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  1. It is funny to think how a handshake was all it took to lead Kim here. One handshake that went horribly wrong. Kim was never good at controlling her strength, her wonderful body and height made her quite the tanned hotness yet a ticking timebomb. Having a tendency to break things by accident, she was always a bit nervous when it came to handling people. Sadly, this cation ended up being the thing that ruined everything. Shaking hands with someone so important, so popular, was simply too much for her to handle. After she broke his hand and ruined his career, her own as a model fell like lead from a rooftop.
  3. Now she sat in a run down place that's probably seen more drug dealings and porno's than actual people wanting to live there. All she had now was a dingy tv that got, at best, two channels, a couch that smelled like...something inhumane exploded on it, and a laptop. She had been using it to look for jobs for months now, her prior history keeping her from getting even simple jobs like registers or janitorial. At this point, she just expected her body to start withering away, she couldn't possibly take care of it now like she did before. Just as this despair started to sink in, she noticed an email she got.
  5. Leaning in, Kim began to read it to herself, mumbling softly all the while. "Dear miss Kim, based on your condition of...yadda yadda...Like to request you help with 'personal issues' that need another 'personal' touch'." She paused...then rolled her eyes and kept reading. "Yeah like I'm going to go lesbian for this lady for fahhhhfahfahwhhhhat?" She read it several times, yet still did not believe it even for a seventh time. Fifty thousand dollars an hour. It was simply too good to be true, this had to be a scam, but from the look of the email it didn't look sketchy aside from the absurd offer. Seeing as her computer was probably more secure than her homes door, she didn't see the harm in replying.
  7. To her surprise, there was a reply shortly after. Not fast enough to be something automated, but fast enough to show someone was waiting on the other end. She got an address and a time to meet up at, to her surprise however, the address didn't lead to a section where most wealthier people resided at. Instead, it lead to a suburban area, making it all the more suspicious yet...Kim didn't have much say in the matter. If she doesn't use her body it's just going to deteriorate, a fact that kept pushing her forward despite all the red flags.
  9. Closing her laptop up, she checked the time and realized she could get there if she just walked briskly. Without a car and any free cash to get a cab or bus, going out for a lengthy walk didn't sound that bad. It's been a while since she has had any decent exercise anyway, well, ever since she had decent eats waiting back at home. If this goes as well as possible, she could have a feast! Sadly, such an idea got the poor amazonian woman's stomach groaning and growling, as motivating as it was it still wasn't pleasant.
  11. Kim approached the home and looked it over, then checked the address once more. It was...quite a decent looking little home. Bright, recently painted, nothing old or rusting around it. The place was ten times more decent looking than what she was prepared for, which, gave her quite a bit of hope. She took a breath, adjusted her sports bra and shorts a little bit before lifting a hand up and grabbing the knocker. CRUNCH. The sound it made hitting the door showed that Kim had slightly embedded it into the door, her nerves getting the better of her once again.
  13. Kim didn't have a ton of time to worry about it however, as, the door soon came open. Standing before her was a short, purple haired woman with a soft, warm motherly smile. She pretty much glowed with this disarming aura, so much so that Kim was confused. Before she could say anything however, the woman smiled and moved aside. "Hello there, you must be Kim. My name is Martha, please, make yourself at home on the couch. We have much to discuss!"
  15. This...couldn't be the woman, could it? Conflicted, Kim walked in slowly and made her way to the couch, sitting herself down slowly and carefully with her hands resting on her knees. Martha seemed like such a sweet, small thing that a worry started to burn in Kims head. What if she hurts her? What would happen to her reputation then? She could already see the headline: 'Prior model breaks several bones in prostitution act, went from breaking hands to breaking pelvises'. Maybe jail would be a better place to be than that dingy hole she called home anyway. A thought that was cut off when Martha sat across from her, adopting a similar sitting position.
  17. "Thank you for coming, there hasn't been many options I could find for this such a thing. My sweetheart is so pent up and I haven't been able to find anyone....sturdy enough to handle her and her issues. I heard how casually you tend to, well, if you pardon me, destroy things without much effort. I can only assume someone as strong as you must be quite tough as well!" Martha beams, though, finally takes notice of the confusion on Kims face. "Oh, there something wrong, ma'am?" Martha inquired, which got a sheepish smile from Kim.
  19. "Oh, no, I just, I'm a little confused is all. Who am I helping?" She asked, getting Martha to smile. "I'll introduce you." Turning her head to the stairway, she took a breath and yelled gently. "Suuuuuuusan? Kim is here to help you now, you can stop trying the toy now." And not too soon after, there's a response. "Okay mom, I kinda broke it anyway. Be down in a moment!" The much softer, younger voice said, which got Kim to look terribly confused again. That...didn't sound even like a teenager, the sound of little feet only backing that up further.
  21. Quickly, a girl who was probably no older than seven came down the steps quickly with...something bouncing and flailing in front of her. When she came to the bottom and stopped, Kim got a good look at her, causing her jaw to drop. Susan, who again was only about seven looking, was naked with the BIGGEST cock Kim has ever seen. Bigger than the horses she saw on the ranch once. Four feet of twitching, pulsing, hooded cock hung between her legs.The thing simply didn't look like it belonged on a human being, nor did the near basketball sized balls that complimented the drooling and oozing monster.
  23. Martha smiled over at Kim, who, was stuck in her look of shock. "That's Susan, she was born with a condition that gave her a massive cock that rapidly got bigger and bigger as she got older. As you can see, she's not even ten years old and is suffering from a sever case of balls. My poor baby here has been in quite a bit of pain because of it, as well as making some quite hard to clean messes. Her ability to focus on anything is quite limited as..." She trails off, looking over at her daughter who was already stroking at her big drooling cock. "Well, that."
  25. Kim finally closed her mouth, her face a bright pink mess as she looks over at Martha. "Um, okay, look, I feel bad for you and your daughters situation, but...I-I'm not a pedofile. I couldn't pos-" Martha held a hand up to pause the other, a firm frown appearing on her face. "I understand, this, sadly is why I offered so much upfront. However, my daughter NEEDS this and everyone else who tried failed. I'm willing to double my offer." She said, which, stunned Kim and filled her with indecisiveness. One hundred thousand an hour.
  27. "I-I see...Well, um, I don't..." Kim started, only for a smug grin to appear on Martha's face. "I'll double it again." She said, making Kim go wide eyed. Ethics and morals, as well as a fear of public opinion flew out of her ear, out the window and into the sky. "Well, alright, since it seems like such an important medical issue." Kim says to save face, not wanting to look greedy, just understanding of how desperate the other was. To Martha though, she didn't care in the slightest, she was just happy to get a yes out of her.
  29. "Great, the basement is all set up for you two then." The mother said before standing, the lovely amazon looking up at her in confusion. "Erm, the basement? Why the basement, doesn't seem like a uh...sanitary place to um, do such a thing." Kim responded, the Martha already walking over to a door to unlock it. "Well Kim, the basement has been set up just for this situation, plus there's a massive drain down there that...well, thinking about it now, will more than likely just clog up, but it's better than drowning." She said oh so casually, meanwhile, Kim began to look at Susan nervously, who, was still jacking it without making any progress.
  31. Standing up, Kim begins to wonder if she should of signed a waiver or something before agreeing to this. As Martha opens the door and flicks on the lights on, Kim is shown a room that...was much more cheerful than she was expecting. Furniture, soft lights, and most of all was how clean the room was. Yeah, it was still a basement with cold, stone walls and wooden beams, but it looked decent! Taking a stiff breath, she looked back, seeing that Martha was busy getting Susan to pay attention and come down as well. Kim took a look around, noticing a bed, couch, a heater that kept the room warm despite hanging up so high as well as a fan to keep the room from getting too stuffy.
  33. When Susan came down, Kim got a better look of her...less lewd assets. She had pretty, wide blue eyes with blonde hair. She looked almost like a child doll. A child doll that was put in the hands of a pervert with oversized dildos. It was still so strange to see such a veiny, throbbing monster on such a small girl. "Miss Kimmy?" The small girl finally said, breaking the larger woman's stare. "Oh, sorry, yes Susan?" She said with a nervous smile, though, the one that came off of Susan had such a warmer glow. "I hope you can help me, the others haven't been able to really get rid of the hurties..."
  35. For a moment, Kim stopped thinking about how absurd it all was and how much she was getting paid. It was here that she realized that Susan is still just a little girl, the massive appendage doesn't make her some sort of freak. For a moment, she felt bad for judging her, but there was the positive feeling of knowing she was going to get to help her. Even if it's only for temporary relief, she's getting paid a ton for it. If Martha has that much money to throw around, Kim will likely be called upon again when this situation starts up once more. Hm. Maybe she shouldn't get back into modeling after this? Nah, that's a silly thought, she'd only ever do that if her figure got ruined, this is to stop that.
  37. "Well, I guess we should get started, go ahead and sit on the couch." Kim instructed, getting a little eager nod from Susan before skipping over and plopping herself down. Kim moved over to the end of that throbbing thing and squatted down, nervously swallowing as the monsters musk hits her right in the face. It was so thick and hot, it felt like she was in the middle of a gay gangbang. "You tell me if I'm gripping too hard alright? I'm going to see how much I need to hold back." She said, getting a little nod from the smaller girl as she sat back in the couch.
  39. Kim wrapped both hands around that cock and slowly began to apply pressure. This got a cute, soft moan out of the smaller girl, making the end of her cock start to dribble out more of that utterly thick gunk. More and more she squeezed, but even when she started to actually apply her strength, Susan just kept moaning and gripping at the couch she sat on. When Kim noticed she was starting to strain to squeeze any harder, that massive monster of a cock was not only not bothered, it just seemed to enjoy it! "I-Is this seriously not hurting!?" Kim asked with her voiced filled with concern, but Susan just shook her head before shooting a bit of gunk onto Kims face.
  41. Letting out a groan, she let go and moved to pull the stuff off, only to shudder a bit. It was so warm but...not really like a full on fluid. It was almost like a paste or some sort of thick cream, it felt pretty good on her skin yet was really difficult to get off. She licked at the bit on her lips, blinked rapidly as...the stuff was kinda tasty. Reminded her a lot of her work out paste she used to eat a lot of, unknowingly she was actually licking a lot off of her face. Wiping the rest off, she flicked it to the floor before standing up and moving closer to Susan. "I'm...going to try something, you tell me if it ends up hurting alright?"
  43. After getting a smile from Susan, Kim went down beside the massive thing and wrapped her arm around it, putting it in a sort of...headlock. She began to squeeze and wrestle with it, working that massive foreskin back and forth to cover and uncover her cockhead. She was actually using a lot of her strength, which, for a woman of her size and build....could easily snap a man in half. She couldn't even get this massive thing to even stop throbbing so hard! "Grrrhhh...! What is this thing made of!?" She says before letting go, panting and trying to get her breath back. Susan looked down at Kim with a slight frown, thinking she may not be the one.
  45. "I don't know. Mommy says the doctors couldn't do anything about it when I was born, it broke all their doctor tool thingies." She says before Kim stood herself up once more, taking a stiff breath. " were born with an invulnerable cock? Can't say I've ever heard of such a thing, but it's good to know I don't need to hold back for once..." She says, unable to hide her smirk as she moved in front of it once more, squatting down to put it in front of her face. She licked her lips a little bit, planting a few kisses around that thick crown before slowly opening up wide.
  47. She hesitated a bit, but without any lube on hand she had to see what she could with her mouth. Gently cramming that tip into her mouth wasn't too hard, it was working it down her throat that was the hard part as she had to rework her position so it could align properly. Raising her hips up and tilting her head back, she worked herself forward, steadily impaling herself more and more until she felt the thing start to poke into her stomach. Her crotch began warm up, the massive musky cock filled her throat up so much that it caused her to stretch. She couldn't breath like though, her deepthroating needing breaks so she could get her breath back. The noises Susan made though were quite cute and encouraging, little squeaks and pleasured moans echoed out through the basement.
  49. After about...what felt like an hour or so, Kim pulled off that massive thing, holding her slightly bloated stomach whilst panting heavily. "I...Whew...How...much do you have in that thing? I feel so full already." The Amazon said as she stood up, her crotch already wet and dripping onto the floor, having made a little puddle...well, would of, if it weren't for how much thick pasty pre was on the floor. "I-I don't feel less hurty miss Kimmy..." Susan said with a soft pout, her little legs wiggling to the sides of her massive cock, looking almost bored. It seems oral wasn't going to get her any further, the limits of her throat, as tight, hot and wet as it is, simply wasn't enough stimulation for the behemoth.
  51. "Well, since you're lubed up anyway I guess I can try the back passage a bit. Lay on your back Susan." And so she did, the smaller girl hoisted that massive thing up into the air, really making Kim realize how long it was. You never really get an idea how big something is until it's standing upright in front of you. Climbing up onto the couch, Kim stood with a hand on the back of it for balance as she moved to straddle Susans hips, having that drooling veiny thing prod her toned rear. "Is your um....pelvis as powerful as your dick?" The Amazon asked, which, gave Susan a pondering look on her face.
  53. "Miss Ama used her butt on it once, momma said she was hundreds of pounds but despite being squished I was fine!" Susan chirped out, relieving Kim a bit. In fact, if anything this somewhat gave her more of an all clear to go all out on her. "Say, now that I think about it, how...many other people have tried to do this?" Kim asks as she sits atop of that fat tip, having to wiggle and shake her hips as she pressed down to get it to wedge into her pucker. Slowly, but surely she was able to envelope it within the overly tight, hot insides that was her lower guts. She was no stranger to anal, but Susan was easily much bigger than any person or toy she has used before. Getting down the first few inches was fine, but the other feet of cock was going to take some time.
  55. As Kim slowly made her way down, panting and moaning, Susan was casually speaking. "Well, momma has called a lot of people. There was a lot of big girls who were really nice but never really helped. Ama's butt felt nice, but not getting in at any point because I was too big just made me get cummies all over the floor. Ama kept asking if I was close, but I pretty much fell asleep just laying on the couch after a while. Jazz was another, she was really really pretty and every part of her was soft. She used a lot of like...strap thingies to squeeze my cock. It felt good, but after a few hours I accidentally hurt her back when I tried to put it in. Momma says she's okay but she never came back."
  57. Kim was only half listening, more of just doing so as a distraction. Finally she sat in the others lap, the bulge caused by such a cock able to be felt in the Amazons stomach. Biting her lip, Kim began to bounce slowly on the meaty spire, quickly building up speed as her lust started to heat up in her chest. The loud claps of flesh and the moans of the two began to fill the room, Kims strength being used to its full ability to get her up and down that cock, squeezing it as hard as she could each time. Once she was in a steady rhythm, she let her tongue hand out, her own sex dripping onto the childs crotch as she rod her.
  59. Gritting her teeth, she endured what felt like hours of bouncing, grinding, hopping and thrusting her hips around. Without warning, her stomach started getting fat quick, sloshing and heavily swaying with all the cum in it. "H-Haaang....Haaaa...W-Was that it? Ughn...You put so much into me, I'm so hot..." Kim groaned out as she held her belly, slowing down. "M-Miss Kim, please don't stop! I-I was getting close, I could feel it!" She says with a squeak, getting Kim to turn a bit pale as she recalled what Martha said earlier. 'It's better than drowning'. Gritting her teeth, she knew fully well that if this was just her pre, her orgasm would pop her belly or make her drown from the inside out. There was only one last option then.
  61. With a swift move up, Kim popped that cock out of her rear and groaned as a good amount of thick, hot gunk flowed out of her. Not wanting to lose progress, Kim pressed that tip to her slit and forced herself down. She squealed out as that thing easily mashed through her cervix, pushed up into her womb and bulged it out. Gritting her teeth harder, she enters a frenzy, smacking her hips down and ruining her womb with that cock. "Ughnnn! Your cock is so huge Susan, I'm going to go all out on it...!" She panted out before rapidly working the bulge in her body up and down. Below the powerful Amazon, the little girl drooled and clenched at the couch, for once she was feeling true pleasure.
  63. Kims sex was tight, the insides pulsing and oozing its affection for the wrecker within it. Each wet slap between the bodies brought them closer and closer, the two drooling and out of breath but in such dire need they force themselves to continue. Seed from the younger one bloated the others womb up more and more, sperm wiggling around and swimming about inside freely as more and more of it was shoved in. Despite how thick the pipe of a cock was, loads of it still slopped out onto the couch with each movement, making things all the wetter and the basement all the more full with hot musk. Martha listened from upstairs but didn't dare to interject. She was on standby in case something happened.
  65. And something did.
  67. When Kim was nearly about to black out, she let out a wail of a moan as she sprayed all over Susans crotch with her orgasm. "K-Kim! It's, I, I'm gunna...!" The smaller girl squeaked out, not at all slowing Kims pace as she looked down at her. "CUM....!" With a thick, gurgly sound a massive shot was pushed into Kims womb. The shock was incredible, her wombs size shot up. Then again. Then again. Kim rapidly lost feeling in her legs, in her body, she gasped and choked a little bit as the load in her stomach was squeezed out by her womb. She pretty much screamed out as her body kept growing, her head tilted back and her eyes rolled up as she drooled out a mix of that pasty cum and her saliva. She was out cold.
  69. ...Beep...Beep...Beep...
  71. Kim awoke to the soft sound of a monitor keeping track of her heart-rate. She groaned quietly, looking around slowly to see a nurse who was pitching quite the tent. Actually...there was several of them, talking and idly touching each other. "Oh, you're awake! You've been out for weeks ma'am, but don't worry, your baby is doing quite fine!" She reports with a bright smile, getting Kim to look down and see her bloated belly. Wide eyed, she stared at the massive, shifting form in her, a girl...with a massive cock pressing along the inside of her womb. Dumbfounded, she let her head lay, thinking it was a dream. "Wha...Hh..." was all the more she could muster out.
  73. "Do not worry, Martha paid your bills and then some upfront. She also left you quite a massive check for when you are um...well, in a better state." She said with a giggle, getting a groan out of Kim. Her massive belly wobbled, then shook a bit, getting her heartrate to spike as the child within her move. Eagerly, the nurses watched her slit to see if she was giving birth already. To their surprise, a massive meaty cock bursts out of it, already standing tall and throbbing like crazy. Overwhelmed by the sight, the gals can barely lift their skirts in time to fire loads off all over the massive emerged cock, coating it in their worshipping spunk. "Y-Your baby is going to be amazing miss Kim!" One of them said as Kim laid there with some drool coming out of her mouth. As she began to black out again, she wondered if this was at all worth it...and...what of the child?
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