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  1. {The Brotherhood of Steel Codex}
  3. Rules, Regulations, and Codes of Conduct Pertaining to Brotherhood Members Both on and off The Field
  5. [Section 1 – Conduct Within the B.O.S.]
  7. Subsection A – Formal Vs Informal Gatherings
  9. I. All official Brotherhood activities (briefings, after-action reports, ceremonies, etc.) are to be treated as formal events. A member of the Brotherhood of Steel shall comport himself in a manner befitting the occasion. He shows respect for his brothers, his superiors, and the Brotherhood as a whole by conducting himself with dignity and poise. He speaks when appropriate, and in a respectful manner.
  11. II. Informal gatherings within the Brotherhood (parties, cookouts, etc.) will be treated as such. A member of the B.O.S will be “at ease.”
  13. Subsection B – Conduct on the Field
  15. I. We are professional. When moving, we march in formation. We rest in formation. We strive to be the first on and off the field.
  17. II. We are soldiers. We are respected on the field for our prowess and cohesion. We are not “thugs” or “mercenaries.” We fight to win, but we fight with honor.
  19. III. A member of the Brotherhood never yields.
  21. IV. A member of the Brotherhood does not leave the field until or unless he is physically inable to continue, the over, or he has been dismissed. *In a “rez battle” get a drink when you die, then rejoin your brothers. A member of the Brotherhood does not sit on the sidelines while his brothers are fighting.
  23. V. Orders are followed immediately.
  25. VI. Communication is key. When given an order, a B.O.S. soldier answers in a clear, loud voice that he understands and ready.
  27. VII. If given an order from someone outside the B.O.S. a Brotherhood soldier answers, “I am sorry [Sir, Your Grace, etc.], I have orders to remain with my unit.” If there is any question, a Brotherhood soldier directs them to his Knight Sergeant or Commander or any Brotherhood officer. This is the Standard Operating Procedure for all but a FEW cases.
  29. VIII. After the battle is over, all B.O.S. members will report to a predetermined location for the debriefing (A.A.R.). This is immediately after the battle unless there is to be a court or His Majesty commands our pressence; in which case debriefing will be immediately following. No B.O.S. soldier heads back to camp until dismissed by a commanding officer. If possible, we will march back to camp.
  31. Subsection C – Camp
  33. Pennsic
  34. Until such time as the B.O.S. has its own camp, we are guests. As such, it is the duty of all B.O.S. personnel to maintain a clean and organized presence. We are courteous to our hosts, and we help out where we can. – Digging/Filling in the fire and shower pits, offereing to bring back ice from the camp store, etc.
  36. [Section 2 – Conduct Outside the B.O.S.]
  38. Subsection A – Court
  40. I. A Brotherhood member dresses to the occasion. One does not attend court in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Your best garb should be worn along with all symbols of your rank and station. All members of the Brotherhood are permitted and encouraged to carry a sword, but it is to be removed in the presence of royalty. This rule stands unless you are a Knight, have been assigned guard duty, or have special permission from TRM.
  42. II. A Brotherhood member is respectful of others. Conversation is to be expected, but kept to a low, if not inaudible, murmur.
  44. III. Court is mandatory unless otherwise instructed. It is important for the B.O.S. to maintain a respected presence both on and off the field
  46. [Section 3 – Rules]
  47. I. Never let Your Brother Die!
  48. This applies off the field as well as on.
  50. II. Hangovers are Not an Excuse to Miss a Battle.
  51. By not being on the field with your unit you have made them weaker, and have broken the first rule of battle. Avoid this situation by knowing your limits and being responsible.
  53. III. Be On Time
  54. It reflects poorly on you and the Brotherhood as a whole if you are late and holding up the rest of your unit. Being late affects unit morale, and you have broken the first rule of battle.
  55. If it takes you longer to get up and get ready in the morning, make sure you give yourself enough time to be ready when your unit is by waking up a bit earlier.
  57. IV. Keep Your Gear Maintained
  58. We will look professional. It reflects poorly on the B.O.S. if its members’ armor is ragged and held together with duct tape. Armor failure can also keep you off the field. Thus, you’ve broken the first rule of battle.
  59. This includes loaner gear. This must be maintained so we can continue to outfit new members. If you are using it when it breaks, it is your responsibility to see that it is fixed.
  61. V. Know Your Role
  62. It is your responsibility to know the duties of your rank within the Brotherhood and your position within your lance or unit. If you are unsure of something, your L.C. can direct you to the information. Not knowing your job will get your brethen killed, and break the first rule of battle.
  63. Battle Schools may not be mandatory, but they are highly recommended. The more you know, the better you’ll be, and the stronger the B.O.S. will become.
  65. VI. Be a Contributing Member of the Chapter
  66. By merely being a member of the B.O.S., you will gain renown within the Brotherhood
  67. Of Steel , but you are encouraged to have a voice of your own as well.
  68. Service to the Brotherhoof is a right and proper thing, and many opportunities to serve will present themselves. Lend a hand in setting up the Royal Encampment, volunteer to retain for Their Majesties, take a shift of Guard Duty…
  69. By serving others, you serve yourself and the Brotherhood of Steel.
  71. [Section 4 – Regulations]
  73. Subsection A – Attire
  74. I. All members of the B.O.S. shall wear its badge upon the shoulder of their sword or dominate arm when upon the field of battle.
  76. Subsection B – Loaner Gear
  78. I. Loaner gear shall be maintained by the B.O.S. members using it. There will be days set aside for armor repair, and those who use the gear will be taught to maintain it.
  80. II. Certain higher ranking members may be tasked with storing some portion of the loaner gear. It is your responsibility to make sure this gear gets to practice. If you know you are not going to be at a practice, you need to make arrangements to ensure the gear does.
  82. Subsection C – Banners, Relics, B.O.S. Documents
  84. I. Certain higher ranking B.O.S. members such as Tennons may be tasked with the care of a B.O.S. banner or other such device. Detailed instructions will be given when the item is placed in the member’s care. These items are to be maintained and cared for with the utmost respect and caution.
  86. Section 5 – Rank and Title, by Order of Precedence
  88. Confrere
  89. Friends and Allies of the Brotherhood of Steel are referred to as Confrere. A Confrere has no say in Brotherhood matters, and holds no allegiance to the Brotherhood, but he has earned the Friendship and Respect of the Brotherhood of Steel and Should be treated as such.
  90. Neophyte – “…the fires we were forged in…”
  92. This is the first step toward becoming a soldier in the Brotherhood of Steel. A neophyte has been chosen to enter into the training of the Brotherhood. Candidates for neophyte status display a desire to better themselves and others, and a willingness to receive orders and protection from Brotherhood Officers. This is the first stage in one’s career within the Brotherhood, and is, indeed, the first step to becoming a full member of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  93. Initiate – “…we are a Brotherhood…”
  95. An initiate has entered battle at WAR in a Brotherhood Lance. His prowess, heart, and loyalty have been tested in the hottest fires, and he has been vouched for by a Lance Commander. The initiate understands what it means to be a part of the Brotherhood, and is committed to the improvement of himself and the B.O.S. as a whole.
  96. Ritterbruden – “…we will become self-sufficient…”
  98. A Ritterbruden is a full member of the Brotherhood of Steel, and his voice and counsel will be heard in matters that affect the Brotherhood. He has served in multiple Wars, and proven himself an asset both on and off the field. As such, a Ritterbruden has worked to become self-sufficient. He has created and maintained his own armor and weapons, and clothed himself to the best of his ability.
  99. Raubritter – “…we are steel…”
  101. The first command position within the Brotherhood of Steel is the Raubritter. A Raubritter has proven himself a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and the tournament list. He has served his Brotherhood as Lance Sergeant or Lance Commander. He is a leader among leaders, and shoulders the burden of his station with strength and honor.
  102. Tennon – “…we will become keepers of knowledge and lore…”
  104. The Tennon is a defender of the homeland. He has outfitted, trained, and advised his fellow Brotherhood soldiers. He protects the relics and history of our order. He has proven himself a force, not only within the Brotherhood of Steel, but within the Kingdom as well. The Tennon works to the betterment of all Brotherhood members. He helps outfit new members by caring for and maintaining any “loaner” gear within the Brotherhood. He trains new members in the arts martial, and the strategies and tactics used by the Brotherhood. He passes on the Knowledge of the Brotherhood and our lore, and advises his fellow Brethren in affairs both within and without the Brotherhood.
  106. Bachelor – “…we have been sharpened to an edge…”
  108. A Bachelor is a Knight, and carries all of the responsibilities and honor that the position holds within the Brotherhood and the Kingdom as a whole. A Knight lives by his oath, and carries himself with the chivalry and honor due a peer of the realm. A Brotherhood Knight is welcome in every area of Brotherhood activity, and should maintain a Lance. He is called Bachelor Knight within the Brotherhood because he is desired by all military units, but freely chooses the Brotherhood of Steel.
  110. Paladin – “…we will take responsibility for our actions, and we will hold accountable the actions of others…”
  111. The Paladin is a Leader of the Brotherhood of Steel. A true shield of the weak, he teaches the weak to be powerful. While he listens to and respects the counsel of all Brotherhood members, it is he that makes any and all decisions concerning Brotherhood activities. The Paladin is the penultimate rank within the Brotherhood of Steel, and carries the responsibility of the entire Brotherhood. He is accountable for the actions of its members within the Kingdom as a whole. He will also hold accountable the actions of the Brothers, and dispense justice where due. The Paladin is responsible for the management of the Brotherhood of Steel, and lives in service to his Brethren.
  112. [Section 6 – Final Rule]
  113. All rules and regulations are subject to change or be amended at the High Elders’ discretion.
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