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  1. Method working/verified: [color=#32CD32][b][u]YES[/color][/u][/b]
  2. Autobuy (BTC): [color=#32CD32][b][u]ONLINE[/color][/u][/b]
  3. Skype Support: [color=#32CD32][b][u]ONLINE[/color][/u][/b]
  4. [hr][hr]
  6. [align=center][color=#1E90FF][size=xx-large][b][u]BUY WITHIN 12 HOURS AND RECEIVE 3 CS:GO SKIN BONUS METHODS!
  8. SkinHeaven[/u][/b][/color][/size][size=medium]
  9. [b]
  10. [hr]
  11. [size=medium][color=#FFA500]***[/color] USE COUPON CODE '[color=#FFA500]BTCSKINS[/color]' TO GET [color=#FFA500]15% OFF[/color] WHEN YOU PURCHASE WITH BITCOIN [color=#FFA500]***[/color][/size]
  12. [hr]
  13. [url=][color=#FFFFFF][size=x-large]SKIN HEAVEN [color=#1E90FF]COMPLETE[/color] PACKAGE == [color=#696969][s]$59.99[/s][/color] ==> [/size][color=#1E90FF][size=xx-large]$24.95[/color][/size][/color]
  14. [size=medium][color=#1E90FF][[/color][color=#A9A9A9]CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW AND DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY[/color][color=#1E90FF]][/color][/size][/url]
  15. [hr]
  16. If you would like to purchase with CS:GO Skins or Amazon Giftcard
  17. Add my skype: [skype][/skype][/size]
  21. [size=large][color=#006400] What is this method about?[/color][/b]
  22. [color=#FFFFFF]This eBook teaches you a completely new and unsaturated CS:GO skin earning method!
  24. This is never seen method and never previously sold @ HF![/color][/size]
  27. [url=][img][/img]
  28. [img][/img][/url]
  30. Terms Of Service
  31. [spoiler]
  32. 1) You understand there is NO refunds available. I cannot guarantee that this method will work for you, but it has worked for a lot of people so it will most likely work for you too. I offer NO refunds, and you're not allowed to chargeback. Chargeback means that scam report will be opened and community alert. When you purchase the eBook with any payment method, there will be no refunds given.
  33. 2) No leaking/sharing the method with anyone. Doing this will result in a scam/community alert.
  34. 3) Sale trashing the thread will result in a denied support, and if I deny support its your problem.
  35. 4) I can close sales ANYTIME
  36. 5) I can stop support ANYTIME
  37. 6) When you purchase you agree to this Terms Of Service
  38. 7) Terms of service can be changed anytime without ANY notice
  39. [/spoiler]
  41. [u][b]FaQ[/b][/u]
  43. Does this method involve making websites/hosting them in any way?
  44. [b]100% No.[/b]
  46. Is coding experience needed/any other previous knowledge for this method to work?
  47. [b]Absolutely not. Everything is covered in the eBook.[/b]
  49. Is this method about: Gambling, Trading, Hacking, Using Keylogger/RAT, Scamming, Betting, Playing CS:GO?
  50. [b]Nope, none of them! This method is really unique and cool![/b]
  52. Is any investment needed/CS:GO skins for this method?
  53. [b]You dont need to investment/you dont need to have ANY CS:GO skins for this method to work! You can investment if you want, but its only optional.[/b]
  55. Is another Steam account needed for the method/is the method bannable?
  56. [b]You cannot get banned from the method or from the bonus methods. You only need one account for methods to work, no need for alternative accounts.[/b]
  58. [/align]
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