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  1. Yotsuki, Lagia says: So now i'll let you have the first move then
  2. Aburame, Kuniyuki lightly tilts his head off to the side, trying to figure out what it was that he was going to do. After all, he had a wide arrray of techniques that he could perform, but lacked the strength to have any serious impact in their force. Knowing this, he would simply attempt to get things kicked off in a rather separate manner. Chakra would begin to cloak his kunai before he would break off into a run, heading off towards Lagia. Once the distance had been closed, he would attempt to slash horizontally at Lagia's side. Of course, he figured that this wouldn't exactly work, given the differences between the two. In the event that Lagia would attempt to move towards him, he would have a swarm of his bugs on standby, preparing themselves to launch out and grab his hand if at all applicable. ( C+ Agility w/ Combat Prof 1, C Speed, C- Kikaichuu Speed, C- Chakra Drain, Kunai Damage: D- )
  3. Aburame, Kuniyuki OOCs: ( I goofed up and forgot t use my concealer stuff but meh. Next time. )
  4. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (Okay so wait
  5. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (I'm just trying to understand
  6. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (What damage and speed is what
  7. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (I see all these letters >.< and confused as hell
  8. Aburame, Kuniyuki OOCs: ( Sorry. My speed is C and so is my agility. However, its D+ for agility because of CP1. The kunai with the cloak does D- Damage. If you move to attack me, the kikaichuu themselves move at C- Speed. Since they drain chakra if latched onto someone, the drain would be C-. )
  9. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (So Bugs are moving C- speed
  10. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (And C strking on your attack
  11. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (D- damage?
  12. Aburame, Kuniyuki OOCs: ( mhm. )
  13. Aburame, Kuniyuki OOCs: ( because im weak as buns )
  14. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (Wait D+? don't you mean C+
  15. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (You need le knife fighter
  16. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (To apply combat prof to le kunai
  17. Yotsuki, Lagia OOCs: (Sadly
  18. Aburame, Kuniyuki OOCs: ( Yes, thats what I meant. And in that case, its just C )
  20. Yotsuki, Lagia would scratch his head head as he waited for Kuniyuki to do the stuff that he planned on doing he was hoping to test out some things with his kunai but it seemed kuniyuki had the same thought he'd watch as kuniyuki pulled out his kunai As kuniyuki made his swift approach Lagia would be prepared making an evasive manuever avoiding the chakra flowed kunai aimed to cut the jounin down only for him to be caught off by the bugs that the aburame clan was known for luckily Lagia was faster then the bugs so he avoided them latching onto him his maneuver would make his position end behind Kuniyuki before delivering his own offensive maneuver a simple kick to the back of Kuniyuki's knee, it may of seemed simple but indeed it was powerful (B- speed to dodge the bugs, B reactive to dodge the kunai B striking and B- damage)
  22. Aburame, Kuniyuki had unfortunately been no better than the last time that he had sparred with Lagia. There was nothing that he could do to win against him and in all honesty, he should have seen this coming. At the very least, he had at least expected to get in a simple attack. Unfortunately, things just never seemed to go his way. He couldn't stay on a squad, he wasn't allowed to leave the village and literally all of the training that he worked so damned hard on was going to waist! And now..? Now Kuniyuki was injured yet again. Not even a whole minute into the fight and Kuniyuki would be forced down onto the ground. Immediately, Kuniyuki would be forced to drop to the ground. After having taken a kick to the back of the leg, all that he could really do is reach down and clutch at his leg, obviously in pain. From there, a slight burst of annoyance would rage throughout Kuniyuki. Why was he so.. useless?! Immediately, two other swarms would begin to emit from Kuniyuki's form. In addition to the previous swarm, the three of them would begin to spread out in a cloud and would attempt to consume Lagia's person. ( C- Speed, C- Drain, 3 Swarms )
  23. Aburame, Kuniyuki OOCs: ( C Drain actually since it has to be rounded to the closest letter )
  25. Yotsuki, Lagia wouldn't take evasive action as he was curious to see what would happen if the bugs had actually latched onto his person he knew he was able to dodge them cleanly but dodging was sometimes overrated, taking a hit to catch your opponent off guard was sometimes the better option. He'd be consumed by the swarms his skin not becoming visible anymore as he reached within his Yukata to withdraw his kunai as the swarms of insects drained him Kuniyuki still face away from him, he gripped his kunai with two hands striking downwards against his torso with great force the kunai colliding with the ground creating a fissure in the ground that extended forward in front of kuniyuki he'd clearly see this as well as feel the slash (B- damage B striking 2 tile fissure)
  27. Aburame, Kuniyuki would feel both the force of the kunai and the cracking of the ground before simply falling flat onto his face and passing out. Upon doing so, his bugs would pull themselves away from Lagia's person and would than begin to coat Kuniyuki's skin. After about a minute, the bugs would have seemigly disappear, having found themselves back within himself.
  30. Yotsuki, Lagia was drained about a third of his chakra by that swarm of bugs, it proved to be an interesting feeling hard to describe but none the less he'd stand back up as the bugs dispersed looking at the unconcious Kuniyuki "Oh not again, I always over do it, can't let that nerdy girl with glasses see me or she'll freak out at me again. Time to take him to the hospital though, sorry Kukiyuki for injurying you so bad, I know you can't hear me but I think those bugs are really something you drained about a third of all I had in terms of reserves if they had got onto me any sooner then it might of been a problem" he'd state picking up Kuniyuki lugging him off to the hospital. He'd note to take it easier on Kuniyuki next time to a degree.
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