Monstrous Endeavor Ch. 1: Attention

Feb 8th, 2015
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Attending Monster Girl University
  4. At the start of the second week you sit watching as your Succubus professor marches about in front of the board, her absurdly large breasts barely remaining in her top as she flails around. It is entertaining to know that even a monster girl could get so animated talking about something like Calculus. Every human male in the class seemed to lean over every time she had to bend over to complete a formula on the board and her ass peeked out from underneath her skirt.
  6. Frustration was beginning to get to you. Your buddy had told you about the co-ed program starting at MGU to encourage interspecies interactions more. He sat beside you barely able to stay awake. He had informed you of the Anubis whose club he had joined and showed you the bandages and bruises from their club activities. This was annoying. He had merely come here out of fascination however you'd come here in the interest of conquest. Your sole purpose for coming here was fucking monster girls. Of course this was frowned upon and could put you in a very dangerous situation. "Whatever," you thought to yourself. You'll cross that bridge when you get there.
  8. A flame flits up off to your right. The Hellhound you've been watching during this class was concentrating hard right now. You knew she was because flames had started to rise off of her. When this happened the flames never put off heat, likely a habit of hers she'd learned to control. As you watched flames rise off her eyes she peered over toward you. It was already too late to look away. If she saw you then so be it. A snicker crossed her face as she faced back to the front. Her flames slowly die down and you draw your eyes across her back. Long flowing hair that falls across her back like a deep black flame. Her grand tail of matching fur sitting across her bench swishing occasionally. Her pointed black ears twitched as she listened to the Succubus in the front hem and haw about complicated formulas and long dead mathematicians.
  10. You sigh and return your attention to the front as well. The tuition here isn't cheap and you should at least pretend to take an interest. As you get to it the class comes to an end as the Succubus up front taps her foot and shrugs. She explains that she'll have to finish her diatribe about the overly complicated equation and its simplification next time. Quickly you look down to begin gathering your things hoping to catch the Hellhound before she rushes off.
  12. As you stand and turn your attention back from the floor you are face to face with breasts. wonderfully large breasts sat under a charcoal top. Turning your gaze up you see the Hellhound looking down at you with that same snicker from before. "Hello," she says. Your heart is beating so fast you return the greeting while inhaling quickly. Her voice was deep and booming and it matched her perfectly.
  14. You notice out of the corner of your eye your friend is already walking away, as he passes in front of you to leave the room you see him snickering as well. Bastard
  15. "In the interest of you paying more attention in class I figured I'd introduce myself, I'm Iggy." As you suspected you've been caught.
  16. "Iggy?"
  17. "It's short for Ignacia."
  18. While introducing yourself you notice a collar around her neck with a skull strapped to the front that has hearts for eyes. She was wearing a jacket over her top that remained about her arms, hindered from being worn properly by her impressive chest.
  20. The same fire you'd been watching previously was beginning to well about her face and flicker off behind her. She cleared her throat lightly and stated, "You know I've been having trouble with this class, do you think we could share notes later?"
  22. You nodded and said you could meet her in the evening after other classes had ended.
  24. "Good, meet me at the library and we can go over the lecture." She raised her paw and her snicker turned to a warm smile as she walked off. Her tail wagged slowly behind her as she left the view of the room, clawed feet clicking against the floor. The flames still followed behind as they coursed off of her.
  26. You dropped your bag and sat back down for a moment. You stopped breathing during the exchange and needed to catch your breath. She beat you the punch, the tricky bitch. "Godamn.." you muttered to yourself.
  28. The succubus turned around and noticed you were still in the room while everyone had cleared out and looked at you quizzically. It was time to go.
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