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  1. In light of the vote on the mandate on the copyright file taking
  2. place tomorrow morning on 5 June, the four European associations
  3. representing press publishers across Europe, EMMA (European Magazine Media
  4. Association), ENPA (European Newspaper Publishers’ Association), EPC
  5. (European Publishers Council) and NME (News Media Europe) would like to
  6. express their *concerns regarding **the insidious means used by platforms
  7. to prevent this reform* which would push them to obtain licenses with
  8. rightsholders for the use of the protected works they display.
  9. In particular, *Wikipedia* has been encouraging its users since yesterday
  10. to contact their MEPs to prevent to “disrupt the open internet” and
  11. even black outed access to its pages in some cases stating that “*it may be
  12. impossible to share a newspaper article on social networks or find it on a
  13. search engine. Wikipedia itself would risk to close*.” Furthermore, there
  14. is proof of the backhanded collaborative lobbying of the platforms, as
  15. Wikipedia UK shows a black banner on top of the its main page in which the
  16. reader is redirected *towards Mozilla’s anti-copyright campaign page*. The
  17. well-orchestrated campaign provides step by step instructions on how users
  18. can contact  Members of the European Parliament to express their opposition
  19. with regards the copyright reform.
  20. *The fact is**:* the report that will soon be voted upon establishes a
  21. right to press publishers (article 11.1a) which* specifically excludes uses
  22. by individuals and hyperlinks *from the scope of the right. As for
  23. Wikipedia’s “risk to close”, the report (Art. 2.4.a)* specifically states
  24. that online encyclopedia are not covered by the directive.*
  25. This is therefore another *purely bad-faith attempt to discredit a proposed
  26. directive** aiming at re-balancing a digital ecosystem dominated by
  27. platforms.*
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