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  1. Africa Mod
  2. Version 0.2
  4. General Description: This mod is meant to make gameplay involving Africa (and potentially other colonial areas) more interesting. Currently adds some major events and decisions for the Boer countries, and minor flavor elsewhere. Plans include culture-based renaming of African provinces, economic and settlement projects.
  6. Suggestions for additions to the mod are very welcome.
  8. Tripcode: Africamod !QwrcygDzH.
  10. Link :!7hkX3KyR!tVmwMxaS6-fALM1FEzJMEQ
  12. How to play as South Africa without releasing from ENG: Start as ENG or an observer nation and wait until the trek state of your choice, either Natal or Transvaal, for events/decisions that will lead towards SAF unification
  14. Changelog:
  15. V0.2 1/18/17
  16. -Zoutpansberg OPM added with decisions for transvaal integration
  17. -poptypes.txt edited to increase colonial immigration
  18. -Xhosa cattle-killing events
  19. -Border raiding events for Xhosa, Zula, and Suazi
  21. V0.1 1/13/16
  22. -Added 'VLK' tag, "Volkstaat" meant to represent a Boer ethnostate, sans the cape. I felt it warranted a separate tag from SAF as the Boer states can united without the cape colony, which is then left without a tag.
  23. -VLK flag courtesy of AFPG
  24. -Added basic event chain for African natives in the Volkstaat to be either deported or pogrom'd if a reactionary or fascist government comes to power (Seperate tag for releasable native state to be released after deportations soon)
  25. -Added flavor event that gives a minor modifier describing the Commando system
  26. -Added an event to bring Transvaal up to normal liferating numbers
  27. -Added a decision to boost RGO size of Natal, artificially low by default due to how RGOs are generated
  28. -Added a decision to decide the capital of a fully united South Africa with the cape
  29. -Added a 'Greater South Africa' decision for reasonable irredentist cores, soon to be replaced with events though
  30. -Added decisions/events for claiming of Walvis Bay and Namibia to prevent European settlement
  31. -Added an event for a properly powerful South Africa to settle Rhodesia
  32. -Several events for renaming of territories expansionist SAF/VLK could reasonably claim to Afrikaans names
  33. -Mineral Revolution flavor event
  34. -Added a decision to 'Open the Frontiers' to homesteading to attract immigrants
  36. Sources:
  37. -Osprey Books used are in this link, courtesy of /hwg/ on /tg/:
  38. -Griqua info:
  39. -Tsar Nicky's Autism:
  40. -The British Colonial Library:
  41. -Voortrekker History:
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