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  1. Joystick Metal
  2. Sexy Division
  3. King Yellow
  4. Bryanatron
  5. My Sexy Romance
  6. Rage Against the Joystick
  7. Puppies Three
  8. Of Men and Bears
  9. The Sexy Service
  10. Saving Bryan
  11. The Agile Heroes of Cardiff
  12. School of the Three Bears
  13. Threedust
  14. Taking Back Autumn
  15. Three Seconds to Cardiff
  16. Joystick Attack
  17. Joystick Popping Spacemen
  18. Deaf Bears
  19. The Love of Puppies
  20. Three Odd Bears
  21. Super Agile Bears
  22. A Box of Puppies with Yellow Joystick
  23. Agile Joystick Brigade
  24. Les Puppies
  25. Beyond Cardiff
  26. Twilight of the Joystick Gods
  27. Joystick Tribute
  28. Agile Puppies of the Yellow Joystick
  29. Sexy Bears Dream
  30. Another Agile Autumn
  31. Coding in Cardiff
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