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  1. Introduction
  3. Hey there! My name is SixthUnity, most people call me Sixth, though, and I own a server called 'OutlawPvP'. I am experienced in running servers and setting them. I owned a server over the summer, which averaged around 20 players, then shut down. For spare money on the side, I do server setups. Unfortunately, that will not pay the bills. So, I am looking for someone to invest some money into the server.
  5. About OutlawPvP
  7. OutlawPvP will mainly be a factions server right now. I may be planning to add Skyblock or a small minigame to it in the future, if all goes right. Now you may be wondering what makes this different than other faction servers, and why you should invest. For starters, I have been working for months planning ideas and getting ideas set up. I have the thought of 100s of plugins that would make factions more unique. These plugins will make the server have more features, therefore, luring in more players because of the creativity. Secondly, I have a core group of staff members and developers who help make the server a better place. These members work hard at what they do all the time. Lastly, people are always looking for a new place to play. A lot of people I know who play factions jump from server to server, looking for somewhere unique. This reason builds off of my first reason. With a unique server, we will attract players to stay, and have a enjoyable time.
  9. About Investing
  11. We will need a decent amount of money to finish off the server. We are looking for individuals who are willing to invest $150+. We are needing around anywhere from $250 - $1,500. We will be offering a ROI of 125% - 150%. We can offer this money back within 3 months of the server opening. This money will be put towards a Xenforo theme, a build or two, custom plugins, and advertisement.
  13. Domain: outlawpvp.com (Nothing)
  14. IP: play.outlawpvp.com (Nothing)
  15. Discord: discord.gg/5M7NKEv
  16. Twitter: twitter.com/outlawpvpcom
  18. If you are willing to invest or have any more questions, feel free to contact me on Discord at Sixth#2692.
  20. Thank you.
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