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  1. Lameilleure joined the room.
  2. Don The Caveman joined the room.
  3. xNiNeRx joined the room.
  4. Daosumi joined the room.
  5. Darth Cideous joined the room.
  6. Salaark joined the room.
  7. AP Tristan: ya
  8. Lameilleure: report graves thx
  9. AP Tristan: kill me next spawn
  10. Lameilleure: platstricted rude boy
  11. AP Tristan: keep trying bitch cat
  12. AP Tristan: and
  13. Lameilleure: gets caught out w/o
  14. Lameilleure: wardsa
  15. Lameilleure: and
  16. Lameilleure: gets mad
  17. Lameilleure: xDDD!!!
  18. AP Tristan: report  janna
  19. AP Tristan: for annoying little blitch
  20. Lameilleure: ^
  21. Lameilleure: toxin
  22. Lameilleure: thx
  23. AP Tristan: get carried
  24. Malza: um u obviously just got carried in lane
  25. AP Tristan: ur heavier then thresh
  26. Malza: by
  27. Malza: janna
  28. AP Tristan: bahhaha
  29. Lameilleure: L O L
  30. Lameilleure: 0/2/13
  31. Lameilleure: plzzzz
  32. Lameilleure: u got hooked
  33. Lameilleure: so much
  34. Lameilleure: zzzzz
  35. AP Tristan: i got hooked
  36. AP Tristan: when i had a bf
  37. AP Tristan: into her avarice
  38. AP Tristan: on purpose
  39. AP Tristan: RETARD
  40. Lameilleure: you got hooked
  41. Lameilleure: before then
  42. AP Tristan: cause i knew
  43. Lameilleure: many
  44. Lameilleure: times
  45. Don The Caveman: how can someone get so mad
  46. AP Tristan: i wanted to get pulled in
  47. Lameilleure: idk
  48. AP Tristan: im not mad
  49. Lameilleure: cus hes
  50. Don The Caveman: when they are winning
  51. Lameilleure: plat restricted
  52. AP Tristan: im not mad tho
  53. Lameilleure: and he has minor
  54. Don The Caveman: like
  55. Lameilleure: ADC Syndrome
  56. Lameilleure: r u aware of ADC Syndrome udyr
  57. Don The Caveman: janna ily
  58. AP Tristan: i hate when a greasy little spic
  59. AP Tristan: trick2g wannabe
  60. Lameilleure: udyr im sry.. but im in love with riven
  61. AP Tristan: farms his jungle all game and is still tied
  62. AP Tristan: with cs with rengar
  63. AP Tristan: then pushed my lane up
  64. AP Tristan: u 2 are duo
  65. AP Tristan: so obvious
  66. Lameilleure: whos duo
  67. AP Tristan: u both suck each others dicks
  68. Lameilleure: me and riven?
  69. AP Tristan: u and riven
  70. Lameilleure: ya
  71. AP Tristan: get better
  72. AP Tristan: stop duoing
  73. Lameilleure: no thx
  74. AP Tristan: then maybe ull improve
  75. AP Tristan: wont improve
  76. Lameilleure: i actually did better than him
  77. Lameilleure: soooo
  78. AP Tristan: when u keep
  79. Lameilleure: yano..
  80. Lameilleure: LOL
  81. AP Tristan: telling urself
  82. AP Tristan: ur both good
  83. AP Tristan: when ur not..
  84. Lameilleure: KLOL
  85. AP Tristan: and i got hooked?
  86. AP Tristan: ya fucking right
  87. Malza: w0t
  88. Lameilleure: lol
  89. Lameilleure: u did..
  90. AP Tristan: i got hooked with bf thats it
  91. Malza: wan 1v1 m8 ill rek u
  92. Lameilleure: u wouldnt have
  93. AP Tristan: u got hooked then flayed into the fucking tut
  94. Lameilleure: won lane
  95. AP Tristan: how about that
  96. Lameilleure: if i wasnt there offering
  97. Lameilleure: lane presence
  98. Lameilleure: whatsoever.
  99. Lameilleure: zz
  100. AP Tristan: i only let him hook me after i was ahead
  101. AP Tristan: cause i wanted to be pulled in
  102. Lameilleure: ahead cus
  103. Lameilleure: i got u ahead
  104. Lameilleure: ??
  105. AP Tristan: no
  106. AP Tristan: ahead cus
  107. Lameilleure: lol..
  108. AP Tristan: graaves janna
  109. Lameilleure: u wouldnt have won that lane
  110. AP Tristan: can kill them early
  111. Lameilleure: without me
  112. Lameilleure: plz
  113. AP Tristan: and we got 2 first
  114. Lameilleure: yes..
  115. AP Tristan: all u had to do was put shield on me
  116. Lameilleure: do u know why?
  117. Lameilleure: because
  118. Lameilleure: i
  119. AP Tristan: and me get 2 first
  120. Lameilleure: helped
  121. Lameilleure: u
  122. Lameilleure: push
  123. Lameilleure: LOL
  124. Lameilleure: UR LTIERALLY
  125. Lameilleure: PROVING ME
  126. Lameilleure: RIGHT
  127. AP Tristan: i pushed faster then sivir
  128. AP Tristan: regardless
  129. AP Tristan: u know
  130. Lameilleure: o
  131. Lameilleure: mg
  132. AP Tristan: so it didnt matter
  133. Lameilleure: ur so
  134. AP Tristan: if u pushed or not
  135. Lameilleure: funny
  136. Lameilleure: omg
  137. AP Tristan: listen
  138. AP Tristan: ur probly like
  139. AP Tristan: plat5
  140. Lameilleure: Listen
  141. Lameilleure: 1v1
  142. Lameilleure: riven
  143. Lameilleure: thx
  144. AP Tristan: but im diamond
  145. Lameilleure: uhhh
  146. Malza: ill rek u
  147. Lameilleure: if ur diamond
  148. Lameilleure: ur probs like
  149. AP Tristan: u have a typical plat eho
  150. Lameilleure: d5
  151. AP Tristan: ego
  152. Lameilleure: 0lp
  153. Lameilleure: im not
  154. Lameilleure: even plat
  155. Lameilleure: im fucking
  156. Lameilleure: shit at this game
  157. Lameilleure: btu i do have
  158. Lameilleure: knowledge
  159. Lameilleure: that evidently surpasses yours
  160. AP Tristan: of
  161. AP Tristan: how to play the most broken sup
  162. AP Tristan: in lol
  163. AP Tristan: ?
  164. AP Tristan: who also is the easiest
  165. Lameilleure: LOL
  166. AP Tristan: gggggg
  167. AP Tristan: GET REKT
  168. Lameilleure: shes notthe most broken
  169. Lameilleure: and shes not the easiest
  170. AP Tristan: GET REKT
  171. AP Tristan: SON
  172. Lameilleure: half the janna u see spam q
  173. Lameilleure: in lane
  174. AP Tristan: GET FKIN REKT
  175. Lameilleure: u have no real arguments
  176. Lameilleure: here
  177. AP Tristan: GET REKT SON
  178. Lameilleure: urs
  179. Lameilleure: so mad
  180. Lameilleure: 1v1 riven now
  181. AP Tristan: ?
  182. Lameilleure: thx
  183. Lameilleure: xoxo
  184. AP Tristan: im not mad
  185. AP Tristan: im happy
  186. AP Tristan: i love to trash talk
  187. Lameilleure: because it's all you can do
  188. AP Tristan: i like trashing plebs
  189. Lameilleure: you hate yourself so much
  190. Lameilleure: it's all you can do
  191. Lameilleure: because you fuck up
  192. AP Tristan: at?
  193. Lameilleure: and you blame others.
  194. Lameilleure: zz
  195. Lameilleure: Bye nerd
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