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Exclusive Interview with (INDISHELL) Indian Cyber Army

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Jun 30th, 2013
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  1. Exclusive Interview with Indian Cyber Army
  3. What is Indian Cyber Army all about & what is the motive behind forming this organization ?
  5. Indian Cyber Army or I.C.A is a group of people who protect Indian Cyber Space & Cyber Property from enemies. We also restore the websites defaced by other country hackers. Every thought and action is executed anonymously. Whatever we do is only for our country. When people comment or discuss about our achievements, it makes us proud.
  6. - We don't do hacking for Money
  7. - Whatever we do in terms of hacking & defacing Pakistani or other country websites, is only for National Pride.
  8. - We have never hacked the websites of other countries who are not against India.
  9. - We have never hacked banks credit cards or money related stuff.
  10. - We are not a terrorist group. We were born and have an existence today because India does not have a Good Cyber Security Force.
  11. - Never misunderstand us as Black Hat Hackers. We always act according to whatever is best for India.- We have protected many Indian sites and Cyber security Personnel should know that we haven’t done anything against India which would hurt our pride. We are doing this only for our motherland, India and if the country needs our help we'll come forward anytime.
  13. Please differentiate between Indian Cyber Army(I.C.A) & ?
  15. I.C.A is like the larger or main part of Indishell. We come to Indishell to learn and grow as amateurs and when we become thorough professionals and if people feel that we are good then they'll recommend us to I.C.A .However, do remember that Indishell and I.C.A are different entities.
  17. Who Started Indian Cyber Army & ?
  19. Lucky And Silent Poison Started I.C.A. Atul Dwivedi and Neo both joined them later and formed a team. Both Atul Dwivedi and Neo were initially running a hacking group called Indian Warriors (IW). So basically INDISHELL + IW = I.C.A(the amalgamation of both). However both the teams also have their individual identity like Team Indishell & Team Indian Warriors. They can even function individually. But I.C.A will only come into action against Anti-Indians.
  21. Are you professional hackers?
  23. No, we are just guys who are using whatever information that we have to protect our Cyber Property in India.
  25. What kind of financial back up is there for hackers?
  27. We have no cash or financial aid with us for this noble cause. We don’t get paid for hacking or restoring hacked sites. We do it for our country only. We make sure to devote time for this objective from our busy life schedule.
  29. Are you approved by government?
  31. I doubt it.We are not government approved and doubt that if our government will ever approve us.
  33. Why don't you inform Indian Government regarding flaws in Indian systems?
  35. Government hasn't given any new weapons to our Soldiers to fight against our enemies. They still use World War 2 weapons. Do you think they'll listen to us??? There is too much corruption prevailing in the system and you know how our Police is. So,even if you come forward with a flaw which exists they’ll blame us only for the crimes they couldn’t solve. I have seen it happen and the government is least bothered to find the truth.
  37. There was recently news that Vijay Mallya’s website was hacked? Any comments please?
  39. Hope now at least the government has some sense and starts recruiting guys like us.
  41. There are lot of Indian politicians and other bigwigs whose money is lying in Swiss bank accounts? How do you hack these accounts?
  43. You say they are Political Leaders . So why doesn’t the government arrest them secretly and torture them till they spill the beans, why should one always hack to get results.
  45. How can one learn hacking & become a pro like you guys?
  47. Well, I am no pro but if you have the will and you are self motivated with a creative brain then you can become a pro. It takes time & intelligence to become a Pro.
  49. Have you heard of Bruce Sterling book "The Hacker Crackdown" where they gave an interview with the head of the New York Police Department? He says hackers are principally not good at creative programming. What do you think about it?
  51. Police will always have a problem with Anti Social elements as they have no idea as to what amount of time and skill is invested in hacking and the intelligence one needs to have in order to execute these tasks.
  53. Is it hard to penetrate into the "closed" computer systems ?
  55. Well as long as they have an Operating System(OS) and are connected to the Internet they can be hacked.
  57. What objects on the territory of India and Pakistan represent real interest for hackers?
  59. Well I doubt about the objects but it’s generally porky sites which say that Kashmir belongs to Porkistan (Pakistan) which attracts our attention.
  61. What hacker achievements could you tell us about including your own achievements and even about other hackers?
  63. Yes ,I have hacked few porky Government sites myself. Our experts have been hacking the Government sites of Porkistan(Pakistan)since a long time now and for this art it calls for true patriotism .
  65. I think hacking is probably unsafe, isn't it? There are some appropriate authorities like Cyber Crime Department that fights computer crime, don't they?
  67. Yes, hacking isn’t safe neither legal but when the Authorities can't do their own job properly it’s guys like us who have to take the guns in our hands and go to war.
  69. Do you think you are a criminal?
  71. No way . I.C.A has never hacked Banking or Credit Card related Transactions . Most of our time is devoted to hacking .pk sites .
  73. Why is the image of a hacker associated with romantics of 21st century for some people, and with crimes and computer piracy for others?
  75. The word Hacker means to exploit. So they think every hacker is bad guy but in reality we have prevented many sites from being hacked by Pakistanis.
  77. Is it true, that hackers break into Corporate computer systems and steal the source code to satisfy their curiosity, but later on deny the stories that any hacking has happened into the Indian Security Intelligence sites ?
  79. No we (members of ICA and Indishell) would never do that .We want to see our country prosper and not make us ashamed in front of the entire world.
  81. Since you are in anonymity in the online world, especially the cyber security sector, is there insecurity and paranoia associated ?
  83. Yes, lots of it. You never know who’s tracking you down and which software to crack , sometimes even which network to proxy your self . But then you learn to chill after a few weeks in this mission.
  85. This is just for understanding as to how vulnerable is the common user?
  87. I would say 87 % of Computer users are vulnerable.7 out of 10 people in the world who use a computer have experienced their accounts being hacked .
  89. What does Social Engineering mean in the context of Hacking ?
  91. Social Engineering is basically conning people and making out a profile of your target . There is a famous proverb in hacker's world Social Engineering can crack any Firewall in the world and it’s true . It basically makes the person confident enough about you in order to pass on his private information
  93. How do they use this concept of social engineering ? Any live example please.
  95. I have used it many times on people all over the world . I had a problem with a fellow who used to play an Online game with me. This bugger would always try to cheat . I created a new account and learnt a little bit of Spanish and started a conversation with him in Spanish . He started talking to me often and I would say that the enemy players are bunk of Noobies. Since I knew this guy it was easy for me to tell who was his friend and enemy. One day I told him that some one was hacking his account and I told him to use this new password, then they would not be able to crack it. He was dumb enough to change his password to that word and tell me that he changed to what I had told him .
  97. What can you tell us about iPhone hacking ? What is the technology involved ?
  99. The main reasons behind Jailbreak of the iPhone are :
  101. - Record movies (with sound) for free!
  103. - Use your iPhone’s 3G Internet connection with your laptop!
  105. - Customize the look of your iPhone & Play more free games! (like Quake, NES & GameBoy titles)
  107. - Stream video with audio live to the Internet with Qik!
  109. - Use your iPhone as a penetration testing tool !
  111. Have you ever challenged Bill Gates?
  113. No, never. Why should we create problems for a person who wants to do good for everyone. He has given million of dollars to India for AIDS research.
  114. Do your family & friends know about your hacking activities ?
  115. No. The Indishell Team and all Indian Cyber Army Members maintain full anonymity. You can simply compare us with spies working for nation under the hood.
  117. What are you views on current Cyber Terrorism ?
  119. If you have a valid reason for your cause then you can’t call it terrorism. Like at I.C.A we do not promote any cyber terrorism. We only hack those country sites who are against India or Indians.
  120. Regarding current cyber terrorism, we can only say that when militants & underworld get involved with Information technology, it becomes cyber terrorism. It started with IT and ends at IT. One more thing we would like to add is that the next world war will be the CYBER WAR...and the danger level of this WAR is much more higher then any other WAR.
  122. Who are PORKI'S ? And why do you call them so ?
  124. Porkies are Pakistanis. The reason why we call them porkys is because they are like pigs always grunting and lie around in dirt & garbage and spreading dirt and filth all around. Indo Pak Cyber war was started by Porkies and we promise we'll finish those bastards.
  126. Would you like to say anything about Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA)?
  128. They are bunch of idiots who are eunuchs . The Members of PCA don’t even belong to Porkistan but they are from U.K .They stole the name similar to Indian Cyber Army (ICA) and these mindless nuts started a group called PCA. Are these guys so dumb and desperate to copy stuff ???Our warning to them is Stay away from india ,You porkis, pigs ..script kiddies huh..!!
  130. Till date only one hacker group has been reported from India known as Indian Cyber Army as cited below. Why is there only one group in India ?
  132. [SiLeNtp0is0n]- , strangeR , inX_rOot , NEO H4cK3R , Darkl00k , G00g!3 W@rr!0r , co0Lt04d , ATUL DWIVEDI , Jackh4xor , th3 RDX, Lucky, is I.C.A. All the above Indians are Leets. They are Indians and have silver lighting only in dark times.
  134. Why does every hacker use this mixed alpha numeric name. Is this some kind of underground language ?
  136. Yes it started as a joke and then turned into a language for hackers now it’s a pretty serious thing .
  138. Please explain Gang Bang started by ICA on 14th Aug against Pakistan. How many Pakistani websites totally were defaced by ICA ?
  140. Gang Bang was a plan to celebrate our 64 th Independence in a grander way since it was our second Independence after 26/11, so we thought we'll give a gift for our porkie neighbours. So on 13th August night we started rooting servers, cracking admin hash all the way till 14 th night 12 am .Some even hacked till 15 Aug 4 am after which we all went to our respective places to hoist the Indian flag and we were very proud of what we had done . We finally flexed our muscles over those dumb porkies to show them what Indians can do if you test them for long time. Well ICA and Indishell hacked a Mammoth number of 2,500 odd sites out of which only 1,456 were reposted thru H zone .The rest of them we reported on Zoneturk and other mirror sites. I did see few unknown Indian hackers hacking this site that day too.
  142. Finally, will you help any Indian webmaster or organization if they want you to help secure their websites ?
  144. Yes and we have helped few Indian sites by securing them and making them aware of the techniques that hackers use to hack them and we have helped many users too. If anyone wants help from Indian Cyber Army, they can join us .Everything for India & Anything for Indians..!!!
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