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  2. [15:06][FC]<Akiko Usagihime> Oh Heloo Melody.
  3. [15:07][FC]<Melody Mooncat> hi
  4. [15:08]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  5. [15:08]Akiko Usagihime: How are you doing today?
  6. [15:08]Melody Mooncat: Been better....
  7. [15:08]Melody Mooncat: how's you?
  8. [15:08]Akiko Usagihime: Awful.
  9. [15:09]Akiko Usagihime: What's wrong?
  10. [15:09]Melody Mooncat: Just drama and backbiting and all that fun things.
  11. [15:09]Akiko Usagihime: Oh believe me
  12. [15:09]Akiko Usagihime: I feel that right now.
  13. [15:10]Akiko Usagihime: The girl I love has been leading me on and all but acting like we were dating, only to tell me today that she was pursuing someone else.
  14. [15:10]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  15. [15:10]Melody Mooncat: Yea.. nothing like people you know talking about you behind your back .. 's great feeling.
  16. [15:10]Akiko Usagihime: Oh believe me, I know.  [<- IRONY ALERT]
  17. [15:10]Akiko Usagihime: Mutual acquaintences of ours do it to me all the time.
  18. [15:11]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  19. [15:11]You look away from the moogle letter box, sulking.
  20. [15:11]Akiko Usagihime: How is Dread?
  21. [15:11]Melody Mooncat: I dunno, I'm not in it.
  22. [15:11]Akiko Usagihime: Only Caseo's pants?
  23. [15:11]Melody Mooncat: They have a house though?
  24. [15:12]Akiko Usagihime: Surely you'd know since you spend most of your time with her.
  25. [15:12]Akiko Usagihime: They did. I've been. Have you not?
  26. [15:12]Melody Mooncat: Not yet?
  27. [15:13]Akiko Usagihime: She crafted all of the furniture herself.
  28. [15:13]Akiko Usagihime: I'm sure she'd be tickled pink if you went.
  29. [15:13]Melody Mooncat: Fancy...
  30. [15:13]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  31. [15:13]Melody Mooncat: Eventually.. lots of stuff to do thoughh
  32. [15:13]Akiko Usagihime: Naturally.
  33. [15:13]Akiko Usagihime: As with all FCs.
  34. [15:14]Akiko Usagihime: Though it seems like there's never really anyone to help me with any of that.
  35. [15:14]Melody Mooncat: Mailing chocolate!
  36. [15:14]Akiko Usagihime: I noticed.
  37. [15:14]Akiko Usagihime: I figured since you had a valentine today, you'd be doing that.
  38. [15:14]Melody Mooncat: I can't make the heart ones.. so regular ones had to do...
  39. [15:15]Akiko Usagihime: Interesting.
  40. [15:15]Melody Mooncat: Lost my place in the friend list a few times.. some people probably got seconds ; ;
  41. [15:15]Akiko Usagihime: Perhaps.
  42. [15:15]You shrug.
  43. [15:15]You dance sprightly for Akiko Usagihime.
  44. [15:15]Akiko Usagihime: If you were to date someone IG
  45. [15:15]Akiko Usagihime: Well rather
  46. [15:15]Akiko Usagihime: Would you ever date someone you kbnow IG
  47. [15:16]Akiko Usagihime: But OOC.
  48. [15:16]Melody Mooncat: Not sure I follow...?
  49. [15:16]Akiko Usagihime: Would you
  50. [15:16]Melody Mooncat: Talking hypothetically?
  51. [15:16]Akiko Usagihime: The person behind the screen
  52. [15:17]Akiko Usagihime: Date someonee you know IG?
  53. [15:17]Akiko Usagihime: Hypothetically, sure.
  54. [15:17]Melody Mooncat: That's not a goal of mine.. but I can't say it's not a possibility however...
  55. [15:17]Akiko Usagihime: I see. Not got your eyes on anyone?
  56. [15:17]Melody Mooncat: I try not to deal in absolutes.. anything can happen
  57. [15:17]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  58. [15:18]You disagree with Akiko Usagihime.
  59. [15:18]Akiko Usagihime: What if they had their eye on you?
  60. [15:18]Melody Mooncat: this still hypothetical?
  61. [15:18]Akiko Usagihime: I'm not sure it ever waqs.
  62. [15:19]Akiko Usagihime: But it's not me.
  63. [15:19]You gaze upon Akiko Usagihime in deep reflection.
  64. [15:19]Akiko Usagihime: Would you date Caseo?
  65. [15:19]You shrug at Akiko Usagihime.
  66. [15:20]Melody Mooncat: Where's this coming from?
  67. [15:20]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  68. [15:20]Akiko Usagihime: A lot of pain.
  69. [15:20]Melody Mooncat: Hm?
  70. [15:20]Melody Mooncat: I feel like you have something to say but aren't.. saying it...?
  71. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: I was in love with Caseo.
  72. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: I have been twice.
  73. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: Both times, she's used me and dumped me as soon as someone else caught her eye
  74. [15:21]Melody Mooncat: you and it seems dozens of others...
  75. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: This time in particular, she was very intimate
  76. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: Before suddenly
  77. [15:21]Melody Mooncat: 'used'?
  78. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: Saying her eyes are set on you.
  79. [15:21]Melody Mooncat: They.. don't seem that type of person.
  80. [15:21]Akiko Usagihime: Well, being called someone's pet
  81. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime: When they don't mean it
  82. [15:22]Melody Mooncat: who is?
  83. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime: Sure sounds like being used.
  84. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime: I was, but I guess not now.
  85. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime gazes upon you in deep reflection.
  86. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime: No, I was an "option"
  87. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime: Until she decided you have better genitals than me.
  89. [15:22]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  90. [15:23]Akiko Usagihime: Oh, but she'd hate for me to phrase it like that
  91. [15:23]Akiko Usagihime: Let me see how she said it
  92. [15:23]Akiko Usagihime: Something like
  93. [15:23]Akiko Usagihime: "You'd be perfect online, but irl, I'm unsure"
  94. [15:23]Akiko Usagihime: And the reasoning being
  95. [15:24]Akiko Usagihime: I wasn't born with a vagina
  96. [15:24]Akiko Usagihime: So all things considered
  97. [15:24]Akiko Usagihime: You can imagine I'm quite upset
  98. [15:24]Akiko Usagihime: She's lead me on for days
  99. [15:24]Akiko Usagihime: Only to suddenly have settled on you.
  100. [15:24]Melody Mooncat: I'm of the mind you're harboring something against me.. and I'm not sure why that is.
  101. [15:25]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  102. [15:25]Akiko Usagihime: I can't imagine.
  103. [15:25]Melody Mooncat: You know I detest drama... and I just want to get along with people.. but some people refuse to let me even do that...
  104. [15:25]Akiko Usagihime: I'm not trying to start anything.
  105. [15:25]Akiko Usagihime: Would you date Caseo?
  106. [15:26]Akiko Usagihime: I'm at a very high frustration point
  107. [15:26]Akiko Usagihime: I'm on a very desperate line
  108. [15:26]Akiko Usagihime: I'm extremely, extremely hurt, and Im doing and saying a lot of stupid things
  109. [15:26]Melody Mooncat: It's not outside the realm of possibility...
  110. [15:26]Akiko Usagihime: Even when I don't mean them.
  111. [15:27]Melody Mooncat: But that's not my goal
  112. [15:27]Akiko Usagihime: I'm lead to understand you have social anxiety
  113. [15:27]Akiko Usagihime: So I don't mean to push
  114. [15:27]Akiko Usagihime: But I'd like a little more solid of an answer.
  115. [15:28]Akiko Usagihime: I hate being upset. HAte being angry with people. As much as it probably seems otherwise.
  116. [15:28]Melody Mooncat: that's the best I got.
  117. [15:29]Akiko Usagihime: I see.
  118. [15:29]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  119. [15:29]Akiko Usagihime pokes you.
  120. [15:29]Akiko Usagihime gives you a big hug.
  121. [15:29]Akiko Usagihime: I'll give some things some thought then.
  122. [15:29]Akiko Usagihime: Sorry to detract from your chocolate making.
  123. [15:30]Akiko Usagihime: If you think of any way I can help improve your day, give me a shout.
  124. [15:30]Akiko Usagihime smiles at you.
  125. [15:30]Melody Mooncat: ... .. that was... abrupt...
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