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  1. Courtesy of Mary Fanning Journalist Of
  2. "The American Report"
  5. Mary Fanning Alan Jones, Brian Mitchell, Azra Dale,
  6. Cheryl Donaldson Casey, Heather Helweg
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  9. "Project Pelican"
  11. EXCLUSIVE: Obama/Clinton secret operation handed Port Canaveral cargo container terminal to brother/business partner of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb mastermind; sub and space bases in danger.
  12. By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | September 22, 2016
  14. "Just a few months after September the 11th, when I think we all conclude that, however horrible September the 11th was, it could have been far worse had the terrorists had access to chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. – John R. Bolton"
  16. America is facing a grave national security nightmare at Florida’s Port Canaveral.
  18. After an apparent Clinton pay-to-play operation, Barack Hussein Obama administration officials handed over control of Port Canaveral’s cargo container operations to the brother of Saddam Hussein’s chief WMD nuclear physicist, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar.
  20. Port Canaveral is home to a U.S. Navy submarine base and sits within the nexus of U.S. Air Force and NASA space operations. Canaveral is also the second largest cruise ship port in the world.
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  23. America’s strategic infrastructure compromised: Did Clinton pay-to-play arrangement hand over port container operations inside national security nexus to wealthy foreign associates?
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  26. Sweetheart Deal Handed Port Canaveral’s Cargo Container Terminal to Family of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Mastermind
  27. December 8, 2016
  29. In a breathtaking national security lapse, the brother and business partner of Saddam Hussein’s rogue nuclear weapons mastermind Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar took control of cargo container operations at Florida’s Port Canaveral in a secretly-negotiated 2014 deal code-named “Project Pelican.”
  31. The “Project Pelican” deal leased the Port Canaveral cargo container to Gulftainer, a UAE ports company owned by Iraqi oil magnate Hamid Jafar through the Iraqi Jafar family’s business empire The Crescent Group.
  33. Port Canaveral awarded Gulftainer a 35-year no-bid container terminal lease at Port Canaveral.
  35. -------
  36. WikiLeaks Email Ties Apparent Clinton Pay-To-Play to Port Canaveral Deal with Family of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Mastermind
  37. December 8, 2016
  40.  An email made public through the organization WikiLeaks suggests that a company controlled in part by the family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind donated to the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative before a different company controlled by the same family was awarded a 35-year no-bid lease to Port Canaveral’s cargo container terminal.
  42. The Treasury Department declined to perform a mandatory national security check before awarding a 35-year lease at the port to Gulftainer’s GT USA. That the company, linked to the family of Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, now controls Port Canaveral’s cargo container terminal operations presents a significant national security risk, observers note.
  44. --------
  45. Center for Security Policy | “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  46. December 29, 2016
  51. (Washington, DC): A new Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper authored by two intrepid and indefatigable researchers, Alan Jones and Mary Fanning, has brought to light a shocking fact: The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, considered to be “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” has been awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida.
  53. According to Mr. Jones and Ms. Fanning’s paper, entitled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Secret Deal Allows Company Tied to Saddam’s Nuclear Bombmaker, Iran and U.A.E. to Manage Key Florida Port Facilities, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew unilaterally approved the lease for Gulftainer – a Middle Eastern ports company owned by the Emir of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraqi businessman Hamid Dhia Jafar – following two years of secret talks.
  55. --------
  56. 'Project Pelican' Unveiled At Port Canaveral
  57. Published on Jun 23, 2014
  58. Video 16 mins 52 secs
  60. --------
  61. Connecting the Dots-Part 1- The Selling of America’s Port to our Enemies
  63. The transfer of the management of key port facilities at Port Canaveral to Gulftainer a Middle Eastern ports company owned by the United Arab Emirates and the brother of the Iraqi nuclear weapons program chief physicist, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, was negotiated under extreme secrecy by the Obama Administration, and received virtually none of the oversight typical for critical infrastructure and U.S. national security. Gulftainer is a subsidiary of The Crescent Group, a Middle Eastern company with ties to Obama through his former college roommates, and has spun off a number of layered subsidiaries that are now in the process of acquiring a projected total of 38 U.S. ports. Not to be left out of the money grab, former President Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation became actors in the “pay for play” of influence buying that became part of the Dubai Ports scandal.
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  66. Connecting the Dots-Part 2 - The Selling of Americas Port to our Enemies.
  68. Treason at the highest levels of government
  70. We are returning with last week’s guests to further Connect the Dots in the transfer of critical port facility management to hostile foreign agents.
  72. ---------
  73. "Port Canaveral, Gulftainer ink deal"
  75. Port Canaveral - Possible Shipping Link for Trafficking
  76. John Walsh is CFR and many other secret orgs, definitely a kingpin.
  78. ---------
  79. Tracking Clinton Foundation Shipping Associates
  81. Port Canaveral Florida Project Pelican/Clinton Foundation:
  84. Summary of Gulftainer Involvment with the Clinton's:
  85. Dubai-based Gulftainer and Its Terrorist Ties
  87. ----------
  88. Who owns the United States ports?
  89. 2/22/2006
  91. On board Air Force One on Tuesday, President Bush said the deal to put U.S. port facilities under the ownership of a company run by an Arab government is legitimate and should go forward.
  93. The president added that if Congress tries to block the transaction, “I‘ll deal with it with a veto.” That veto would be the president‘s first since taking office.
  95. Every day nearly 26,000 shipping containers arrive in U.S. ports, and with the U.S. government inspecting only one out of 20 containers, the responsibility for screening the rest belongs to the company that owns and runs the port‘s terminal operation.
  97. Robert Menendez, the new senator from New Jersey, warned, "These are critical assets of the United States, both for its security and its economy, and it should not be run by foreign government."
  99. The fear is that a terror organization will slip in a nuclear weapon and destroy an American city. So how did the sale of the ports get approved and who approved it? The U.S. government reviews these purchases through what is known as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.
  100. [...]
  101. P & O was bought last week by Dubai Ports World, a business owned and operated by the government of United Arab Emirates. The Bush administration considers the U.A.E. an ally in the war on terror, but the 9/11 Commission found that some of the money for the terror attacks went through banks located in the Arab Emirates and two of the hijackers were, for what it‘s worth, from the U.A.E.
  103. And on top of the issue of terrorism, a State Department report Video: The Politics of Security declares, “The United Arab Emirates is believes to be a transshipment point for traffickers moving illegal drugs from the major drug producing countries, especially Afghanistan, westward. Frequent reports of seizures of illegal drugs in the UAE during the past year underscore this conclusion.”
  106. --------------
  107. Jafars’ Abraaj Group Paid Clinton Foundation; Jafars rewarded with Port Canaveral Gulftainer Deal | October 6, 2016
  109. The Abraaj Group, a UAE private equity company co-founded and partly-owned by the Iraqi family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind, donated between $500,000 and $1 million to the Clinton Foundation and co-sponsored the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting. That same Iraqi family was awarded a 35-year container terminal lease at national-security nexus Port Canaveral, Florida through the family’s ports company Gulftainer. The Port Canaveral lease received no national security review (CFIUS or FINSA), despite the family’s connection to Iraq’s rogue WMD program.
  111. Weeks before co-sponsoring the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative meeting, The Abraaj Group was awarded the first of hundreds of millions of dollars in loans and investment management contracts through the State Department’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a federal agency overseen by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  113. Secretary Clinton previously exploited OPIC as a kickback vehicle to reward a now-convicted Clinton Foundation donor with lucrative loans in Haiti according to the Washington Free Beacon. The Abraaj Group’s sponsorship of the Clinton Global Initiative meeting coincided with Gulftainer’s intial efforts to take over a Florida port.
  115. Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, the infamous “father of Saddam’s nuclear weapons program,” and his brother Hamid Jafar are both executives at the Iraqi family’s company Crescent. Hamid is the Chairman of the Crescent Group and Dr. Jafar is the CEO of Crescent’s URUK Engineering and Construction, a builder of Iraqi electric power stations.
  117. Crescent is a founding General Partner shareholder and a limited partner of the Abraaj Group. Crescent is also the owner of Gulftainer, the ports company awarded the Port Canaveral lease. Crescent Enterprises CEO Badr Jafar is a Gulftainer executive and also serves on the Abraaj Group board of directors.
  119. Badr Jafar’s brother Majid Jafar co-chairs the Dubai-based Business Backs Education campaign with former President Bill Clinton. The program is funded by the Varkey GEMS foundation, which paid Bill Clinton $5.6 million to serve as “Honorary Chairman.”
  120. Cont'd:
  122. ----------------
  123. Gulftainer Scandal Connects Obama, the Clintons and the Media
  125. ----------------
  126. Gulfainer USA (GT USA) is a unit of UAE’s privately-held intermodal container terminal operator Gulftainer, which in turn is a unit of Crescent Enterprises, part of the Crescent Group conglomerate.
  128. The UAE’s Jafar family, which owns and controls both the Crescent Group and Gulftainer, has both direct and indirect connections to former President Clinton, a 1776 Channel investigation has discovered.
  130. Two brothers, Majid Jafar and Badr Jafar, stand at the helm of the Jafar family business empire.
  132. Majid Jafar, 38, is CEO of UAE-based Crescent Petroleum, the petroleum unit of the Crescent Group.
  134. Badr Jafar, 35, is Managing Director of the Crescent Group, President of Crescent Petroleum and CEO of Crescent Enterprises, the parent of Gulftainer.
  136. Majid co-Chairs, alongside former President Clinton, Business Backs Education, a United Nations UNESCO-run global educational campaign. The campaign is funded by the Varkey GEMS foundation, a contributor to the Clinton Global Initiative.
  138. “The Varkey GEMS Foundation has helped to facilitate more than 2,300 commitments through the Clinton Global Initiative to date. Upon funding and implementation, these commitments will have a total value of over $70 billion.” – Varkey Foundation Website
  140. Pearl Petroleum consortium including: Crescent Petroleum subsidiary> Gulftainer
  144. Gulftainer Operations: Main dealings> oil.
  146. Gulftainer Ports
  148. USA:
  150. Port Canaveral > Canaveral Cargo Terminal
  152. Brazile:
  154. Recife
  156. Lebanon:
  158. Port of Tripoli
  160. Iraq:
  162. Umm Qasr port > South Oasis
  164. Saudi Arabia:
  166. Jubail Commericial Port
  168. Sharjah Container Terminal >Sharjah Inland Container Dept
  170. Khorfakkan Container Terminal
  172. Jeddah Northern Container Terminal
  174. Jubail Commercial Port/Jubail Industrial Port
  176. Gulftainer Current Executive Board:
  178. Badr Jafar, Chair of Executive Board
  179. Flemming Dalgaard, Chief Executive Officer
  180. Peter Richards, Member of Executive Board
  181. Neeraj Agrawal, Member of Executive Board
  183. Gulftainer Current Management:
  185. Flemming Dalgaard, Chief Executive Officer
  186. Ramesh Shivakumaran – Group Business Services Director
  187. Stephen Ogden - Group Port Operations Director
  189. Jesper H. Boll - Group Strategy & Business Implementation Director
  190. Tom Nauwelaerts - Momentum Logistics Managing Director
  192. 1 unsourced Claim of Child Trafficking (2014)
  196. Claim: Scott Ramsey security manager for gulftainer port in iraq, according to the article, trafficked drugs, weapons, and children. Scott does not work directly for gulftainer rather he is employeed by al hurea company for security services presumably contracted out to gulftainer. (the article is unclear)
  197. 22 Page PDF
  199. -----------
  200. Badr Jafar of Gulftainer and CEO of Crescent Enterprises
  203. ----------
  204. "Port Canaveral CEO John E. Walsh, left, and Gulftainer’s Badr H. Jafar "Gulftainer and officials at Port Canaveral made the partnership official yesterday (6/23/2014) with a well-attended signing ceremony. The company was given a 35-year concession, the port said. Under the agreement, Gulftainer will invest $100 million into terminal infrastructure and equipment and hiring."
  206. -----------
  207. Badr Jafar's Pearl Initiative...
  210. -----------
  211. New attorney for city of Melbourne, Florida 6 months later:
  213. Alison Dawley has been selected to serve as Melbourne's first female city attorney.
  215. Dawley replaces Paul Gougelman, who left in November after 18 years on the job.
  217. She has served as Melbourne's assistant city attorney since 2007, providing legal counsel to City Council, quasi-judicial boards and City Hall staff. She prepared and negotiated economic development agreements with Northrop Grumman and Embraer.
  220. ----------
  221. Alison Dawley came from law firm in Chicago - Franzcek, Sullivan, then Franzcek, Radelet & Rose when Obama made Charles Rose his General Counsel for Dept of Education.
  224. -----------
  225. Interesting link. Gulftainer subsidiary, Momentum Logistics New Managing Director Tom Nauwelaerts, tied to Kanoo Group: "The Kanoo Group is one of the most diversified and successful conglomerates in the Middle East with interests in shipping, logistics, travel, machinery, real estate, oil and gas, power, chemicals, engineering, training, information technology and industrial activities."
  228. ------------
  229. Nauwelaerts and Fleming Dalgaard, both Belgium. Always suspicious of Belgium, LOTS of questionable connections. (per Terri)
  231. Flemming Dalgaard Appointed CEO of Gulftainer; Peter Richards Transitions into New Executive Role - February 29, 2016
  234. ------------
  235. Al Hurea Company for Security Services: Private security company for oil operations in Iraq
  237. This is great! I heard about the Saudi investment in one of our ports and that is the very thing I thought of when it was discovered that both sides of the pizza street was owned by Saudis.
  239. For Australia and the Pacific area suggest you have a look into HK Logistics Pty Ltd T/A HK Shipping International Pty Ltd – Logistic and supply company - Awarded $331 million over 14 contracts by the Australian Govt last financial yr. HK Logistics Pty Ltd is a Palladium Company which is tied to the Clintons and their Clinton Global Initiative.
  241. Offices are in New South Wales, Australia. Has recently had a change of name/shortened. HK Logistics.
  245. --------
  246. Gulf Shield Security Services, Scott Ramsay Drug Trafficking,Child Sex Trafficking, Fraud,Payroll Fraud, Illegal Weapons Dealing, Corruption of Company and Public Officials Basra Gulftainer
  248. April 14, 2014
  250. Gulf Shield Security Services an Iraqi company that is currently managed by Scott Ramsay a British National. This company has over the past several years developed a reputation for not paying their employees once they are in country and then delaying payment until they leave country at which point said employees contract is subsequently terminated and they are not paid at all. This has happend times inumerable and continues to happen due to large scale corruption and illegal activities being run by Scott Ramsay. Other activities that have been confirmed by confidential sources are Illegal Weapons usage and dealing weapons with know terroist groups for profit, bulk narcotics (Cocaine and Heroin) transported and distributed throughout Basra and the surrounding provinces. Sex trafficking of very young Iraqi girls and boys is also a favored activity of Mr. Ramsay who is also a frequent user of the large amounts of narcotics that he transports inside his amoured convoys. [continued below]....
  252. ..... The majority of the owners and upper level management are well aware of these activities though they are happy to turn a blind eye to these illicit businesses for a cut of the profits. they are also involved in the paying off of the local authorities which aids in their ability to continue these activities. It is my sincere hope that these crimes against not only veterans trying to provide for their families but also the innocent Iraqi children who are corrupted and suffer daily at the hands of this twisted child molester and supporter of narco terrorism.
  253. Hans
  254. Cape Town
  257. ---------
  258. According to his LinkedIn profile Scott Ramsay was recently promoted to COO of Al Hurea Security Services in December 2016.
  260. ----------
  261. I also noticed that one of the organisations, people he is following on LinkedIn is HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rasheed al Maktoum's byline on LinkedIn:
  263. "We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development." ~ Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai Mons Officer Cadet School, United Arab Emirates
  265. Here's an excerpt about the Sheikh's son, Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum of Dubai (declared his father's successor in 2008) which speaks to the character of the people and possible doctrine which some of the security contractors like Scott Ramsay of Al Hurea Security Services 'follow'. This also feeds into the apparent sell-off by Clinton, Obama et al of Port Canaveral and it's cargo terminal to Saudi players as per 'The American Report':
  267. Dubai’s Drug Addicted, Bisexual Crown Prince - March 1, 2014
  269. "The 2010 disclosure of various U.S. diplomatic cables by Wikileaks and several other news outlets unearthed the dirty little secrets of various royal families all over the world. Perhaps no one royal emerged more embarrassed by this U.S. State Department security breach than Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum of Dubai. Still considered among the world’s handsomest and most eligible princes, Wikileaks exposed documents written by American diplomats stating that the heir to Dubai’s throne was an out of control drug addict that’s been in and out of rehab for years, and that he’s a bisexual party boy that enjoys flying in male and female escorts to his father’s desert kingdom for weekend orgies. According to the Dec. 2, 2012 post “, Drug-addicted Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan: following the usual footsteps of the Arab Royal Family,” posted on the blog The Muslim Issue, Worldwide, within a few days of the cables’ disclosure they were removed from Wikileaks’ website, which to this day makes them the only documents concerning a member of a royal family to have been successfully expunged from their database. This is apparently but one example of the drastic measures the Sheik Mohammed bin Rasheed al Maktoum of Dubai is willing to take in order to salvage the reputation of his favorite son and designated heir."
  272. -----------
  273. Wonder if that's SERCO?
  274. Al Hurea Security Company is on this interesting list of Private Security Companies in Iraq dated November 25, 2006. G4S is listed but not Serco per se:
  277. That G4S sounds familiar. Maybe Abel Danger?
  279. Yes Abel Danger mention them as do others. They often get similar contracts as Serco. Both Serco and G4S were caught for fraudulent billing here in the UK in the prison and parole system charging for monitoring tags on people on parole who weren't as one example. The gov't still continues to give them contracts. Rupert Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill is CEO of Serco. G4S is also worldwide. They work as security too like Brinks but also as staff in hospitals, prisons here in the UK. I've seen them in Toronto too.Their overlapping tentacles are everywhere.
  280. ----------
  281. Al Hurea Company for Security Services (51)
  282. Providing turnkey security solutions for international companies in Iraq since 2004.
  284. Since its formation in 2004, Al Hurea has adapted, matured and emerged as a respected and leading security provider in Iraq. It is a UKAS MSS Global certified ANSI/ ASIS PSC 1.2012, ISO 18788:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 company. It has a substantial international client base in support to government, non-government and oil and gas organisations throughout the country and has a plethora of successfully delivered and ongoing security projects.
  286. The company prides itself on quality, continuous improvement and providing a solution orientated service that is flexible to its client’s requirements, understanding the forever changing and challenging business environment in Iraq.
  288. Al Hurea currently has over 400 contractors working on numerous security contracts across Iraq. With offices in Baghdad, Karbala, North Rumaila and its HQ in Basra, giving the company the ability to provide services right across the country and is currently doing so.
  290. Al Hurea also upholds high standards for all security personnel and strives to maintain those standards through screening and vetting along with pre-deployment/induction courses held at its training centre in North Rumaila. All employees are required to meet these standards before deployed onto contracts and will be continually trained throughout their employment with the company
  292. Al Hurea is also at the forefront of training delivery within the industry in Iraq and is an approved Highfield and British Safety Council training centre and operates in association with Horizon and Nuco training in the UK. This in conjunction with highly qualified instructors and training team, ensures that Al Hurea provides highly trained and certified security personnel to its clients.
  295. ---------
  296. Is Al Hurea related to Serco? As a refresher, in the Voat thread there was a little tid bit about Scott Ramsay, director of Al Hurea operating in Iraq, being involved in the trafficking of little girls and boys along with drugs and arms. When I did a search on "Al Hurea + Serco" the Olive Group came up in the search results. The related link appears to have a whole lotta shipping companies included in the list of founding members of the Private Security Service Providers Association (ICoCA) which includes DynCorp, Academi (formerly Blackwater) and so many more familiar 'security' contractors. It appears that these members also have international licences to ship arms which is, as we know is a perfect hand in hand with human trafficking too. A number of these companies are I believe, may possibly be also involved with the 'migration' crisis from the Middle East and Africa into Europe and elsewhere around the world.
  298. Founding Industry Members
  299. Author: International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers Association (ICoCA) , Published on: 20 September 2013
  301. Founding Industry Members ACADEMI, AEGIS, AGEMA Svcs., Al Hurea, Al Thuraya Consultancy, Edinburgh Intl., Edson Tiger, Ekpedefsi Epikinonia, KK Security, Kryptais Group Intl., Pheonix Maritime Protection, Pilgrims Group, Plexus Consultancy, Special Response Intl, Specialized Global Services, Landmark Security, Spitfire Global, Legionforce, Protection Vessels Intl., Emerald Solutions, EOS Risk Management, LGS Matrix, Ramora Global, REDFour MSS, SSA Marine, Stent Intl., Erinys, Lingwood Security Mgt., LPD Risk Mgt., REE Training, Sterling Global Operations, Temi Group, Allies, Alphard Security, Amalgamated Security Svcs., ANTICIP, Facility Specialists & Multi Svcs., Frontier Horizons, G4S, GardaWorld, GCE Consultants, Marine One, Maritime Defence Force, Maritime Asset Security & Training, Maritime Defence Intl., Ronin Concepts, Result Group, Safe Seas Consult, Saladin, Salamanca Risk Mgt., TorchStone Page, Triple Canopy, United Guards Services, Unity Resources Group, Arch Shipping, Maritime Risk Intl., Milne Management Security Svcs., Unity SPS, ARGOS Security, Argus Security Projects, Aspida Maritime Security, ASK Intl., Asset Maritime Security Svcs., Atlas Intl. Security, Aus-Com Security Svcs., GEOS, Geospatial Intelligence, Global Integrated Security, Global Strategies Group, Graspan Frankton, Groupe EHC, Guardian Global Business Security, HART, Milne Maritime Security Svcs., Minimal Risk Consultancy, MS Risk, Navigare Security, Newport Africa, OGM Intl., MNG Maritime, Sans Peur Maritime Security, Sea Guardian Maritime, Seahawk Maritime, Secure Shipping, Securewest Intl., Security & Mgt. Svcs., Shield Private Security Solutions, Universal Maritime Solutions, Valor Intl., Varick SOS, Venture Risk Mgt., Veritas Intl., Vesper Group, Veterans Security Svcs., Beowulf Defense & Security, Britam Defense, Hua Xin Zhong An, Olive Group, Operational Security Intl., Ship Security International, Sinoguards Maritime Security, Vital Security Services, Control Risks, Hawki Worldwide, Housing Assist UK Security, Optimal Risk, SOC, Wackenhut Pakistan, CORPGUARD, Corps Group, Diaplous Maritime Svcs., Drum Cussac, DynCorp Intl., HSS Risk Management, Indefatigable Protective Svcs., Intelligent Risks, Intl. Protection Group, Orcas Security Associates, Origin Security Group, Overseas Security & Strategic Info, PalSafe, Solace Global, SOS Pakistan, Spartent Global Solutions, Special Projects and Services, Zeus, ECS Intl Security, Kanchanjangha Security, Pax Mondial, Special Response Intl. UK
  303. Related companies: Academi (formerly Blackwater), Aegis (see Aegis Defence Services), Aegis Defence Services (part of Aegis Group), Aegis Group, Al Hurea, Al Thuraya Consultancy, Allies Incorporated, Anticip, Control Risks, DynCorp, Erinys International, Frontier Horizons, G4S, GardaWorld, Hart, KK Security, Lingwood Security Management, OGM International, Olive Group, Pilgrims Security, Saladin Security, Secure Shipping, Signet, Solace Global, Maritime Special Response International (SRI), Sterling (part of Signet), Triple Canopy, Unity Resources Group
  306. -----------
  307. Sheikh 'was active in slavery' | December 10, 2006
  309. The man behind a £450m bid for Liverpool FC has been accused of participating in the enslavement of children forced to work as camel-racing jockeys in the Middle East.
  311. Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum - whose Dubai International Corporation is currently negotiating to buy the popular English football club - was among 'the most active participants' in the slave trade for camel racing, according to a lawsuit filed in the United States.
  313. Dubai's royal family deny the US allegations, saying they have banned child jockeys and overhauled the sport, which is popular in the United Arab Emirates.
  315. The lawsuit - a class action filed in Miami by six unidentified parents of children allegedly caught up in the nefarious trade - accuses the sheikh, his brother Hamdan and 500 others of involvement in trafficking boys aged as young as two from south Asia and Africa.
  317. It is alleged the boys - highly prized because of their physical lightness - were abducted, kept in poor conditions and forced to work in a dangerous sport. The lawsuit claims thousands of children may have been victimised over three decades in 'one of the greatest humanitarian crimes of the past 50 years'.
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