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  1. /tour create gen7ou, elimination
  2. /tour rules -Sitrus Berry, -Aguav BerryRestores, -Assault Vest, -Choice Band, -Choice Scarf, -Choice Specs, -Eviolite, -Figy Berry, -Focus Sash, -Iapapa Berry, -Leftovers, -Life Orb, -Mago Berry, -Mental Herb, -Power Herb, -Rocky Helmet, -Wiki Berry, -Absorb Bulb, -
  3. Adrenaline Orb, -Air Balloon, -Apicot Berry, -Babiri Berry, -Berry Juice, -Big Root, -Black Belt, -Black Glasses, -Black Sludge, -Bright Powder, -Buginium Z, -Cell Battery, -Charcoal, -Charti Berry, -Chesto Berry, -Chople Berry, -Coba Berry, -Colbur Berry, -Custap Berry, -Damp Rock, -Darkinium Z, -Draco Plate, -Dragon Fang, -Dragonium Z, -Dread Plate, -Earth Plate, -Eject Button, -Electric Seed, -Electrium Z, -Expert Belt, -Fairium Z, -Fightinium Z, -Firium Z, -Fist Plate, -Flame Orb, -Flame Plate, -Flyinium Z, -Focus Band, -Full Incense, -Ganlon Berry, -Ghostium Z, -Grassium Z, -Grassy Seed, -Grepa Berry, -Grip Claw, -Groundium Z, -Haban Berry, -Hard Stone, -Heat Rock, -Icicle Plate, -Icium Z, -Icy Rock, -Insect Plate, -Iron Plate, -Kasib Berry, -Kebia Berry, -Kee Berry, -Kelpsy Berry, -King's Rock, -Lagging Tail, -Lansat Berry, -Lax Incense, -Leppa Berry, -Liechi Berry, -Light Clay, -Lum Berry, -Luminous Moss, -Magnet, -Maranga Berry, -Meadow Plate, -Metal Coat, -Metronome, -Micle Berry, -Mind Plate, -Miracle Seed, -Misty Seed, -Muscle Band, -Mystic Water, -Never-Melt Ice, -Normal Gem, -Normalium Z, -Occa Berry, -Odd Incense, -Passho Berry, -Payapa Berry, -Petaya Berry, -Pixie Plate, -Poison Barb, -Poisonium Z, -Protective Pads
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