maybe?) so he asked me to watch said guy so he could go beat up the teenagers
  231. and then a shitbunch of other superheroes (mostly DC) all showed up and went to help beat up the teenagers
  232. meanwhile i was balancing some weird serrated scimitar thing that belonged to the guy I was now watching, as it was too heavy to hold
  233. somewhere along the way it was implied that the teenagers weren't really evil they just had no other way to get a boat and one of them was in a hurry to get to some faraway island to fight a dude who challenged him to a katana dual, like maybe he was the revenge of miyamoto musashi if miyamoto musashi actually gave a shit and remembered his sword
  234. but then i woke up anyway
  236. April 25
  237. [17:40:52] <Giantree> had another one about repeating years of high school
  238. [17:41:01] <Giantree> this time did it for like 6+ years
  239. [17:41:10] <Giantree> and on the final day
  240. [17:41:14] <Giantree> someone stole my car
  241. [17:41:26] <Giantree> which i had parked in the same spot every day for the last half-decade
  242. [17:41:43] <Giantree> angrily, i went into some random people's house since nobody was home
  243. [17:41:53] <Giantree> i guess because i wanted to use it as a vantage point to look for my car?
  244. [17:42:00] <Giantree> but then they came home
  245. [17:42:06] <Giantree> and they were a really obnoxious rich family
  246. [17:42:11] <Giantree> shittalking and yelling
  247. [17:42:21] <Giantree> so, shoes still on, i "quietly" exited the house
  248. [17:42:36] <Giantree> and along the way i stole some box with no idea what it was nor any reason to take it, but i just felt like it i guess
  249. [17:42:52] <Giantree> but the family didn't hear my footsteps because they were too loud
  250. [17:43:02] <Giantree> so i went outside, hid the box under some shed
  251. [17:43:07] <Giantree> and then a kid showed up
  252. [17:43:12] <Giantree> and was like "why did you break into my house"
  253. [17:43:15] <Giantree> so i told him the truth
  254. [17:43:19] <Giantree> i was looking for my stolen car
  255. [17:43:47] <Giantree> i didn't tell him why i thought i'd actually be able to see it from his house, because i didn't know why i did that
  256. [17:43:52] <Giantree> but then i woke up
  258. April 27
  259. [20:47:15] <Giantree> you did wake me up from having a dream about having a daughter btw
  260. [20:47:31] <Giantree> and she was like 17 while i was the age i am now
  261. [20:47:35] <Giantree> so it was biologically impossible
  262. [20:47:51] <RedXVII> damn
  263. [20:47:58] <Giantree> and we were trying to figure out the mystery that led to her being declared my daughter, because i didn't adopt her on my own
  264. [20:48:01] <RedXVII> i feel guilty from waking you up from such a beautiful deam
  265. [20:48:18] <Giantree> and the search led us to a ghost that had been serving a debt to a super rich (mafia?) family for 300 years
  266. [20:48:30] <Giantree> or rather i think the ghost might've been our friend the whole time
  267. [20:49:04] <Giantree> daughteru and i - spoilers she was kana from fire emblem for some reason - would hang out regularly and the ghost was usually helping us out and traveling with us and such
  268. [20:49:22] <Giantree> she consistently wore one of those wide-brimmed hats, i think maybe a sundress too
  269. [20:49:37] <Giantree> could've been a school uniform with a white mid-length skirt that matched with the blouse
  270. [20:50:23] <Giantree> but anyway we had just found a clue that the ghost didn't ACTUALLY do anything so horrible that she had to be in debt for 300 years, she was tricked into it by the head of the family and just incapable of asking for help
  271. [20:50:27] <Giantree> and we were going to save the ghost
  272. [20:50:32] <Giantree> and then your beeps woke me up
  274. May 13
  275. ran a NationStates campaign(?) as the great nation of Bolvia(sic?), but that just meant i played as the country's leader and the actual game was one of those casual hero shooters with an anime as fuck aesthetic
  276. Ramiel was in it, as a pistol-wielding catgirl named 'Slippy' who wore a midriff-baring seifuku; my character (the DMPC) was just a generic manly dude i guess
  277. Other players played as the other "side" and were assassins trying to kill us
  278. So i posted a bait post on /tg/ about how my DMPC was minmaxed but all the other characters were even more ridiculously powergamed and, as expected, Ramiel came in and posted about how fun and not powergamed it was without directly revealing who he was
  279. woke up right as i was posting a reply calling him out
  281. May 14
  282. joined a giant robot roleplaying tournament as the OC i used as a teenager
  283. i think his giant robot was weltall or one of the early muv-luv ones, but all tournament participants were required to get new giant robots so i gave him a red one with a flame motif instead
  285. May 16
  286. had a dream about eating glasses
  287. eyeglasses
  288. taking the lens out of the glasses and eating them
  289. woke up and found out my mother broke her sunglasses
  291. May 28
  292. [08:46:53] <Giantree> had a dream that les miserables: shoujo cosette had never finished airing and was still going today, at 691 episodes(?!), so i downloaded all the raws and started marathoning them
  293. [08:46:57] <Giantree> presumably i did not survive
  295. May 30
  296. [11:13:22] <Giantree> dream: opened a bag of fruit snacks and ate half of its contents, then looked at the rest and they were covered in mold
  298. June 9
  299. [09:00:56] <Giantree> dream diary, ignore this:
  300. [09:01:02] <Giantree> had another one about being back in high school
  301. [09:01:15] <Giantree> but this time 50%+ of the school's population was niggers
  302. [09:01:35] <Giantree> not even big chad niggers but niglet kiddies shorter than me who all had afros or dreadlocks
  303. [09:02:04] <Giantree> and for some reason i was making a big deal of shilling power stone
  304. [09:03:03] <Giantree> so the school had this big league where we all had modded psps to play ad-hoc the psp port of power stone 1&2, including my cousin and an ironic normie i've actually been playing power stone in that way with (neither of whom are niggers)
  305. [09:03:43] <Giantree> and i guess at some point during this i ended up at my cousin's house where we were playing some mmo(?) in which there was an event(?) where you have to dress up as santa claus and meet santa claus
  306. [09:03:55] <Giantree> who is a giant wow raid boss-sized dude for some reason
  307. [09:04:22] <Giantree> but you must turn yourself invisible while sneaking up to santa claus to get gifts from him
  308. [09:04:34] <Giantree> because otherwise he'll see you're dressed up as him and not give you any?
  309. [09:04:41] <Giantree> so why did you even have to dress up as him in the first place?????
  310. [09:06:21] <Giantree> and after we ground that for like 12 hours i proceeded to play one of the final fantasies (think it was 5) on my 3ds, something on my beater that was probably growlanser 4, and some mobage at the same time with all of them set to auto-combat while he did some normie shit in the background, and i remarked to him about what i was doing and that this is what my life has become
  311. [09:06:29] <Giantree> and then i think it went back to power stone and then i woke up
  313. June 22
  314. [14:21:00] <Gaintree> had a dream that adviceowl came to my house
  315. [14:21:04] <Gaintree> it went exactly as expected
  317. June 26
  318. [15:38:46] <Giantree> well you just woke me up so sure
  319. [15:39:35] <Giantree> i needed to get up anyway, was having a wack-ass dream where i was playing a tabletop campaign run by one of my childhood friends but the whole campaign was inside a suitcase
  320. [15:40:02] <Giantree> i don't mean in-universe, i mean the GM actually owned this suitcase that contained a pocket dimension
  321. [15:40:12] <Giantree> which was this sweet room where we all played whatever campaign it was
  322. [15:40:59] <Giantree> but in order to enter the room you had to lie inside the suitcase in a certain way and slowly sink into the room - which felt like suffocating a little bit - so sometimes it just wouldn't work
  323. [15:42:07] <Giantree> in a later part of the dream one of the players, who was this complete pansy, got scared because he had to roleplay and ran away so one of the players (me) had to go find him and drag him back so that the session could continue
  324. [15:42:20] <Giantree> and we had to get back into the room but it just didn't work
  325. [15:42:49] <Giantree> so i got out my phone and texted him telling him it was fucked and he gave this really retarded response like
  326. [15:42:55] <Giantree> "One must be a true knight."
  327. [15:43:33] <Giantree> i think i responded with "FUCK YOU" as we continued to lie down in this regular-sized suitcase fetal-style in the middle of public (fuck if i know why we were in public)
  328. [15:43:38] <Giantree> oh
  329. [15:43:39] <Giantree> it was
  330. [15:43:41] <Giantree> a public SCHOOL
  331. [15:44:00] <Giantree> which for some reason had multiple entrances right next to each other, in the front
  332. [15:44:08] <Giantree> and one of them triggered an alarm but the other one didn't
  333. [15:44:14] <Giantree> even when the building was open
  334. [15:44:28] <Giantree> so just nobody ever used the alarm one, nor did they ever talk about why they didn't use it
  335. [15:44:40] <Giantree> so after dragging the dude back i used it just to see why nobody else did and triggered the alarm
  336. [15:44:45] <Giantree> and a cop came up to me like
  337. [15:44:47] <Giantree> "lol"
  338. [15:44:50] <Giantree> and turned it off
  339. [15:44:54] <Giantree> and then i went back to the suitcase
  340. [15:45:26] <Giantree> after what seemed like hours we finally discovered the specific angle you had to enter the suitcase at in order to get to the pocket dimension
  341. [15:46:15] <Giantree> i think maybe time passed differently in the pocket dimension so they were waiting LITERAL hours?
  342. [15:46:34] <Giantree> but we finally got there and i was hype to finish the session
  343. [15:46:48] <Giantree> and the GM and the others were like "nah we're tired of playing"
  344. [15:46:49] <Giantree> then i woke up
  345. [15:46:50] <Giantree> the end
  346. [15:47:10] <Giantree> in hindsight that whole dream could've been a metaphor
  347. [15:47:14] <Giantree> but i hope it wasn't
  349. July 3
  350. [03:00:37] <Giantree> just dreamt of being at an in-person event where nigger(!) played and finished three houses, and it was shit
  351. [03:00:57] <Giantree> but i was also paying so little attention that i didn't even notice that's who it was or that's what was being played on the big screen until it was finished
  352. [03:01:17] <Giantree> also it was in moon and all the characters' models had super japanese looking faces too
  353. [03:02:07] <Giantree> he did an NG+ (what) immediately after his run was finished so i got to see the beginning, in which the mock battle that was revealed at e3 turns out to be interrupted by a really asian bandit with a stupid name in a dynasty warriors-style intro
  354. [03:02:20] <Giantree> also for some reason my cat was there
  355. [03:03:17] <Giantree> less important: there was also a chinese- no wait it was korean- restaurant that was next door to another, more popular korean restaurant, but this one doubled as a hotel and was in a huge building full of tables and beds that nobody ever used
  356. [03:03:29] <Giantree> and i had a bunch of traveling companions, including my cat, who would stay there
  357. [03:03:41] <Giantree> and we'd all sleep in one big bed while the cat would sleep on top of us as he chose
  358. [03:03:45] <Giantree> i think my mom was one of them
  359. [03:03:53] <Giantree> aaaaaaaand the rest is gone
  360. [03:03:55] <Giantree> end dream diary
  362. July 5
  363. [06:44:01] <Giantree> good morning empty shithole, it's dream diary time:
  364. [06:44:12] <Giantree> apparently my subconscious was trying to craft the perfect SRPG or something
  365. [06:46:30] <Giantree> the whole time i was playing this... apparently it was a demo of a translation of a really good SRPG, and even in the dream i was questioning 'why am i not just playing the whole thing if it's in moon'
  366. [06:47:13] <Giantree> it had towns you could walk around in shining force-style, and apparently it was all isometric? maybe it randomly changed up from being isometric and not
  367. [06:48:22] <Giantree> but most party members also had shifo-like recruitments where you'd talk to them in towns, most missable because you couldn't go back to towns you'd been to previously, but there was one weird case where a battle map started in a town and there was some rando far off in the corner that you could control, with no dialogue or explanation why
  368. [06:48:39] <Giantree> and after that map if she survived she'd  be a perma-party member despite continuing to have no dialogue
  369. [06:48:53] <Giantree> and a lot of the game had a bluish-purple tint to its backgrounds for some reason
  370. [06:49:41] <Giantree> oh and screapers (giant slug monsters) from GLV made a cameo, and there was only one guy in the world who had the ability to kill them normally: a blue dude raised in a test tube who looked like some kind of aztec deity
  371. [06:49:52] <Giantree> i missed him in my playthrough because i guess i was retarded
  372. [06:50:01] <Giantree> verdict: this dream means nothing
  373. [06:50:03] <Giantree> but it was fun
  375. July 6
  376. [06:07:31] <Giantree> had a dream about going to the UK
  377. [06:07:58] <Giantree> for some reason the first thing i saw there was a sonic - as in, the american drive-thru, not the hedgehog - and i was hungry so i went to get something
  378. [06:08:27] <Giantree> and everything on their menu was like that really good "mfw Americans call [wacky name] '[common item]'" meme
  379. [06:08:37] <Giantree> like "nutty butty peas n' scutty"
  380. [06:09:06] <Giantree> and all the pictures of them looked absolutely nasty, to the point where you couldn't even tell they were food
  381. [06:09:10] <Giantree> it was next-level
  382. [06:09:15] <Giantree> end diary
  384. July 7
  385. [15:27:47] <Giantree> FLCL2 ends today too, actually mildly excited for that
  386. [15:28:00] <Giantree> i had a prophetic dream telling me not to invite sweetpea to watch it with me, which i otherwise planned on doing
  387. [15:28:07] <Giantree> but my subconscious actually knows the future so i'd better not
  388. [15:28:54] <Giantree> it wasn't even an apocalyptic prophecy or anything, he just didn't realize that i meant "i'll go downstairs and comment about it on commercial break" and spent the whole 30 minutes flipping out and highlighting me
  389. [15:28:58] <Giantree> so much so that he didn't end up watching it at all
  390. [15:29:09] <Giantree> and when i woke up i was like "he can't really be THAT stupid can he"
  391. [15:29:13] <Giantree> but then i remembered he's black
  392. [15:29:15] <Giantree> better not risk it
  394. July 10
  395. [16:07:12] <Giantree> so i was walking in the woods with some internetman kid right
  396. [16:07:20] <Giantree> the one who thinks he's a mecha hero
  397. [16:07:25] <Giantree> i guess i knew him in-person
  398. [16:07:28] <Giantree> in the dream
  399. [16:07:37] <Giantree> and while we were walking i was like
  400. [16:07:42] <Giantree> "you know what'd be cool? if we ran into a bear"
  401. [16:07:52] <Giantree> and then i started telling him all about how there've been recent black bear sightings
  402. [16:08:07] <Giantree> but we didn't see any bears and eventually reached the end of our walk
  403. [16:08:09] <Giantree> and parted ways
  404. [16:08:18] <Giantree> for some reaosn i had to walk back through the entire woods to get home
  405. [16:08:18] <Giantree> alone
  406. [16:08:26] <Giantree> and this apparently wasn't a big deal
  407. [16:08:36] <Giantree> so i did
  408. [16:08:44] <Giantree> and when i was almost home, i spotted a clearing
  409. [16:08:50] <Giantree> with a bigass black bear in it
  410. [16:08:52] <Giantree> just chillin
  411. [16:09:02] <@sumdumd00d> drinkin soda?
  412. [16:09:05] <Giantree> so i quickly continued walking so as to not be noticed by the bear
  413. [16:09:08] <Giantree> nah i wish
  414. [16:09:11] <Giantree> well it could've been
  415. [16:09:15] <Giantree> maybe it was even foraging for berries
  416. [16:09:16] <@sumdumd00d> unwasted wish
  417. [16:09:17] <Giantree> fuck if i know
  418. [16:09:30] <@sumdumd00d> berry soda
  419. [16:09:33] <Giantree> it's wasted if it's for dreaming about a bear drinking pop
  420. [16:09:37] <Giantree> it's not soda here it's pop
  421. [16:09:38] <Giantree> fight me
  422. [16:09:45] <@sumdumd00d> soda
  423. [16:09:48] <Giantree> but it's not wasted if it's a wish to actually meet a thirsty bear
  424. [16:09:52] <Giantree> thirsty ursine
  425. [16:09:55] <Giantree> thirsine
  426. [16:09:59] <@sumdumd00d> ur sine
  427. [16:10:03] <Giantree> no u
  428. [16:10:13] <Giantree> but then i realized
  429. [16:10:16] <Giantree> i had my phone with me
  430. [16:10:17] <Giantree> and was like
  431. [16:10:21] <Giantree> man fuck, i just saw a bear
  432. [16:10:26] <Giantree> i should get a picture of it because that's cool
  433. [16:10:33] <Giantree> so i walked backwards and whipped out my phonecamera
  434. [16:10:36] <Giantree> and by the time i was in position
  435. [16:10:39] <Giantree> the bear was already charging at me
  436. [16:10:54] <Giantree> knowing i was fucked, i continued taking pictures anyway
  437. [16:11:03] <@sumdumd00d> doing it right
  438. [16:11:07] <Giantree> like that zoologist who died while taking pictures of a tiger that was charging him
  439. [16:11:09] <@sumdumd00d> bear can't take selfies as easily
  440. [16:11:14] <@sumdumd00d> so it appreciates it
  441. [16:11:14] <Giantree> yeah
  442. [16:11:17] <@sumdumd00d> when it steals your phone
  443. [16:11:20] <@sumdumd00d> cause it's black
  444. [16:11:23] <Giantree> so the bear attacked
  445. [16:11:26] <Giantree> and not only did i not die
  446. [16:11:32] <Giantree> it just kinda hurt a little
  447. [16:11:34] <Giantree> like a sting
  448. [16:11:47] <Giantree> like it didn't go full maul, it was just a weak claw swipe
  449. [16:11:54] <Giantree> and i was mashing the picture take button the whole time
  450. [16:12:06] <Giantree> so i just casually ran away
  451. [16:12:19] <Giantree> back to what was apparently my house (it was actually my grandparents' house)
  452. [16:12:33] <Giantree> and my whole redneck extended family was there
  453. [16:12:39] <Giantree> and i told them that i just got chased by a bear
  454. [16:12:43] <Giantree> and clawed at a few times
  455. [16:12:48] <Giantree> p. sure i was bleeding
  456. [16:12:51] <Giantree> not a lot
  457. [16:12:52] <Giantree> but bleeding
  458. [16:13:11] <Giantree> later, when i woke up, i had sores in all the same spots i got bear'd in btw
  459. [16:13:13] <Giantree> dunno what from
  460. [16:13:17] <Giantree> sleeping the wrong way i guess
  461. [16:13:26] <@sumdumd00d> 2spooky
  462. [16:13:40] <Giantree> but so i told these rednecks about the bear
  463. [16:13:40] <@sumdumd00d> frickin strong dream bears
  464. [16:13:42] <Giantree> and it was still outside
  465. [16:13:45] <Giantree> just being a bear
  466. [16:13:51] <@sumdumd00d> drinkin soda
  467. [16:13:54] <Giantree> and i don't remember this part very well
  468. [16:14:02] <Giantree> but i'm pretty sure half the family went out to chase it away
  469. [16:14:16] <Giantree> something about hedgehogs with the power to cause minor floods or something
  470. [16:14:18] <Giantree> i dunno
  471. [16:14:25] <Giantree> but they ran off the bear
  472. [16:14:26] <@sumdumd00d> wow
  473. [16:14:48] <Giantree> and i whipped out my phone to show them that i had pictures of the bear attack
  474. [16:14:53] <Giantree> which apparently transformed into a video
  475. [16:15:02] <Giantree> and it was a scary as fuck video
  476. [16:15:03] <@sumdumd00d> that's not a dream apparently
  477. [16:15:07] <@sumdumd00d> google does that
  478. [16:15:07] <Giantree> of a bear mouth growling
  479. [16:15:13] <Giantree> w e i r d
  480. [16:15:17] <Giantree> i use ios though
  481. [16:15:17] <@sumdumd00d> well not video video
  482. [16:15:18] <@sumdumd00d> but it will
  483. [16:15:20] <Giantree> apple shit is outdated
  484. [16:15:20] <@sumdumd00d> oh right
  485. [16:15:21] <Giantree> and bad
  486. [16:15:22] <@sumdumd00d> but it exists
  487. [16:15:24] <Giantree> IT DOES have a thing
  488. [16:15:26] <@sumdumd00d> it takes your photos
  489. [16:15:30] <Giantree> where it will like
  490. [16:15:33] <@sumdumd00d> and "makes gifs"
  491. [16:15:34] <@sumdumd00d> which
  492. [16:15:37] <Giantree> capture <1 second 'video'
  493. [16:15:37] <@sumdumd00d> is normie gif i think
  494. [16:15:38] <Giantree> yeah
  495. [16:15:39] <Giantree> giflike
  496. [16:15:43] <@sumdumd00d> not graphic interchange format
  497. [16:15:49] <Giantree> this was video with sound though so moot point
  498. [16:15:53] <Giantree> i remember the bear growling noise
  499. [16:16:01] <Giantree> so anyway i went to show them that
  500. [16:16:06] <Giantree> and apparently it accidentally got deleted
  501. [16:16:07] <@sumdumd00d> it's gotta burp the soda
  502. [16:16:08] <Giantree> somehow
  503. [16:16:13] <@sumdumd00d> bear swipe did it
  504. [16:16:17] <Giantree> for reasons i didn't understand in the dream
  505. [16:16:18] <Giantree> no i mean
  506. [16:16:19] <Giantree> i saw it
  507. [16:16:21] <Giantree> and it worked
  508. [16:16:26] <Giantree> and when i went to show the family it was gone
  509. [16:16:43] <@sumdumd00d> wack dream phone mechanics
  510. [16:16:45] <Giantree> so i showed it to some kids (cousins? nephews?) who weren't awake to see the actual bear
  511. [16:16:51] <Giantree> to prove i was attacked by a bear
  512. [16:16:53] <Giantree> but it was gone
  513. [16:16:57] <Giantree> and they looked at me in disbelief
  514. [16:17:08] <Giantree> and that's when i woke up and noticed i had tiny sores in the places i got attacked in
  515. [16:17:09] <@sumdumd00d> when the bear disappears in the dream, it disappears from the dream phone
  516. [16:17:21] <Giantree> dangerously spooky
  517. [16:17:26] <Giantree> unbearably spooky
  518. [16:17:44] <Giantree> also of note: the phone video bear was brown
  519. [16:17:48] <Giantree> even though the actual bear i saw was black
  520. [16:18:00] <Giantree> but ultimately
  521. [16:18:06] <Giantree> using the prediction power
  522. [16:18:14] <Giantree> the dream was just to tell me that you'd post a webm of a bear
  524. August 10
  525. [20:48:32] <Giantree> back when i played monhon the character creation was simple
  526. [20:48:35] <Giantree> times have changed
  527. [20:51:48] <Giantree> actually did i just have a dream about that?
  528. [20:51:56] <Giantree> pretty sure i - or someone - was wielding a gunlance
  529. [20:52:02] <Giantree> against what, i'm not so sure
  530. [20:52:35] <Giantree> the rest of it was about a group of... mercenaries? hanging out and being bros on jobs, but they gradually started disappearing/dying one at a time
  531. [20:52:43] <Giantree> and there was going to be some mystery but i woke up halfway through
  532. [20:52:55] <Giantree> don't think i recall enough to be worth putting it on the diary but eh w/ev why not
  534. August 11
  535. [04:30:07] <Giantree> gotta get this one diary'd because i just dreamt of reading the most phenomenally hot h-doujin(?) i could've imagined existed
  536. [04:30:40] <Giantree> it liked to randomly change between being manga-style and actually watching animated hentai too so it didn't know what it wanted to be
  537. [04:31:48] <Giantree> It took place in(immediately after?) some war, supposedly in Japan, so i guess it was probably WW2, and families everywhere were selling their daughters for the sexual pleasure of foreign soldiers who were swarming their country
  538. [04:32:47] <Giantree> The protagonist was this super cute formerly-innocent girl who was smiling all the time (she was also slightly brown, which is why it's in question if the nation actually was Japan in the first place) and had moderate-to-large tits, but nothing too extreme
  539. [04:33:30] <Giantree> OH wait i just remembered when it changed to animated-mode she had magical girl transformation scenes that were all really well animated with fantastic music, BUT they all involved breast expansion and her tit size doubled with a disgusting balloon-squeezing sound
  540. [04:33:38] <Giantree> and she did this every time she was about to go service customers
  541. [04:34:30] <Giantree> Which she did often, because she was a prostitute who was sold into the business because her parents were scared of the soldiers or whatever, but she had a positive outlook like she was doing it to help people or something so she always looked REALLY happy even when sucking dick or being beaten
  542. [04:36:01] <Giantree> Thus, the story was about this cheerful prostitute dealing with getting fucked in savage ways while still having an upbeat attitude about it (and being a secret magical girl with superpowers that give her superhuman sex skills), and how she interacted with other members of the brothel she worked at, constantly encouraging them to not give up and caring for them whenever they get hurt
  543. [04:37:17] <Giantree> Suddenly as a plot twist(?) more soldiers started coming in, either Americans or implied to be (so I guess the last soldiers were from somewhere else), and they were all huge and ripped and wanted to have sex with the village girls in ways so violent that most of them either died or were mindbroken beyond repair
  544. [04:38:08] <Giantree> This included the protag's brothel members too, who in one chapter showed up mumbling that "it's too much" or "we can't hold on anymore..." because the soldiers had fucked them so hard that they were near-death
  545. [04:40:09] <Giantree> And upbeat-heroine goes "I'll take care of it!" and devises a plan, apparently using her magical girl powers offscreen, but the scene changes (and this one was for sure animated) to the middle of a market square where some scrawny bald midget dude who looks like a fucked-up gnome is complaining that she paid him off to play drums without any sheet music (what?) as he plays a generic tune on some bongos and she enters the scene in a see-thru nun costume, pretending to be lost and asking the men for assistance
  546. [04:40:26] <Giantree> and all the soldiers, of course, immediately know that she's acting and get horny, producing visible boners
  547. [04:42:15] <Giantree> This is when her rival, an absolutely tiny - like barely over 4' - very brown eyepatch-wearing blonde loli named 'Starfy'(?!) makes her appearance, and she was apparently mentioned earlier in the series in like... you know, that thing manga do at the beginning where they have character profiles, but she'd never been mentioned beyond "some really tiny girl working at another brothel" until this scene
  548. [04:44:17] <Giantree> And as the protag gets passed around, mercilessly having her holes plugged by these giant men who are all grinning and wearing berets for some reason, Starfy shows up and starts servicing customers in an even sluttier outfit in the middle of the square, and I believe the protag's other brothel members are shown watching from beyond an alleyway where they're like "That skank! She's trying to steal her business!" the protag is super happy about it and thinks she's helping out to take some of the load off
  549. [04:44:40] <Giantree> And Starfy's thing is that she's not happy like the protag, but SMUG, and she's grinning even with like 500 dicks in her mouth
  550. [04:44:45] <Giantree> it was incredible
  551. [04:44:49] <Giantree> my dick's still reeling
  552. [04:46:22] <Giantree> At this point in the dream i guess i foolishly or accidentally skipped the chapter, maybe by a misclick, or maybe by thinking it was over early (which made no sense because until just then that whole 'chapter' had been animated), and the scene i immediately saw was the other brothel members going up to the protag in the following morning and being like "You alright? Can you still hear?"
  553. [04:46:29] <Giantree> and i was like ???? that doesn't make any sense
  554. [04:46:38] <Giantree> so i went back to the last chapter and realized it hadn't been over
  555. [04:46:42] <Giantree> and now it was all manga again
  556. [04:47:40] <Giantree> So I got to see, that in the conclusion to the protag's lewd romp in a see-thru costume that was now torn to hell, she was approached by the biggest guy of the group with his ripped abs and erect dick out, and he requests to fuck her in the ear
  557. [04:48:09] <Giantree> and there's this absolutely incredible panel of her shocked face (and i think the other brothel members' behind her) going "E-EAR FUCKING?!?!?!"
  558. [04:48:28] <Giantree> and then the chapter ends
  559. [04:48:31] <Giantree> but WOW
  560. [04:48:38] <Giantree> even just the concept is hot as fuck
  561. [04:49:06] <Giantree> Upon seeing this, I immediately came here to thank Red for giving it to me
  562. [04:49:23] <Giantree> and then my subconscious hit the realization that i wasn't actually here and woke me up to help me out i guess
  563. [04:49:29] <Giantree> and i did indeed come here to tell him that
  564. [04:49:46] <Giantree> realizing gradually that it wasn't actually real and i'll never read anything that good
  565. [04:49:52] <Giantree> end dream diary
  567. August 14
  568. <Giantree> just had a prophetic dream that the next evolution of the meme will be referring to oneself and others as "*oomer"
  569. <Giantree> watch out
  570. <SDD> xoomer
  571. <Giantree> yeah
  572. <Giantree> merely theorycraft, but the evolution after * will likely be using every letter in the alphabet, then numbers and special characters, like 2oomer and ßoomer
  573. <Giantree> and all of them will have their mspaint mascots
  574. <SDD> 2oomer is pretty lmao
  575. <Giantree> yeah
  576. <Giantree> dude it's so logical too
  577. <Giantree> zoomers are going to find a way for zoomer to be a compliment instead of an insult by creating the 2oomer as a scapegoat, who is just like the zoomer but even younger and dumber
  578. <SDD> and more cancerous
  579. <Giantree> yes
  580. <Giantree> (a ßoomer is just a German boomer)
  582. August 24
  583. dreamt of getting sukiyaki
  584. went to do it
  585. place was closed
  586. got sick
  588. August 25
  589. darling in the franxx but actually decent
  590. something about lolis fusing with animals to activate giant robots
  591. i was both watching it (dubbed(but also live)) alongside some weeb who'd never seen a dub before and "playing as" a timid pink-haired loli who was like made out of a colony of hamsters or something?
  592. also in this universe ys v was a party game for some reason
  594. August 27
  595. something about some kind of festival at my house where every frozen food i’d ever eaten before was lined up on a very Bach of tables and i ate them all as-is
  597. August 28
  598. made that campaign into a romhack after foolishly accepting a challenge from some GBA romhack god who made his own emblem romhack that was so exaggeratedly grandiose that he composed its entire soundtrack on his own and it included a minigame that consisted of a whole pokémon game’s assets and the object was to do a nuzlocke
  599. thus i began my journey by trying to compose my own battle music and it came out sounding like a retard banging on a keyboard (which it was)
  601. August 31
  602. [04:04:33] <Giantree> and in fact the reason i left this on was because i had a dream that the frog had something to tell me, so i decided i'd check to determine if it was true
  603. [04:04:36] <Giantree> it seems to not be
  605. September 10
  606. [22:45:03] <Giantree> d r e a m  d i a r y
  607. [22:45:12] <Giantree> :
  608. [22:45:34] <Giantree> it was a doubledream where i had a dream and woke up into another dream where i vividly remembered and longed for the first one
  609. [22:45:55] <Giantree> which i guess explains why i remember less of the first one than the other layer, but at least i retained the important part
  610. [22:46:22] <Giantree> i was some kind of competent adventurer or something, may have even been a protag, and i didn't talk much
  611. [22:46:32] <Giantree> either i was an actual badass or just a chuuni (probably the latter)
  612. [22:47:06] <Giantree> and i picked up party members on my journey, including kanna thunderthighs from that kuso sol anime that aired last year
  613. [22:47:10] <Giantree> together we fought crime
  614. [22:47:14] <Giantree> all a blur
  615. [22:47:35] <Giantree> but eventually we ended up at some altar where kanna told us she wanted to thank us for all our help
  616. [22:48:05] <Giantree> and revealed that she was actually the avatar of a god, and that this altar could grant any wish (implied that the god was granting it) if you stood in the middle of it and spoke it aloud
  617. [22:48:23] <Giantree> so they all gake their turns, speaking some pretty modest wishes
  618. [22:48:38] <Giantree> i think one guy was like "i'm hungry, can i have some food real quick"
  619. [22:48:59] <Giantree> and these weren't
  620. [22:49:03] <Giantree> twisted wishes or anything'
  621. [22:49:14] <Giantree> they were genuine, the food guy got some bread and he was happy
  622. [22:49:21] <Giantree> so my turn comes up
  623. [22:49:32] <Giantree> i can tell by everyone's expressions that they're expecting something edgy
  624. [22:49:38] <Giantree> but i know where my priorities lie
  625. [22:49:40] <Giantree> i step up
  626. [22:49:44] <Giantree> and without skipping a beat
  627. [22:49:45] <Giantree> go
  628. [22:49:49] <Giantree> "I wish to be the little girl"
  629. [22:50:11] <Giantree> and it happens immediately, with my field of vision lowering and everything
  630. [22:50:19] <Giantree> i check and i am indeed the cutest little girl
  631. [22:50:27] <Giantree> the companions confirm it
  632. [22:50:36] <Giantree> and then i IMMEDIATELY wake up
  633. [22:50:40] <Giantree> "wake up" that is
  634. [22:50:46] <Giantree> into another dream, without realizing i'm in another dream
  635. [22:51:00] <Giantree> but i remember that i just dreamt that last one and i'm upset that it was just a dream
  636. [22:51:15] <Giantree> and i think i spend 10 minutes in front of a mirror being disappointed that i'm not the little girl
  637. [22:51:28] <Giantree> i had more hair than i do now, for some reason
  638. [22:51:32] <Giantree> but still not the little girl
  639. [22:52:12] <Giantree> so i come on to (the equivalent to) here to start writing down the dream diary, and i even did the "man i'm glad i left this open" part in the dream too
  640. [22:52:33] <Giantree> but the major difference is that furry weeaboo, the monstrosity i went to high school with, was there too
  641. [22:53:15] <Giantree> and apparently in this alt universe i'd kept up with him since high school and he calmed down with furriness, myspace roleplaying, and all the general retarded things he did that made him impossible to like
  642. [22:53:30] <Giantree> but he was still kind of obnoxious
  643. [22:53:32] <Giantree> forgot why
  644. [22:53:38] <Giantree> but there was something about him
  645. [22:53:43] <Giantree> i think he just had an attitude
  646. [22:54:03] <Giantree> so i turned to him and told him "i only use irc because its formatting makes it easy to write dream diaries"
  647. [22:54:07] <Giantree> 1,1this is true
  648. [22:54:20] <Giantree> and wrote halfway through a dream diary about the last one
  649. [22:54:36] <Giantree> and then SOMETHING happened, i'm not sure if this was real or if i just started playing videogames
  650. [22:54:58] <Giantree> but it was something about a cursed door that could only be opened by multiple people otherwise it would destroy the world
  651. [22:55:15] <Giantree> and for some reason i knew that the other person who was supposed to open the door was a king
  652. [22:55:17] <Giantree> but i was like
  653. [22:55:23] <Giantree> nah too much effort
  654. [22:55:30] <Giantree> and lockpicked the door myself
  655. [22:55:47] <Giantree> which turned into an escape sequence from some unseen monster
  656. [22:55:50] <Giantree> in a helicopter
  657. [22:55:59] <Giantree> and i had savestates or savegames or w/ev at my disposal
  658. [22:56:11] <Giantree> and kept playing this out because someone would always fall out of the helicopter or die
  659. [22:56:22] <Giantree> and i wanted to see the "bad ending" but where everyone survives???
  660. [22:56:26] <Peasncarrots> oh HEY
  661. [22:56:29] <Peasncarrots> nigga wassup
  662. [22:56:31] <Giantree> shut up i'm dream diarying
  663. [22:56:36] <Peasncarrots> ok
  664. [22:56:48] <Giantree> in one of the runs, shaggy & scooby of scooby doo fame turned out to be there
  665. [22:56:59] <Giantree> and shaggy fell out of the helicopter
  666. [22:57:05] <Giantree> with scooby screaming NOOOOOOOOOO RAGGY
  667. [22:57:27] <Giantree> and it fastforwards to a scene of scooby seeing shaggy waking up
  668. [22:57:32] <Giantree> and he's grateful that raggy is okay
  669. [22:57:44] <Giantree> but then a doctor comes in and goes "actually no, he's sick with village vallery"
  670. [22:57:58] <Giantree> and before he can explain what that means shaggy's eyeballs fall out like egg yolks
  671. [22:58:08] <Giantree> and then his skin turns zombielike
  672. [22:58:34] <Giantree> and then he morphs into some midget, maybe even a furry, and walks away, having forgotten about scooby already
  673. [22:58:39] <Giantree> all while scooby screams
  674. [22:58:42] <Giantree> and they never met again
  675. [22:58:50] <Giantree> and then i reload a savestate going "who the fuck wrote this shit"
  676. [22:58:52] <Giantree> and wake up
  677. [22:59:06] <Giantree> i'm still not sure i'm not dreaming, but i do regret not being the little girl
  678. [22:59:08] <Giantree> end dream diary
  679. [23:02:12] <Giantree> oh shit i forgot to add on the dream diary that one point - i think while talking with furry weeaboo - had me marathon dragonball, the entire series, from the start, and it was nothing like what dragonball actually is
  681. September 17
  682. [08:20:43] <Giantree> diary:
  683. [08:20:47] <Giantree> most of it's missing
  684. [08:21:26] <Giantree> but i went to wal-mart with somebody and there was a plush (maybe a fig?) of renne from trales there, in a clearance aisle
  685. [08:21:41] <Giantree> and for whatever reason i didn't look at the price, just went "huh, that's interesting" and we kept shopping for groceries or something
  686. [08:22:20] <Giantree> like 10 minutes later i decided i actually wanted her so i told the other dude i was gonna go to my car to get money and then come back and find her, because if she was under $50 i wanted her
  687. [08:22:28] <Giantree> even though i don't like renne very much as a character
  688. [08:22:59] <Giantree> i feel i might've just felt sorry for her being all alone for so long with nobody buying her because burgers don't play JRPGs
  689. [08:23:12] <Giantree> but the store was a maze and i couldn't find my way out OR back to where she was
  690. [08:23:15] <Giantree> then i woke up
  691. [08:23:45] <Giantree> also of note: i was willing to splurge in the dream because i knew i was going to have much more money soon, which is true
  692. [08:23:58] <Giantree> so may be prophetic in case i end up seeing something i want to blast cash on soon
  694. September 19
  695. [08:00:14] <Giantree> diary:
  696. [08:00:29] <Giantree> massive chunk of dream this time, all apparently the same one
  697. [08:00:34] <Giantree> but it was about FUCKING ISEKAI again
  698. [08:00:36] <Giantree> fuck isekai
  699. [08:01:03] <Giantree> in it i was a cute loli named "Mela" i thiink?
  700. [08:01:16] <Giantree> but also a dude named Milo sometimes
  701. [08:01:43] <Giantree> but it was implied they weren't the same person (besides me possessing them or whatever) nor did they exist simultaneously
  702. [08:02:18] <Giantree> because i guess i had unlimited time travel abilities and events were like suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu where it was all scrambled out of order
  703. [08:03:04] <Giantree> so i spent 95% of my time as mela and was apparently aware in-universe that the isekai's title was "Time Displacement Girl" (make a note to write this and translate it into japanese for practice)
  704. [08:04:29] <Giantree> eventually i lost control of my time displacement - which i knew it as because i apparently wasn't "travelling" in time? - abilities and started randomly appearing at different times and like, in the middle of a conversation someone i was talking to would end up not having met me yet
  705. [08:04:35] <Giantree> and it was wack
  706. [08:04:39] <Giantree> what did i do about it?
  707. [08:05:02] <Giantree> certainly not try to fix it or give even a semblance of a shit because it was a trashy isekai WN world, so i just ignored it and went around a town solving mysteries
  708. [08:05:59] <Giantree> though it lasted so long there were like, literally hundreds packed into that ~10 hours of sleeptime so i can't remember a single one of them other than one that involved meeting my uncle(?) and helping him cook potatoes in various ways to bring to a festival
  709. [08:06:03] <Giantree> i think
  710. [08:06:21] <Giantree> man i was cute though
  712. September 20
  713. [08:21:10] <Giantree> might as well jot this one down before i go
  714. [08:21:15] <Giantree> another isekai dream where i was a loli
  715. [08:21:28] <Giantree> this time, though, i had the ability to summon a ninja named "giga ninja" who did everything for me
  716. [08:21:34] <Giantree> the end
  718. October 9
  719. [01:14:01] <Soft> had a dream about farting being connected to the metaphorical concept of time, in that i was told by a mentor that i could fart said concept into 'chunks' which would allow it to progress nonlinearly and i could travel forward and backward in it at will, eliminating the need to wait for anything
  720. [01:14:13] <Soft> for some reason the concept of time took the physical form of a red pepper
  721. [01:14:14] <Soft> end
  723. October 11
  724. [11:57:43] <Giantree> diary: this time i dreamt that the tard i work with was not simply a client but we were basically partners in crime, and he was just pretending to be autistic but could actually use a cellphone expertly and travel alone with no difficulty, so we used my job as a cover to do crazy shit
  725. [11:58:48] <Giantree> also for some unexplained reason i had a phone app with two abilities: one made the user turn invisible, and the other could shrink the user by a % of their original size (this one was basically useless, because the world was so gamelike that "NPCs" didn't even notice it was on, therefore the invisibility one was the only one useful for sneaking past guards and shit)
  726. [11:59:36] <Giantree> but the most significant part was that i, just like in meatland, was using my 3DS as an emulation machine
  727. [12:00:24] <Giantree> this time i was playing megaman x and had just gotten about 97% through collecting all the subweapons and cyber elves (thanks subconscious) when i was about to embark on a dangerous mission with tardbro
  728. [12:01:14] <Giantree> so dangerous, in fact, that when i made stops by the office i met a nice little old lady who was interested in videogames, so i let her borrow my 3ds so that i wouldn't have to be carrying it
  729. [12:02:22] <Giantree> well when i came back, i went to retrieve it, and the nice little old lady was at a save point (yeah), and asked for my help in how to use it, so i was like "oh nice, i can teach her how to not save over my file"
  730. [12:02:34] <Giantree> and then the only file there was a 1% saved at the beginning of the same
  731. [12:03:18] <Giantree> at that moment, the little old lady removed her disguise, and was actually a dude twice the size of the little old lady he was disguised as, and explained that he was actually one of the tards from the place that i had pissed off many months ago and totally forgot about
  732. [12:03:30] <Giantree> actually maybe i did remember who he was and what i did to him in the dream, but i sure don't now
  733. [12:03:47] <Giantree> so he took his revenge by erasing my savefile in a vidcon, which i now acknowledge as being SOME dedication
  734. [12:04:08] <Giantree> mad as fuck, i knew that i couldn't harm him because of my job, but told him that if i ever saw him outside i would murder him
  735. [12:04:31] <Giantree> and then started throwing objects indiscriminately and went outside, yanked floorboards out of the ground, and tossed them at nothing
  736. [12:05:00] <Giantree> during this outburst i was called and told that it was time for another mission with tardbro, so we went together
  737. [12:05:08] <Giantree> the mission this time was.... participating in a play
  738. [12:05:09] <Giantree> with children
  739. [12:05:26] <Giantree> and all the "actors" had no costumes, they just wore pieces of paper with the role written on them
  740. [12:05:38] <Giantree> and i think tardbro was set to play the role of a tree or something
  741. [12:06:37] <Giantree> so we went there and got signed up to go in, but it turned out that while he was able to get in fine, i wasn't able to sign up because i had apparently borrowed a library book a while ago
  742. [12:06:54] <Giantree> which was kind of ???????? but i think dream-me stopped questioning this world's logic a long time ago
  743. [12:07:10] <Giantree> said logic included "everybody walks up stairs and slopes faster than they walk on even ground"
  744. [12:08:30] <Giantree> so tardbro somehow managed to coherently relay to me a plan, where i would sneak into this big tower hidden in the back of the office, named "lilith" for some reason, which was actually considered his home because he was actually prince of the tards and held great sway there
  745. [12:09:44] <Giantree> and my goal was to find a ladder in one of the top rooms leading to the roof, and then tardbro would pick me up with a helicopter and we'd both airdrop into the place where the play is being held without me having to sign up for it
  746. [12:09:48] <Giantree> what a fucking plan
  747. [12:10:25] <Giantree> so i did this, using my invisibility to get around the guards (actually i didn't, the only significant guard was asleep so i just walked by him normally)
  748. [12:10:44] <Giantree> and it was all some kind of stealth vidya where i could constantly hear footsteps but had no idea where they were coming from
  749. [12:11:11] <Giantree> as i reached the ladder in the attic(?), it turned out it wasn't a ladder at all, but a spiral staircase
  750. [12:11:30] <Giantree> a spiral staircase with a nonsensical shape that turned into some gen 5-era 3d platforming puzzle closer to the top
  751. [12:12:24] <Giantree> and while i was halfway through jumping on it, i texted my bro that i was at the ladder, and he turned out to have just texted me that something fucked up and the mission was compromised somehow
  752. [12:12:32] <Giantree> so in response to my own message he just sent me "reread"
  753. [12:12:38] <Giantree> and i was like "oh shit" and immediately woke up
  754. [12:12:42] <Giantree> what an adventure
  755. [12:13:08] <Giantree> i'm sure that retelling isn't coherent at all, and i'll reread it later and not be able to make any sense of it, but i'm glad i got it before forgetting any details
  757. October 23
  758. [12:11:11] <Giantree> dream: two dainty, petite, cute girls gain magical girl powers that allow them to transform into middle-aged or straight-up old wealthy, balding men (with no other powers to speak of) and go around solving problems and helping others using the power of money
  759. [14:27:09] <Aqo> ah yes, my favorite superpower
  760. [14:27:11] <Aqo> money
  762. November 5
  763. [10:16:25] <Giantree> dreamt of playing the shittiest loli rape simulator ever devised (by me)
  764. [10:16:58] <Giantree> it was some kind of multiplayer free-for-all and the models were extremely shitty-looking with thick outlines like the nds era, so i guess it was supposed to be a mobage
  765. [10:17:55] <Giantree> but you could only move one tile at a time, and in order to remove clothing you had to enter this menu and pick which piece to take off, but scrolling took forever
  766. [10:18:04] <Giantree> so you'd like take off your pants
  767. [10:18:15] <Giantree> and penises looked hideous too, with the ugly 3d models
  768. [10:18:51] <Giantree> since they were all chibi n' shit, and to make it worse the character you played as (and so did everyone else apparently) looked turbo generic high schooler anime schoolboy
  769. [10:19:04] <Giantree> and thanks to the chibiness of the models his dick was almost as big as his head
  770. [10:19:28] <Giantree> but then you had to enter the menu to disrobe the loli too, which also took just as long
  771. [10:19:37] <Giantree> and they could move away while you were doing it
  772. [10:19:40] <Giantree> hence the free-for-all
  773. [10:19:58] <Giantree> because anyone else could walk up to the loli you declothed and deflower her themselves
  774. [10:20:08] <Giantree> (and vice versa)
  775. [10:20:51] <Giantree> i don't think you had to pick an option to rape though, pretty sure that happened automatically if you rammed into someone else from the front or back with neither of you having clothes on
  776. [10:21:10] <Giantree> so dudes could buttfuck other dudes too
  777. [10:21:21] <Giantree> and le ebin trolls would do that to everyone else
  778. [10:21:30] <Giantree> in fact i think the lolis might've been players too
  779. [10:21:54] <Giantree> actually the way the movement controls worked was like gen 6 pokémon, come to think of it
  780. [10:22:09] <Giantree> because that's the angle the 3d chibi models were at AND the speed of movement
  781. [10:23:07] <Giantree> last thing i noticed was there was a checklist of options in the corner, and one of them was "adult" options which was turned off- which apparently didn't mean "porn," but rather "make the character models look like adults"
  782. [10:23:32] <Giantree> which would have made the mc dude look less shitty and generic but might have turned the lolis into mature women, which i didn't want, so i didn't turn it on
  783. [10:24:04] <Giantree> interestingly if it was multiplayer and that option existed clientside it might've meant that the scene looked totally different to everyone playing it
  784. [10:24:24] <Giantree> loli rape simulator to one, standard vanilla rape on someone else's screen, maybe someone else installed furry mods, etc
  785. [10:24:36] <Giantree> i'm sure something like this actually exists too
  786. [10:24:42] <Giantree> but i sure as fuck wouldn't play it
  787. [10:24:47] <Giantree> dunno what dream-me was smoking
  788. [10:24:48] <Giantree> end diary
  790. November 6
  791. [11:33:24] <Giantree> had a wackdream about having a wack dream where my dad isekai'd into my universe as my dad from a parallel universe where i was his dad, and it seemed like he was crazy at first but then over the next few days everyone else started acting like that too as well as a bunch of people randomly disappearing (because they were isekaiing too)
  792. [11:33:44] <Giantree> so when i woke up i thought that was cool as shit and decided to write a novel about it, naming ir "nerds" for some reason
  793. [11:34:05] <Giantree> and the title looked exactly like the logo of the candy with the same name
  794. [11:34:59] <Giantree> however i was also a schoolkid when i woke up, so some.... guy? i think he was a mailman or something? watched me drawing the front page of my hot new novel and asked me what it was about, so i described to him that exact premise
  795. [11:35:23] <Giantree> and he thought it was silly kid shit because this clearly took place in the past and isekai hadn't become hot shit yet
  796. [11:35:52] <Giantree> if i actually wrote that i would've eventually made billions
  797. [11:36:04] <Giantree> but after explaining it to the dude and having him laugh me off, i woke up again
  798. [11:36:11] <Giantree> end diary
  800. November 7
  801. [12:02:09] <Giantree> had a weirdie
  802. [12:02:24] <Giantree> in this one i might'vebeen myself, or maybe i was slightly younger, like a schoolboy or something
  803. [12:03:03] <Giantree> but either way i had the fantastic ability to transform into ichigo from tokyo mew mew- and that's not just her mew form but civilian ichigo too, so i had pretty much no reason to not have it on all the time
  804. [12:03:25] <Giantree> but for whatever reason i didn't have it on all the time, meaning i had like double-layered disguises to use when i needed to hide from shit
  805. [12:03:58] <Giantree> and i needed to hide from shit a lot because there was some secret society and/or group of assassins after us (i guess we were a group?)
  806. [12:04:33] <Giantree> the weirdest part was that i had a familiar who i guess was supposed to be a toy (puppet?) i had as a kid, a dinosaur named "danny"
  807. [12:05:02] <Giantree> unspecified on what kind of dinosaur it was, danny was a hand puppet with a button that would play uhhh... you are my sunshine?  is that the name of it?  sounds right
  808. [12:05:23] <Giantree> but in this dream he was a stegosaurus(sic?) who looked exactly like the one who was singing on that "yee" vid
  809. [12:06:08] <Giantree> and he was attacked by the assassins, so i transformed and rescued him and used sick master-familiar powers to read his memories and try to follow who attacked him
  810. [12:06:21] <Giantree> and the dream was full of cool shit like that instead of my fetish
  811. [12:06:27] <Giantree> but that's all i remember about it
  812. [12:06:52] <Giantree> just the rest was like some pseudo-harry potter kinda shit where there was magic everywhere but we had to be subtle about using it so the muggles didn't notice
  813. [12:07:04] <Giantree> i don't know why i just described it like that instead of "like every magical girl setting ever"
  814. [12:07:05] <Giantree> w/ev
  815. [12:07:06] <Giantree> end diary
  817. November 16
  818. [11:29:02] <Giantree> had a dream about running a campaign (of d&d, why the fuck was i running d&d) in my basement
  819. [11:29:48] <Giantree> during or maybe after one session, i made one offhanded comment that was probably about politics or something and one of the players looked offended but didn't say anything
  820. [11:30:47] <Giantree> the day of the next session, i woke up a few hours early and was sleepily stumbling through my house only to find all the players were there, having scheduled a session hours early without me (the DM), and they had some kind of recording to be the DM and run a module for them
  821. [11:30:54] <Giantree> in MY basement
  822. [11:31:46] <Giantree> as i wordlessly stood in the door, all of them immediately started going "h-hey guys we should go get some lunch" and shit like that and fled my house
  823. [11:31:52] <Giantree> no apologies or anything of course
  824. [11:32:07] <Giantree> i didn't wake up but spent a few hours being really angry before waking up
  825. [11:32:20] <Giantree> and then after waking up i was still angry because i was already angry before sleeping
  826. [11:32:33] <Giantree> guess my subconscious hates people even more than i consciously do
  827. [11:32:38] <Giantree> end
  829. December 5
  830. i was with some guy installing what looked like it was the sequel to Dragon's Crown, titty sorceress and all, so that we could play it together
  831. As soon as it started loading, what showed up on the screen was a dancing nigger that looked like he was drawn with MSPaint in some kind of 2001-era newgrounds-tier animation, to which the dude i was with responded "Looks like a brown Barack Obama"
  832. And then i replied "You mean there's an Obama that's not brown?" to him while casually opening /fg/ and posting calvard when off to the side
  834. since i've never dreamt about calvardposting before, it's sure to have some relevance sometime soon
  835. maybe
  837. December 6
  838. [01:06:43] <Giantree> your prize is to (not) read my dream diary
  839. [01:06:51] <Giantree> because i gotta dump it quick, it's going
  840. [01:07:10] <Giantree> so i just awoke from a dream that was about fire emblem in the most literal sense
  841. [01:07:56] <Giantree> it took place in my ex-grandparents' house (grandparents' ex-house?), the one my house is right next door to, wherein a town meeting by some sort of local militia was being held
  842. [01:08:19] <Giantree> however at the same time they were being raided by a combination of bandits and some enemy army, meaning the house was on fire as they were having the meeting
  843. [01:08:29] <Giantree> and the nearby fields and stuff were being razed too
  844. [01:08:56] <Giantree> but the meeting continued, not because it was an important meeting, but because everybody there was arguing about which door of the house they should go out in order to fight these guys
  845. [01:09:18] <Giantree> and also whether it's strategic or not to go outside because they're trying to smoke them out and expect them to leave
  846. [01:09:20] <Giantree> just
  847. [01:09:28] <Giantree> sitting at a table yelling at each other while everything's on fire
  848. [01:09:30] <Giantree> this is fine etc
  849. [01:10:45] <Giantree> i want to say the first part of the dream i was in that house as my childhood, before it became fire emblem, because for some reason i remember a part of the dream being about playing kirby's adventure on a handheld, and telling my cousin (or somebody) that kirby's adventure was notable for being the first game where you literally go left to right the entire game without ever needing to jump or alternate your strategy of "moving left to right"
  850. [01:10:51] <Giantree> which was bizarre because that's obviously not true
  851. [01:11:00] <Giantree> but in that universe, no-jump playthroughs existed
  852. [01:11:22] <Giantree> i mean they might in this universe because floating is a thing but i never looked
  853. [01:11:52] <Giantree> weirdly, i remember having a dream months in the past where super mario world was the same way, as in "the entire game is about moving in one direction and you can just do that without a single break to finish the game"
  854. [01:11:59] <Giantree> anyway that didn't last very long
  855. [01:12:03] <Giantree> so back to the house on fire
  856. [01:12:30] <Giantree> i guess i was the GM?  because i was basically taking control of each of these characters, possessing them and stuff to make them say or do things
  857. [01:12:45] <Giantree> including one sissy guy whose qt peasant wife was in the burning house with him and he was confessing his love to her
  858. [01:12:53] <Giantree> there were a few other S-rank pairings in the burning house too
  859. [01:12:58] <Giantree> but i don't remember their names or faces
  860. [01:13:40] <Giantree> but the Lord was just a village chief who, despite being built like an axeman, was a real sissy at getting the other dudes in control and making decisions, and he had red hair instead of blue so you KNOW he was bad at his job
  861. [01:14:11] <Giantree> but eventually, while the corridors were falling apart and the doors were black and charred, everybody eventually decided to barge out the front doors
  862. [01:14:24] <Giantree> which caught the enemy off guard because they waited for so long they expected them all to be dead
  863. [01:14:31] <Giantree> and then the rest was SRPG stuff i don't remember the details of
  864. [01:14:33] <Giantree> i then woke up
  865. [01:14:37] <Giantree> for like a few seconds
  866. [01:14:49] <Giantree> and immediately fell back asleep, starting part 2 which was a timeskip to 2 years later
  867. [01:15:03] <Giantree> however that one totally faded in the time it took me to diary the first part
  868. [01:15:21] <Giantree> so i don't remember any of it, other than that there were some really neat units and that it went full fantasy setting
  869. [01:15:29] <Giantree> there MIGHT have been isekai involved but i dunno
  870. [01:15:31] <Giantree> it's all gone
  871. [01:15:33] <Giantree> end dream diary
  872. [01:16:02] <Giantree> OH wait no
  873. [01:16:09] <Giantree> important part i need to record for my own memory's sake:
  874. [01:17:37] <Giantree> was playing the entire time (gr8 track too, thx subconscious) and i feel like a lot of the characters' designs were inspired by last ranker's characters, who had kind of unmemorable faces and that's probably why i don't remember any of said faces (the dream ones)
  875. [01:17:42] <Giantree> NOW end diary
  877. December 9
  878. [19:07:46] <Giantree> first dream diary:
  879. [19:08:32] <Giantree> i'll preface by saying i've successfully had little girl dreams for the past ~4 days by saying a prayer of "i wish to be the little girl" immediately before going to sleep
  880. [19:08:46] <Giantree> AT THE COST of not remembering much about them a fterward though
  881. [19:09:07] <Giantree> actually i think i was just a fool and got distracted instead of diarying them, because i vaguely remember bits but not enough to record
  882. [19:09:15] <Giantree> so i'll make up for that by recording this one
  883. [19:09:34] <Giantree> it began as i was an elementalist (loli) from DFO
  884. [19:09:45] <Giantree> ironically the one loli mage class i've never played and never will
  885. [19:10:37] <Giantree> i was doing a mono-fire build - the most retarded thing one can possibly do - and the class had some new buff where she sings a song that lasts like a minute, and if it completes then all her spells have 0 casting time
  886. [19:10:52] <Giantree> oddly the VO was all in JP
  887. [19:10:58] <Giantree> and it was.... a really bad sounding song
  888. [19:11:03] <Giantree> the kind of thing a child would sing
  889. [19:11:19] <Giantree> anyway i used that and completed it
  890. [19:11:40] <Giantree> and this was such a difficult task to accomplish that by doing it i gained magic irl
  891. [19:11:45] <Giantree> and i was not a little girl irl
  892. [19:11:47] <Giantree> (yet)
  893. [19:11:55] <Giantree> but there was one drawback
  894. [19:12:05] <Giantree> magic gives you tits
  895. [19:12:23] <Giantree> so i started wearing a bra instead of just... i dunno, hiding them (although they weren't particularly large)
  896. [19:12:39] <Giantree> which is just as stupid as it sounds because i was immediately caught by witch hunters who discovered i was a wizard
  897. [19:13:14] <Giantree> but they weren't aggressive about it, instead they took the form of the exact same backstabber employers i was just freed from a week ago and bamboozled me into signing a contract with them that i couldn't escape from
  898. [19:13:55] <Giantree> in that i had to find other dudes with tits (wizards) and, instead of 'turning them in' or something that makes actual sense, i had to undo their bras without them noticing
  899. [19:13:57] <Giantree> yeah
  900. [19:14:57] <Giantree> and that whole second half of the dream got so bizarre i lost track of what it was even about because it stopped making sense, there was some part where i had some bros and we went to some kind of museum together that had a lottery that cost like $50 to do
  901. [19:15:10] <Giantree> and i don't even know why that was there because we all decided it was retarded and didn't do it
  902. [19:15:20] <Giantree> and the employee telling us about it was also aware it was retarded and nobody did it
  903. [19:15:27] <Giantree> something about a vending machine and stamps too
  904. [19:15:40] <Giantree> all i know is that in the end i got backstabbed by the employers like i knew would happen
  905. [19:15:41] <Giantree> and woke up
  906. [19:15:43] <Giantree> end dream diary
  908. December 10
  909. [20:17:29] <Giantree> MIGHT have had a little girl dream this time, but my subconscious bullied me into waking up, immediately forgetting it, and having another one
  910. [20:18:12] <Giantree> this one was super comfy, but in it i was not a little girl; rather, i was either myself or just some boring-looking dude, and i served as sidekick to a bratty loli who considered herself some kind of superhero
  911. [20:18:18] <Giantree> she also rode a bike
  912. [20:18:36] <Giantree> while i had my own car, bus, airplane, and later transforming supervehicle
  913. [20:19:05] <Giantree> but for some reason a cartoony organization of supervillains genuinely believed she was the hero and was after her
  914. [20:19:28] <Giantree> i lived with no desire for recognition and in fact found it pretty hilarious
  915. [20:19:41] <Giantree> i probably fell in love with her too as that's how these stories go
  916. [20:19:47] <Giantree> she was pretty attractive
  917. [20:19:53] <Giantree> end
  919. December 11
  920. [21:33:54] <Giantree> diary: i was replaying ao no kiseki for some reason, but the version i was playing was not only a port but was in a cartridge(?) that was able to be ported to literally any handheld system, and thus i did the final boss with azure arbitrator blasting on a gameboy color
  921. [21:34:18] <Giantree> and i was at some office (hospital?) while playing it, so i put it in sleep mode for a minute for someone to tell me something
  922. [21:34:34] <Giantree> and when i turned it back on, the color was gone
  923. [21:35:19] <Giantree> it turned out that i had somehow picked up someone's game boy pocket and slipped it in there instead, so instead of finishing the final boss like i had planned to do i started searching for the kid(?) who owned it to give it back and get my game boy color back
  924. [21:35:21] <Giantree> the rest is gone
  925. [21:35:29] <Giantree> just like my faith in humanity
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