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  1. (12:07:19 PM) calimer: for anyone who doesn't know I'm Mike aka the project lead of Sandbox and Hirato is our main coder
  2. (12:07:54 PM) calimer: What the meeting is largely about is that we want to really expand Sandbox beyond what it is now and make it the best game maker for everyone that we can
  3. (12:08:01 PM) calimer: the focus is of course making it easy for kids and adults to make their own games
  4. (12:08:19 PM) calimer: though with the commercial version it would be more focused on adults
  5. (12:08:37 PM) calimer: little kids aren't going to be pulling out their credit cards and buying it anyway
  6. (12:09:15 PM) calimer: and just to be clear the main reason for the commercial version would be to build up a budget, and the "school" edition would always be free and open source of course
  7. (12:09:24 PM) calimer: and the commercial version is going to be open source of course as well
  8. (12:09:33 PM) ZKAT8IT: no, but we can make it so that the kids want it also, which will make their parents buy it, we can still hit all target audiances
  9. (12:09:39 PM) MacPlease: true
  10. (12:09:43 PM) calimer: yeah definitely
  11. (12:09:53 PM) calimer: and we can still keep the water gun theme too
  12. (12:10:00 PM) MacPlease: definitly!
  13. (12:10:09 PM) calimer: vs something like heads getting sent everywhere and stuff
  14. (12:10:16 PM) GoBologna: Did you want me to finish my water gun models?
  15. (12:10:29 PM) calimer: Tim definitely something to think about
  16. (12:10:41 PM) calimer: I still need to make a complete model list
  17. (12:10:55 PM) calimer: and just FYI D. isn't going anywhere
  18. (12:11:10 PM) GoBologna: I know
  19. (12:11:15 PM) calimer: this is basically to help develop SB while the D. stuff is getting worked on
  20. (12:11:24 PM) calimer: basically one hand washing the other
  21. (12:11:37 PM) calimer: so this is the general plan
  22. (12:11:40 PM) Jx: What level design software are you using for D.?
  23. (12:11:46 PM) calimer: Sandbox
  24. (12:11:47 PM) calimer: of course
  25. (12:11:49 PM) ***Hirato coughs sandbox
  26. (12:11:52 PM) Jx: lol
  27. (12:11:53 PM) MacPlease: what else?
  28. (12:12:02 PM) calimer: so anyway this is the general plan
  29. (12:12:07 PM) Hirato: whatever it is, I doubt it runs on macs :3c
  30. (12:12:18 PM) calimer: I was going to put Sandbox on both greenlight and Kickstarter
  31. (12:12:26 PM) MacPlease: OK
  32. (12:12:31 PM) calimer: I might even put it on greenlight a little before the kickstarter to help advertise SB
  33. (12:12:41 PM) MacPlease: OK
  34. (12:12:43 PM) calimer: and MacPlease maybe we could even get $ to pay a dedicated mac compiler
  35. (12:12:51 PM) MacPlease: OK!!
  36. (12:12:52 PM) GoBologna: Just make sure we have a gameplay video this time, k?
  37. (12:12:53 PM) calimer: because no one wants to do it for free for some reason
  38. (12:13:06 PM) calimer: yeah sorry Tim I know you are upset with me about that
  39. (12:13:15 PM) calimer: but we aren't actually doing a gameplay video persay
  40. (12:13:21 PM) calimer: we are doing an engine showcase video
  41. (12:13:42 PM) calimer: and that's definitely on the list of things for us to talk about
  42. (12:13:51 PM) MacPlease: alright.
  43. (12:13:57 PM) calimer: oh and one thing is obviously I'm not going to be able to cover everything in just this meeting
  44. (12:14:07 PM) calimer: and SB is going to be an ongoing evolution
  45. (12:14:21 PM) calimer: so hopefully you all would be interested in future meetings
  46. (12:14:26 PM) MacPlease: yeah
  47. (12:14:30 PM) Jakedude435: always
  48. (12:14:34 PM) calimer: and perhaps we can form a "committiee" or "advisory board"
  49. (12:14:48 PM) ***Hirato thinks we're a bit small for that
  50. (12:14:48 PM) MacPlease: quote-unquote
  51. (12:14:50 PM) calimer: this is all new to me too so this first meeting might be a little rough
  52. (12:15:09 PM) ***ZKAT8IT gets the sand-paper
  53. (12:15:10 PM) Hirato: would you believe it, sandbox has been aorund for ages and this is our first meeting, haha
  54. (12:15:37 PM) calimer: so hopefully all of you have seen my post in the forums about ideas I have for the evolution of Sandbox
  55. (12:15:38 PM) ZKAT8IT: no Hirato, this is just the first meeting weve included you in on
  56. (12:15:42 PM) calimer: haha
  57. (12:15:44 PM) Jx: lol
  58. (12:15:48 PM) MacPlease: lol
  59. (12:15:51 PM) Jakedude435: lol
  60. (12:15:52 PM) GoBologna: I haven't checked the forums
  61. (12:15:53 PM) Hirato: behind my back al lthis time! I trusted you :(
  62. (12:16:01 PM) calimer: or more specifically, allowed you to be included in
  63. (12:16:10 PM) MacPlease: =p
  64. (12:16:21 PM) ZKAT8IT: lol
  65. (12:16:26 PM) calimer: you never know what those crazy aussie's might do
  66. (12:16:40 PM) calimer: so I have one major conflict that I'd love help with
  67. (12:16:43 PM) ***MacPlease slaps calimer around a bit with a large trout
  68. (12:16:54 PM) MacPlease: what?
  69. (12:17:02 PM) calimer: actually before that, so what do you guys think of the commercial version of Sandbox?
  70. (12:17:20 PM) calimer: I was kind of expecting mass outrage of people being upset saying I thought SB was supposed to be free blah blah blah
  71. (12:17:37 PM) Hirato: it's still free outside of steam, isn't it?
  72. (12:17:38 PM) MacPlease: but there is still a free version,right?
  73. (12:17:41 PM) GoBologna: As long as there's enough stuff to warrant the price, I'm fine with it.
  74. (12:17:46 PM) calimer: absolutely
  75. (12:17:55 PM) MacPlease: good
  76. (12:18:01 PM) calimer: and that's the tricky part GoBologna
  77. (12:18:07 PM) ***ZKAT8IT slaps MacPlease around a bit with a rainbow trout
  78. (12:18:12 PM) ***MacPlease slaps ZKAT8IT around a bit with a large trout
  79. (12:18:15 PM) ***MacPlease slaps ZKAT8IT around a bit with a large trout
  80. (12:18:16 PM) calimer: because I of course want it to be free and accessable
  81. (12:18:23 PM) Jakedude435: well theres still a free version with no limits, it's just the paid one is more updated. so no real problem there. plus the paid version will be helping the free one in the long run
  82. (12:18:37 PM) calimer: yeah
  83. (12:18:45 PM) MacPlease: and the free would help the paid too
  84. (12:18:48 PM) calimer: and I'm hoping we can port features from the commercial version into the school one
  85. (12:19:05 PM) calimer: I keep calling it the school one
  86. (12:19:06 PM) Jx: You could always make it like Winrar. A free trial forever.
  87. (12:19:07 PM) Jx: lol
  88. (12:19:12 PM) calimer: but I just need a better name for it
  89. (12:19:17 PM) Jakedude435: lol
  90. (12:19:19 PM) ZKAT8IT: you could just keep the current release free, then whatever we do from now on is in the paid version
  91. (12:19:26 PM) calimer: I guess just call it free edition
  92. (12:19:30 PM) GoBologna: Sandbox Lite
  93. (12:19:34 PM) calimer: ZKAT8IT: that's exactly the idea
  94. (12:19:35 PM) MacPlease: "Mini"
  95. (12:19:45 PM) calimer: because what's on the SVN now is the updated graphics engine stuff too
  96. (12:19:45 PM) jSoftApps [] entered the room.
  97. (12:19:47 PM) Jx: Sand Bucket.
  98. (12:19:52 PM) ***MacPlease slaps jSoftApps around a bit with a large trout
  99. (12:19:56 PM) Hirato: I'd rather archive the 2.x series as Sandbox Legacy and just leave it to bitrot :p
  100. (12:19:59 PM) jSoftApps: lol
  101. (12:20:02 PM) jSoftApps: HI everyone
  102. (12:20:05 PM) Jx: Sandbucket Lite. haha
  103. (12:20:07 PM) MacPlease: spade
  104. (12:20:11 PM) calimer: Hirato that's basically the idea haha
  105. (12:20:13 PM) ZKAT8IT: hi jSoftApps
  106. (12:20:27 PM) calimer: and then for people that want to get more serious into it can get the commercial edition
  107. (12:20:38 PM) calimer: okay so here is my big conflict
  108. (12:20:40 PM) Hirato: I got a uni issued netbook, and it's complete poopoo and can't run sandbox, oh mice
  109. (12:20:45 PM) jSoftApps: ooh. commercial edition sounds fun
  110. (12:20:51 PM) calimer: what is a good price point
  111. (12:21:00 PM) jSoftApps: free?
  112. (12:21:01 PM) calimer: I was going to set it really low like $5 or $10
  113. (12:21:02 PM) MacPlease: hmmm...
  114. (12:21:02 PM) ZKAT8IT: calimer: if you do that, make sure you make a comparison list between the versions on the site
  115. (12:21:16 PM) calimer: but Jakedude435 made me think $20 is a nice price point
  116. (12:21:18 PM) Hirato: the main idea is to hlep fund development
  117. (12:21:20 PM) ZKAT8IT: otherwise people will try the "Lite" version and go meh.. thinking its a trial of the paid
  118. (12:21:21 PM) calimer: awesome point ZKAT8IT
  119. (12:21:35 PM) MacPlease: maybe max 20$
  120. (12:21:38 PM) calimer: I'm going to steal A LOT from unity in ideas
  121. (12:21:46 PM) MacPlease: go ahead
  122. (12:21:47 PM) jSoftApps: heck, i'd pay like $20 for sandbox if it had a good physics engine
  123. (12:21:51 PM) calimer: including the store idea
  124. (12:21:56 PM) GoBologna: Maybe $15.
  125. (12:21:58 PM) jSoftApps: i mean, I use unity right now
  126. (12:22:03 PM) Hirato: you'd pay $20 for us to integrate bullet? :P
  127. (12:22:10 PM) jSoftApps: yes
  128. (12:22:13 PM) calimer: well this is the thing too
  129. (12:22:13 PM) jSoftApps: yes I would
  130. (12:22:15 PM) ***MacPlease slaps jSoftApps around a bit with a large trout
  131. (12:22:20 PM) calimer: if we put it on steam for $20 we'd probably get $10
  132. (12:22:30 PM) ***jSoftApps pokes MacPlease
  133. (12:22:32 PM) ZKAT8IT: does steam take half?
  134. (12:22:37 PM) calimer: I think around there
  135. (12:22:39 PM) Jakedude435: it really does depend on the costs your gonna have to undergo and the estimated idea of sales you are gonna have. but from what i know thus far $20 is reasonable
  136. (12:22:40 PM) Justinfieri: Store does seem like good idea
  137. (12:22:40 PM) jSoftApps: i thought steam took 25%
  138. (12:22:41 PM) ZKAT8IT: ouch
  139. (12:22:45 PM) jSoftApps: as fat as I knew
  140. (12:22:48 PM) jSoftApps: *far
  141. (12:22:52 PM) Jakedude435: steam doesnt have a set price.
  142. (12:22:59 PM) calimer: jSoftApps: I heard around 50% but I'm not sure
  143. (12:23:06 PM) calimer: we have to assume it will be a decent sized chunk
  144. (12:23:10 PM) jSoftApps: you guys doing greenlight?
  145. (12:23:11 PM) ***MacPlease slaps jSoftApps around a bit with a large trout
  146. (12:23:18 PM) Hirato: Gaben's chair's made from neoshekals
  147. (12:23:26 PM) calimer: so the issue is if the price point is too low then it wouldn't be enough to fund anything
  148. (12:23:36 PM) jSoftApps: i'd be willing to pitch in a little money for the greenlight fee
  149. (12:23:38 PM) calimer: but if it is too high then it alienates people
  150. (12:23:46 PM) MacPlease: but if its too high?
  151. (12:23:54 PM) MacPlease: yeah that sounds right
  152. (12:24:02 PM) calimer: to me $20 sounds nice
  153. (12:24:05 PM) jSoftApps: same
  154. (12:24:09 PM) calimer: but I'm definitely up for suggestions
  155. (12:24:09 PM) MacPlease: agreed.
  156. (12:24:13 PM) jSoftApps: well, as long is it has a few AAA features :)
  157. (12:24:26 PM) calimer: jSoftApps: the idea is to put ZKAT8IT to work on it full time
  158. (12:24:27 PM) Jx: What are some of the prices of other game software?
  159. (12:24:33 PM) Justinfieri: I like $20 as a price point
  160. (12:24:33 PM) Jakedude435: yeah but $20 isn't too high. and it's far cheaper then the competition *cough* game maker studio for $200 *cough*
  161. (12:24:33 PM) calimer: did you see the features we are considering?
  162. (12:24:37 PM) jSoftApps: ok cool cal
  163. (12:24:39 PM) Hirato: it already looks better and plays better than anything Bethesda has farted out for the last decade... :P
  164. (12:24:39 PM) jSoftApps: no I didn't
  165. (12:24:45 PM) GoBologna: $20 is a steal, compared to other dev software.
  166. (12:24:46 PM) Jx: I mean even 30$ if people are wanting to put in real effort to an engine doesn't sound insane.
  167. (12:24:49 PM) jSoftApps: can u give me a link to the features?
  168. (12:24:50 PM) MacPlease: $26.95, 19.99, and around that
  169. (12:24:52 PM) calimer: yeah and $20 is nothing compared to other software
  170. (12:24:57 PM) jSoftApps: ^ this
  171. (12:25:01 PM) calimer: look at Unity and the UDK
  172. (12:25:06 PM) jSoftApps: lol
  173. (12:25:08 PM) Jakedude435: exactly
  174. (12:25:11 PM) MacPlease: some stuff is 50=$
  175. (12:25:13 PM) calimer: what is the license for Unity?
  176. (12:25:14 PM) jSoftApps: i've been saving for unity pro for 2 years
  177. (12:25:16 PM) calimer: I think it is like 2k
  178. (12:25:17 PM) jSoftApps: $1500
  179. (12:25:24 PM) Jx: lol
  180. (12:25:27 PM) Jakedude435: 1500 if your profits exceed 100k
  181. (12:25:30 PM) calimer: and you can dev so much faster in SB
  182. (12:25:33 PM) calimer: mapping wise anyway
  183. (12:25:34 PM) jSoftApps: yeah
  184. (12:25:40 PM) jSoftApps: but, I do like my physics
  185. (12:25:42 PM) jSoftApps: :)
  186. (12:25:48 PM) calimer: is that your own reason for unity?
  187. (12:25:51 PM) calimer: er only
  188. (12:25:52 PM) Hirato: you like getting physical with objects
  189. (12:25:53 PM) jSoftApps: pretty much
  190. (12:25:58 PM) Hirato: HEUHUEHUE
  191. (12:26:03 PM) jSoftApps: and the fact that I can code in C# is nice
  192. (12:26:04 PM) ***MacPlease slaps Hirato around a bit with a large trout
  193. (12:26:05 PM) ZKAT8IT: Unity's interface is horrible anyways, i tried it and couldnt figure anything out, amazed people even make stuff with it
  194. (12:26:07 PM) calimer: so okay so people like physics
  195. (12:26:08 PM) jSoftApps: i hate c++
  196. (12:26:24 PM) Jakedude435: i will admit PhysX support is a nice feature.
  197. (12:26:29 PM) MacPlease: and the water guns
  198. (12:26:30 PM) calimer: we've already seen bullet being used with cube 2
  199. (12:26:32 PM) jSoftApps: for me, the selling point is the ability to use a custom programming language, and physics
  200. (12:26:34 PM) calimer: so we definitely know it is doable
  201. (12:26:37 PM) jSoftApps: yeah
  202. (12:26:43 PM) ZKAT8IT: does SB not have physics?
  203. (12:26:50 PM) calimer: it does but its own physics
  204. (12:26:55 PM) Hirato: if by custom you mean C# or javascript, yeah sure, whatever :P
  205. (12:26:56 PM) ZKAT8IT: ah
  206. (12:26:59 PM) jSoftApps: like this:
  207. (12:27:01 PM) MacPlease: their kinda weird
  208. (12:27:02 PM) Jx: What I'm tired of are these game platforms having a FPS shooter base design. I want melee weapon base designs. haha
  209. (12:27:07 PM) jSoftApps: exactly hirato
  210. (12:27:23 PM) Jx: Make it easy for players to make fantasy games. Way too many shooters out.
  211. (12:27:32 PM) jSoftApps: personally, I think we need mesh colliders, not box based colliders
  212. (12:27:33 PM) Hirato: fantasy shooters :o
  213. (12:27:38 PM) calimer: Hirato is actually working on that now
  214. (12:27:43 PM) jSoftApps: he is?
  215. (12:27:44 PM) jSoftApps: wow
  216. (12:27:47 PM) MacPlease: ssps!
  217. (12:27:47 PM) calimer: with his RPG lamiae
  218. (12:27:54 PM) jSoftApps: yay :)
  219. (12:27:55 PM) Hirato: it's just an engine project
  220. (12:27:59 PM) jSoftApps: cool
  221. (12:28:00 PM) calimer: yeah
  222. (12:28:07 PM) Hirato: I intend to distribute it as a commercial ready SDK
  223. (12:28:08 PM) calimer: still not completely decided how it will fit in with SB
  224. (12:28:18 PM) calimer: I mean I'd love it with it
  225. (12:28:25 PM) jSoftApps: yeah
  226. (12:28:28 PM) calimer: before I get into that though
  227. (12:28:38 PM) Hirato: and then there's a separate project for game content and non-free art
  228. (12:28:41 PM) calimer: so can we have more thoughts on price point?
  229. (12:28:53 PM) MacPlease: $20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20
  230. (12:28:55 PM) jSoftApps: $20 sounds pretty good to me
  231. (12:28:58 PM) calimer: I guess I need to do the math on $20
  232. (12:29:03 PM) Jx: 30$
  233. (12:29:04 PM) Jx: lol
  234. (12:29:07 PM) calimer: but I think that would be pretty good
  235. (12:29:08 PM) MacPlease: $20
  236. (12:29:20 PM) Jx: ....25$
  237. (12:29:21 PM) calimer: even just looking at games you'd buy for $20
  238. (12:29:22 PM) Jx: lol
  239. (12:29:25 PM) clownfish [] entered the room.
  240. (12:29:28 PM) calimer: a lot are not worth that
  241. (12:29:28 PM) Hirato: so you grab and install the lamiae SDK, the nyou grab and install the lilim project and enjoy the demos :P
  242. (12:29:30 PM) ***MacPlease slaps clownfish around a bit with a large trout
  243. (12:29:32 PM) jSoftApps: hi clownfish
  244. (12:29:35 PM) ZKAT8IT: id say 20-25
  245. (12:29:38 PM) clownfish: Hello everyone and Hiya Calimer!
  246. (12:29:39 PM) Jx: Greetings
  247. (12:29:46 PM) ZKAT8IT: hi clownfish
  248. (12:29:47 PM) calimer: howdy clownfish and welcome
  249. (12:29:51 PM) Hirato: clownfish, now there's a nick I haven't seen in ages
  250. (12:29:53 PM) calimer: so I hear people say 20-30 range
  251. (12:29:55 PM) clownfish: Thank you everyone & Calimer!
  252. (12:30:03 PM) jSoftApps: $20
  253. (12:30:10 PM) clownfish: haha Hello Hirato how have you been? =D
  254. (12:30:14 PM) Jx: 20 Doll hairs.
  255. (12:30:17 PM) calimer: writing it down in my notes
  256. (12:30:18 PM) calimer: okay
  257. (12:30:18 PM) Hirato: ask them $13.37 because of how awesome sandbox is
  258. (12:30:21 PM) GoBologna: 20-30 sounds good.
  259. (12:30:22 PM) calimer: haha
  260. (12:30:29 PM) MacPlease: $20
  261. (12:30:33 PM) calimer: okay awesome
  262. (12:30:48 PM) jSoftApps: so...
  263. (12:30:51 PM) clownfish: 20 to $30 seems fair
  264. (12:30:53 PM) ZKAT8IT: right, so price range established, next on the list calimer?
  265. (12:30:57 PM) calimer: okay so going onto the next topic
  266. (12:31:00 PM) MacPlease: Yeah whats next
  267. (12:31:05 PM) calimer: which is related to hirato's RPG
  268. (12:31:08 PM) jSoftApps: cal, could you get me the list of features you'd like to put in?
  269. (12:31:16 PM) calimer: just look on the forums
  270. (12:31:18 PM) calimer: I made a post homie
  271. (12:31:21 PM) jSoftApps: ok
  272. (12:31:21 PM) calimer: related to this meeting too
  273. (12:31:23 PM) jSoftApps: coolio
  274. (12:31:32 PM) Jakedude435:
  275. (12:31:35 PM) Jakedude435: theres the list
  276. (12:31:41 PM) calimer: obviously it is WIP too and that's why we're having this meeting
  277. (12:31:42 PM) jSoftApps: ty
  278. (12:31:43 PM) Jakedude435: i kept the tab open lol
  279. (12:31:44 PM) calimer: and hopefully more too
  280. (12:32:04 PM) calimer: how is this time for everyone?
  281. (12:32:09 PM) jSoftApps: hmm... how about a mesh LOD system?
  282. (12:32:16 PM) calimer: post it on the forum
  283. (12:32:17 PM) Hirato: it's currently 0:32
  284. (12:32:27 PM) calimer: I didn't ask what time, I asked how it is
  285. (12:32:29 PM) calimer: convience wise
  286. (12:32:34 PM) Jakedude435: it's 11:30 am here. little early for me, but worth it
  287. (12:32:39 PM) MacPlease: this times fine
  288. (12:32:39 PM) jSoftApps: i have a soccer game in two hours
  289. (12:32:45 PM) jSoftApps: it's 9:32 here
  290. (12:32:51 PM) calimer: so maybe we could have weekly or biweekly meetings
  291. (12:33:01 PM) Hirato: maybe we could start an hour earlier
  292. (12:33:05 PM) clownfish: Calimer this time is good for me
  293. (12:33:06 PM) calimer: okay
  294. (12:33:12 PM) Jakedude435: weekly sounds good
  295. (12:33:13 PM) ***MacPlease slaps LordHavoc around a bit with a large trout
  296. (12:33:28 PM) Jakedude435: anyone else ready for a fish fry?
  297. (12:33:30 PM) calimer: thanks again guys for being willing to comein and help
  298. (12:33:37 PM) calimer: and support SB
  299. (12:33:37 PM) jSoftApps: np
  300. (12:33:40 PM) MacPlease: i need another big mac
  301. (12:33:47 PM) clownfish: no me :P .. but a chicken fry I could do
  302. (12:33:47 PM) calimer: for me though it is all about helping people to create
  303. (12:33:53 PM) calimer: and express their imagination and stuff
  304. (12:33:56 PM) Jakedude435: lol
  305. (12:34:01 PM) clownfish: lol
  306. (12:34:04 PM) MacPlease: and trampolines
  307. (12:34:06 PM) calimer: they are testing out SB for the school I work at too
  308. (12:34:08 PM) calimer: which is pretty cool
  309. (12:34:10 PM) clownfish: Calimer your most welcome.
  310. (12:34:22 PM) calimer: and yeah maybe there is some fun event we can do at the meetings or after
  311. (12:34:27 PM) calimer: that's a good idea actually
  312. (12:34:42 PM) ***MacPlease slaps MacPlease around a bit with a large trout
  313. (12:34:44 PM) Jx: Meeting, then we all play Firefall.
  314. (12:34:45 PM) Jx: lol
  315. (12:35:01 PM) MacPlease: how bout we just slap each other alot?
  316. (12:35:07 PM) calimer: I see you do enjoy that
  317. (12:35:10 PM) clownfish: I just came from my neighboor hood school open house and community parade. My kids grade school may be interested in Sandbox in a class. I will know more soon.
  318. (12:35:12 PM) MacPlease: yes
  319. (12:35:13 PM) calimer: so anyway onto the next topic
  320. (12:35:20 PM) calimer: and awesome clownfish
  321. (12:35:35 PM) calimer: there is one big issue with SB that I really want ZKAT8IT to focus on
  322. (12:35:43 PM) calimer: and which a lot of the money would be going into
  323. (12:35:47 PM) calimer: for paying him
  324. (12:35:55 PM) calimer: and Hirato too if he is interested
  325. (12:35:59 PM) jSoftApps: what's the issue?
  326. (12:36:03 PM) Hirato: so we're not discussing lamiae at all? hah
  327. (12:36:05 PM) MacPlease: what is this
  328. (12:36:19 PM) calimer: and also just as a sidenote, I do have $ going to hirato for past and future help
  329. (12:36:34 PM) MacPlease: we totally need to know that
  330. (12:36:35 PM) calimer: even if he does nothing for SB ever again I want a nice chunk going to him for all his help throughout the years
  331. (12:36:46 PM) calimer: well I think it is important
  332. (12:36:47 PM) jSoftApps: i'd be willing to help out with some arts 'n stuff
  333. (12:36:54 PM) clownfish: That's great calimer! TY Hirato for all you've done with SB.
  334. (12:36:57 PM) ZKAT8IT: what am i focusing on?
  335. (12:37:01 PM) jSoftApps: or making tuts
  336. (12:37:13 PM) calimer: if you disagree MacPlease that's fine but I want him to know that he's appreciated and not forgotten
  337. (12:37:22 PM) MacPlease: i know
  338. (12:37:27 PM) calimer: so anyway
  339. (12:37:30 PM) Hirato: motion to ban MacPlease :3c
  340. (12:37:30 PM) clownfish: I would enjoy helping with tuts and promotion / public relations where I can.
  341. (12:37:31 PM) jSoftApps: we <3 hirato
  342. (12:37:36 PM) calimer: the big issue is that I don't like having seperate game modes
  343. (12:37:42 PM) calimer: well more specifically
  344. (12:37:48 PM) calimer: seperate codebases
  345. (12:37:51 PM) jSoftApps: hmm
  346. (12:37:59 PM) ZKAT8IT: oh yea that...
  347. (12:38:07 PM) jSoftApps: well, that's where my custom programming language idea would come into play
  348. (12:38:13 PM) Hirato: me neither, it's such a pain to merge changes
  349. (12:38:14 PM) jSoftApps: you have the sandbox source
  350. (12:38:20 PM) calimer: so what I'd like to do is either create a new MAIN game mode
  351. (12:38:27 PM) jSoftApps: and you make your game in C# or some language like that
  352. (12:38:29 PM) ZKAT8IT: jSoftApps: sb already has a scripting language
  353. (12:38:30 PM) calimer: or have them use the FPS code
  354. (12:38:30 PM) MacPlease: with everything?
  355. (12:38:35 PM) clownfish: I think that's good calimer
  356. (12:38:45 PM) calimer: but then basically set a lot of stuff to scripts
  357. (12:38:50 PM) calimer: like for example
  358. (12:39:02 PM) calimer: with the FPS the weapons should be set to weapon scripts
  359. (12:39:05 PM) calimer: not hard coded
  360. (12:39:09 PM) jSoftApps: i was thinking we do it kinda like how they did it here:
  361. (12:39:13 PM) clownfish: Can you have a new MAIN game mode and allow other modes to be modular or 'mods'?
  362. (12:39:17 PM) MacPlease: then people can fool with them
  363. (12:39:33 PM) calimer: and then let's say you wanted to have a fantasy RPG instead you could easily switch the weapons to swords or different spells and stuff
  364. (12:39:37 PM) MacPlease: make their own gamemodes
  365. (12:39:39 PM) calimer: instead of having to hard code them
  366. (12:39:44 PM) jSoftApps: ^ this
  367. (12:39:48 PM) MacPlease: or their own weapons
  368. (12:39:51 PM) ***jSoftApps hates hard coding
  369. (12:39:53 PM) calimer: clownfish making mods is exactly the idea
  370. (12:40:13 PM) clownfish: ok calimer yes that's great
  371. (12:40:22 PM) ZKAT8IT: jSoftApps: you cant script everything, itll cause problems later on
  372. (12:40:24 PM) MacPlease: *gives everyone a big mac
  373. (12:40:29 PM) clownfish: I'm learning Java coding and I've been making my own Minecraft mods.
  374. (12:40:44 PM) ZKAT8IT: go look at League of Legends if you don't believe me, they break more stuff than fix every patch
  375. (12:40:51 PM) MacPlease: wow...
  376. (12:40:51 PM) calimer: but basically I'd like triggers and stuff to all be universal
  377. (12:41:00 PM) calimer: there is too much that is specific only to a certain codebase
  378. (12:41:10 PM) calimer: and look at our vehicle mode
  379. (12:41:14 PM) MacPlease: and its complex
  380. (12:41:17 PM) GoBologna: Will there still be support for the sidescroller stuff in the new code?  I'd like to see that expanded.
  381. (12:41:22 PM) calimer: that could fit into the FPS just fine, and hopefully just be a different game mode
  382. (12:41:46 PM) calimer: and yeah GoBologna I was thinking, just think about the FPS mode if it had as sidescroller camera
  383. (12:41:53 PM) Jakedude435: that would work, with everything basically running off the FPS engine. it would be a good starting point still and it would be able to be expanded on, feature wise.
  384. (12:42:01 PM) Jx: So you are speaking of consolidating game modes for creating different levels/mods.
  385. (12:42:05 PM) calimer: you already have monsters, and you could even pick up weapons and there are powerups, health packs, etc
  386. (12:42:16 PM) ZKAT8IT: basically all game modes differ mainly based on the camera perspective, so ill be merging it all in to one and allow you to cycle through the modes, at least thats the intention
  387. (12:42:22 PM) Hirato: ZKAT8IT: I'm sure they're doing better than that Realms of Arkania remake
  388. (12:42:27 PM) calimer: and if we put vehicle mode into FPS mode then we'd have a twisted metal like mode
  389. (12:42:32 PM) MacPlease: yeah
  390. (12:42:34 PM) jSoftApps: my one little issue with sandbox is that it doesn't work with vs2010
  391. (12:42:43 PM) calimer: so already I see it easy to kill off vehicle mode and the sidescroller as seperate game modes
  392. (12:42:46 PM) jSoftApps: and codeblocks hates my PC
  393. (12:42:59 PM) Hirato: Visual studio isn't really well supported, haha
  394. (12:43:04 PM) Jx: What about Vehicle mode in RPG mode? Does that mean you can have horses/dragon mounts? haha
  395. (12:43:11 PM) MacPlease: that would be cool
  396. (12:43:35 PM) Hirato: basically, I did experiment briefly with it, but it's really intricate changes that need a lot more tohught and design put into it
  397. (12:43:47 PM) Jakedude435: it would, but doesnt it seem to kinda defeat the purpose of trying to get it down to 1 mode?
  398. (12:44:01 PM) Justinfieri: How would lamiae work with a single base  hirato?
  399. (12:44:11 PM) Hirato: lamiae is just the RPG mode ?
  400. (12:44:28 PM) ZKAT8IT: Jx: like i said above, its all based on camera angle mostly, so ill try to implement a cycle feature so you can switch instantly in game for different aspects such as that
  401. (12:44:42 PM) calimer: so a big question then to is that hiratos code is pretty cool but probably would never be able to be integrated into the "main" mode
  402. (12:44:47 PM) Justinfieri: right but could it work with a single code based of off fps
  403. (12:44:57 PM) Hirato: I'll keep back porting what I can, as long a sit remains easy to do :)
  404. (12:45:16 PM) calimer: it'd still have to be its own codebase though
  405. (12:45:26 PM) calimer: since it works a lot differently than the FPS or other modes
  406. (12:45:42 PM) Hirato: <-- the vehicle stuff I experimented with is really hacky at best
  407. (12:46:04 PM) jSoftApps: well, hacky is better than not there at all
  408. (12:46:12 PM) calimer: a question too is do we base the "main" mode off the FPS code or start another one or maybe even off of hirato's rpg code
  409. (12:46:13 PM) Hirato: it's in a non-merged branch
  410. (12:46:14 PM) clownfish: ok looking
  411. (12:46:26 PM) calimer: a problem with hirato's rpg code though is that it isn't easy to make work for MP
  412. (12:46:57 PM) calimer: and when I say not easy I mean to a point of possibly being not worth the effort at all
  413. (12:47:05 PM) ZKAT8IT: i think we should stick with the main fps mode
  414. (12:47:12 PM) calimer: okay
  415. (12:47:12 PM) jSoftApps: i second that
  416. (12:47:22 PM) ZKAT8IT: itd be easiest and most functional for map creation, then allow cycling to other modes when needed
  417. (12:47:25 PM) MacPlease: so then we has FPS multiplayer with different camera angles?
  418. (12:47:31 PM) calimer: one thing I am wondering is can we make a gamemode in the FPS code vehicle mode easy enough?
  419. (12:47:37 PM) calimer: I would think so
  420. (12:47:43 PM) clownfish: Fill me in briefly or give a webpage. What is lamiae? This is Hirato's new RPG code?
  421. (12:47:45 PM) calimer: like just have it override the default movement
  422. (12:48:02 PM) calimer: oh one thing is too is that I saw a guy do a really cool version of vehicle mode where he made flying
  423. (12:48:07 PM) Hirato: clownfish: hirato forked sandbox, purged everything but RPG mode in holy hellfire, called it lamiae
  424. (12:48:15 PM) calimer: and basically just did a hack that messed with the gravity code
  425. (12:48:17 PM) ***MacPlease slaps Hirato around a bit with a large trout
  426. (12:48:21 PM) clownfish: ok TY Hirato
  427. (12:48:50 PM) Hirato: logo's pretty :3
  428. (12:48:54 PM) calimer: okay also I need to read everything everyone has been saying
  429. (12:49:21 PM) Jakedude435: and thus why i havn't said much, lol. so much reading.
  430. (12:49:28 PM) MacPlease: yeah
  431. (12:49:31 PM) ***MacPlease slaps MacPlease around a bit with a large trout
  432. (12:49:32 PM) ***MacPlease slaps MacPlease around a bit with a large trout
  433. (12:49:39 PM) calimer: can you stop that please
  434. (12:49:42 PM) MacPlease: fine
  435. (12:49:45 PM) calimer: because there is already enough text to sift through
  436. (12:50:11 PM) calimer: actually that's your last warning
  437. (12:50:15 PM) calimer: next time you go into time out
  438. (12:50:20 PM) MacPlease: fine
  439. (12:50:26 PM) calimer: haha
  440. (12:50:32 PM) MacPlease: haha
  441. (12:50:35 PM) clownfish: calimer I'm still catching up but I also feel a main fps modes is good. (as ZKAT8IT said).
  442. (12:50:37 PM) calimer: putting my teaching experience to good use
  443. (12:50:55 PM) Jakedude435: i think it would be a generally easy way to go about it though, just having it override the movement and/or gravity defaults. at least until maybe something more advanced comes into play.
  444. (12:51:15 PM) calimer: yeah maybe could even just override it with a script/cfg
  445. (12:51:35 PM) calimer: and then bam we have twisted metal mode that is MP!!
  446. (12:51:44 PM) calimer: that is quite exciting to me
  447. (12:51:49 PM) jSoftApps: well, ima go get some food. be back in awhile
  448. (12:51:51 PM) calimer: I'd really like to put in a race entity too
  449. (12:52:01 PM) calimer: so that you could set a start line and finish line
  450. (12:52:02 PM) Jakedude435: pretty much. or just plane arcade racing if the user desides not to place any weapons
  451. (12:52:08 PM) jSoftApps left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  452. (12:52:17 PM) calimer: well you'd simply remove the weapon scripts
  453. (12:52:21 PM) MacPlease: or maybe shoot at other racers
  454. (12:52:23 PM) Jakedude435: exactly
  455. (12:52:35 PM) clownfish: Yes calimer, did you see the race tutorial or example in 'Craftstudio'?
  456. (12:52:37 PM) calimer: or make hte weapon script instead of a weapon persay, it could be a speed boost
  457. (12:52:46 PM) calimer: yeah I hated it clownfish
  458. (12:52:48 PM) calimer: very awkward
  459. (12:52:57 PM) clownfish: ok
  460. (12:52:59 PM) calimer: speedboost/afterburner
  461. (12:53:08 PM) MacPlease: wings
  462. (12:53:13 PM) Jakedude435: thats a better idea actually, using it for a speed boost. and yay for overriding the overrides for movement
  463. (12:53:15 PM) calimer: and you could pick up special ammo for it
  464. (12:53:24 PM) MacPlease: or maybe superjump
  465. (12:53:30 PM) calimer: or all of them
  466. (12:53:39 PM) calimer: and you'd modify the weapon scripts for that
  467. (12:54:17 PM) MacPlease: or land mines
  468. (12:54:19 PM) calimer: sometimes people get caught up in names
  469. (12:54:24 PM) MacPlease: or spikes
  470. (12:54:26 PM) clownfish: down the road in SB dev., are there plans for a programming api that modders could use?
  471. (12:54:26 PM) calimer: like that weapon script needs to always be a weapon
  472. (12:54:39 PM) calimer: a programming api? you have all of the source haha
  473. (12:54:55 PM) calimer: what would you need more specific?
  474. (12:54:57 PM) clownfish: o yes you did say it will stay open source. ok
  475. (12:54:59 PM) calimer: I guess that would be something for ZKAT8IT
  476. (12:55:16 PM) calimer: but isn't an API just when you give someone SOME of the source
  477. (12:55:17 PM) Hirato: the RPG is pretty mod friendly as is, maps aside
  478. (12:55:44 PM) Hirato: API is more a section of source that lets people use your program/library ;p
  479. (12:55:59 PM) calimer: I'm wondering how tough it would be do an RPG with the FPS code too through scripts
  480. (12:56:13 PM) clownfish: Yes it's something the Minecraft community has been looking for quite a while.
  481. (12:56:16 PM) ZKAT8IT: id have to look through the cube script
  482. (12:56:20 PM) calimer: the weapon scripting I would want to be powerful enough to be able to edit it to make spell effects and stuff
  483. (12:56:23 PM) ZKAT8IT: but im sure im going to be expanding it
  484. (12:56:31 PM) MacPlease: what about tools?
  485. (12:56:32 PM) clownfish: Yes that makes sense, ty Hirato.
  486. (12:56:49 PM) calimer: yeah open source is the best API you can get haha
  487. (12:56:53 PM) calimer: if MC was open source wow
  488. (12:56:59 PM) clownfish: haha xD
  489. (12:57:00 PM) Hirato: we have minetest
  490. (12:57:02 PM) calimer: people would have super cool mods
  491. (12:57:07 PM) Hirato: minecraft sucks anyway ;)
  492. (12:57:08 PM) calimer: yeah there are a lot of clones
  493. (12:57:17 PM) calimer: yeah I only like the random gen for Minecraft
  494. (12:57:19 PM) calimer: that's really about it
  495. (12:57:20 PM) MacPlease: but what about tools?
  496. (12:57:31 PM) MacPlease: i mean in sandbox
  497. (12:57:31 PM) calimer: what tools are you referring to MacPlease?
  498. (12:57:48 PM) Jakedude435: well an rpg is basically the same as fps but your holding onto a mot more variables you have to manage, items, inventory, money, skills, etc. but most modern shooters have a lot of RPG aspects too like bullet count (a type of item variable), rank (like a skill) and etc, so it would just be, being able to expand on that
  499. (12:58:05 PM) calimer: yeah
  500. (12:58:20 PM) calimer: and I'd like them to be able to be integrated if people want htem to be
  502. (12:58:25 PM) calimer: like how borderlands is an FPS RPG
  503. (12:58:33 PM) calimer: and Firefall
  504. (12:58:37 PM) Jakedude435: exactly
  505. (12:58:45 PM) calimer: so how we deal with the RPG will be a bit tricky
  506. (12:58:52 PM) calimer: but I'm hoping it could just be some added scripts
  507. (12:58:55 PM) Hirato: those minimal RPG aspects don't make them RPGs in any way
  508. (12:58:59 PM) clownfish: (side thought) I'd would but fun to have a SB mod database (racing mod, terrain mods, AI mods, new plant mods, etc)
  509. (12:59:11 PM) calimer: I mean hirato already did a lot of cool stuff with quests and stuff in the FPS just with his village map
  510. (12:59:12 PM) Hirato: and bullet count == R{G element? you're joknig right?
  511. (12:59:26 PM) MacPlease: what about being able to go to space?
  512. (12:59:32 PM) MacPlease: how hard is that
  513. (12:59:38 PM) calimer: not hard at all
  514. (12:59:41 PM) Jakedude435: a variable is a variable, bullet count is no different then having 5 toaster pastries in your inventory
  515. (12:59:50 PM) calimer: just delete all the terrain and adjust the gravity
  516. (12:59:50 PM) MacPlease: pop tarts
  517. (12:59:50 PM) calimer: haha
  518. (12:59:59 PM) clownfish: Yes a 'going to space mod' I like that.
  519. (1:00:06 PM) MacPlease: and add a space station to jump on
  520. (1:00:15 PM) calimer: and put in a nice star skybox
  521. (1:00:19 PM) Hirato: it is; that's just a number, the pastries have a lot more information to it, depending on the game
  522. (1:00:21 PM) MacPlease: and astroids
  523. (1:00:31 PM) calimer: might want to remove the dying if a certain level of the map is hit
  524. (1:00:40 PM) clownfish: One of my all time favorite oldie 'going to space' games. Colobot, check this out
  525. (1:00:44 PM) calimer: like where it makes you respawn
  526. (1:00:44 PM) MacPlease: go to the normal world at max heit
  527. (1:00:52 PM) Hirato: there's icons, descriptions, status effects, crafting recipes, quest related uses
  528. (1:01:17 PM) calimer: okay since you guys are saying this I want to get to the next topic
  529. (1:01:25 PM) calimer: I think we covered that one nicely
  530. (1:01:40 PM) calimer: and of course always please feel free to post in the forum thread for this meeting if there is still stuff you wanted to mention
  531. (1:01:43 PM) clownfish: Maybe SB could have a space mod with programmable bots, batteries, and fuel sources to find. (just a mod idea)
  532. (1:01:50 PM) MacPlease: and astroids
  533. (1:01:53 PM) calimer: and please don't spam to this question
  534. (1:01:59 PM) MacPlease: kay
  535. (1:02:05 PM) calimer: condense them please
  536. (1:02:05 PM) clownfish: ok
  537. (1:02:05 PM) calimer: but
  538. (1:02:14 PM) calimer: What features would you like in Sandbox?
  539. (1:02:18 PM) Hirato: a puppy
  540. (1:02:37 PM) ZKAT8IT: cats, we can post it on youtube also, everyone loves cat videos
  541. (1:02:48 PM) Hirato: this man is a genius
  542. (1:02:55 PM) MacPlease: a race mode
  543. (1:03:03 PM) MacPlease: and a better mac compilier
  544. (1:03:22 PM) MacPlease: I need to leave now bye everyone
  545. (1:03:25 PM) MacPlease left the room.
  546. (1:03:26 PM) calimer: if you want a better mac compiler then you have to talk to apple about that
  547. (1:03:39 PM) ZKAT8IT: features for sb, id like to see are better shader support, possibly physics, CSG for sure
  548. (1:03:59 PM) Hirato: what's wrong with our shader stuff :o
  549. (1:04:14 PM) ZKAT8IT: nothing wrong with the shader code, just need better shaders in general
  550. (1:04:19 PM) clownfish: looking at the post with the wish list...  I like the 'hide n seek' feature.
  551. (1:04:19 PM) Hirato: we've already got blooooooooooooom
  552. (1:04:39 PM) Hirato: ZKAT8IT:
  553. (1:04:54 PM) clownfish: (hide n seek) players who hold stil and crouch become nearly invisible, but can be seen.
  554. (1:05:29 PM) calimer: but what clown and mac were asking for is games
  555. (1:05:33 PM) calimer: not really SB features
  556. (1:05:37 PM) clownfish: ok
  557. (1:05:44 PM) calimer: games in it are of course are nice
  558. (1:05:48 PM) Jakedude435: well, as already mentioned, some more support for racing. probably some more 3d models so we dont need to rob google sketchup blind, lol. i personally would like some more user friendly menus.
  559. (1:05:56 PM) calimer: but the idea is to make it so people can make those games themselves easily
  560. (1:06:19 PM) ZKAT8IT: Hirato: you have no abient light or anything, no moon light, just pitch black on the night cycle, needs improvement
  561. (1:06:20 PM) calimer: more models is definitely going to be a huge focus
  562. (1:06:23 PM) ZKAT8IT: needs atmosphere
  563. (1:06:28 PM) calimer: already have a guy all set to get that in gear
  564. (1:06:29 PM) ZKAT8IT: ambient*
  565. (1:06:58 PM) calimer: can you be more specific with what you'd like in the menus?
  566. (1:07:06 PM) Hirato: ZKAT8IT: joke's on you, there is no moon
  567. (1:07:27 PM) ZKAT8IT: Hirato: i know, i was pointing out the lack of one :P
  568. (1:07:31 PM) clownfish: (one more game idea) - some mod where resources are harvested and used. Harvest fuel and race with it. (A simple version of the 'Stranded Mod' from Garry's mod)
  569. (1:07:37 PM) Hirato: inb4 deathstar
  570. (1:08:00 PM) Jx left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  571. (1:08:01 PM) Jakedude435: well more specifically, less reliance on keybinds, I know a lot of advanced users find it easier to use the keyboard, but some of us have a hard time remembering and would rather have more mouse-friendly things
  572. (1:08:07 PM) ZKAT8IT: clownfish: thats starting to sound borderline minecraft
  573. (1:08:23 PM) calimer: so sounds like you'd enjoy widgets Jakedude435
  574. (1:08:30 PM) calimer: which is definitely possible
  575. (1:08:33 PM) Jakedude435: yes, very much.
  576. (1:08:42 PM) calimer: hirato already has some basic ones in lamiae
  577. (1:08:50 PM) clownfish: yes ZKAT and I don't want to see a MC following, but the nature of collecting and using is really fun with a co-op group especially kids.
  578. (1:09:15 PM) Hirato: you mean the editmode stuff?
  579. (1:09:20 PM) calimer: yeah
  580. (1:09:30 PM) calimer: how you have your widgets with skybox and models and stuff
  581. (1:09:59 PM) Hirato:
  582. (1:10:00 PM) ZKAT8IT: if we do the resource collecting route, may i suggest not the terrain method as mineceaft but have say rocks etc.. scattered around the map to be mined
  583. (1:10:17 PM) clownfish: ZKAT I like that.
  584. (1:10:46 PM) calimer: that is also a game
  585. (1:10:47 PM) Hirato: you can kind of sort of do it already with the RPG... spawn a bunch of huge cubes everywhere :D
  586. (1:10:47 PM) Jakedude435: another thing i was thinking was maybe a widget-ish way of editing scripts from the editmode. and hirato, those pictures are exactly what i was thinking.
  587. (1:11:04 PM) Hirato: they're triggers so they're immobile until the player harvests them
  588. (1:11:06 PM) calimer: I would like as a feature a nice terrain generator :)
  589. (1:11:18 PM) clownfish: Calimer I agree.
  590. (1:11:19 PM) calimer: maybe even just as a button you hit in edit mode
  591. (1:11:36 PM) calimer: and some people like having a minecraft like mode where you can dig holes and build
  592. (1:11:45 PM) clownfish: Calimer and then we could create terrain mods that allow us to trigger new types of worlds.
  593. (1:11:47 PM) calimer: so that could be a gametype possibly
  594. (1:11:52 PM) calimer: but we'd want to make it a lot more fun than MC
  595. (1:12:34 PM) calimer: okay so any more features?
  596. (1:12:39 PM) Jakedude435: maybe use some sort of heightmap generator for that? might be simpler. plus custom heightmap support is a convenience for world builders
  597. (1:12:44 PM) clownfish: brb phone
  598. (1:12:44 PM) calimer: I think we covered a lot with the previous topic too
  599. (1:12:53 PM) calimer: oh now that's interesting
  600. (1:13:10 PM) calimer: so instead of generating by "cubes" you generate by the heightmap
  601. (1:13:36 PM) Jakedude435: yeah. it might be easier on the system resource use as well if it's run by a heightmap
  602. (1:13:38 PM) calimer: so instead of everything blocky you'd have a much more diverse terrain
  603. (1:13:47 PM) calimer: actually it would probably be just the opposite
  604. (1:13:59 PM) calimer: a heightmap terrain gen would be much more intensive graphically
  605. (1:14:13 PM) Justinfieri left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  606. (1:14:22 PM) Justinfieri [] entered the room.
  607. (1:14:23 PM) Jakedude435: well what makes me say that is railroad tycoon 3 uses heightmaps and its resource use is. well a win 98 game
  608. (1:14:28 PM) ZKAT8IT: Jakedude435: i already have a terrain generator for heightmaps, allows different types, not your standardard, so you can select islands, canyons, etc.. to be generated, even archipelagos
  609. (1:14:40 PM) calimer: not in SB though
  610. (1:14:41 PM) ZKAT8IT: so i could implement that into the world generation
  611. (1:14:44 PM) calimer: yeah
  612. (1:14:52 PM) calimer: that certainly is interesting
  613. (1:14:52 PM) Jakedude435: that sounds good
  614. (1:15:09 PM) calimer: and also I guess we'd have to decide which to go with or if to have both as an option
  615. (1:15:15 PM) calimer: because some people do like the block like terrain gen
  616. (1:15:24 PM) calimer: and some like the more realistic terrain gen
  617. (1:15:40 PM) ZKAT8IT: well, if we go with a GUI approach to make it more user friendly
  618. (1:15:47 PM) ZKAT8IT: we could have a checkbox upon generation
  619. (1:15:50 PM) ZKAT8IT: for real or box
  620. (1:15:56 PM) calimer: yeah
  621. (1:15:59 PM) Jakedude435: well it is possible to do a blocky world with a height map. so maybe just have a heightmap generator setting for "blocky"?
  622. (1:16:34 PM) calimer: if you wanted your game to automatically generate worlds like minecraft maybe that could be another option/setting too
  623. (1:16:48 PM) calimer: and it could be defined in a script that uses that menu GUI code
  624. (1:17:04 PM) ZKAT8IT: i also wanted to suggest changing the appearance of the menu system, right now its bright and in your face, need something that transitions well into the graphic style of the engine
  625. (1:17:27 PM) calimer: wrote it down :)
  626. (1:17:37 PM) jSoftApps [] entered the room.
  627. (1:17:46 PM) jSoftApps: i'm back
  628. (1:17:49 PM) Jakedude435: down side for heightmaps though is that it doesnt do well for caves and such. but i guess there's always the RPG method and make the caves seperate maps
  629. (1:17:49 PM) calimer: any more ideas?
  630. (1:17:56 PM) Hirato: bright?
  631. (1:18:09 PM) Hirato: the theme has changed a lot in SVN from 2.8
  632. (1:18:25 PM) Justinfieri: We've done a dark gray ui
  633. (1:18:33 PM) ZKAT8IT: Jakedude435: i know that limitation, but we have 2 options to solve that, once the worlds generated you can simply edit it manually
  634. (1:18:40 PM) Justinfieri: just changing the images
  635. (1:18:43 PM) calimer: this is what I have so far
  636. (1:18:46 PM) calimer: better shader support, possibly physics, CSG, improved menus (widgets), racemode, hide and seek, terrain gen (cube and/or heightmap), more professional looking GUI
  637. (1:18:51 PM) ZKAT8IT: the other method is ive been experimenting with multi-leveled heightmaps that interact to allow such things
  638. (1:19:03 PM) calimer: Did I miss anything?
  639. (1:19:26 PM) Jakedude435: that pretty much covers everything thus far
  640. (1:19:42 PM) calimer: plus of course the idea of moving things into one game mode
  641. (1:19:44 PM) calimer: er code base
  642. (1:20:04 PM) ZKAT8IT: merging codebases, merging camera systems
  643. (1:20:32 PM) ZKAT8IT: also need to update the weather system
  644. (1:20:39 PM) Justinfieri left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  645. (1:20:49 PM) jSoftApps: we have a weather system?
  646. (1:20:53 PM) Justinfieri [] entered the room.
  647. (1:20:53 PM) jSoftApps: that's news to me
  648. (1:21:08 PM) calimer: that would largely be improving the particle editor
  649. (1:21:09 PM) clownfish: brb soon
  650. (1:21:23 PM) ZKAT8IT: see calimer, told you no one knew there was a weather system :P
  651. (1:21:26 PM) calimer: so I think  that would really be what that feature entails
  652. (1:22:00 PM) Jakedude435: what about cycling weather and such? (sorry i havn't really played with current weather system)
  653. (1:22:31 PM) calimer: that is a neat idea but will still be under the particle system/editor
  654. (1:22:35 PM) ZKAT8IT: yea, i had plans for rain/snow/etc.. not sure how id do high winds
  655. (1:22:40 PM) jSoftApps: so, when did we get a weather system?
  656. (1:22:48 PM) Justinfieri left the room (quit: ).
  657. (1:22:53 PM) calimer: snow and rain has been possible in SB for a long long time
  658. (1:22:55 PM) Justinfieri [] entered the room.
  659. (1:23:00 PM) jSoftApps: i've been away from sb way too long...
  660. (1:23:13 PM) Jakedude435: well high winds could be like legend of zelda windwaker kinda winds
  661. (1:23:21 PM) calimer: I'm sure it has been in while you've been using SB
  662. (1:23:35 PM) jSoftApps: hmm... maybe i overlooked it'
  663. (1:23:46 PM) calimer: didn't you play the halloween house map?
  664. (1:23:54 PM) ZKAT8IT: yea was thinking that too Jakedude435
  665. (1:23:56 PM) jSoftApps: oh...
  666. (1:23:57 PM) jSoftApps: lol
  667. (1:24:02 PM) calimer: the ashes falling down :)
  668. (1:24:03 PM) jSoftApps: forgot about that lol
  669. (1:24:11 PM) calimer: and forest has the rain
  670. (1:24:12 PM) ***jSoftApps slaps himself
  671. (1:24:37 PM) Justinfieri: I have to go mobile running out of battery thanks for arranging mike - I there a place you can post notes from meeting ?
  672. (1:24:43 PM) Justinfieri: is*
  673. (1:24:57 PM) calimer: I could post it in the forum
  674. (1:25:05 PM) jSoftApps: ok cool
  675. (1:25:07 PM) calimer: and just put it in a pasetbin
  676. (1:25:08 PM) Justinfieri: thanks-
  677. (1:25:12 PM) ZKAT8IT: cya Justinfieri
  678. (1:25:16 PM) calimer: have a good one!
  679. (1:25:45 PM) Justinfieri: Thanks-
  680. (1:25:48 PM) Justinfieri left the room (quit: ).
  681. (1:25:49 PM) calimer: so related to this subject, what are features from other game engines that people are loving and that we'd want added to SB
  682. (1:26:00 PM) jSoftApps: well...
  683. (1:26:07 PM) jSoftApps: and so I begin...
  684. (1:26:09 PM) clownfish: ok I'm back =D long phone call
  685. (1:26:13 PM) jSoftApps: A mesh LoD system
  686. (1:26:38 PM) clownfish: What's the current topic?
  687. (1:26:46 PM) jSoftApps: An easier to use particle editor
  688. (1:26:57 PM) jSoftApps: (kinda like unreal's)
  689. (1:27:23 PM) jSoftApps: and some good image effects (depth of field, .etc)
  690. (1:27:45 PM) clownfish: Many of these features sound great.
  691. (1:28:27 PM) Jakedude435: what about the lighting system, like say if someone wanted to remake slender, how well would a flashlight work?
  692. (1:28:28 PM) jSoftApps: aannddd... something like this
  693. (1:28:55 PM) jSoftApps: ooh! subsurface scattering and tesselation would really be awesome to have
  694. (1:29:19 PM) jSoftApps: anyway, that's pretty much all I can think of ATM
  695. (1:29:19 PM) clownfish: yes nice visual enhancements jSoft
  696. (1:29:37 PM) jSoftApps: as you can see, i'm mr. "ooh! good graphics"
  697. (1:30:09 PM) Jakedude435: well on the topic of good graphics, any news on speed tree?
  698. (1:30:09 PM) ZKAT8IT: jSoftApps: those would be shaders in general which i suggested, what UDK has is a shader editor allowing you to make your own, sb does not do that, it simply uses shaders already made
  699. (1:30:38 PM) jSoftApps: would it be possible to create your own shaders?
  700. (1:30:40 PM) calimer: speed tree was kind of expensive
  701. (1:30:44 PM) jSoftApps: ^ this
  702. (1:30:48 PM) calimer: and it might run into licensing issues
  703. (1:30:51 PM) clownfish: Simple in game coding would be fun. Colobot game allowed players to write simple scripts for bot to follow in game.
  704. (1:30:53 PM) calimer: but definitely worth considering
  705. (1:31:14 PM) ZKAT8IT: jSoftApps: there's plenty of shader editors, i havent looked in to cube script though to see if it allows loading custom shaders or not
  706. (1:31:15 PM) jSoftApps: i have a free alternative to speedtree
  707. (1:31:23 PM) jSoftApps:
  708. (1:32:02 PM) calimer: awesome
  709. (1:32:04 PM) Jakedude435: that is a nice replacement option jSoft Apps
  710. (1:32:12 PM) jSoftApps: well, if we could get cubescript based shaders in SB, that would be amazing
  711. (1:32:15 PM) clownfish: Yes I like the idea of speedtree or the free alternative.
  712. (1:32:46 PM) jSoftApps: you know, the ability to use fbx models would be nice as well
  713. (1:32:55 PM) jSoftApps: i like me my fbx format
  714. (1:33:06 PM) calimer: the idea is too that the kickstarter will hopefully push the steam version along enough so that I can hire Zkat full time
  715. (1:33:19 PM) Jakedude435: maybe have the ability for speed tree to be optionally integrated should the user choose to purchase it?
  716. (1:33:31 PM) calimer: so that things can move far beyond just what is accomplished from the kickstarter
  717. (1:34:08 PM) calimer: I have it written down Jakedude435, definitely going to look more into it
  718. (1:34:42 PM) calimer: any more?
  719. (1:34:47 PM) jSoftApps: i could try to get an indiegogo project running
  720. (1:34:51 PM) calimer: doesn't seem like other enigines have a whole ton over us
  721. (1:34:53 PM) jSoftApps: it's an alternative to kickstarter
  722. (1:34:54 PM) Matthew: Hi
  723. (1:34:56 PM) jSoftApps: omg
  724. (1:34:59 PM) calimer: hey matt welcome to the party
  725. (1:35:01 PM) jSoftApps: it's matthew
  726. (1:35:07 PM) Matthew is now known as Kid_Matthew
  727. (1:35:11 PM) Hirato: kickstarter seems far more popularthan indiegogo :p
  728. (1:35:16 PM) clownfish: welcome Matthew
  729. (1:35:29 PM) ZKAT8IT: kickstarter is more pupolar and known
  730. (1:35:29 PM) Kid_Matthew: err hold on
  731. (1:35:32 PM) ZKAT8IT: popular*
  732. (1:35:42 PM) ***jSoftApps pokes matthew with a stick
  733. (1:35:49 PM) calimer: so any more?
  734. (1:36:03 PM) Matthew is now known as Kid_Matthew
  735. (1:36:06 PM) calimer: this is what I have for ideas from other engines
  736. (1:36:07 PM) calimer: Mesh based LOD, (and shader editor) and image effects (depth of field), speed tree (or free version )
  737. (1:36:26 PM) jSoftApps: sounds like a plan
  738. (1:36:33 PM) calimer: oh yeah possibly .fbx support
  739. (1:36:33 PM) jSoftApps: wait! are you including physics?
  740. (1:36:41 PM) clownfish: Does SB have to physics to allow a sphere to be pushed around or bounce in game? This would be fun.
  741. (1:36:46 PM) calimer: that's already on the list
  742. (1:36:48 PM) jSoftApps: k
  743. (1:36:51 PM) jSoftApps: good
  744. (1:36:55 PM) calimer: this was just from the other engines list
  745. (1:36:56 PM) jSoftApps: sounds good to me cal
  746. (1:37:11 PM) Jakedude435: what about TBS/RTS, or do you think that's already easy enough to do via scripts?
  747. (1:37:15 PM) calimer: I thought keeping the lists seperate for now would be a good idea
  748. (1:37:15 PM) Kid_Matthew: aha there we go
  749. (1:37:47 PM) calimer: this is the full list
  750. (1:37:48 PM) calimer: What features would you like? better shader support, possibly physics, CSG, improved menus (widgets), racemode, hide and seek, terrain gen (cube and/or heightmap), more professional looking GUI, merging everything into one moddable codebase, update weather system (particle editor, like unreals?).
  751. (1:37:48 PM) calimer: Features from other engines - Mesh based LOD, (and shader editor) and image effects (depth of field), speed tree (or free version ), .fbx support
  752. (1:38:07 PM) jSoftApps: sounds good
  753. (1:38:16 PM) jSoftApps: wait... forgot one thing
  754. (1:38:22 PM) Kid_Matthew: do you want us to rank them from top to bottom?
  755. (1:38:23 PM) calimer: camera adjustment of course
  756. (1:38:38 PM) Jakedude435: oh, and the resource store kinda thing like unity does is something else to think about.
  757. (1:38:45 PM) calimer: matt just listing ideas for rightn ow
  758. (1:38:52 PM) jSoftApps: sun shafts would be nice
  759. (1:38:59 PM) jSoftApps: just for a cool graphical effect
  760. (1:39:01 PM) calimer: yeah that's actually one of the next topics Jakedude435 :)
  761. (1:39:05 PM) GoBologna: Wall jumping and double jumps.
  762. (1:39:21 PM) clownfish: Can mods we added to SB now that don't change the core code? For example, a mod that is contained in a .zip file put in a subfolder called 'mods'. In this .zip new code, graphics and sounds could be kept separate from the main game.
  763. (1:39:25 PM) Kid_Matthew: Ok, Script based moving entities, God rays, server sided textures and models,
  764. (1:39:29 PM) ZKAT8IT: oh bilboarding!
  765. (1:39:30 PM) clownfish: Can mods be added..
  766. (1:39:35 PM) jSoftApps: *insert mirror's edge parkour here*
  767. (1:40:03 PM) Gr1m entered the room.
  768. (1:40:04 PM) calimer: what is server sided textures and models?
  769. (1:40:11 PM) jSoftApps: idk lol
  770. (1:40:11 PM) Kid_Matthew: Gr1m Gasp!!!
  771. (1:40:14 PM) jSoftApps: OMG
  772. (1:40:19 PM) Gr1m: :)
  773. (1:40:22 PM) Gr1m: Long time no see guys.
  774. (1:40:24 PM) ***jSoftApps A wild Gr1m has appeared!
  775. (1:40:37 PM) Kid_Matthew: And i mean like a map downloader like umm urban terror, where it sends the texture of the map to you if your on a custom map
  776. (1:40:42 PM) Kid_Matthew: and models
  777. (1:40:44 PM) clownfish: welcome Gr1m
  778. (1:40:46 PM) jSoftApps: hmm
  779. (1:40:50 PM) calimer: oh gotcha
  780. (1:40:54 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah :))
  781. (1:41:01 PM) ***ZKAT8IT watches as Gr1m is eaten by a Grue
  782. (1:41:06 PM) clownfish: Yes Matthew I like that feature.
  783. (1:41:06 PM) calimer: basically client syncing for coop edit
  784. (1:41:13 PM) Gr1m: *Screams in terror.
  785. (1:41:13 PM) clownfish: yes calimer
  786. (1:41:16 PM) Kid_Matthew: yes exactly, i would love that
  787. (1:41:23 PM) clownfish: client syncing
  788. Gr1m graphitemaster
  789. (1:41:38 PM) calimer: and welcome Gr1m :)
  790. (1:41:41 PM) ZKAT8IT: isnt that already in sb though?
  791. (1:41:46 PM) jSoftApps: has anyone seen Arcones lately?
  792. (1:41:47 PM) calimer: the maps are
  793. (1:41:50 PM) ZKAT8IT: where a client connects to a server and it downloads the map
  794. (1:41:52 PM) calimer: the textures and models don't transfer
  795. (1:41:53 PM) Gr1m: Thanks :)
  796. (1:42:00 PM) ZKAT8IT: oh ok
  797. (1:42:01 PM) calimer: it's done through getmap and sendmap
  798. (1:42:11 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah, but im talking about expanding that
  799. (1:42:45 PM) calimer: double jump should be a simple script edit
  800. (1:42:48 PM) ZKAT8IT: yea, that'll definitely need to be expanded if people plan to make games with it
  801. (1:42:53 PM) Kid_Matthew: In game chat possibly? like voice
  802. (1:43:18 PM) ZKAT8IT: ive yet to see a game where in game voice was a bonus
  803. (1:43:18 PM) calimer: one problem though is it'd make pirating content packs super easy
  804. (1:43:26 PM) calimer: yeah I agree ZKAT8IT
  805. (1:43:44 PM) calimer: because I like the Unity store idea
  806. (1:43:52 PM) jSoftApps: if you really want a good feature list, look here:
  807. (1:43:56 PM) jSoftApps: dem features
  808. (1:44:03 PM) Jakedude435: not a bad idea, but from previous experience in games that support voice, people use team speak, raidcall and skype instead
  809. (1:44:17 PM) calimer: but let's say Matt makes a cool model pack and I buy it, if I then have zkat join my map and I used matt's models, zkat would be getting all of matts models too
  810. (1:44:25 PM) calimer: yeah or mumble which is free
  811. (1:44:37 PM) Kid_Matthew: Have it send a license file to for maps and content
  812. (1:44:40 PM) calimer: and which SB already has some integration for
  813. (1:44:50 PM) Gr1m: The main topic here is future integrations with Sandbox, correct?
  814. (1:44:55 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeppers
  815. (1:44:58 PM) ZKAT8IT: jSoftApps: source engine is BSP, sb is Octree, you can't just toss features from one in to the other easily
  816. (1:45:04 PM) clownfish: yes Jake I agree, but maybe SB could interface with Team speak ... or launch it.
  817. (1:45:22 PM) jSoftApps: hmm never thought of that
  818. (1:45:24 PM) Jakedude435: now theres an idea.
  819. (1:45:50 PM) ZKAT8IT: teamspeak just got an addon called overwolf, id say talk to them about integration
  820. (1:45:53 PM) calimer: Deving for SB is much faster than for source too
  821. (1:45:54 PM) Jakedude435: probably interface though, dont need it trying to launch its own instance of it if it's already running
  822. (1:46:05 PM) clownfish: how has garry's mod handled content packs? Do you pay for any of them or they all free?
  823. (1:46:05 PM) jSoftApps: what we really need is some in depth documentation. if you guys want I can start on that
  824. (1:46:26 PM) ZKAT8IT: oh!
  825. (1:46:28 PM) Kid_Matthew: advanced entities, such as after blah time it changes to something else, ex model changes or light changes, or moves, triggers also
  826. (1:46:36 PM) calimer: there will definitely be a need for tutorial writers and video creators
  827. (1:46:46 PM) ZKAT8IT: great idea, overwolf which is an addon to teamspeak supports widgets
  828. (1:47:09 PM) ZKAT8IT: we could maybe make an overwolf widget to control SB objects for editing and such through an api if we made one or something
  829. (1:47:17 PM) jSoftApps: oh
  830. (1:47:19 PM) ZKAT8IT: or just use the in game menu system
  831. (1:47:20 PM) jSoftApps: that would be cool
  832. (1:47:24 PM) clownfish: I like that ZKAT
  833. (1:47:31 PM) Gr1m: Is it really hard to integrate VOIP into Sandbox?
  834. (1:47:34 PM) Kid_Matthew: Multiple grass heights, liek we have multiple water types, do the same with grass
  835. (1:47:40 PM) jSoftApps: calimer, I volunteer to be a tutorial writer
  836. Gr1m graphitemaster
  837. (1:47:44 PM) calimer: it isn't hard just not really worth it Gr1m
  838. Jakedude435 jSoftApps
  839. (1:47:57 PM) calimer: okay cool jSoftApps
  840. (1:48:02 PM) Kid_Matthew: like
  841. (1:48:32 PM) Jakedude435: i would volunteer for making videos
  842. (1:48:42 PM) clownfish: add a water turret or slime ball launcher =P
  843. (1:48:43 PM) calimer: I gotcha Kid_Matthew :) zkat and I were just talking about that the other day
  844. (1:48:45 PM) Jakedude435: at least the recording useage/gameplay part
  845. (1:49:07 PM) calimer: oh yeah improve SB's in game movie making/recording abilities
  846. (1:49:07 PM) ZKAT8IT: its not grass! its a wheat field!
  847. (1:49:11 PM) calimer: the recording especially
  848. (1:49:27 PM) calimer: even if it is just the menu UI
  849. (1:49:35 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah :)) also what about script editible geometry, ex wall falls down and stuff along those lines
  850. (1:49:48 PM) calimer: that would be a model
  851. (1:49:52 PM) ZKAT8IT: could maybe have a waypoint system for the camera and have it track along them as it records for smooth movement
  852. (1:50:20 PM) jSoftApps: i can do live streaming for you guys if you want calimer
  853. (1:50:23 PM) calimer: yeah and similar to the train entities we were talking about
  854. (1:50:29 PM) jSoftApps: like, with tutorials and announcements
  855. (1:50:59 PM) Jakedude435: yeah. thats a good idea for in-game recording. and maybe have it write to mp4? so it can ease off system resources wile making better quality and taking less space by CUDA taking over?
  856. (1:51:21 PM) jSoftApps: one problem with cude, not everyone has a NVIDIA card
  857. (1:51:24 PM) jSoftApps: *cuda
  858. (1:51:24 PM) calimer: you can already record video in game, I just don't think we have the menu interface for it right now
  859. (1:51:34 PM) calimer: it was in the old menu system
  860. (1:51:47 PM) jSoftApps: i liked the old menu system
  861. (1:51:53 PM) jSoftApps: the new one is confusing lol
  862. (1:52:00 PM) Kid_Matthew: here we go ^^ and I agree,
  863. (1:52:17 PM) calimer: improved menus is on the list :)
  864. (1:52:20 PM) jSoftApps: ugh. i hate being sick -_-
  865. (1:52:27 PM) Jakedude435: true jSoft,, but it should still work without nvidia, just not quite as well.
  866. (1:52:31 PM) calimer: one great thing about the new menus though is the possibility for widgets
  867. (1:52:33 PM) Hirato: ZKAT8IT: just how sohuld it be improved
  868. (1:52:37 PM) Kid_Matthew: Sectional radius moving fog,
  869. (1:52:44 PM) Hirato: er.. no ZKAT8IT tag meant there, whoops
  870. (1:52:51 PM) jSoftApps: lol
  871. (1:52:53 PM) clownfish: how about a simple airplane or helicopter?
  872. (1:52:54 PM) Hirato: just how should the menus be improved?
  873. (1:53:01 PM) Gr1m: I don't know if this has already been done but having a better model/texture/map management would be cool.
  874. (1:53:20 PM) jSoftApps: maybe a little bit of documentation on the menus would be nice
  875. (1:53:27 PM) Jakedude435: as far as the new menus, the majority of the old menu is using it through hotkeys, wouldn't hotkeys still be implemented in the new one?
  876. (1:53:31 PM) Hirato: s/on the menus// :D
  877. (1:53:34 PM) jSoftApps: not all of us want to look through the code to figure stuff out
  878. (1:53:47 PM) Hirato: the old menu didn't have any extra hotkeys
  879. (1:54:16 PM) Jakedude435: well i mean like ctrl+g for instance
  880. (1:54:17 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah gr1m have like the ability to organize you texture in a different order on a menu andn not have it affect the menu, say a section for terrain/dirt and then tile, walls, bricks, roofs, i think that would be a good idea
  881. (1:54:27 PM) Kid_Matthew: And a octrabrush menu,
  882. (1:54:48 PM) ***Hirato doesn't even remember what ctrl-G does, assumnig ti does anything
  883. (1:55:00 PM) Gr1m: And a better way to put your own material in. Basiclly just drag and drop.
  884. (1:55:07 PM) Jakedude435: i dont think it was used, idk. just an example though
  885. (1:55:23 PM) Hirato:
  886. (1:55:24 PM) Hirato: :|
  887. (1:55:42 PM) clownfish: (Feature) Improved multiplayer server list (internet and LAN) (auto find all available LAN servers)
  888. (1:55:54 PM) Kid_Matthew: slidering are super sensitive in the new menu btw....
  889. (1:56:10 PM) Gr1m: brb
  890. (1:56:20 PM) Hirato: they're not that much more sensitive than my desktop ones
  891. (1:57:06 PM) clownfish: Gr1m that would be nice "texture drag and drop"
  892. (1:57:13 PM) Jakedude435: i see your point hirato. but wouldnt that easily be covered in a widget? rather then a dedicated clustered menu for everything?
  893. (1:57:31 PM) ***Hirato shrugs
  894. (1:57:42 PM) Hirato: the onscreen widgets are a recent development anywya
  895. (1:57:43 PM) Kid_Matthew: A in game co-op menu, that lists all the players, with abilities for them.such as disable there ability to edit or make them be frozen and a follow button, i have a script for the following btwe, maybe even view their point of view
  896. (1:58:40 PM) Kid_Matthew: improved ai,
  897. (1:58:46 PM) clownfish: Matthew great idea.
  898. (1:59:02 PM) Kid_Matthew: Thanks,
  899. (1:59:05 PM) clownfish: I like the players 'point of view' This could be helpful for OPs.
  900. (1:59:26 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah, :)) i have a script that i use for that, but its only for 3rd person
  901. (1:59:32 PM) jSoftApps: well, let's all plan not to do this please:
  902. (1:59:33 PM) clownfish: ok
  903. (1:59:42 PM) calimer: I like the idea of permissions for a server
  904. (1:59:48 PM) calimer: for the follow we already have a teleport
  905. (1:59:57 PM) calimer: but maybe that needs to be made more obvious
  906. (1:59:58 PM) jSoftApps: just read that article and laugh
  907. (2:00:00 PM) calimer: the goto command
  908. (2:00:40 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah, I use that alot
  909. (2:01:08 PM) ***Hirato looks and yawns
  910. (2:01:11 PM) Jakedude435: lol to the ghosts link.
  911. (2:01:15 PM) clownfish: calimer after the goto command is there a command to return to your last spot?
  912. (2:01:28 PM) calimer: no
  913. (2:01:36 PM) calimer: maybe we could make it so you could set a "home"
  914. (2:01:38 PM) clownfish: That would be nice to add. /back
  915. (2:01:39 PM) Hirato: this is nothing compared to bioware's employees in drag
  916. (2:01:46 PM) Kid_Matthew: ehat about the ability to specify where a person can edit it a map, set bounderies, like one person can edit in the left side of the map only and the other person can edit to the right only
  917. (2:02:02 PM) Kid_Matthew: what oops lol
  918. (2:02:16 PM) clownfish: If I were helping 4 kids in SB .. and I was doing my own build. Then 1 kid needs help, I use goto, and then I want to go back to my build.
  919. (2:02:38 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah i do that alot
  920. (2:02:48 PM) Kid_Matthew: that would really be useful
  921. (2:02:58 PM) calimer: I'm writing all this down :)
  922. (2:03:05 PM) Kid_Matthew: ok sweet, :))
  923. (2:03:28 PM) calimer: and I'm not saying more or moving on so you can all continue this stream of ideas
  924. (2:03:37 PM) clownfish: yes, and boundaries can be nice too. The need for them depends on the group of people working together.
  925. (2:03:47 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah, :))
  926. (2:04:08 PM) Kid_Matthew: force sendmap,
  927. (2:04:15 PM) Kid_Matthew: force getmap i mean
  928. (2:04:45 PM) calimer: yeah maybe on connect
  929. (2:04:57 PM) Kid_Matthew: yeah that would be perfect
  930. (2:05:00 PM) Jakedude435: okay another thing i thought of, what about exporting the games made with SB to a platform, like windows/linux/android? where SB isn't needed to play?
  931. (2:05:16 PM) clownfish: Jake good idea
  932. (2:05:35 PM) clownfish: This is important when people view this as a tool to make a game and take it home with them.
  933. (2:05:41 PM) calimer: well SB is the engine so it'd be needed to play
  934. (2:05:45 PM) calimer: and I have seen it on PSP
  935. (2:05:51 PM) calimer: so I'm sure it could work on other things
  936. (2:05:58 PM) Kid_Matthew: making everying not possible in co-op, possible in co-op such as heightmap, vslot commands,
  937. (2:06:32 PM) clownfish: Yes, but it would be a nice feature if SB could repackage itself into a finished external package with authors new game name and .exe
  938. (2:06:55 PM) clownfish: This is what players would share with friends and family.
  939. (2:07:04 PM) Jakedude435: on PSP? wow, you sure it wasint thorough pspdisp or something? that thing is only 333mhz and 60mb RAM
  940. (2:07:08 PM) life2live [] entered the room.
  941. (2:07:20 PM) Hirato: yeah well, it looked pretty terrible
  942. (2:07:33 PM) calimer: welcome life2live
  943. (2:07:43 PM) Hirato: was also very buggy graphically
  944. (2:07:46 PM) calimer: right now we are discussing what features we'd potentially like in SB
  945. (2:08:13 PM) clownfish: (feature) maybe SB could export to DVD or usb drive, once author modified SB to their liking.
  946. (2:08:14 PM) Jakedude435: but I agree with clownfish on " it would be a nice feature if SB could repackage itself into a finished external package with authors new game name and .exe "
  947. (2:08:17 PM) calimer: wrote it down clownfish
  948. (2:08:32 PM) clownfish: kk
  949. (2:09:04 PM) clownfish: It could be a button on main menu, "export or share with friends"
  950. (2:09:05 PM) Kid_Matthew: Ability to lean around corners and crouch and lay down? Possible add a rumbling trigger when said thing is activated your screen will move and jiggle around like something fell down
  951. (2:09:27 PM) calimer: I actually think you can already do something similar where you can have all the content in a zip
  952. (2:09:41 PM) calimer: and then the exe would be seperate
  953. (2:09:45 PM) calimer: so it would be two files instead of one
  954. (2:09:46 PM) clownfish: ok that is nice
  955. (2:09:57 PM) calimer: but that's still pretty good
  956. (2:10:17 PM) calimer: I don't really understand why people want that feature to be honest
  957. (2:10:30 PM) calimer: because it's pretty easy to just zip everything up and pass around a self extracting archive
  958. (2:10:53 PM) Jakedude435: well what if you wanted to sell your game for instance?
  959. (2:11:11 PM) calimer: what games do you know that are just a single exe you click?
  960. (2:11:16 PM) calimer: all of them have their content folders
  961. (2:11:24 PM) Jakedude435: everything ever made with game maker
  962. (2:11:32 PM) calimer: exactly
  963. (2:12:09 PM) calimer:  what are you worrieda bout though?
  964. (2:12:11 PM) Jakedude435: but its less about single exe and more about not needing SB installed as a dependency
  965. (2:12:15 PM) calimer: someone stealing your content?
  966. (2:12:21 PM) calimer: yeah but SB is the engine
  967. (2:12:24 PM) ZKAT8IT: calimer: kkrieger
  968. (2:12:36 PM) Hirato: lol, kkrieger doesn't count
  969. (2:12:38 PM) calimer: so how would you skip needing SB
  970. (2:12:43 PM) clownfish: calimer I was thinking of younger kids who may modify a map and adjust simple settings....  They could use a usb flash drive and export their creation to share with friends. Not all 9yr olds know .zip and self extracting exes, but I would be good for them to graduate to.
  971. (2:12:54 PM) calimer: that's like trying to skip the gamemaker engine for a game maker game
  972. (2:13:00 PM) Hirato: kkrieger generates all tis contnet at runtime, so it's hardly a fair comparison
  973. (2:13:14 PM) Jakedude435: yeah but even in game maker you can export to an exe and run without game maker installed
  974. (2:13:28 PM) calimer: yeah but it is still using the gamemaker engine
  975. (2:13:31 PM) ZKAT8IT: lol i know Hirato
  976. (2:13:36 PM) Jakedude435: it keeps the engine in part of the exe, but you boot up the exe the player sees pure game
  977. (2:13:39 PM) calimer: so it is bascially still like having gamemaker installed
  978. (2:13:54 PM) calimer: so I think you are asking for something different than what you are meaning
  979. (2:14:03 PM) Jakedude435: i think so....
  980. (2:14:03 PM) calimer: er saying
  981. (2:14:38 PM) calimer: what I'm gathering is that you want to be able to easily have your game setup so that it can't be messed around with a game editor
  982. (2:14:38 PM) jSoftApps: srry if I don;t respond guys. playing dota
  983. (2:14:46 PM) Kid_Matthew: derp^^
  984. (2:14:50 PM) calimer: er as a game editor
  985. (2:15:01 PM) calimer: it is just a game people play and can't use the editing tools in
  986. (2:15:05 PM) clownfish: I will be semi afk, must call a neighbor for a bit, but I'll watch chat. Can we get a copy of this chat later?
  987. (2:15:42 PM) Jakedude435: pretty much, that and so you just boot it and it goes staight to the game, skipping over the step of having to select the game through the SB UI
  988. (2:16:08 PM) calimer: that is actually really easy, you can do that with a launch command
  989. (2:16:17 PM) calimer: but I understand what you are saying more now
  990. (2:16:42 PM) Stefos [] entered the room.
  991. (2:16:52 PM) Jakedude435: sorry i wasn't more clear on that from the start
  992. (2:17:00 PM) Hirato: We really sohuldn't do that stuff for you
  993. (2:17:05 PM) calimer: welcome Stefos
  994. (2:17:10 PM) Kid_Matthew: Hi Stefos
  995. (2:17:24 PM) calimer: Hirato: if nothing else we could make directions on how to do that easily
  996. (2:17:29 PM) Stefos: Just finished work ...hi all !
  997. (2:17:29 PM) jSoftApps: hi Stefos. don't think we've met before
  998. (2:17:35 PM) calimer: like remove edit mode and set up the launcher
  999. (2:17:47 PM) Jakedude435: directions on how to do it yourself is well enough
  1000. (2:17:56 PM) calimer: yeah and make it easy to do so
  1001. (2:17:59 PM) Hirato: calimer: it's easy; distribute for people with sandbox? zip your stuff! everyone else? ZIP ALL THE THINGS!
  1002. (2:18:03 PM) calimer: I think the removing edit mode is the big thing
  1003. (2:18:15 PM) calimer: that people want
  1004. (2:18:17 PM) Stefos: no, but I was watching your video on model importing to sandbox jSoftApps
  1005. (2:18:22 PM) Hirato: not to mention it needs menu modifications and stuff if they want to have a main menu and all osrts of other changes w ecna't predict
  1006. (2:18:58 PM) clownfish: yes calimer I like those ideas.
  1007. (2:19:09 PM) Jakedude435: well this is all just brainstorming for ideas of ways to improve it. natrually not every single idea is gonna be included
  1008. (2:19:12 PM) calimer: and yeah Hirato you don't need to argue with me about that with how easy it is to zip up stuff haha
  1009. (2:19:20 PM) clownfish: a distributed game should have 'edit mode' and a quick launcher.
  1010. (2:19:21 PM) calimer: it takes like 5 seconds to do a self extracting archive
  1011. (2:19:27 PM) calimer: not counting the zip up time :)
  1012. (2:19:30 PM) clownfish: 'edit mode' rmoved I mean
  1013. (2:19:34 PM) clownfish: removed
  1014. (2:19:50 PM) calimer: yeah I'm writing it down
  1015. (2:20:08 PM) calimer: so I think we have a lot of good ideas on features
  1016. (2:20:13 PM) clownfish: it is easy, but even better make it a menu option for kiddoS =D
  1017. (2:20:26 PM) jSoftApps: xD
  1018. (2:20:34 PM) calimer: I want to at least get the rest of the things on my list mentioned
  1019. (2:20:49 PM) clownfish: ok yes.
  1020. (2:20:56 PM) calimer: one thing for sure is that  we are going to need marketing help
  1021. (2:21:06 PM) clownfish: Well I don't want to go, but a neighbor needs my help for an hour.
  1022. (2:21:06 PM) calimer: maybe I should even make a facebook group of all of this
  1023. (2:21:19 PM) calimer: clownfish:  I'm going to post the transcript anyway
  1024. (2:21:25 PM) ZKAT8IT: should remove the .bat file and make a proper shortcut to run sb
  1025. (2:21:35 PM) clownfish: Yes I agree! OK good I'll look for the transcript.
  1026. (2:21:37 PM) Stefos: I am not sure what you are all on about....but D. game should not have edit mode
  1027. (2:21:40 PM) Hirato: the bat passes arguments to the executable, so...
  1028. (2:21:53 PM) Hirato: I suppose a .lnk cna do that too
  1029. (2:22:05 PM) ZKAT8IT: you can pass arguments via shortcut also
  1030. (2:22:07 PM) clownfish: Yes marketing is a must. I'd love to help where I can. Locally and globally...
  1031. (2:22:20 PM) Hirato: I can't set that stuff up in Linux though
  1032. (2:22:37 PM) ZKAT8IT: well you wouldnt use a bat file in linux either
  1033. (2:22:39 PM) calimer: okay some things I want to make happen and will probably need people for are I would like to have more contents
  1034. (2:22:41 PM) calimer: contests
  1035. (2:22:44 PM) calimer: map, and model
  1036. (2:22:49 PM) Hirato: ZKAT8IT: no kidding...
  1037. (2:22:52 PM) clownfish: ok well gtg. Have a nice day everyone! Cya next meet or later =D
  1038. (2:22:55 PM) calimer: and maybe some with cash prizes
  1039. (2:23:00 PM) ZKAT8IT: cya clownfish
  1040. (2:23:09 PM) Kid_Matthew: Bye clownfish,
  1041. (2:23:09 PM) Hirato: we use a shell script
  1042. (2:23:11 PM) calimer: also I want to work on a social site so that people can share their content
  1043. (2:23:13 PM) calimer: and communicate more
  1044. (2:23:30 PM) calimer: and also perhaps a competitive league for the FPS
  1045. (2:23:31 PM) Hirato: ZKAT8IT:
  1046. (2:23:43 PM) clownfish: cya ZKAT8IT and Matthew
  1047. (2:23:57 PM) Jakedude435: what about tumblr?
  1048. (2:24:05 PM) calimer: I also want to update the webpage and ideas are welcome with that but I really want to link the screenshots that people post to the front page
  1049. (2:24:15 PM) calimer: I don't know much about tumblr
  1050. (2:24:15 PM) Kid_Matthew: In game linked irc chat? alot of servers in sauer have that
  1051. (2:24:29 PM) Gr1m: When is SB going to be on Steam?
  1052. (2:24:29 PM) Kid_Matthew: and i like the idea for a better way to socialize
  1053. (2:24:32 PM) Hirato: I'd rather nuke tumblr, get a restraining order against the site, and keep a safe 50KM away from it
  1054. (2:24:34 PM) clownfish: (one last idea.. in game, player holds a certain perspective and pushes a screenshot key. This in turn gives player option to post the screen shot to some form of social media or SB only kid friendly social site.
  1055. (2:24:34 PM) calimer: that's interesting, so people could talk to us while they are mapping?
  1056. (2:24:36 PM) Jakedude435: i've seen people share content for games through that place. but its essentially just a more complex and feature filled facebook
  1057. (2:24:55 PM) Kid_Matthew: yes calimer, :))
  1058. (2:24:57 PM) Kid_Matthew: exacly
  1059. (2:25:02 PM) calimer: interesting idea clownfish, like in steam
  1060. (2:25:07 PM) clownfish: yea =D
  1061. (2:25:10 PM) calimer: or since it would be on steam anyway I guess they could just use that
  1062. (2:25:20 PM) Hirato: calimer: all you need to know about tumblr is that it's full of crazy people
  1063. (2:25:21 PM) clownfish: yes that's true.
  1064. (2:25:22 PM) Gr1m: When SB gets on steam I believe so many people will join in.
  1065. (2:25:37 PM) calimer: crazier than us?
  1066. (2:25:37 PM) Hirato: it's long past time I went to bed...
  1067. (2:25:39 PM) clownfish: ok ~splash~ (afk)
  1068. (2:25:42 PM) Jakedude435: doesnt the steam built-in screnshot option already support FB and twitter?
  1069. (2:25:45 PM) calimer: one thing I will really need to help with is marketing
  1070. (2:25:45 PM) clownfish left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  1071. (2:25:56 PM) calimer: spreading the word and finding sites to spread the word to
  1072. (2:26:21 PM) Hirato: I remember the last time I played a game via steam...
  1073. (2:26:42 PM) Hirato: I hit the screenshot key, the PC beeps to let me know that the handlier I installed for print screen took a screenshot
  1074. (2:26:52 PM) Hirato: then a steam notification pops up, it took a screenshot
  1075. (2:27:05 PM) Hirato: the nthe game froze for a second, and a notification popped up that it also took a screenshot
  1076. (2:27:40 PM) Hirato: so much redundancy, haha
  1077. (2:27:52 PM) calimer: hmm interesting
  1078. (2:28:07 PM) calimer: sometimes it is just kinda sluggish for me with how long it takes to notify
  1079. (2:28:25 PM) Hirato: bed time
  1080. (2:28:27 PM) Jakedude435: well greenlight for sure in marketing. perhaps you could see about getting an article in maximum PC or game informer? youtube is usually a good place if you generalize the tag to game design and whatnot
  1081. (2:29:09 PM) Jakedude435: maybe find some game design communities on facebook and share it there
  1082. (2:29:18 PM) Gr1m: You know what you should do is do a Twitch stream. That's a good way to spread the word.
  1083. (2:29:19 PM) calimer: we are actually working on an engine video but ideas for it would be great for discussion too
  1084. (2:29:53 PM) calimer: right now the idea was mainly an eyecandy scene where a bunch of the features are listed off
  1085. (2:29:57 PM) jSoftApps: i can twitch stream for you guys
  1086. (2:30:03 PM) calimer: and maybe a scene where you show how easy it is to edit
  1087. (2:30:05 PM) jSoftApps: my computer is more than powerful enough
  1088. (2:30:17 PM) Jakedude435: Twitch is a decent idea.
  1089. (2:30:17 PM) Gr1m: Twitch is a perfect way.
  1090. (2:30:32 PM) jSoftApps: want me to make a twitch account for sandbox?
  1091. (2:30:39 PM) calimer: I have to look into it first
  1092. (2:30:45 PM) Stefos: You need to show the [power of the new engine...and what it can do different from tyhe Old Sandbox
  1093. (2:30:45 PM) calimer: but I wrote it down :)
  1094. (2:30:46 PM) jSoftApps: i have all the software we need for streaming
  1095. (2:31:12 PM) calimer: also at some point we should make an assets list
  1096. (2:31:13 PM) Gr1m: Twitch is becoming really popular and streaming games is becoming a source of income.
  1097. (2:31:14 PM) jSoftApps: like maybe cal and I could do a live engine commentary or something
  1098. (2:31:29 PM) calimer: we should have zkat in there too
  1099. (2:31:34 PM) calimer: talking about the cool things he's doing to the engine
  1100. (2:31:38 PM) Jakedude435: Ustream will be rather popular too, what with PS4 having it built-in
  1101. (2:31:52 PM) Kid_Matthew: Game mode idea: start a game, with a random map generated, has monsters and animals and you get to kill them and stuff to survive, find random shelter and stuff, after so much coin is found or monsters are killed you get to hyave a limited time to edit or something,
  1102. (2:31:58 PM) jSoftApps: yeah
  1103. (2:32:03 PM) Kid_Matthew: maybe not the last part, but the first part yeah :))
  1104. (2:32:07 PM) jSoftApps: i agree with you calimer
  1105. (2:32:33 PM) Kid_Matthew: And twitch would be great!! :)) alot of views avaliable
  1106. (2:32:38 PM) jSoftApps: yup
  1107. (2:32:52 PM) calimer: I think I'd have to set up the twitch account itself
  1108. (2:33:03 PM) Gr1m: Calimer it's really easy to set up.
  1109. (2:33:06 PM) jSoftApps: yeah
  1110. (2:33:25 PM) Gr1m: Just make sure you have a decent upload speed.
  1111. (2:33:29 PM) jSoftApps: calimer:
  1112. (2:33:45 PM) jSoftApps: i can tell you how to setup streaming ofter we get the account made
  1113. (2:33:56 PM) Kid_Matthew: Basic character model, with stuff to make you stand apart, hats or cloths n stuff
  1114. (2:34:03 PM) GoBologna: I'm sorry.  I missed a big chunk of the conversation.  Could someone bring me up to speed as to what's going on?
  1115. (2:34:09 PM) calimer: I think I'd have to set it up myself to link it to my company I mean
  1116. (2:34:13 PM) calimer: sorry didn't finish the thought
  1117. (2:34:22 PM) jSoftApps: what do you mean by that?
  1118. (2:34:31 PM) Jakedude435: main topic currently is marketing for SB
  1119. (2:34:35 PM) GoBologna: Ok
  1120. (2:36:09 PM) Gr1m: Minecraft on average get's 12k viewers.
  1121. (2:36:18 PM) Gr1m: On Twitch
  1122. (2:36:25 PM) Kid_Matthew: crazy lol
  1123. (2:36:34 PM) Jakedude435: minecraft is also well known and specifically searched for
  1124. (2:36:35 PM) Gr1m: League of Legends get's 100k lol
  1125. (2:36:37 PM) Hirato left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
  1126. (2:36:58 PM) Kid_Matthew: wow!!1
  1127. (2:37:00 PM) Jakedude435: i think the point is advertizing to people who dont know SB
  1128. (2:37:12 PM) jSoftApps: calimer: what do you mean by "link it to the company"
  1129. (2:37:15 PM) Gr1m: Yeah. Just saying a lot of people on here.
  1130. (2:37:40 PM) Jakedude435: i see your point.
  1131. (2:37:47 PM) calimer: twitch runs by ads
  1132. (2:38:07 PM) calimer: and so all that crap has to be linked to my business account stuff
  1133. (2:39:13 PM) Jakedude435: what about things like stumbleupon?
  1134. (2:40:22 PM) jSoftApps: hm... i never set up ads on my account lol
  1135. (2:40:27 PM) calimer: oh
  1136. (2:40:31 PM) calimer: well that's why I have to look into it
  1137. (2:40:32 PM) calimer: haha
  1138. (2:41:22 PM) Kid_Matthew: lol, =]
  1139. (2:41:25 PM) calimer: I'd also love to have some people to help me look over the kickstarter
  1140. (2:41:30 PM) Stefos: SandBox Professional and SandBox Indie ?
  1141. (2:41:40 PM) Gr1m: Wish I could stay longer. But it was nice talking to you guys. I have to go to class.
  1142. (2:41:40 PM) calimer: to make sure the rewards look good, the layout looks good, etc
  1143. (2:41:48 PM) calimer: especially vs other successful kickstarters
  1144. (2:41:54 PM) calimer: take care Gr1m!
  1145. (2:41:59 PM) Kid_Matthew: See you around Gr1m, best of wishes, be careful
  1146. (2:41:59 PM) Gr1m: Bye guys.
  1147. (2:42:05 PM) Gr1m: Thanks :)
  1148. (2:42:07 PM) Gr1m: You too.
  1149. (2:42:09 PM) calimer: also it would be a good idea to get a nice list of basic assets people would like
  1150. (2:42:11 PM) Gr1m left the room.
  1151. (2:42:13 PM) Jakedude435: i could help with that, i've seen a few other kickstarter programs that went well
  1152. (2:42:15 PM) calimer: specifically models and textures
  1153. (2:42:33 PM) calimer: Jakedude435: are you on FB by any chance?
  1154. (2:42:46 PM) Jakedude435: yes. you want a link to my page?
  1155. (2:43:03 PM) calimer: I'm thinking maybe we could set up a FB group for all of this unless there is a better place
  1156. (2:43:11 PM) calimer: for the "committee" haha
  1157. (2:43:22 PM) calimer: or maybe there is a better term for it
  1158. (2:43:30 PM) calimer: SB organizational group haha
  1159. (2:43:40 PM) calimer: SB community leaders? whatever
  1160. (2:43:47 PM) Kid_Matthew: Realistic vehicles would be cool, like a view of the cockpit, and its in fps not a seperate gamemode, so you can get in and out as you need,
  1161. (2:43:51 PM) Jakedude435: an FB group is probably the easiest. plus with their Tinychat app it will simplify confrences outside IRC
  1162. (2:44:22 PM) calimer: also a nice list of extended FB goals is something I need to do
  1163. (2:45:06 PM) Jakedude435: if you want my fb profile for later refrence
  1164. (2:45:29 PM) calimer: I sent you a request
  1165. (2:45:48 PM) Jakedude435: accepted
  1166. (2:46:10 PM) calimer: awesome
  1167. (2:46:25 PM) calimer: I think everyone has expended most of their energy
  1168. (2:46:25 PM) ZKAT8IT: Kid_Matthew: thats all classified in the merging of camera views
  1169. (2:46:31 PM) calimer: haha
  1170. (2:46:37 PM) Jakedude435: lol
  1171. (2:46:45 PM) ZKAT8IT: im here, just reading
  1172. (2:46:48 PM) ZKAT8IT: and eating my food
  1173. (2:46:52 PM) Kid_Matthew: ok sweet, :))
  1174. (2:46:57 PM) calimer: yeah I need to make some I'm starving
  1175. (2:47:03 PM) Jakedude435: same
  1176. (2:47:14 PM) Kid_Matthew: me too
  1177. (2:47:23 PM) ZKAT8IT: didnt want to intterupt some of the good ideas that werent mine :P
  1178. (2:47:30 PM) calimer: so I think for topics of the meeting I'm finished for now but I'll be around for discussing whatever
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