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  1. <link="https://discord.gg/rtuNksS"><color=#cdf><u>Click here to join our discord server!</u></color></link>.
  2. In-game Rules
  3. < 1. > The use of cheats will result in a Permanent Ban.
  5. < 2. > Team Killing will result in a 2-week ban, self defense is allowed. Try not to crossfire. Multiple offenses will be handled by me.
  7. < 3. > Any kind of Hateful speech (racism, homophobic slurs, insulting/degrading individuals, being a general asshole) will be dealt with harshly.
  9. < 4. > Do not mic spam in spectator, this may result in a kick or short term ban.
  11. < 5. > Mic Spamming in the intercom room is allowed.
  13. < 6. > Do NOT impersonate staff in game to try to frame them for abuse. You will get an immediate ban from our servers and Discord.
  15. < 7. > In-game chat while alive is excluded from mic spam rule.
  17. < 8. > You can team with anyone you want, but you're still not allowed to team kill or allow your team to be effected negatively by your teaming.
  19. < 9. > Killing cuffed D-Class will result in a 2 day ban. Uncuffing them to kill them will result in a 1 week ban.
  21. < 10. > If a cuffed player is the final player preventing the game from ending, you are allowed to kill them.
  23. Info
  24. < 1. > D-Class can be disarmed and turned into MTF cadets, same goes for Scientists and the Chaos Insurgency.
  26. < 2. > D-Class are allowed to team kill each other, except when Chaos Insurgency is present after spawning. (if the CI replaces facility guards at the beginning, you can still kill each other.)
  27. < 3. > FRIENDLY FIRE IS ON.
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