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  1. Ushio I am •Today at 12:30 AM
  2. u feeling ok?
  4. Not EricToday at 12:30 AM
  5. Uh tbh im more worried about you
  7. Ushio I am •Today at 12:30 AM
  8. I’m all good
  9. :thumbsup~2:
  11. Not EricToday at 12:31 AM
  12. I just think you are in a place where you arent going to listen to reason
  13. And I dont really want to cause more drama
  15. Ushio I am •Today at 12:32 AM
  16. :sck_think: I held a super long civil conversation with Rose. I’m unsure of why you think a conversation will cause drama or that I wouldn’t listen to reason. So, if you wish to speak we surely can.
  18. Not EricToday at 12:34 AM
  19. Ushi you dont even sound like yourself
  20. Rose was in vc crying
  21. You kicked me from the group before we could talk and then changed my name to "not admin"
  22. Bella stepped away because you were being irrational
  23. Well the conversation was causing stress - I cant say how he views you
  25. Ushio I am •Today at 12:37 AM
  26. The not admin was a joke play on your “not Eric” name, I was hoping you’d see the humor. You told me you quit, so I helped you out. Tired of false quitting threats. Me and James spoke and reasoned, we saw each other’s sides and we’re perfectly okay now.
  27. He and I had a miscommunication.
  29. Not EricToday at 12:37 AM
  30. Who is typing?
  31. You really dont sound like ushi
  33. Ushio I am •Today at 12:37 AM
  34. ..
  36. Not EricToday at 12:37 AM
  37. Im not joking
  38. Did you hack her account?
  39. I think that you are going through a ton right now and Im unsure of how you are handling tbh
  40. Assuming you are ushi
  41. The entire time that I have known you, you have never acted quite this way
  42. Like even when you get stressed you still listen to reason
  43. Right now you just seem to be covering your ears and saying you wont listen to anyone who doesn't agree with you
  44. And it is pushing people away
  46. Ushio I am •Today at 12:41 AM
  47. Firstly, can you tell me in what ways I don’t sound like myself?
  48. / how I sound different?
  50. Not EricToday at 12:42 AM
  51. You sound as if you are having a psychotic episode
  52. But more specifically your word choice is different
  53. Like you just dont sound like yourself
  55. Ushio I am •Today at 12:43 AM
  56. My word choice?
  58. Not EricToday at 12:43 AM
  59. Yes
  60. Like someone is typing for you
  61. Or telling you what to say
  63. Ushio I am •Today at 12:43 AM
  64. I’m Ushi, and I’m by myself right now.
  65. Are you talking about me not listening earlier in the staff chat, or did rose tell you about our fight? She must’ve if you’re in vc.
  67. Not EricToday at 12:44 AM
  68. Not really
  69. But if you had a fight i doubt it was that civil
  71. Ushio I am •Today at 12:45 AM
  72. I mean it was more of a discussion. No harsh words were slung, we just went back and forth about how we felt about each other and the varying situations.
  74. Not EricToday at 12:45 AM
  75. Dont take this the wrong way
  76. But did you change up your meds in any way?
  78. Ushio I am •Today at 12:46 AM
  79. ..
  81. Not EricToday at 12:46 AM
  82. Like im trying to rationalize this
  83. I havent left the server because i expect the rest of the team to wake up and talk sense into you
  84. And hopefully for you to understand whats up
  85. Well hoping
  86. I just dont know if you are in a place to listen to me anymore
  87. No matter how mad you get you never just "do" things when people are speaking their minds
  89. Ushio I am •Today at 12:48 AM
  90. I’m hearing you, it’s a little hard when you think I’m either not me or I’ve changed meds or something odd.
  92. You quit staff again like I said on your own volition, so please don’t blame me for kicking you from the staff server when you quit..
  94. Not EricToday at 12:48 AM
  95. You literally told me a week ago you stopped taking them Ushi
  96. Or once again, are you not ushi
  98. Ushio I am •Today at 12:49 AM
  99. I mean you act like it’s a super sudden change. This has nothing to do with medication but rather me being fed up with being treated a certain way. Okay? I am Ushi.
  101. Not EricToday at 12:49 AM
  102. Ok so this is your rebellion
  103. I get it you feel like your back is against the wall
  105. Ushio I am •Today at 12:49 AM
  106. Ask me something only I would know, and I’ll prove it’s me.
  108. Not EricToday at 12:49 AM
  109. What size are your boobs?
  111. Ushio I am •Today at 12:49 AM
  112. I mean I do feel cornered sometimes, yes.
  113. UH
  115. Not EricToday at 12:50 AM
  116. KNEW IT
  117. PROOF
  119. And it is a sudden change ushi
  120. Before your hiatus you listened to reason
  121. You listened to the team
  122. You came back and I suppose decided you would be a strong independent white woman who dont need no man
  124. Ushio I am •Today at 12:51 AM
  125. :sck_think:
  127. Not EricToday at 12:51 AM
  128. So I'm unsure if your cold turkey / starting meds again is whats causing this
  129. My buddy was like schizo and ended up in a super weird place
  131. Ushio I am •Today at 12:53 AM
  132. It’s nothing to do with my meds.
  134. Not EricToday at 12:54 AM
  135. But like how can you be certain?
  137. Ushio I am •Today at 12:54 AM
  138. I..
  139. I just am!
  141. Not EricToday at 12:54 AM
  142. That doesn't seem like a good reason
  144. Ushio I am •Today at 12:54 AM
  145. I’m sorry..
  147. Not EricToday at 12:55 AM
  148. Like please
  149. Chill
  150. I am not trying to attack you
  151. Nor make you doubt yourself or manipulate you
  152. The facts are simply that:
  153. You got mad
  154. Deleted the staff chat apparently?
  155. Doesnt seem like something ushi would do
  157. Ushio I am •Today at 12:55 AM
  158. I just wanted it to be clean.
  160. Not EricToday at 12:55 AM
  161. Trying to find new staff
  163. Ushio I am •Today at 12:55 AM
  164. I am ushi..
  166. Not EricToday at 12:56 AM
  167. You are ushi but you are in a bit of a weird place
  168. Ive never seen you argue with james
  169. You were before
  170. So like even if its not the meds
  171. Something is up
  173. Ushio I am •Today at 12:57 AM
  174. Me and James had a small miscommunication, it was an easy solve once we stepped away and talked.
  176. Not EricToday at 12:57 AM
  177. Yes, but I have never seen you argue with him before
  179. Ushio I am •Today at 12:57 AM
  180. Arguments happen, it’s how we handle them that matters
  182. Not EricToday at 12:57 AM
  183. Normally its cuddly master garbage
  184. Not you ignoring him
  185. "Arguments happen, it’s how we handle them that matters"
  186. That doesn't sound like you either
  187. Although you arent wrong haha
  188. Are you able to call then?
  190. Ushio I am •Today at 12:58 AM
  191. I’m in bed
  193. Not EricToday at 12:59 AM
  194. I imagine you have been in bed before yes haha
  196. Ushio I am •Today at 12:59 AM
  197. I can’t call
  198. It’s too late no headphones
  200. Not EricToday at 12:59 AM
  201. Once again not sounding like Ushi
  202. Its just not things you say
  203. But I get you may feel that you are being more assertive now
  204. So it makes sense, I'm just unsure if this is all brought on by meds or something
  205. But at the end of the day ushi, the server was running great
  206. Because of the team
  207. We all worked together
  208. How we all communicated worked
  210. Ushio I am •Today at 1:00 AM
  211. It’s still a great server. This isn’t a meds issue. This isn’t a James issue.
  213. Not EricToday at 1:01 AM
  214. Didnt rose say not to become someone or something when you went off of the meds?
  215. Was she talking about a situation like this?
  217. Ushio I am •Today at 1:01 AM
  218. What.. I’m not anyone different I’m still me.
  220. Not EricToday at 1:01 AM
  221. But I worry that mentally you are in turmoil
  222. Take a sec and think how the ushi from like a few weeks ago would have handled this situation
  223. Do you think she would have done the same things?
  224. Or spoken the same way?
  226. Ushio I am •Today at 1:02 AM
  227. No because she didn’t stand up for herself..
  229. Not EricToday at 1:02 AM
  230. Yea exactly so you have decided to do that
  231. So since you have decided to stand up for yourself - you have pushed me out, made bella step away, made rose cry
  233. Ushio I am •Today at 1:03 AM
  234. Stop.. Bella didn’t step away and and
  236. Not EricToday at 1:03 AM
  237. He did
  239. Ushio I am •Today at 1:03 AM
  240. I didn’t mean to make rose cry
  242. Not EricToday at 1:03 AM
  243. He literally said he needs to step away
  244. I stand up for myself as well
  245. But there is a line
  246. Just because I am the most vocal doesn't mean that others dont feel the same
  248. Ushio I am •Today at 1:04 AM
  249. Me and James fixed it.
  250. He doesn’t need to go away anymore...
  252. Not EricToday at 1:05 AM
  253. Great. You and I argue and we fix it
  254. Generally haha
  255. And thats fine
  256. But we also always argue
  257. You and james never argue
  259. Ushio I am •Today at 1:05 AM
  260. so..
  262. Not EricToday at 1:06 AM
  263. So Im just trying to help you understand that things are different
  264. And like it's cool if that is your decision
  265. You are trying to be more assertive
  266. Im just unsure if this radical change was brought on by the meds or what
  267. But regardless of that
  268. I just want to make sure you are good
  270. Ushio I am •Today at 1:14 AM
  271. :blushie:
  272. I’m good.
  274. Not EricToday at 1:15 AM
  275. Like I said, I'm just hoping that in the morning people discuss this with you
  276. And hopefully you hear them out
  277. Ignoring everyone doesn't make you assertive
  279. Ushio I am •Today at 1:15 AM
  280. I haven’t ignored a soul.
  282. Not EricToday at 1:16 AM
  283. Ushi I left because you were ignoring everyone
  284. There's no point in having this discussion
  285. I think I've gotten you to atleast consider that you may be thinking a bit weirdly
  286. That's all I can really do at this point
  288. Ushio I am •Today at 1:18 AM
  289. I’m not thinking weirdly.
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