Lunarian Lore

Mar 14th, 2016
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  1. --ORIGIN: The Lunarians were created by a race of highly advanced immortal aliens for the explicit purpose of servitude; the process is well-documented, but their masters are not, having scrubbed all reference to themselves from documents recovered from Luna.
  4. --HOMEWORLD: Earth's Moon, known to them and their masters as Luna. The Lunar capitol was a massive city on the dark side of the moon, but many colonies and outposts existed underground and in lunar craters prior to the destruction of the Earth- Luna having been evacuated alongside it.
  7. --BIOLOGY: Despite their distinctly human appearance, Lunarian biology is intelligently designed and exceptionally advanced, having been purpose-built for operation on the harsh Lunar surface, with tough skin, resistance to radiation, the ability to operate in airless environments-- even hard vacuum-- for up to 24 hours, and, with proper tutelage and practice, the ability to control their metabolism and cell replication to regenerate their bodies. Despite their hyper-efficient digestive system, this is still quite high-maintenance, meaning Lunarians tend to need to eat small amounts quite frequently.
  9. While their tails seem to be decorative, their ears aren't: In addition to their role as hearing apparatus (they lack human ears), they act as psychic antennae, allowing them to communicate telepathically with each other on an interplanetary scale with minimal lag. This psychic ability can also be used as a signal booster, and any sufficiently large and coordinated group of Lunarians can send simple messages to nearby star systems at FTL speeds- without requiring any technological infrastructure.
  11. These telepathic messages are audiovisual, rather than strictly audio, and broadcast between minds, rather than directly transplanted in the mind of the recipient, allowing Lunarians to ping each other without knowing their exact location. This lag time, however, leaves their communications subject to eavesdropping by other telepaths-- particularly Lunarian counter-intelligence agents from other Lunar factions-- meaning they're frequently encrypted.
  14. --CULTURE: Under their creators' rule, Lunarians served every imaginable role and vocation, and were expected to be flexible and competent in a variety of fields, running society so that their rulers could live a life of luxury and pursuit of their own interests- even a Lunarian selected to be a house pet or a sex slave would nonetheless be well educated, well spoken, well read, and, due to their masters' paranoia, a proficient militiaman, capable of orienteering, basic repair procedures, competent use of at least two weapons, and open-handed self defense, as well as familiar with asymmetric warfare and resistant to hostile interrogation.
  16. Although their masters are gone now, this tradition of military-minded excellence remains, and the line between soldier and civilian remains blurred- take any six random Lunarians from across the galaxy, and, due particularly to their racial telepathy, you can expect them to organize themselves into an effective and coordinated front-line fighting force within the hour.
  18. While capable of eating meat, the vast majority Lunarians are conscientious vegetarians. While the stereotype that they all love carrots is just that, they are drawn particularly to root vegetables-- and sweets, due to their metabolism requiring high amounts of sugar to meet its energy requirements; more than a few humans have grown jealous of their Lunarian compatriots eating nothing but junk food and a dozen varieties of cake and never gaining weight.
  21. --RELIGION: The overwhelming majority of Lunarians are atheist, as were their masters. Post-Earth, some rare few might be swayed to convert, but this generally requires some kind of deeply spiritual experience.
  24. --RELATIONS: On the whole, Lunarians are vastly curious about other alien races, and have a reputation for professionalism and politeness; when furious, one will become cold, clipped, curt, and attempt to disengage themselves from a situation rather than resort to angry or violent outbursts. Even when pressed to violence, most Lunarians will try their utmost to remain civil.
  26. -Humans: Despite having been isolationist for thousands of years and traditionally lead to believe than humans are inferior, impure, lesser beings, Lunarians became especially fond of them during the incident that destroyed the Earth, due to their masters suddenly and without warning abandoning them to their fate; faced with the crisis, the Lunar Defense Force elected to break silence, gathered every remotely spaceworthy craft they could find left or kludge together, and assisted in the evacuation of both the planet and her satellite. Despite lacking a state to call their own, the Lunarian people are be enthusiastic to join the Terrene Protectorate, should it resume existing in any meaningful form.
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