[Dadonequus Discord] Be Chaos: CH. 1

Apr 17th, 2016
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  1. >You take a soft slow breath, a relaxed sigh passing through your lips as you face upwards at the star-dotted heavens of post-twilight.
  2. >You kick your legs back and forth, making thin swing beneath you as they hang over the ledge. Casting your eyes downward, you take in the scenery of bright lights passing one another. The town is always pretty to look at at night. Much like the sky, but down on earth. You don't know what it is about it that captivates you, but you do know you love things and moments like these enough to climb to dangerous heights for a good view of it all.
  3. >Tonight, you'd taken it upon yourself to make your way to a way-up floor of a high rising building. You've managed to sneak your way into some random room with a window over a ledge. How you got in the building in the first place? Well, you were invited along with a great number from your school, some college, to a party at a large local casino by one of the richer students on campus. Even some of the teachers came along. Their family owns the place, so they have such a privilege they don't need to pay for anything themselves though. You think it might be a promotional thing they're trying to help pull. This place hasn't been about for very long, you'd heard.
  4. >Anyway, this building is quite a few stories high, and you think you got the best spot for your interests.
  5. >You carefully stand up where you are, taking hold of the left "gifts" you brought along with you for the occasion as well. Held in your hand a nice bag of color, flare, crash and cloud. Or to be more clear, splattering paint balls, some little flares bombs, and some smoke slash stink grenades. Not your usual party favors, but you like to bring your own fun to a gathering.
  6. >You'd set stuff up in various spots about the floors down below, mostly just the first two floors. No one else had really gone higher than the third, as most of the event was occurring on the lower levels.
  8. >And speaking of events, you think it is about time for the main one to begin. You grin, checking your phone for the time. It'll all begin very soon.
  9. >Truth be told, you weren't too fond of the host of this little gathering. Generally, you would expect in a college experience that the worst of your troubles would be the tuition costs and debts, along with the struggle that comes with keeping up with classes and such. You'd think coming out that high school would be the end of your peerage troubles with youthful degeneracy. Turns out, you were wrong. >Some people just don't grow up. No need for details on some melodramatic sap story, as tonight you shall take your revenge. It is nearing the end of semester, and you want to part ways with your fellows leaving a mark, or rather a stain of self satisfaction.
  10. >Best part is, no one would know you're responsible for anything. Your position overlooks the entrance to the building way below, a front row seat if you will.
  11. >You stretch your arms to either side of you and take another deep breath of the air while it's still fresh, it's gonna get a little hazy soon.
  12. >You hear someone shout "HEEEEEEEY" from below, drawing your attention to look some ways near the road. "Hold on, don't move! I'll be right up!"
  13. >You find the source of the yelling and see some guy standing on the end of the walkway looking up at you. Oh great, it's our resident hero. Wonder what he wants.
  14. >Before you could shout back at him to piss off, he makes a dash for the entrance. You hope he's not out to spoil your fun, it took you most of the night to put everything in place.
  15. >You lean back against the building and tap your foot impatiently, wondering what's taking so long until a certain tune starts to play through the air, making you grin with excitement.
  16. >You cackle a little to yourself when the door in the room behind you slam open, followed by some heavy panting.
  18. >You'd duck and hide if you couldn't make a guess on who it was, so you just calmly sit back down and wait for berating rant about the dangers of dangling over the edges of buildings or something.
  19. >Well, better him than security or the cops.
  20. >"You don't.... Have... To do this..." He says between gasps for breath, making his way to the open window. What was he on about. Did he know about your plan?
  21. "You can't tell me what to do, man. I've already made preparations. If you're here to stop me, it's already too late." You grip the edges and peer over, a smile slowly climbing on your features as you listen to a voice over loud speakers. "It's finally time..."
  22. >He notices this and takes the expression to be sadder than it was meant to be, and climbs onto the ledge with you, holding onto the window to keep his balance. "There's still time." He creeps along the side trying to get close, "We can still make a change."
  23. >What's he talking about? If he knows your plan, then he should know there's nothing he can do now. Everything is connected to a trigger set to go off in sequence once our generous hosts reaches their opening chorus.
  24. "It's really too late. You can't stop what's already been set in motion." You stand back up, not taking your eyes away from the floor below. "If you expect to change anything now, you'd have been better off waiting down there, you might have been able to find something." You gloat. He probably thinks you have the trigger on you like a radio switch. Too bad for him, you didn't take terrorist training, you only learned to rig some wires.
  25. >He reaches out a hand, "It's never too late to turn back. Come with me, maybe we can sort this out. Just... Come off of the ledge first?"
  26. >His persistence is starting to annoy you, he's gonna make you miss that start. You turn to face him, he flinches at some rubble sliding out from under your feet.
  28. "What's the deal, here. All this time you could have taken to do anything about this, and you choose now to take action, right when things are about happen? I've spent the whole day working on getting to this moment. Listen, buddy, I get that everyone talks about you like some kind of hero around campus, but you can't save the day here. There's nothing you can do anymore." You turn back to facing off the edge and he winces.
  29. >You're not gonna let him spoil your mood, you were excited for this moment. You'd spent some good time plotting this whole thing, no way you're gonna miss out.
  30. >"You're right..." He speaks with a softer tone. "I should have said something a long time ago." He says something under his breath. "But that doesn't change the fact that you're about to do something that you can't turn back from. You think this will solve anything?"
  31. >Yeesh, why's he sound all sad now? Did you hurt his pride or something?
  32. >And then something clicks in you. You look back at him. Come to think of it, he looks a little desperate for someone just trying to stop you from causing a little uproar. You consider where you both are standing right now and you think you're starting to understand why he's actually up here. You cringe.
  33. >"Things... may have been very rough for you... but that doesn't mean you have t-" yeah, that confirms it.
  34. "Dude, stop." You cut him off putting a hand up. He winces again at you interrupting him. You sigh and scratch your head. "I think you're misunderstanding something here."
  35. >"Misunderstanding?" he asks. "What's there to misunderstand about this situation?” He looks around, as if to emphasize it.
  36. "You probably think I'm up here to kill myself don't you?"
  39. >He looks at you like the answer was obvious, and it was. You put your hand to your face and shake your head, of course that's what he would think. Any normal person would assume that when they see someone standing up this high over a ledge.
  40. >A high pitched noise from below signals that the fun is about to begin, drawing the attention of both you.
  41. "Oh look, it's starting. Look down, savior, this is the whole reason I'm up here."
  42. >He looks confused, then hesitantly turns to look down at the ground. He didn't realise just how high up you were it seems, his focus entirely on you, as he instinctively pulls himself back towards the window and clutches it.
  43. >Curious to find your reason though, if it's not what he thought, he peers over the ledge. He sees some blue smoke starting to pour out of the doorway. Moments later, you have some people running out with their hands on their faces, and some people making a break for the fountains.
  44. >There's some shouting that can be heard as well.
  45. >This goes in for a while with the numbers of people making their exit increasing. You think you saw some completely splattered over in color at some point. You're filled with mirth, you think you know who that was. You start laughing out loud, this was going about as well as you'd expected it to.
  46. >Your audience just watches the fruits of your labor occur with a confused mix of horror and amusement. You think you feel even better now that you have someone to share your success with. Not the credit, just the view. Though you hope that if he tries to rat you out for this, you could pin some of it on him. Though, with his rep, maybe you'd need to add some kind of "proof" he's an accomplice. You grip your bag again, you don't think he's noticed it yet.
  47. "Beautiful isn't it?" You say as you turn toward him one more time, hiding it behind your back and reaching in for one of the little balls of "proof".
  49. >As soon as he faces you to give a reply, you toss the bag his way saying "Catch!"
  50. >He panics the obscured object suddenly flying in his direction, almost losing his grip, reflexively catching it. Good, you don't think you could bother for a replacement. If it fell.
  51. >"Hey, be careful!" He says, taking a look at what he just grabbed. You left it open when you tossed it as a distraction and he looks inside. He registers the contents within and puts it all together. "Wait, does this mean you were responsible for all that? Is that why you're all the way up here?"
  52. >When he looks back up at you, you have your thumb knuckle pointed toward him with your finger ready to flick, a small ball of paint cocked on.
  53. "Yep." Is what you say as you fling the tiny was in his direction. He doesn't make for an attempt to dodge from his position and it splatters over his shirt. "And you're my accomplice! Thanks, I couldn't have done it without ya."
  54. >He looks at the newest splash to his clothes' design. You laugh a bit more. Yeah, it might be a little sadistic watching him stumble scared half to death trying to keep balance after that, but it doesn't make it less giggle-worthy. Sure, there's a chance that people would still believe his word over yours, but it's not exactly like you yourself have any kind of reputation, just a couple of headaches to deal with that need to see the world in different colors. If they could see through the smoke.
  55. >He doesn't react to it in a way you'd expect, just places the bag inside the window and sticks out his hand. "Whatever the case, it's still dangerous up here. You had your fun, now let's get off of this ledge. You can probably see everything just fine from inside. Anything could happen right now if we stay out here too long."
  56. >You feel a slight brush of the wind to your back and a chill runs up your spine, startling you a little.
  58. "Hey, woah, don't jinx things like that!" You say, waving your hands at him. You retake your seat, a bit carefully this time, and speak with less confidence. "And if you're that scared, then you can go back on your own. I'm going to stay right here where I can see everything better. I was just fine up here by myself."
  59. >He notices your slight change in tone and sees you twitch as another breeze blows over. Deciding not to waste anymore time, he leans in even further, trying to reach for your arm. "I'm not going back inside until you-"
  60. >He gets cut off as the wind picks again, stronger this time. The hand holding him to the window slips, and so does he, falling off the side.
  61. >You react quickly to this and grab onto the ledge. You reach for his arm just in time to catch him. Son of a bitch this fucker is heavy. You grunt as you struggle to stick to the thin space of the ledge and hold both of you back from certain death.
  62. >Your accomplice-to-be who dangles beneath your grip, seeming to register that he is still alive, looks up at you. He sees how much you're struggling to keep you both up, holding onto him. He notices that you slip a little, and and true to his apparently heroic nature he says "Let me go. There's no way you can hold us both up like this.
  63. >Ha, as if you're gonna let the death of someone else hang over your head, you'd rather fall over with him than just drop him like that, and contrary to what he initially thought, you're not actually out to killing yourself out here .
  64. "As if I'll just let you die after you started talking that crap." You try to pull up, only for yourself to get pulled a little more over the edge.
  65. >You close your eyes and tighten your hold on the ledge.
  66. >"Trust me, it'll be alright. Just let go of my hand."
  67. >You ignore him. Maybe if you wait up here long enough, someone will notice and call for help.
  68. >You feel something prying at your hand and open your eyes. In that moment, the idiot had forcefully slipped out of your grip.
  70. "You fucking re-!" Is all you get out as you peer over the edge. There is a collective gasp from below. It looks like at some point, somebody did call for help. You look down to see that he landed safely on some kind of balloon trampoline lookin thing surrounded by some firefighters and random people. Some of them were still looking up at you.
  71. >When the hell did they get there? Who called them in the first place, and why? You don't think your stuff would have caused that much trouble.
  72. >That red and brown-haired bitch in the blue and green splashed bedazzled blouse doesn't look like she got caught in any smoke that was black, and the rest of the place looks relatively fine. Said girl is looking up at you with what you think is disdain, so you wave back at her in a friendly way. You wonder if she can see what finger you're holding up from there.
  73. >Well, at least now you don't have to worry about being called a murderer, although now you don't think you'll be getting out of trouble once authorities get to you. So much for no one knowing it was you.
  74. >As you think about how you're gonna make bail later tonight, the wind picked up one more time. You had forgotten how close you were to the edge and slipped right off when it hit you with a strong push.
  75. >You notice this as you fall, but you're not too worried, there was something to cushion your fake anyway. You close your eyes as you prepare your body for a soft landing on your back.
  76. >Except the landing does not come. Or at least, it does, you think, but you don't bounce from it like you expected. And the sound of a bell jingling replaces that of air rushing past you.
  77. >The bells jingle another time, and you open your eyes. You find yourself staring up at something you haven't seen since you were small. It looks kind of like a... You don't think you've ever learned the name for it actually, something you put on cribs that plays music sometimes. But why was it hanging over you?
  79. >You'd already forgotten the out of place lack of a bounce from your landing, paying attention to the jingly spinning thing. Someone's probably messing with you already. But you expected something of an earful instead of... This. You don't hear any sounds like anyone else is around either, or see the sky for that matter. If you had to guess, you probably passed out from the shock of your sudden fall and landing, and now you're inside some kind of hospital bed.
  80. >You didn't take yourself to be so much of a wimp you couldn't stay consciousness after landing on something like that though, even if it was from a high speed. Probably landed on a sweet spot. You hope you don't have any brain damage.
  81. >You feel a sharp pain at the back of your head when you say this and reflexively swing your left hand to rub it, feeling one of your nails scratch at the surface a bit little nick. Yeah, you think you need to clip them sometime for sure. Wait, 'For sure?' Did you already think of that before?
  82. >The pain hits you again, but this time you hold your head, and clench your eyes at the sudden severity.
  83. >Some images flash through your mind. Some stuff with that yellow pony and dragon with Q's voice. Yeah, you remember now, you said it when you were having that weird trip. Some other things run through your head about some girl with blue hair sitting in a chair calling herself a god or something. Some funky anime type shit that's a little foggy, jargon about choices between reincarnation into the sweet life and fantasy worlds where you get to be a hero or some shit with a game breaking item of choice to use there.
  84. >The pain wanes some, and you rest your arms, cracking our eyes open again as you look down with blurred vision.
  86. >You wiggle your legs under the sheets, getting a feel of just how comfortable your bedding is. Your care takers left you nice and snug here, this thing is even quite soft.
  87. >Nothing you expected from a hospital bed, aside from the twinkly dangley thing.
  88. >As your vision starts to clear again, you notice something odd about your sheet-shifting limbs. There seems to be three of them.
  89. >You keep staring at it for while until either curiosity or trepidation gets the best if you and grab your sheets.
  90. >As you do, something else catches your attention. Your hand, or at least you think its yours. You tighten up your first to be sure, and the rough but clean looking bird leg performs the action. You blink once. You let go of the sheets and flip your hand palm-side-up, giving the bird hand a a good flex. Now you've heard if a bird in the hand...
  91. >You keep flexing it for a bit, then you bring your other arm into view.
  92. >You blink again. You were expecting another birdlike arm, but instead you're greeted by a big cat paw. You give this barn a brief look and a flex too. You bring to two arms together in front of you, and flex them in sync, staring at them for a long time.
  93. >You reassess the situation, giving the impossibility and absurdity of your apparent new limbs, and draw an undeniable conclusion.
  94. >Your landing was more severe than you thought, and you hand missed the trampoline entirely, resulting in your arms, and possibly your legs, maybe even your whole body, being severely damaged. You may not have fallen from that high, but knowing, or at least believing anything could happen, you would assume there was a chance occurrence upon your hitting the floor. Whereby, you somehow hit the landing in the right spot, and then shock sent a jolt through your body, sending extremely powerful reactions throughout your system. Unable to withstand the trauma, your body collapsed in more ways than one, parts of your physical structure virtually disintegrating upon impact with the ground.
  96. >Even so, being unbelievably damaged practically beyond repair you were still very much alive, maybe even well enough to endure your vegetative state, mind physically and mentally intact, but with excruciating pain. Someone suggested they put you out of your misery upon noticing this, but some mad scientist said "Nay, take them to my laboratory!" and watched as a few nurses reluctantly hoisted your basically gelatinous, broken form onto a stretcher, and carried you safely into an ambulance.
  97. >Then, they drove you up to a hill somewhere far away on the outskirts of town where the lightning strikes just right, and proceed to conduct experimental surgery on you, either splicing or replacing most, if not your entire body with various parts to create... A chimera! A revolution in science!
  98. >You grip your sheets and tear then off, and your eyes widen. By the stars, you think you may actually be right! Your legs... Your body! What twisted deranged maniac would be responsible for this sort of atrocity. What sort of cruel deed have you done for such a fate to have befallen you, you cry out in your mind as you watch your serpentine limb that extends from your lower half, based between the hips of your legs, writhes under and wiggles in response to your now excited state, slamming against the bars you just noticed, of your softly padded cage.
  99. >What kind of monster have you become? What have they done to you!
  100. >Your arms vibrate as you slowly raise them in front of your face.
  101. >You stop, and give then another flex.
  102. >Its either all that nonsense, or-
  103. >You look around the bed a bit more, noting the bars of the "cage" you would have assumed you'd be in are actually actually raised, a made of... wood.
  104. >Yep, from the bedding. Yo the bars. To the dangly spinny thing, you can assume that this cage of yours, is actually a crib.
  105. >Oh, and that you're actually dreaming, can't forget that conclusion.
  107. >You raise your chicken leg a give the rail of the bars a reach and a rub, and they are surprisingly sensitive to the touch. You often figured that, given their tough appearance, a talon might not be all that sensitive. Then again, you also failed biology in high school, so you can't really say.
  108. >You can at least tell that this crib is well crafted, or that your mind is doing a pretty good job at recreating pleasant sensations even in your dreams. This one is quite lucid too, in that you don't get that foggy peripheral view or heavy feeling you usually get, and this doesn't happen that often, if at all really.
  109. >Not wanting to ease the chance to lucidly explore the recesses of your subconsciousness, you think you're gonna take this opportunity to explore. If you can get out that is.
  110. >You pull yourself up and confirm something else you'd have expected from this.
  111. >You
  112. >Are small. Which should have been obvious, given the crib 'n' all, coming barely over the bars with your chin while standing on your... Toes... Hoof... Whatever.
  113. >Part of you wants to control the situation literally, and make yourself bigger, but the explorer within you dictates that you should solve this puzzle without cheats.
  114. >You hop up and start bouncing on the bed a little. Quite springy for a crib, which you /think/ is a dangerous thing? You don't know, you haven't come in contact with one in [redacted] years.
  115. >Before actually the springiness of the bed a good use, you peer over the side of the crib to see just how far down the floor is. That looks like kind of a good ways down, for you. Suddenly, you feel very hesitant and pull your eyes away from the ground quickly.
  116. >That's a first for you, you don't remember being afraid of heights.
  118. >You shake your head and look around the place beyond the crib. You see now the walls decorations around the room, a few small boxes with soft looking some plush toys, a pretty small play pen like spot on a rug on the middle, and just the thing you were looking for.
  119. >A door, that seems to have been left ajar, a bit of light leaking inward. There weren't any lights in here other than the dimly blink ones on the whirly twirling thing overhead of you.
  120. >You pull back again, gripping the railing with both talon and paw and take a deep breath, thinking of how you're gonna do this. All you have to do is hope a bit, build some height from the jumps, and when you think you're getting enough height, push and swing yourself over the edge, just enough to go over the side. Then you quickly readjust your grip and turn yourself, setting a... foot, or hoof, onto the bed through the bars, and was yourself down by sliding off of them. Simple.
  121. >With your plan in mind, you start to put it into action. As soon as you build enough momentum, you start to feel a little drag. You now remember that you also have a long thick tail-like extension of your body, giving some extra wait in places you're not used to, and not to mention taking up a lot of space. It'll be rough for you if that gets caught, but you simply adjust your idea for that plan slightly to fit the situation.
  122. >You're going to try to swing your lower half more widely to get it out, and hopefully, you won't end up taking the crib over with you.
  123. >With that mindset, you take the leap, successfully crossing your body over, tail and all. Great, now all you have to do is-
  124. >As soon as you notice the floor below, you gasp, and in that moment one of your hands start to slip. You panic, and scramble, almost losing your hold as you forcefully pull yourself into the outer wall of the crib bars.
  125. >The wobbles afterward from that, stopping after a moment, with you clutching tightly against it.
  127. >You peep open an eye when you felt the shaking stopped to make sure you weren't on some kind of timber tilt.
  128. >Okay, that was scary. That tail took you out much farther than you had intended to go. Yeah, that's it, you just miscalculated and overshot a little. No harm done, still in one piece, still alive.
  129. >Wait, what are you afraid of, this is a dream, you can't get hurt in here, or at least not seriously hurt, you suppose you might register an expected sense of pain in association with learnt response to certain things in some way, but not actual pain. Probably.
  130. >And you're not even afraid of heights, you were hanging over the ledge of a high up building for God's sake.
  131. >The memory of that moment makes your heart sink a little and your grip in the bars loosen a little, but you tighten it in notice.
  132. >You shake your head, just get down and get going. You don't know how long dreams like this would last.
  133. >You slowly, gently ease yourself down. That fall must have traumatized you or something, you're not liking this feeling of fear. Especially of heights. You hope after you get up that this feeling fades. You're gonna miss standing on top of top of a stopped Ferris Wheel car. And moving ones. You already do, since they would let you in... any theme parks or carnivals, but still. High you liked high places. You were a rock climber, and a base jumper. You don't want to lose that thrill.
  134. >You get a tingly feeling in your butt. You hesitantly look down, and see that your tail's is brushing against the floor, buts curled up slightly. Were you that scared?
  135. >At least you weren't that "high up" anymore. Uhg... You hope it's not this serious later. Maybe it has something to do with this smallish body you're using.
  136. >You let go of the bars and drop to the floor, landing on your "feet". Upon landing, you feel sort of out of balanced, making you place your hands on the crib to hold yourself up. You let go thinking it was just the fall, and stumble, landing on your hands.
  138. >Not even in your own dreams can you beat your new fear of heights, no the baser laws of nature.
  139. >You mean, the fact that you were in a crib meant that you were prolly about the size of a babe.
  140. >Considering that you made that jump with such control, though, it doesn't make sense.
  141. >Eh. So you can't walk on twos for now. Big deal, maybe you could figure out how before this is over. You prolly wouldn't even need to though, it might be about over before long. Until then, you might as well check out what's on the other side of that door.
  142. >You look back at your tail for a moment, observing its length from your hip, and its girth from the base of your body.
  143. >You try to flex your butt to give it a wiggle or something. The result you get is a slight flick at the tip.
  144. >You shrug, turn back, and lizard-snake slither your your way to the cracked door, rushing past the tiny pen in the middle of the room. No time to play around, the light is calling to you.
  145. >When you get to it, you carefully push the door to a little. Gotta have that dramatic pause.
  146. >You sit there holding the door for a moment, then you use your full tiny body strength to swing it all the way open. You underestimate your strength and the door flies open faster that you expected it would, hitting the wall with a good noise. The noise echoes outside of your room.
  147. >Okay, so you can't stand up straight and walk upright, but you can still throw doors into the wall. Good to know. Maybe you have some kinda "super strength" for fighting some kind of beast or something.
  148. >Actually looking out the doorway you.. Start to feel dizzy. Your door leads out midway into a hallway that seems to zigzag in an awkward spiral, and the other way with a short flight of stairs leading to an upside down door.
  149. >As... Fun as the zig zags look, you think you'll have a go at those stairs first and go the other way later. The stairs are closer at least, and your new fear of heights doesn't want to chance falling from the ceiling. Dream or no dream.
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