Drivel 2

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  1. Joe Frey
  2. Heres the deal Rose ill say what you cant:
  3. EXIT STRATEGY is our Home our Guild, if a non guildie raids with us they are a GUEST which means they follow our rules, unlike you i wont hesitate to remove a belligerent Raider all you need to do is point and pass assist. Yes its just a game that we all pay $$ to play but ES raiders work our asses off for each other every raid, i personally greatly disapprove of merging guilds for raids but as a whole i understand it opens new channels for us and provides diverse advantages.
  4. As for Twelve, and i speak from experience guilds dont flourish or succeed under the lead of a wanna be dictator no one on WOW is enslaved by anyone else and that shit will fill up fast and fall apart, the question is are you prepared to give these people a guild? Despite past transgressions? Regardless of whether or not they were a competent raider or one of the accused shit talkers? Ive absolutely no problem of keeping a list of those people and making sure they never raid with us. Period.
  5. Some people dont realize that ES is a well oiled machine we progress we down bosses and we carry undergeared people through progression bosses. I would know because i was one of those undergeared people.
  6. You guys are my friends and ill be damned if i sit by and let someone whos not one of us become a detriment to our cohesion and camaraderie.
  7. Say the word Fearless Leader and ill be happy to be the foot in the ass for you smile emoticon
  9. Derek Walters
  10. Joe I agree with you...Ill be the first to say I love conflict I be the first to admit it cause I am the one who dealt with raid conflict and I didn't hesitate to kick someone who was causing an issue. Truth is we were barely hanging on by a thread but still going as strong as we could with our core players. That being said things weren't going well in twelve Magpie joined our group through a raid finder so he could at least raid. a couple of weeks of raiding with us so did Cailo and Pabs. for whatever reason people stopped turning up for raid they didn't have enough people to run a raid.not going to speak for them...that's how it always came across to me.... for few months if I may, they fill in 3 of our gaps which was awesome things were going good not as smooth as I wanted but we made it work. my computer goes out and that's when I start hearing about all this nonsense drama...Rose is right I wont label it as "TD" as I had before cause it is disrespectful. and I do like a few members of twelve so ill apologize to those handful but this drama started. Rose showed a bit of trust (by giving everyone assist) or a bit of rope if u will and the noose was made. Now all I can see is twelve hating on magpie cause he's raiding with us but yet it was twelve who quit on him to start with....
  12. Joe Frey
  13. Which ones DONT you agree with and why? Im only asking because your opinion on it may spark a different frame of thinking in my mind.
  15. Derek Walters
  16. actually ill re edit my post because cause I actually read what you said wrong ....and I apologize for that
  18. Joe Frey
  19. No problem, like i said i wanna be able to see the situation from as many sides as possible so i value opinions
  21. Derek Walters
  22. joe the only reason it seemed like a merge was because of Magpie. Rose asked him if he knew anyone else that wanted to fill in a Raid spot that's when cailo and Pabs and then sometime later Aowen and shinax joined and so we could start developing a raid team and get the same loot to the same players instead of loot going out to random pugs who we weren't going to see again. several others started showing up
  24. Joe Frey
  25. I got worried when i came back and saw there was more of them than us, like i said im not against it, despite wording it pretty strongly i just havent ever seen a merger successful its always someones blood not as blue as the rest
  27. Derek Walters
  28. which is completely understandable
  30. Derek Walters
  31. I'm not going to speak for ES only for myself ....the attitudes of some of twelve is what tied the noose.
  33. Joe Frey
  34. Yeah, its probably best i wasnt present because i would like to tell them where they can go and what to do when they get there
  36. Derek Walters
  37. yea and that's exactly the point I was trying to make with me saying "Some of you twelve members I'm sorry you got caught up in the drama i would've liked to actually have gotten a chance to raid with you who knows maybe will get another chance somewhere down the line, others well quite frankly I'm glad your gone before i came back, although it took the "fun" out of it for me.
  39. Joe Frey
  40. Well dont worry, when they fall apart im sure a few of those guys will come join us
  42. Derek Walters
  43. Don't get me wrong I do hope they pull through but at the same time I would like to have gotten to raid with some of twelve
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