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  1. * CollinVee sighs dejectedly, opting to slide up behind Ami, nipping at her neck. "Ah well, substitution it is." He muses.
  2. * Ami_ pushes back with her foot, pushing him away
  3. <Ami_> Good boys ask first~
  4. <JustRowan> Inb4 card game
  5. <CollinVee> Psssh
  6. * CollinVee sniggers and curls his arms around her waist. "I'm not the asking type~"
  7. * Ami_ kicks Collin in the crotch, letting go and turning around to smile at him
  8. <Ami_> And I'm not the "getting raped" type~
  9. <Kitsu> CaH?
  10. <JustRowan> Oh
  11. <JustRowan> Hey kitsu
  12. * CollinVee has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  13. <Ami_> lol rekt
  14. * Ami_ toots her mlg airhorns
  15. <JustRowan> Rofl
  16. <JustRowan> What a creep
  17. * Ami_ goes back to cuddling Akatsu, still naked
  18. <Ami_> :3
  19. * JustRowan puts ami's pants back on
  20. <Ami_> Nooo
  21. * CollinVee ( has joined
  22. <CollinVee> ._. What a time for my internet to shit out.
  23. <Ami_> :333
  24. <CollinVee> As I was gonna say, if you don't want, don't taunt.
  25. <JustRowan> What are you even talking about Collin
  26. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis> >victim blaming
  27. <CollinVee> Nigga what
  28. <JustRowan> She wasn't taunting, you can of pringles
  29. <CollinVee> I'm just saying that if she wasn't up for it she shoulda been vocal you nigger.
  30. <Kitsu> ohoh
  31. <CollinVee> It's roleplay
  32. <CollinVee> r o l e p l a y
  33. <Kitsu> sooorry, I was too busy playing ffxiv end game~
  34. <dfc_bunny> > * Ami_ pushes back with her foot, pushing him away
  35. <JustRowan> ^
  36. <dfc_bunny> >not a clear sign
  37. <CollinVee> R O L E  P L A Y
  38. <JustRowan> HOMIE
  39. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis> you role play a creepy rapist, that's all
  40. <Ami_> Fuck out my face bitch ass ask nicer
  41. <JustRowan> ^
  42. <CollinVee> R O L E  P L A Y
  43. <CollinVee> ALSO
  44. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis> just pointing it out, don't be so defensive
  45. <JustRowan> Hey Collin
  46. <JustRowan> This shit is the very reason you lost mod status
  47. <CollinVee> Okay
  48. <CollinVee> Fuck you too then.
  49. <JustRowan> Cause you do something bag
  50. <JustRowan> Bad
  51. <CollinVee> >Roleplaying
  52. <JustRowan> And then act innocent
  53. <CollinVee> >bad
  54. <CollinVee> >go along with it
  55. <CollinVee> >stop when asked
  56. <CollinVee> OKAY MATE
  57. <dfc_bunny> >Rapelaying
  58. <CollinVee> SON
  59. <CollinVee> DID I NOT
  60. <CollinVee> STOP
  61. <Ami_> Stop trying to defend being creepy
  63. <CollinVee> NO, I AM NOT
  64. <CollinVee> Jesus fucking christ
  65. <Ami_> Also quit being a sperg
  66. <Kitsu> Ami can I stick my meaty rod into your slutty loose bud till it bulges on your stomach?
  67. <Ami_> You got rejected, deal with it
  68. <CollinVee> Okay then fuck you all too.
  69. <Ami_> Why yes, yes you can Kitsu
  70. <CollinVee> I don't care ami, really.
  71. <dfc_bunny> no thanks, but i appreciate you asking
  72. <CollinVee> It's not about that, it's Rowan being a cock
  73. <JustRowan> <3
  74. * CollinVee has quit ()
  75. <JustRowan> See ami
  76. <Ami_> *mlg horns louder*
  77. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis> lol
  78. <JustRowan> Told you he's autistic
  79. <Kitsu> lel @ collin
  80. <JustRowan> Some one screen all of this
  81. <Ami_> The funny part is I would have let him hit it if he'd asked nicely like I said~
  82. <JustRowan> So we can show gufo
  83. <JustRowan> Cause Collin was warned to stop being a child
  84. <Kitsu> RIP Collin, hitting on everyone that joins this place
  85. <JustRowan> And obviously hasn't
  86. <Ami_> >hitting on
  87. <Ami_> is that code for "attempting to rape"
  88. <Kitsu> yeaaah, erping, raping
  89. <Kitsu> what's the difference
  90. * CollinVee ( has joined
  91. <Ami_> Also are you gonna follow through on what you asked :3
  92. <CollinVee> Okay two things I want to clear up.
  93. <Ami_> Should have asked nicely I'd have let you fuck me
  94. <CollinVee> Ami, I'm sorry for going ham on you - I misinterpreted signals. It wasn't supposed to be a huge thing, seriously. it's just ERP.
  95. * dfc_bunny is now known as Popcorn
  96. <Kitsu> Can I first slap my sweaty shaft across your face?
  97. <Ami_> Apology accepted.
  98. <CollinVee> Rowan, piss off and mind your own business, and learn to seperate OOC and IC.
  99. <Kitsu> also >poprocnr
  100. * Magic_Disembodied_Penis eats popcorn.
  101. <Kitsu> Kek'd that's my pet's name in ffxiv
  102. <Ami_> No, Kitsu!
  103. * Popcorn gets eaten
  104. <Ami_> Butt or bust
  105. <Ami_> Also MDP post lewds
  106. <Kitsu> B-but who's gonna lick it clean...
  107. <JustRowan> Pfft
  108. <CollinVee> Furthermore, don't gang up on people and take this shit seriously - you've already driven out like 3 people from the IRC.
  109. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis> not right now, eating and doing stuff
  110. * Popcorn eats itself
  111. * Popcorn is now known as Guest16555
  112. <CollinVee> And you've already been booted before.
  113. <JustRowan> Yeah?
  114. <CollinVee> That's all. Jesus christ.
  115. * Guest16555 is now known as dfc_bunny
  116. <JustRowan> I'd do it again if it meant calling you out on your shit
  117. <CollinVee> What shit?
  118. <CollinVee> Legitimately.
  119. <Kitsu> Ami, take responsibility, you invited it in, you're gonna clean it up and play with it.
  120. * Makoto69_ ( has joined
  121. <Ami_> Huhwwaaah?
  122. <CollinVee> I made a mistake, big fucking whoop.
  123. <dfc_bunny> hello mako
  124. <Ami_> Clean what?
  126. <CollinVee> Let's sound the alarm bells, someone's different from you.
  127. <Ami_> DO I LOOK LIKE A MAIDO
  128. <JustRowan> If it was one mistake
  129. <Ami_> Collin, drop it I don't care. You guys should let it go too.
  130. <dfc_bunny>
  131. <JustRowan> Why did everyone vote to have your mod taken?
  132. <CollinVee> I'm glad we all have to live up to your standards, Rowan. Piss off and mind your own business.
  133. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis> wb mako
  134. <CollinVee> Mate, what's your hang-up on me losing mod?
  135. <CollinVee> Legitimately?
  136. * Kitsu takes his stinky meat out of his pants and waves it in front of Ami "This, you said you wanted it"
  137. <CollinVee> I volunteered because Ari needed help and couldn't trust anyone else.
  138. <CollinVee> I was happy to stand down if needed. It's not a big deal.
  139. <Ami_> >stinky
  140. <Ami_> ewww
  141. <JustRowan> I don't care about your history lesson
  142. <Ami_> Wheres that thing been!
  143. <CollinVee> Well I guess Gufo will make the decision then, asshole.
  144. <Kitsu> Obviously in my pants.
  145. <Ami_> WHATS IN THEIR
  146. <Ami_> THERE
  147. <Makoto69_18> I'm gonna try train myself for lucid dreaming by listening to one song while staying still, relieve discomfort afterwards, then do two songs, then three...
  148. 18<Kitsu18> Except for  my cock, nothing.
  149. 18<Kitsu18> Don't act like you don't like the strong smell of a man's dick?
  150. 18<JustRowan18> I'm not the one who got angsty and defensive after being denied pussy
  151. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> good luck mako
  152. 18<Kitsu18> that question mark was completely out of context
  153. 18<Ami_18> too /d/ for me
  154. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> Ron Burgandy?
  155. 18<CollinVee18> Nigga it wasn't about ERP
  156. 18<dfc_bunny18> >
  157. 18<CollinVee18> It was about you butting in on shit that wasn't your business.
  158. 18<CollinVee18> It's always been about that.
  159. 18<Kitsu18> >Ami couldn't handle the D
  160. 18<Kitsu18> oh, well...
  161. 18<CollinVee18> Legit, why do I care if I don't get to ERP with someone?
  162. 18<CollinVee18> WHY would I care?
  163. 18<Ami_18> God both of you quit fucking bickering for christs sake
  164. 18<Ami_18> Suck each others cocks and kiss on the lips
  165. 18<CollinVee18> Nah son.
  166. 18<Ami_18> Just make the hell up
  167. 18<CollinVee18> I only do that for Ein
  168. 18<JustRowan18> Nah
  169. 18<CollinVee18> B)
  170. 18<Makoto69_18> Boy love pls
  171. 18<Ami_18> BOY LOVE IS PURE
  172. 18<CollinVee18> Once Ein's back I'll give ya lots of boy love Mako
  173. 18<CollinVee18> :^)
  174. 18<JustRowan18> Collin would try to rape me, then get mad when I kicked him in the balls
  175. 18<CollinVee18> Don't be a bitch, Rowan.
  176. <Kitsu18> I like where this is going
  177. 18* Ami_ chants "ANGRY SEX"
  178. 18<CollinVee18> As well, you need to learn to seperate OOC and IC. I have extreme fetishes, get over it.
  179. 18<Kitsu18> ...if where I think it's going is where it's going
  180. 18<JustRowan18> Kk bb, wutevr u say
  181. 18<LurkingDino18> (This is some intense RP)
  182. 18<Ami_18> kek
  183. 18<CollinVee18> Kek
  184. 18<JustRowan18> Oh ye collin, gibe me dat D
  185. * Kitsu puts his meat back in his pants "Pansy girls don't appreciate a man's dick like they should"
  186. <CollinVee> But legit I want to make it clear - I wasn't being a bitch because you rejected me, Ami. Rowan's just a cunt who's been banned a few times now for acting like this.
  187. <Makoto69_> Collin, are you trying to force people to do stuff IC and throwing a fit if they don't submit IC?
  188. <JustRowan> >few times
  189. <CollinVee> i wasn't tho
  190. <CollinVee> I was just getting pissy at Rowan and it got taken out of context.
  191. <JustRowan> It was once, you sperglord
  192. <CollinVee> Okay?
  193. * Ami_ doesn't even care anymore
  194. <Kitsu> This is getting me hungry...
  195. <CollinVee> Ye, just didn't want to get off on the wrong foot. Enough people bickering as it is.
  196. <CollinVee> Also Mako I prefer if they resist.
  197. <CollinVee> :3c
  198. <CollinVee> Ask Chae.
  199. <JustRowan18> Then take it to pms you fuck
  200. 18<CollinVee18> I did
  201. 18<CollinVee18> Nerd
  202. 18<CollinVee18> Why are you so mad?
  203. 18<Ami_18> Will someone just insert something into my ass in a consensual manor
  204. 18<Makoto69_18> Apparently not if it's being argued about.
  205. 18<CollinVee18> Nah me and Chae, Mako
  206. 18<CollinVee18> It's explicitly over Kik because it squicks people. Also I wasn't going for rape here in the first place. Just like, really physical coercion.
  207. 18<Ami_18> Would that hold up in court
  208. 18<CollinVee18> But whatever. No sense trying to defend myself - it's just ERP.
  209. 18<Ami_18> :^)
  210. 18<Kitsu18> RIP Ami, that's what you get for rejecting the D
  211. 18<CollinVee18> Pfft
  212. 18<CollinVee18> I just imagine
  213. 18<CollinVee18> Like getting hauled off to court
  214. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> >defends himself like crazy, "no sense trying to defend myself" :^)
  216. <JustRowan> Stay golden,  Collin
  217. <CollinVee> The judge gasps and shouts "GUILTY! LIFE IN PRISON!"
  218. * Ami_ just lays on the floor and fingers herself whilst ignoring all the dumb other shit
  219. <Ami_> KATSU, CUDDLES NOW
  220. <CollinVee> She's ded, Ami
  221. <CollinVee> Else there would be prime time cuddles being had
  222. <CollinVee> ;_;
  223. <Kitsu> wat.
  224. <Kitsu18> wat.
  225. 18<CollinVee18> AFK, Kitsu
  226. 18<Kitsu18> Oh, Aka, carry on
  227. 18<CollinVee18> Yeah
  228. 18<Kitsu18> Your little quarrels are cute, just fyi
  229. 18<CollinVee18> I prefer bickering with Ruz
  230. 18<CollinVee18> At least he's not a bitch when we try to let it drop
  231. 20<Mienfoo>30 ....
  232. 23* Suki-chan (cgiirc@7A4D505F.A7AF4243.2CEA6D18.IP23) has joined
  234. 20<Mienfoo>30 Swear to christ and heaven above, just let it fucking stop.
  235. 18<CollinVee18> Sukiiii
  236. 18<CollinVee18> Eh?
  237. 18* dfc_bunny is out of popcorn
  238. 18<JustRowan18> Top shelf collin
  239. 19<CollinVee> I'm just bantering now, Mienfoo
  240. 18* Magic_Disembodied_Penis ate all the popcorn
  241. 20<Mienfoo>30 >bantering >when you were just complaining he wouldn't stop
  242. 20<Mienfoo>30 ....
  243. 18<Suki-chan18> (Hello :3 )
  244. 20<Mienfoo>30 you people confuse me more and more.
  245. 18<Ami_18> (Hi Suuuuki~)
  246. 18<CollinVee18> Yes, crude humor, mate.
  247. 18<Ami_18> >bantering
  248. 18* Makoto69_ tries not to shut up Collin by throwing a catgirl at him, because he'd probably rape it
  249. 18<CollinVee18> An attempt to lighten the mood by mocking the very thing I was participating in.
  250. 18<Ami_18> r u even british
  251. 18<CollinVee18> Okay if you're not gonna cut it out with this rape shit I swear.
  252. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> anyone ever watch DSP let's plays?
  253. 18<Ami_18> You swear, you're gonna rape the FUCK outta someone
  254. 18* Suki-chan squeaks as she's thrown at collin.
  255. 18<CollinVee18> I prefer consentual sex, for fuck's sake.
  256. 18<Makoto69_18> Swear what? You'll rape me?
  257. 20<Mienfoo>30 No, I'm not Ami, I'm just frustrated because you complained he wouldn't drop shit, then revitalized it via doing it again
  258. 18<Kitsu18> I would love to just bend both of em over my knee and spank their bare behinds bright red
  259. 18<dfc_bunny18> why would i want to torture myself penis-chan?
  265. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> you suffer from the same delusions, neither of you would understand
  266. 18<CollinVee18> nigga try me
  267. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> it's something only someone from the outside looking in would get
  268. 18<CollinVee18> TRY ME, SON.
  269. 18<CollinVee18> LAY IT ON ME
  270. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> no I'm telling you it's impossible
  271. 18<Ami_18> mdp brings the painsults
  272. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> Rowan tried
  273. 18<CollinVee18> T R Y  M E
  274. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> that's the point
  275. 18<CollinVee18> Oh I know where Rowan's coming from
  276. 18<CollinVee18> It's just that he's got me wrong, in some ways.
  277. 18<Suki-chan18> ( #shotsfired is an actual room.)
  278. 18<CollinVee18> He likes to jump to conclusions is the thing.
  279. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> no, this is the same as last time
  280. 18<JustRowan18> >talking like I'm not here,  and lying
  281. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> you did something a little creepy in public chat
  282. 18<Makoto69_18> Collin, no one has you wrong, you're creepy as hell.
  283. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> multiple people raised an eyebrow
  284. 18<CollinVee18> Yeah, I fucked up. But I got pissy when Rowan insisted on weighing in, which he then correlated to "You're a creepy guy"
  285. 18<Suki-chan18> (Hey guys, since rowan isn't here, lets talk about him :3 )
  286. 18<CollinVee18> Oh I know I'm off-putting mate
  287. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> and you go ballistic trying to say, WHAT WHAT, IT'S NORMAL
  288. 18<CollinVee18> I'm not talking like you're not here Rowan
  289. 18<CollinVee18> I'm not acting like it's normal
  290. 18<JustRowan18> Sure you aren't
  291. 18<CollinVee18> I'm just say chill out about it
  292. 18<CollinVee18> It's an ERP IRC for fuck's sake
  293. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> I told you you wouldn't understand
  294. 18* Suki-chan ignores the conflict going on in the room and runs into the kitchen to make herself dinner.
  295. 18<CollinVee18> And this shit is at the point that the IRC has been contemplated being taken down.
  296. 18<Suki-chan18> (Dinner time :3 )
  297. 18<CollinVee18> I do understand, MDP
  298. 24* Suki-chan has quit ()
  299. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> clearly
  300. 18<CollinVee18> You guys think I'm creepy, and it starts shit.
  301. 18<Ami_18> Wait what who's taking down the IRC
  302. 18<JustRowan18> No one
  303. 18<Ami_18> Gooodgooodddd
  304. 18<Makoto69_18> And it's an IRC not made to cater to your dock.
  305. 18<JustRowan18> Collin's bluffing
  306. 18<CollinVee18> What?
  307. 18<CollinVee18> Ask Ari.
  308. 18<Makoto69_18> *dick
  309. 18<JustRowan18> Lol
  310. 18<CollinVee18> I know that Mako
  311. 18<CollinVee18> that's why my extreme shit is in PMs now
  312. 18<JustRowan18> It's an empty threat,  cv
  313. 18<JustRowan18> And you know it
  314. 18<CollinVee18> I'm not threatening, I'm reporting facts. Ask Ari about it.
  315. 18<Makoto69_18> All your shit is too creepy for main chat.
  316. 18<JustRowan18> Oh no
  317. 18<CollinVee18> I have no need to wave about a power boner
  318. 18<JustRowan18> It's being taken down
  319. 18<CollinVee18> No, that's not what I said
  320. 18<JustRowan18> Cause it's so hard to make a new one
  321. 18<CollinVee18> contemplated is the key word
  322. 18<CollinVee18> Ah well, if you want to miss the point by all means.
  323. 18<Makoto69_18> I'd just make another if this went down.
  324. 18<CollinVee18> Yeah I have no doubt
  325. 18<CollinVee18> It's supposed to illustrate how bad things have gotten, not actually fucking threaten anything.
  326. 18<CollinVee18> If we're this toxic to our own users, imagine what new people would think, dig?
  327. 18<Ami_18> MDP you need to finish what you're doing soon and purge the chat with hot porn
  328. 18<Magic_Disembodied_Penis18> meh
  329. 18<Makoto69_18> There's no problems here to take down the IRC over. It's just everyone hates you.
  330. 18<CollinVee18> Why?
  331. 18<CollinVee18> What have I done to deserve the hate?
  332. 18<JustRowan18> See
  333. 18<JustRowan18> Collin
  334. 18<JustRowan18> That is your problem
  335. 18<CollinVee18> I asked Mako.
  336. 18<CollinVee18> I know your opinion
  337. 18<Makoto69_18> Let him answer.
  338. 18<JustRowan18> You can't see that your shit smells
  339. 18<LurkingDino18> (anyone at the edge of their seat from this rp?)
  340. 18<dfc_bunny18> <yea but i need more popcorn or something>
  341. 18<Ami_18> (I need more lewd)
  342. 18<CollinVee18> Fuck it, there's no winning in this scenario.
  343. <CollinVee> Either I come off as a defensive bitch, or a creepy fuckwit.
  344. <Magic_Disembodied_Penis>
  345. 24* Thaeluo has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  346. 18<Makoto69_18> Yep. Honourable abscond?
  347. 18<CollinVee18> I'll just leave with this much: Be kind to eachother. everyone in this place is here to have fun and get off, not argue.
  348. 18<CollinVee18> Sorry that it got to this point, fuck.
  349. 18<Makoto69_18> Amen.
  350. 18<dfc_bunny18> k
  351. 24* CollinVee has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  352. 24* 28dfc_bunny is now known as 18narrator
  353. 18<narrator18> as the evil scourage left, peace returned to the land
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