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  1. PART 01
  3. Ronnie Takes Mommie
  5. This is a story in which a son is cucked by his bully who takes his mom by FORCE. There is humiliation, sexual abuse, and dark elements to this story. If you feel that this is not your thing, don't bother wasting your time and read something else. This FICTIONAL work is not for everyone!
  7. Be warned that writing is an unpaid hobby so I can't be arsed to check for typos and other writing mechanics.
  9. Introduction
  11. My story is not a fairy tale with a happy ending, it's full of betrayal, humiliation, and regret. Again, I repeat, do not expect a happy ending.
  13. My name is Timothy Petry, and up until a couple of years ago I had a pretty normal life. I would describe myself as somewhat average. Average looks, average height, and an average life. The only notable thing not average about me was my penis, it was unfortunately below average which affected my sex life, which was nonexistent.
  15. I was an only child with caring parents, Scott and Anne, and lived in a generic white suburban neighborhood. My father worked in an office cubicle and my loving mother stayed at home. She had a couple of jobs in the past but eventually settled for a housewife role. We didn't really need the extra cash and my dad disapproved of his wife working. I think he was jealous of coworkers hitting on her since the years treated them both in different ways.
  17. They had me when they were both 19, Dad was starting to go bald and his beer belly grew while his youthful muscles faded away. He was no longer the varsity athlete from the past while Mom still kept her prom queen crown. She was just as beautiful as she was in her old pictures, if not better. A couple years ago it would had been weird to say that my mom is attractive, but my recent experiences have left me and my family corrupted with lust. Mom has a body most women envy, perky D cups, thin waist, a shapely butt, juicy thighs, and a pretty face with a beautiful doe-eyed stare that will melt your heart. She is of average height, with a body similar to that of a tennis player. Thin except for her curvy waist, round butt, and juicy legs. Since becoming a stay at home home she became more of a cardio bunny than she already was.
  19. Her wavy brown hair matches her eyes and is kept long. Both it and her skin show years of delicate care with expensive lotions. She used to wear casual clothes like jeans and cute fashionable tops and sometimes her workout outfits when out in public. She enjoyed dressing up on special occasions with fancy dresses and jewelry. Her favorite being long and expensive summer dresses that clung to her body in the wind which generated unwanted stares from men.
  21. This was all before our lives were turned upside down. It all started the Summer before my senior year. My then best friend, Ronnie, and I were 18 year olds who were like brothers, or at least I thought, his betrayal is something that has ruined every aspect of my previously average life. Ronnie and I made an unusual pair of friends since I was average and he was tall, athletic, and handsome. He sometimes got on my nerves, but that's just how best friends treat each other, or so I thought. I was too naive to notice his true intentions at the time.
  23. His parents went on vacation the Summer before our second senior year of high school (yes, we were going to be super seniors) and my parents agreed to let him stay with us. I was foolish enough to be thrilled to have my "best friend" stay with us. My parents were happy since they had known him since we were kids, he was like extended family to us at that point.
  25. Chapter 1. Part 1: The Inside Job
  27. "C'mon bro, don't be such a pussy," Ronnie said as we entered my dad's office, "we did this at my house now it's your turn."
  29. "Yeah but we didn't go into your parent's rooms, just the living room, and your dad just left his wallet in his jacket". I said worried that we would get busted. My parents weren't home, yet. They could busy through the door at any moment.
  31. "Do you want to get some pussy or not? It's now or never. She'll do anything for 200 bucks man, she's amazing. We just need 400 for both of us." He said putting emphasis on the word anything.
  33. "Bro, I'm not too sure about this. If my dad finds out--"
  35. "Nigga, why do you have to be such a pussy. You scared of getting some sweet pussy," Ronnie stopped to pick up a stapler of Dad's desk and gave me a smirk, "What, you gay or something? If you want we can shove this stapler up your faggot ass."
  37. "I'm not gay! I just- it's just that- that. If my dad finds out we stole his money for a hooker he'll kill me."
  39. "He won't even find out, he'll probably think he spent it while he was drunk or something, but it's cool. Timid Timmy Petry still too scared to touch a girl. Or maybe Mr. Petry is too scared to show his puny pecker, even to a paid slut!"
  41. Ronnie was now laughing at his little joke and I felt my face get red. "Shut up!" my mouth exploded, "It's not small and besides it's about how you row the boat not the size of it."
  43. "Oh, really now," Ronnie said in between bursts of laughter, "How about that one time in the showers when--"
  45. "Hey that was so long ago! I've grown!" I said angrily defending myself.
  47. "Oh, is that so?" Ronnie asked, taking me more seriously.
  49. "Yeah," I said. My previous outbursts were loud but for some reason this last word came out rather weak. My voice cracked as the sound escaped my mouth.
  51. Ronnie walked up to me, pointed at my dad's desk and calmly said, "Prove it."
  53. I walked towards the desk while staring Ronnie down, and then I tripped on the corner of the desk which made Ronnie giggle. I took out the key I stole from my dad and opened the top drawer. I took out folders and papers and laid them on top of the desk while I looked for his hidden stash of cash. I found nothing and moved on to the next drawer, nothing again. I made sure to stack everything I took out neatly and in order, so that when I returned the contents no one would be able to tell I snooped around. My hands were getting increasingly sweaty and my heart rate was rising as I looked through more drawers. I couldn't believe I was trying to steal money from my own father.
  55. After a couple of minutes, I finally found a couple of envelopes hidden in the back corners of the bottom drawer. There were several thousand dollars in each envelope, but I only took the 400 I needed from the one that seemed the most full. As I placed the envelopes back in Ronnie grabbed one and took out several bills and stuffed them in his pocket. "Hey bro. Put it back."
  57. "Ok, but why do you have to always be such a little bitch." He said handing me the bills. I continued placing everything back into place and noticed that Ronnie was on his phone sitting on top of the desk next to Dad's work documents.
  59. "Ok bro, I'm done let's get out of here." I said standing up and walking towards the door. Ronnie was still sitting on the desk typing something on his phone, once he finished he let out a loud fart and jumped off. "Bro! My dad eats on that desk. The fuck is wrong with you." He let out a burst of laughter and pointed his ass towards the desk letting another one rip.
  61. "I'm just messing around. Lighten up bro. You're gonna finally smash some pussy, you shouldn't be so serious."
  63. "Yeah, you're right man."
  65. "Give me the money, I'll hide it until the bitch is ready to do business." I just stared at him and he snapped his fingers impatiently. "Man, how can you not trust me after all the things we've been through. You're like a brother to me, bro. I promise that this will be the best Summer ever." I shrugged and handed him the $ 400 dollars putting my faith in him.
  67. Chapter 1. Part 2: Does He Look Like a Bitch?
  69. I was awakened to the sounds of my mom screaming. I rubbed my eyes and looked at Ronnie who had just woken up too. I realized that the scream came from downstairs in Dad's office. Remembering the money we stole yesterday, I quickly jumped out of bed and rushed to see the commotion. I reached the stairs and quietly walked down, Ronnie was right behind me. We reached the kitchen and hid behind a half wall. From our position, Dad's office was across the hallway and we could see inside. Dad was walking into it when I turned to Ronnie and whispered, "Bro, we're so fucked man. They know the money is missing."
  71. Ronnie whisper back, "Shut up man. They won't suspect a thing from us."
  73. Dad quickly entered the office and shut the door. I looked at Ronnie with a raised eyebrow and he returned a shrug. He got up and quietly walked towards the laundry room next to the office. I motioned for him to stay but he motioned back to me, telling me to hurry. Fuck, I got up and followed him. Once inside the laundry room, we put our ears against the thin wall. We could hear everything that Mom and Dad were saying.
  75. "Fuck, I'm so fucked. Hopefully your damn scream didn't wake the boys, the last thing we need is them coming down." I heard Dad say.
  77. "What are we going to do?" Mom asked sounding worried.
  79. "I don't fucking know honey, they took everything I had hidden. Money and documents" My ears perked up and I looked at Ronnie who appeared to be just as surprised. We didn't take everything just the 400, what was Dad talking about?
  81. "They came in through the fucking window and we never even heard it." Dad said while moving around the room. "What the fuck are you doing?"
  83. "I was just calling the cops. We could--"
  85. "Are you fucking insane? The last thing I need is to get the pigs involved in this."
  87. "But we can leave out the part about the money or say they took a smaller amount."
  89. "Are you fucking kidding me. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? I'm already fucked without the cash for Marcellus. Now I'll end up with a broken neck and behind bars."
  91. I stopped listening and started hyperventilating. WTF was Dad talking about? Who was Marcellus? Dad was just a white-collar insurance worker, what did he himself into?
  93. "Nigga, calm the fuck down." Ronnie made me snap out of it, "We gotta fuckin dip man." He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me with him. We quietly made our way back up the stairs. We heard the office door open and we immediately ducked. The stairs had a drywall, so they couldn't see us. I started crawling up the stairs but Ronnie remained still. He was peeking his head over the handrail. I tried getting his attention but he ignored me. I gave up and decided to peek my head and see what he was staring at. Mom was in the hallway facing away from us waiting for dad to come out of the room. She was wearing a short red nightie that had ridden up. Her long legs, thonged bubble butt, and bare back were we're on full display. A ray of light shined from in between her upper thighs, highlighting the red fabric wrapped tightly around her pussy. She had a better gap than most teenage girls, it looked perfect for fitting a dick in from behind.Despite it being my Mom, I had to admit that she looked amazing. I was shocked to see that she wore thongs and even more shocked to see how great she looked in them.
  95. I realized that Ronnie was ogling her and I gave him a light kick. "Dude that's my mom." I don't know if my subconscious directed the comment at him or at myself.
  97. He punched my leg giving me a muscle spasm. "I know she's such a MILF."
  99. "Come on dude," I whispered but was ignored. I gave up on him and watched as Dad finally came out and walked away with mom following him. When she turned to walk towards their room she gave us a profile view of her body. Her perky tits were bouncing under her nightie, the thin straps were barely holding her tits in, and I felt my dick twitch with each jiggle. I was mesmerized by her nipples poking through the thin material. I had never thought of my mom in this fashion and was still trying to make sense of it. This was the first time I had seen my mother so exposed, and the first time I had seen a woman wear lingerie outside of internet videos.
  101. Ronnie snapped me out of my perverse thoughts by yanking me up the stairs by my arm.
  103. "Quit staring at your mom like that, that's weird man." I followed him back into the room and quietly closed the door.
  105. I looked at him and said, "What the fuck man, this is so bad."
  107. "Yeah bro, I've never seen a perv look at his own mom like that."
  109. "Hey, it wasn't like that."
  111. He smiled and looked at my crotch saying, " Well it looks like your tiny three-incher got a little excited."
  113. "Hey, it was already like that." I felt my blood boil with anger and embarrassment, "It's just my morning wood. It hasn't gone away yet."
  115. "Impressive," Ronnie sarcastically responded, still staring at my hard-on which was making a small tent in my pajamas. He had his hands curled up to his face as if he was looking through a telescope.
  117. I covered it with my hands and said, "Hey it's not even that hard, it gets way bigger. I swear."
  119. "Whatever, still weird that you stared at your mom with morning wood."
  121. "Hey, you were looking at her too."
  123. "I'm not her kid, besides she's hot as fuck. Her ass is so damn round and her tits looks so full." Ronnie said making motorboating gestures. "I can't blame you for staring, if my mom looked like that I would had fucked her in her sleep already."
  125. "Stop talking like that about my mom dude."
  127. "Ok, whatever. Just forget it, I was only messing around. Besides, we have bigger problems to worry about than your mom's juicy tits."
  129. I punched him in the arm and realized that if I got mad he would keep talking trash. "Yep, you're right, what are we going to do?"
  131. "Just act normal and we'll see what happens."
  133. We acted like nothing happened and pretended to be doing our usual routine. Mom and Dad were acting extremely weird, they locked the office which they never did and kept trying to get us to either play in my room or go outside. We were able to steal a quick glance inside the office when we snuck around the house from the outside. The sliding mechanism on the window looked broken and inside we could see the that his desk was disorganized. Most of the decor was knocked over and some of the drawers were broken off.
  135. "Ronnie, it looks like someone broke in last night."
  137. "No shit Sherlock."
  139. "Hey, my parents are really worried, they didn't even call the cops. There's something fishy going on."
  141. "Isn't that great? They won't even bother thinking about questioning us. Now quit worrying, the hooker might be ready for us tonight."
  143. Chapter 1. Part 3: The Fight
  145. I was getting worried about my parent's situation and felt guilty for stealing from them all throughout the day. In the evening, Ronnie suggested we go chill in the backyard. He took me behind the garage and showed me his phone.
  147. "I have it backed up bro." He said after hitting play on a video.
  149. "What?"
  151. "I saved everything on a back-up and the cloud." I was still confused as to what he was saying until I realized what was happening. The video on his phone went from being a black screen to showing me rummaging through my dad's desk. Yesterday, when he was sitting on the desk texting he was actually secretly recording me.
  153. "You son of a bitch, what's going on." Ronnie simply pointed at the screen. "This isn't funny, you did your prank, now delete the video."
  155. Ronnie closed the video and started flipping through pictures, they were documents, my dad's documents. The ones which were stolen last night. The same documents that Dad was worrying about. "No one came in through the window Timmy." Ronnie said as he flicked through more pictures. "Didn't you think it was weird that your dad had so much money in there. Well I did, and when you were all asleep I snuck in and read some of them."
  157. My mouth was gaped open from shocked, I was expecting him say 'it's just a prank bro' like he always did, but he didn't. He was completely serious.
  159. "Dude you stole money from my Dad, what the fuck?"
  161. "I didn't steal anything, you did. I have you on video taking everything out of the drawers. Don't you want to know what the documents say?"
  163. "Ok Ronnie, stop. This really isn't funny anymore."
  165. "Shut the fuck up dude. It was never funny. Here is what's going on. First, if you ever think about snitching I'm showing your parents the video. Second, those documents show that your dad has been laundering money for Marcellus, a local drug kingpin. It sounds like he's been Marcellus' bitch or something. Why do you think he was scared to call the cops? If he doesn't pay Marcellus within a month, he is fucked and guess what, he won't be able to pay him since I hid all the cash."
  167. I clenched a fist and said, "Ronnie why are you doing this. You were like family."
  169. "Shut up already and let me speak. You're nothing to me fag. Your dad had a small fortune stashed and it's all mine now. I'm going to enjoy-"
  171. I couldn't take it. I launched my fist at him and hit him square in the jaw. I pushed him back and he landed awkwardly after hitting the garage wall. I jumped on top of him and started beating him senseless. His screams were fueling my attacks, I honestly felt the urge to murder him in cold blood. I suddenly got yanked back by the neck and fell on my ass though. I looked around at the figure that pulled me off. I was ready to kick his ass too.
  173. "What the hell are you doing." It was my dad, he must've heard Ronnie's screams. I immediately knew I fucked up. I saw Ronnie unconscious and knew that I went too far.
  175. It was midnight, I was all alone at home. My parents had taken Ronnie to the ER. I didn't know what to think or do so I spent the whole day sitting in my living room crying. I finally saw my parent's car pull into the driveway. Mom opened the door first and quickly walked into the house.
  177. "Is he pressing charges?" I asked.
  179. "No, but we need to talk," she replied, "Your dad's helping him into house as we speak."
  181. "Mom, how can you let him in the house after--"
  183. "Tim, we don't have any other options. I think you already know what sort of trouble your dad is in. Ronnie says he forgives you but won't ever forget what you did."
  185. "What are we going to do?" I asked mom who was now gently rubbing my arm, trying to calm me down.
  187. "He says he will give back part of the money when we need it as long as we keep our mouths shut and help him while he is healing."
  189. "Mom, what exactly was Dad involved in?" I asked.
  191. Mom took in a deep breath before responding with, "I don't want to talk about it."
  193. "Mom, I need to know. You can't just leave me out of this!"
  195. "Tim, it wasn't anything huge. It wasn't even a big deal, until Ronnie--"
  197. "Mom, he is up to something."
  199. "I know, but what can we do? I think it is best if we just keep him happy for now."
  201. "What do you mean mom?"
  203. "Well, since his parents aren't home, and he promised not to tell them by the way, he won't be able to take care of himself. He fractured a vertebra and will have trouble moving around. It isn't anything too serious, it's the pain and discomfort that is keeping him from moving according to the doctor."
  205. "I don't like this Mom."
  207. "I know sweetie but what can we do? Just try to keep him happy and we'll get through this."
  209. "Mom how much money is he taking?"
  211. "He's letting us take back what we owe when we need it as long as we help him heal and keep him happy. He wants to discuss further payments later. The bastard is blackmailing us."
  213. "Mom I'm sorry. This is all my fault. If I hadn't been so dumb."
  215. "It's not your fault. Just try to get some sleep. I'm sure that we can get through this together."
  217. Chapter 1. Part 4: Ronnie's Orders
  219. Ronnie slept in the downstairs guest room instead of in a sleeping bag in my room like the previous nights. I was awake the whole night thinking about the things he was planning on doing to enact his revenge. I didn't see nor speak to him or dad until the morning after at the breakfast table. I walked into the sight of Dad spoon feeding Ronnie his meal. Ronnie was sitting but without moving a finger, he had several pillows comforting his spine. Ronnie looked at me and grinned and then nodded his head, telling me to sit in the chair next to him. I grabbed a bowl and served myself some cereal as Dad continued to spoon feed him. The whole exchange was awkward, he didn't seem phased about his injuries at all.
  221. "Wait," Ronnie said as I stuck a spoon into the cereal. He then gargled in his throat and spat in my bowl. I looked at the huge blob that lay atop my cereal with disgust. "Go ahead, your dad loved the taste of it and so will you." It took me almost an hour to finish breakfast, I had to pause to take deep breaths to prevent myself from puking. Ronnie watched me the whole time while throwing insults at me and my dad.
  223. Once we were done, nobody said a word except for Ronnie, who was barking out orders. It was immediately obvious what his plan was. He was going to humiliate us by having us be his servants. When he asked for a drink, he would purposely knock it over and have me clean it up and then serve him another. He made my dad in charge of bathroom duties, the only person he wasn't being a complete sadist to was my mom, luckily.
  225. It was like this the whole day. He spent the day sleeping, watching TV, and playing games, he had my parents feed him a constant supply of chips, pizza, and pop. Ronnie had asked to 'borrow' my dad's credit card and spent a couple of hours ordering stuff online. He didn't say what it was, but said that they would arrive soon since he paid for premium shipping.
  227. He would throw his trash wherever he saw fit and made us constantly clean after him. He had trouble moving his fingers so Dad and Mom took turns feeding him these greasy foods. Did I mentioned that I spent several hours bent over on the floor serving him as a footrest? Every time he farted it intoxicated me. It was pretty bad, and we all had to be polite regardless of how he acted. All his previous actions were overshadowed by what he did before bedtime.
  229. We were all in the living room attending to Ronnie's needs. He was watching TV from Dad's recliner and I was crouched next to him feeding him chips. Dad was cleaning around the recliner and Mom was making awkward small talk with Ronnie who insisted on her social company. She was wearing a simple white shirt that was a bit low cut but didn't show more than an inch of cleavage alongside some blue jeans. She was sitting across from Ronnie, her body language showed clear signs of discomfort.
  231. "You know, this isn't too bad, not the best but there is still room for improvement from you guys." Ronnie's said as he watched a game of football. "Not bad at all still."
  233. "Thank you, Ronnie, we --" Mom was interrupted for what had been the millionth time this day.
  235. "Look at me though, I look like a slob." He said as crumbs and spit flew onto my face and his clothes. "I think I need a sponge bath, I don't think I can handle standing for a shower." I looked at Dad who looked at Mom. If Dad had bathroom duty, who was going to get shower duty? We didn't say it but we all thought his choice was going to be obvious.
  237. "Ok Ronnie, we'll get you cleaned up." Mom said faking a caring voice.
  239. "Anne, get everything ready while these two faggots carry me into the bedroom."
  241. Mom accepted her new role as Ronnie's bathing assistant with a nervous gulp.
  243. Dad and I gently carried him into the guest bedroom with his arms wrapped around our shoulders, but Ronnie wasn't making it easy. He was digging his elbows into us and shifting his weight to throw us off balance. We placed him on the bed sitting up against the headboard with a couple of pillows for support. As we walked out of the room he yelled, "You guys stay, Anne and I might need your help."
  245. Dad and I awkwardly stood near the door awaiting further instructions from Ronnie as Mom pulled his shirt over his arms. Dad was to the right of me, we were standing about five feet away from the bed with Ronnie's right side facing us. Ronnie told Mom to work on the other side of the bed, his left. His intentions were clear since we laid him close to the right to make it easier for Mom to clean him. By making her work on the other side it made her have to crawl on top of the bed next to him. She was cleaning Ronnie by moving around on her knees, she had to constantly lean over to sponge him which resulted in her blouse hanging down, giving us and Ronnie a look at her bra and hanging tits. Ronnie's eyes were glued to them as they swung around, I heard Dad grumble when he realized that Ronnie set Mom up so he could look down her shirt as she bathed him.
  247. Mom began by running the soapy sponge over his neck and shoulders. She then worked on his back before running the sponge over his pecs and well-defined abs. His abs were glistening and I noticed that Mom took a bit longer to clean them. She gently ran the sponge over and over them sometimes making contact with her fingers. She circled the dips and valleys embedded deeply into his stomach as if she were hypnotized.
  249. "That's good enough." Ronnie said making Mom blush. "Now do my legs." Ronnie commanded and Mom obeyed. She gripped the waistband of his sweatpants and he said, "Just pull everything at once now, I don't feel like lifting my ass more than I need to."
  251. Mom reached deeper into his pants to grab his underwear. She gripped the waistbands and slipped the sweats and boxers off at once, my eyes were for some reason glued to the action. I watched as a "V" shape located in his lower abdominal come into view as the sweatpants got pulled down. His dick suddenly swung around in circles with all the movements generated by Mom's actions. I was in a trance where I wanted to look away but couldn't. I was staring at a one-eyed pink monster. It was around 8 inches long and almost as thick as my wrist. It had large veins running along the shaft and a large dark pink mushroom head. I was finally able to look away and accidentally looked at Dad who was simultaneously turning his head towards me. We made excruciatingly and painfully awkward eye contact for a split second before we both turned away, pretending like weren't somewhat impressed by the largest flaccid cock we had ever seen. I felt a bead of sweat running down my forehead and my knees felt weak thinking about Mom having to clean Ronnie's monstrosity.
  253. I slowly looked back up at Mom and saw that she was now working on cleaning his muscular legs and butt. After a couple of minutes Ronnie announced, "You're almost done, all that's left is my dick and balls."
  255. "Hey!" Dad objected but Ronnie quickly shut him down.
  257. "Shut up old man, I don't want to have swamp dick. What's she supposed to do? Leave me like this?"
  259. "It's alright honey," Mom said being trying to calm my dad down before he did something he would regret, "It's not a big deal nurses do this all the time."
  261. "Start with my balls and hurry up, I'm getting tired." Mom reached for the sponge but Ronnie quickly added, "I'm really sensitive down there. Just use those soft hands of yours."
  263. "Nurses don't go that far." Dad said nervously.
  265. "Well nurses don't usually help their husbands launder money, do they?" Ronnie said shutting everyone up.
  267. Mom lifted one ball and gently rolled it around in her soapy hands, his dick was resting off to the side and slightly down is leg, but not enough to get in the way of Mom's job. Each ball was completely shaved and the size of a small apple. Mom needed both her hands just to handle a single one. She then moved on to the next, and I noticed Ronnie's dick twitch. Without turning my head, I turned my eyeballs as far to the right as I could to see if Dad witnessed what I just did. I shot them back forward when I saw that he too was peeking out of the corner of his eyes to see my reaction.
  269. "Make sure to get that area were my balls and dick connect Mrs. Petry."
  271. Mom stared at his genitals for a second before coming to terms with what she had to do. His dick was in the way now. She took a deep breath before gently grabbing it with two fingers and placing the tip on Ron's stomach. Her hand was shaking the whole time and Ron's dick was visibly getting erect. Her hand was shaking so much that her fingers were basically giving it a small handjob.
  273. "How many dicks have you touched before mine?" Ronnie said licking his lips.
  275. I could just barely hear Mom's mumbles over my dad's breath. "I've only been with one man my entire life." She confessed while Dad's breath grew louder with each word she mumbled. She let her hair come down and used it to hide her face from Dad. I felt so weak and humiliated for being unable to stop Ronnie from taking advantage of my own mother while he utterly destroyed my Dad from the inside.
  277. Mom washed the skin below his dick with her bare hands and looked up at him when she was done. Ronnie smiled at her and said, "You know what to do." By now, his dick was fully erect at around 11 inches and far thicker than my wrists. It was pointing directly at the ceiling and throbbing wildly. Mom looked at it in disbelief and Ronnie coaxed her on, "Make sure you don't miss a spot, use both your hands while you polish my rod." Mom continued to stare blankly at the monster in front of her. "Well hurry up and get to it Mrs. Petry." I noticed that Ronnie was now calling Mom by her last name instead of her first, it was like he was reminding us that despite her taking Dad's name and sacred blessing, she was under another man's control. A man not much older than her own son.
  279. "Anne, you don't have to do this, I'm going to kill this piece of shit!" Dad screamed as he stepped forward. I held him back knowing what the consequences would be. He tried shoving me away but I held on tight. Mom tried talking some sense into him, "Honey, my love listen to me." Dad wasn't buying it though. "Scott please stop, you're only going to hurt us more than you already have."
  281. The last words hit Dad harder than a ton of bricks, he fell on his knees and started trembling, "I'm sorry baby."
  283. "Scott, don't worry about me. I love you. Just promise me that you won't do anything rash that you'll regret later." Dad nodded in defeat, still on his knees. Ronnie laughed loudly and I became immobilized. All I could do was stand there and watch everything unfold.
  285. Mom was now between Ronnie's legs and leaned over to fulfill his request, giving him the best look down her shirt yet. She wrapped her tender fingers around his organ. They weren't even long enough to fully wrap around his behemoth cock. I watched in horror as her golden wedding ring and her pink fingernails moved up and down, the soap making the filthy thing shine.
  287. "Uhh, keep going don't you dare stop. If you do I swear... uhhh." Ronnie said as mom pumped faster and faster. I was unable to look away as mom stroked him nonstop for far longer than I wished for and far longer than I could keep track of. I was wanting and needing for my eyes to pop open and realize that it was all a nightmare but I knew it wouldn't happen. It was all too real, every detail reminded me of where I was. The scent of his pre-cum filled the room, the thumping noises echoed in my ears, Dad was now sobbing on the floor in the fetal position, and the worst one of them all, my dick decided to betray me. I felt my dick's hunger for lust as it started to pump red hot blood through itself. I felt jealousy stemming from it, it wanted to have Mom's fingers around it. It was envying Ronnie's dick, which was now leaking loads of pre-cum. It wanted me to have my own mother and I hated myself for it.
  289. Ronnie's pre-cum was running down his dick and on to Mom's hands. It was building up around her fingers and her precious wedding ring was now coated in it.
  291. "Oh... uhh. Ok stop. Mmm. Now carefully pull back the skin and work on my dickhead. Make sure you reach under the head after you pull the skin back."
  293. He now had his legs wrapped around Mom's waist which forced her mouth to be a couple of inches from her closed lips. She slowly pulled his foreskin back which made Ronnie's eyes roll into the back of his head. As he threw his head back his legs wrapped themselves tighter around Mom forcing her plush lips to make contact with the wet tip of his penis. I felt a surge of blood the moment her sweet lips made contact with his vile organ, and yet, I was still motionless as her lips were smeared with his pre-cum.
  295. He pulled tighter, I heard his back pop causing him to scream in pain but it didn't stop him. His dick was mashed against Mom's lips who was fighting to keep them closed but ultimately failed. His dick popped a quarter of the way into her mouth before it became jammed.
  297. "Timmy, get over here!" Ronnie yelled at me and I quickly walked towards him. He was holding Mom down with his legs while she tried to break free by pushing him away with her arms. "Listen to me very carefully or your Dad will end up getting his ass rammed by a huge nigger cock by tomorrow in the state penitentiary." I looked at his face which was in obvious pain, I guess looking at it would help me pay attention to his orders. "I can't hold on to this bitch for much longer. I need you pull her fucking hair back and hold it there like a makeshift ponytail." I collected Mom's hair into a messy bun in my hands. "Ok now hold it there while I Iet my legs go." He let his legs slide off her back and continued with his instructions. I felt Mom trying to push me away with her hands. "Don't fucking let go man! Now push the bitch's head down all the away."
  299. I pushed Mom's head down by the fistful of hair I had but it wouldn't go all the way. She was gagging hard and a mixture of spit and pre-cum was escaping out her lips which were completely stretch around his dick.
  301. "HARDER! Put your all your weight into it like you mean it." I pushed hard and I felt his cock break through Mom's throat. I heard her try to scream but was muffled by the monster in her mouth. "Ok. Now move it up and down fast."
  303. At this point, I had completely lost any signs of having a freewill and became a robot at the command of my Mom's rapist. I pumped her head up and down like if I were pumping air into a bike. Her pretty hair which she spent so much time maintaining in top condition was nothing more than a face fuckng handle. I pulled it hard going up, causing her to yelp, and smashed her nose into Ronnie's abs as I went down. Mom made all sorts of gagging noises which filled the room and blocked out Dad's whimpering. I repeated this motion nonstop, my mind was lost in my imagination and the other half was focused on Ronnie's orders.
  305. I imagined pushing her head down onto my own dick, which caused it to twitch each time I did so. After a couple of pumps I closed my eyes and started spewing out cum from inside my pants. I felt it run down my legs and stick to my balls. My mind was now completely lost in lust. Everything that was happening in front of me turned hazy after this point.
  307. "Ok stop, let the bitch do it on her own, but keep holding her hair, don't let it get in the way." Ronnie said as I felt my cum dry. Mom automatically started to bob her head on his cock on her own as soon as I let her go. She seemed like she was in full on slut mode, but I knew that she was doing this to keep our family safe. Her mouth was making loud slurping noises which echoed of the walls.
  309. "Bro, take a look at this." Ronnie said pointing to my Mom's throat. I leaned over a bit and saw that Mom's face was completely destroyed. She had tears and makeup running down her cheeks. Her eyes were bloodshot red and so was her face. I looked at her neck and saw what Ronnie found so interesting. Every time she bobbed her head down, I could see his dick bend and fill her throat through her neck. I also noticed that the bed was completely soaked in Mom's saliva and Ronnie's pre-cum. The fluids ran down her neck to her chest, where her shirt had been pulled down during her struggles. The top of her bra was showing while her tits threatened to pop out of it. Her swaying tits, bra, and shirt were soaked too. I didn't know how much more she could physically take.
  311. I was lost in the penduluming motion of her breasts.They repeatedly swung into each other under her bra. I could see shades of pink areolas peeking with each bounce and knew that it wouldn't be long before both her nipples made an appearance. "You can stop looking now." Ronnie said, breaking my stare from Mom's swinging tits.
  313. I stood there, holding Mom's hair for an additional five minutes. I became accustomed to the noises she was making, Ronnie's moans of pleasure, and the horrible smell. The smell consisted of a mixture of Mom's perfume, her sweat, soap, and Ronnie's dick.
  315. "Uhh...Shit! This slut's mouth is just too damn good! Ronnie screamed at the top of his lungs. "Tim! Push her down, NOW! All the fucking way!" I quickly put my weight back on Mom's head and pinned her against Ronnie. "I'm going to fucking cum!" He screamed before shaking his head and legs wildly.
  317. I felt the force of his cum shoot out as it hit the bottom of her throat. Each shot shook Mom's head back and I had to press down to keep her down. I heard and felt her gasp for air as she tried to deal with each never-ending shot. He eventually stopped but I didn't see his cum coming out Mom's stretch lips.
  319. Ronnie's cum was trapped inside her mouth and throat so she had no other option but try to swallow it. I felt her struggle to gulp it down while still searching for air. She coughed wildly and struggled for 20 seconds until Ronnie's slowly became soft. When it finally popped out he finally said, "You can let go now."
  321. I released my hold and Mom quickly stood up breathing heavily, trying to take in as much oxygen as possible. She was sneezing large globs of cum right out of her nose. The globs landed on her cleavage, her arms, and some of it on me. When she finally cleared her sinuses and lungs of all the cum she looked at me. We made eye contact for the first time in what felt like forever but in reality must've been less than half an hour. Her eyes screamed of hate and betrayal against me.
  323. I quickly broke eye contact with her, my eyes locked on to her chest. Her low cut shirt was pulled and held down by her bra cups, while her bra was pushed up by the shirt. The top of her tits were pushed up and were showing the upper parts of her large areolas. Her right tit had a nipple pointing straight up out of the bra as if it were struggling for air. It was coated with a layer of cum which was shot out when she sneezed.
  325. I quickly regained my inhibitions, that stare made me realize that I had betrayed my own mother by helping her rapist pleasure himself with her sweet mouth. The same mouth which used to supplement me with tender motherly kisses. She shook her head one last time and another blob of cum fell out her right nostril.
  327. She suddenly jumped off the bed and slapped me aside. She darted out of the room, leaving Dad and I to deal with the aftermath. I looked around the room and saw Dad groggily trying to crawl around on all fours while Ronnie was fast asleep and snoring loudly. I carefully cleaned him up, trying to keep him asleep, so that Mom wouldn't have to clean him up in the morning. I grabbed Dad by the arm and dragged him out the room, making sure to turn off the light and close the door. He was weak, disoriented, and talking nonsense in between whimpers.
  329. I placed him on the couch, since Mom had locked herself in their room. I went to grab a blanket for Dad, when I came back he had passed out in a puddle of his own piss. Fuck, I thought not this now. I went to wake him up, but realized that it wasn't piss. There was a string of a goo-like substance attached from the couch to the wet crotch of his pants. Disgusted, I threw the blanket over him and went to my own bed scarred and destroyed. I couldn't begin to imagine how terrible Mom felt. I wished I could done something to help her, but instead I cried and jerked myself to sleep thinking about hot she looked.
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