To Protect

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  1. [03:10] Now that he had fought against Yu more, he could figure out a simple plan on how to beat him.
  3. ..It was mostly just moving about him carefully, and then attacking as hard as possible. His sword slashes upwards as a plethora of crystals bursts outwards, flying outwards in a field and temporarily striking Yu.
  5. He slams his blade into the ground, and the earth shakes violently.
  7. Once again, a sweeping ridge of the earth knocks Yu down. Percival is over in moments as he offers out his hand once more.
  9. "..Good fight, Yu. You always make it fun!.." He'd mumble. "You're helping me learn how to protect people better!.."
  10. (Percival Kang)
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. [03:18] And as they fought on, Yu found it harder and harder to fight against the Kang.
  15. Though Percival found a simple plan against him. It made it more complicated for you. More complicated to find a better tactic against the Kang's plethora of magic. Each and everyone of them complimented each other, so despite his best efforts into finding the best tactic. It was for naught.
  17. It was a testament of Percival's instinct with fighting and ingenuity.
  19. "To protect people," he whispered under his breath as he lay against the grass, damp from the evening dew. He wiped his forehead, enabling him to cast aside the locks over his countenance.
  21. "I have no doubt you'd be even more capable in the future, Percy. A mighty shield feared by even the sharpest of spears," said Yu genuinely as he smiled, grabbing Percival's hand to help himself stand up.
  23. "I'll be watching," he said as he tilted his head, grinning.
  25. And with that, the Heifang turned around, his figure shifting into a hazy mist; dissipating into thin air.
  26. (Yu Heifang)
  27. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. [03:20] As Percival helped him up, this time it was.. Well, not as pathetic! He pulls the Heifang up easily. Amazing.
  31. "...It's all I want do. Protecting people. My family, my friends.. Others," He'd mumble, pulling Yu up to his feet carefully."
  33. As his hand parts from Yu's, the earthy undertones adopt a flushed shade of red. He breathes in heavily. Breathing was difficult for him.
  35. "...Have a goodnight Yu, I'll be watching you too!" He'd mumble.
  37. Maybe that sounded a bit strange. But it's the thought that counts as he watches the wind magi disappear into the night.
  38. (Percival Kang)
  39. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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