Piss Contest - Training (PISS)

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  1. >Celestia drank the liquid presented before her.
  2. >Right now, she was testing the diuretic liquid.
  3. >It was a clear, odorless, colorless, tasteless liquid.
  4. >The only thing distinguishing it from water, was the fact that it was kinda sticky.
  5. >Celestia drank the pitcher, and waited for the results.
  6. >The floor was damp, the engineers had been testing.
  7. “Hmm… Yes, I can feel it, it goes right through me.”
  8. >She had told them she needed in order to force the hand of guests at tables, not letting them use the bathroom until they negotiated.
  9. >At least, that was one of its uses.
  10. >It’s main use was for pleasure.
  11. >The contest would be public, it was spun as one of discords arrangements.
  12. >Although he had nothing to do with the original idea, he still took all the credit.
  13. >It’s nice to have an insane person to blame stuff on.
  14. >She feels the liquid in her bladder, already completed it’s course.
  15. >It needed to be fast, once the bladder had filled up, urine would flow back to the kidneys.
  16. >The kidneys, flooded, would be unable to filter blood.
  17. >This had limited testing, and more importantly; training.
  18. >Each and everyday, she drank a glass of liquid every hour.
  19. >If she was feeling lucky, she would try to go to sleep with the liquid still inside of her.
  20. >The first few nights, her bladder had won over.
  21. >Her training was making progress though, and last night she woke up dry.
  22. >The contest rules were no magic, no touching and no appendages.
  23. >That was it.
  24. >Anything else was fair game.
  25. >She could taunt Big Mac, if she wanted.
  26. >Or she could stay calm, and meditate.
  27. >Either way would be good, and fulfilling.
  28. >The pressure in her bladder reached it’s apex, and she started to drip.
  29. “Bucket, now” She said.
  30. >Her engineers brought forth a bucket, one which she would be able to see the volume of her urine, as well as it’s properties.
  31. >The put under her, but she would not go immediately. She would only fill it, when she broke.
  32. >The minutes trickle by, as does her body.
  33. >Slowly, her body succumbs to the pressure.
  34. >She unleashes it, and watches the stream pour into the bucket, as do her engineers.
  35. >Watching the yellow fluid escape her, was almost torture.
  36. >She wanted to stick her hooves in her crotch, and feel her torrent splash against them.
  37. >Only able to sit and watch, her bladder slowly empties into the bucket.
  38. >Once drained, they take it back and measure it.
  39. >”3.4 Litres, princess.” One of them says, clearly impressed.
  40. >While they may be impressed, she wasn't.
  41. >She would need to practice more if she wanted to prove her dominance.
  43. ……………………………..
  44. >”Chug chug chug chug chug chug!”
  45. >Applejack and her friends were gathered around the table, chanting on the contest.
  46. >Once word got out that big mac had been challenged by Celestia to a pissing contest, everybody wanted to see the stallion in action. Well, everybody except rarity.
  47. >Rules were simple, drink as much as you could, then hold it as long as you could.
  48. >Right now it was Rainbow Dash Versus Big Mac.
  49. >Both set down their drink, and get ready for the hold.
  50. >This would be the boring part of the game; the waiting until one of them showed signs of needing to go.
  51. >It would be a half hour until one of them showed signs.
  52. >Rainbow dash already had her hooves on her crotch, trying to ease the pain.
  53. >Years of missing out on cider season had left her a low tolerance for alcohol, and she had trouble containing herself.
  54. >Pinching her legs together, she desperately tries to stop anything from happening.
  55. >Big mac just smirks at her, not even moving a muscle.
  56. “W-Whasa matter Big Mac? You… You gadda pee and you…” Rainbow dash starts, too drunk to come up with an actual insult.
  57. >Rainbow dash loses her grip on her bladder, and starts spewing.
  58. “Heh… Wouldja lookit dat… It actually feels pretty nice, warm n all.”
  59. >Thats all she is able to get out, before she collapses and falls asleep, still pissing in the process.
  60. >Everybody erupts in cheers, aside for the few ponies that bet on Rainbow Dash winning.
  61. “Alright, alright, show’s over. Everypony go home.” Applejack says, leading her brother out of the barn.
  62. >Applejack follows his sister into the orchard, far enough away from the ponies to see.
  63. “Ya sure ya can go up against Celestia, Big Macintosh?”
  64. “Eeyup.”
  65. “Ah don’t believe you, you need to really have control in order to win.”
  66. “Whad’ja hav in mind?”
  67. “Ah test, just last as long as ya can.”
  68. >Applejack gets down under her brother, eyeing his stallionhood.
  69. >She puts her mouth on it, and begins to suck. His flaccid member soon grows, causing applejack to gag slightly.
  70. “Uhh… Sis?”
  71. “Like ah said, last as long as you can. No cummin, an no pissin. If you can last through me, you can outlast the princess.”
  72. >Slowly applejack begins to force his cock down her throat, sacrificing air for pleasure.
  73. >Big Mac bit his lip, Applejack never did anything like this before.
  74. >Her toung caresses his tip, tickling it before she sucks again.
  75. >Moving deeper, she licks his sweat off, making sure it’s clean.
  76. >She puts her her lips on the tip, and begins to suck.
  77. >Slowly, something pours out unto Applejack’s tongue.
  78. “Ah told ya to not cum. Not even a drop. Or would’ja like me to stop, and you can finish by yerself?”
  80. “Nnope!”
  81. >Applejack returns to her task. Only this time, when she pulls back, she sucks as well.
  82. >Mouth full of saliva, she swishes the cock around in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue.
  83. >Despite the pleasure Applejack is giving him, Big Mac dares not cum.
  84. “Alright, yer workin out to be tougher than others, lets try something different.”
  85. >She removes her mouth, and turns around, presenting her winking vulva.
  86. “Stick it in, make me scream.”
  87. >Big Mac inserts himself, feeling the warm folds of applejack’s labia.
  88. >Her vag is barely wide enough to contain his member, and her walls stretch tight.
  89. >He starts pounding, a long dormant part of his mind awakening.
  90. >Applejack groans as he rams her, each thrust sending waves of pleasure that only a brother could make.
  91. >Applejack can hold back no longer, and she starts to piss.
  92. >Her massive child bearing hips contain the fluids, and Big Mac begins pounding into a bubble of piss and marecum.
  93. >He fluids waving over his dick, Big Mac can contain himself no longer, and he too breaks.
  94. >His bladder explodes, filling up any space inside applejack, forcing it’s way down her pee hole and into her bladder.
  95. >Unable to take the strain, her winking vulva explodes outwards with fluids, Spraying Big Mac and his balls.
  96. >Thrusting a few more times, he removes himself, letting applejack pour her sticky juices on him.
  97. >Lying down on the ground in bliss, he closes his eyes for a moment before something attacks him.
  98. >Opening his eyes reveals nothing, but by feel Big Mac understands.
  99. >Applejack is sitting on his face. Her bladder now full again from Big Mac’s release, she opens up and starts pissing.
  100. >The stream sprayed off of his face, thoroughly coating it in a sticky, Yellow-white substance.
  101. >Finally, applejack is empty, and she walks away.
  102. “Uhh, sis?”
  103. “Ya barely had any control, you need to practice more. Same time tomorrow, but this time make sure to fill up.”
  104. >Big Mac smiles, licking the cum off his lips.
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