Nina Polyphema

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  1. >Be NEET in the dead center of MGC
  2. >The only girls coming after you are Alp-level stinkepedes
  3. >Hear a girlish 'Kyaa!' one day
  4. >Wait, what the fuck? 'Kyaa!'?
  5. >Go outside, it's a Cyclops you've never seen before struggling to maintain her balance, rising up with a mountain of groceries
  6. >Something drives your lazy bumpkin ass forward and help her
  7. >She huffs out her thanks, pausing when she gets a good look at you
  8. >You look like a bum, safe to say
  9. >Help her to the door, she tells you to leave some bags at the doorstep while she gets you something
  10. >Almost expect her to pay you, she comes back
  11. >'Bow down and hold your hands out!'
  12. >Bow down and close your eyes, oh man you can feel the dosh coming
  13. >Instead, you can feel her hand ruffling your head, giving off a girlish giggle
  14. >'Thanks today! Hope to see you soon!'
  15. >You can't tell if it's the inflection in her voice or the way she's petting you, but you can feel a crack in your mask of hating people
  17. >You see her often, more times than not ogling at her brickhouse thighs, you've managed to snag a minimum wage job and access to a public bath
  18. >She apologized profusely when she realized you weren't a hobo, but you strangely were okay with it
  19. >She starts referring to you as her little helper, always trying to help her with the groceries
  20. >Part of you deep down is only doing this to get in her pants, you know this, but on one side it's nice every once in a while
  21. >To get some head pats
  23. >Spend more time to get to know her
  24. >She tells you she chose the name 'Nina Polyphema', because it was cute sounding and she's descended from Polyphemus himself
  25. >She wastes no time flexing her strongfat muscles, showing off her proud heritage
  26. >Gets frumpy when you smirk at her, telling her your name is 'Nobody'
  27. >'But that's not fair!'
  28. >Why not? You ask her, it's not fair that you'd like to shove your long, hard... into her?
  29. >Awkward silence, you're trying to chug down your beer as she goes beet red and fidgets
  30. >You leave her apartment without any head pats or indulging in sexual passions, bollocks to this
  31. >Drink harder than you've ever drunk that night
  33. >You're late to work the next day, the hangover hurting
  34. >Your boss is being a cunt more so than usual, her Aunt Floe must be in town or her husband decided he didn't want to lick the snake
  35. >You decide not to ask her, lest she fire you from being a bag jockey
  36. >Get distracted while you're working, fantasizing about Nina's 'assets'
  37. >The way her breasts sway in her ribbed sweater
  38. >The sashay in her voluptuous hips
  39. >The way she smiles with that big eye
  41. >Realize your internal monologue is turned off
  42. >Several of your co-workers are giving you a look like you're a giant cockroach
  43. >Some asshole Paladin with "I LOVE ILIAS" on his shirt calls you a faggot
  44. >Nina just waves at you when you get home
  45. >Curl up into your bed
  46. >Try not to cry, cry anyway
  47. >Have an amazingly lewd wet dream that evening involving you and your monoeye neighbor
  49. >Try to get back into the dating scene
  50. >Your first prospect is some smelly Oomukade NEET who wouldn't know how to rape a man if her life depended on it
  51. >Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, just eat your fucking food instead of being paranoid
  52. >Nobody cares that you're a fucking centipede
  53. >I mean shit, there's a goddamned Matango in the other booth
  54. >Spend the evening listening to her ramble on about her favorite super sentai shows and her constantly asking you if she smells
  55. >I don't care, goddamnit can't this date be over with
  56. >Later that evening bring her back to the apartment after she insists she walks you home
  57. >Her voice is more confident now
  58. >'Ara ara... you really fell for it, you did. Now I'll make you mine and there's nothing you can say about it'
  59. >You can hear her giant Centipede mandibles coming up to bite you, but a strong, husky voice cuts through the air.
  60. >'Ακριβώς εκεί!'
  61. >Now it's the Oomukade's turn to 'Kyaa!'
  62. >Right as Nina grabs her human abdomen and German suplexes the stinkpede into unconsciousness
  63. >She reeks of beer, staggering up and wobbling at you
  64. >You open her door, and no sooner does she bring you in for a heavy kiss
  66. >You're both a flurry of flesh and furiously undressing
  67. >She insists you call yourself 'Nobody' drunkenly as you're plowing into her, her body heat making your dick feel like it's going to melt
  68. >Sure, you're a manlet compared to her, but hot damn is she a mountain you're more than willing to climb
  69. >Spend the rest of the evening rutting like animals
  70. >Look at the clock, it's 0500 in the morning
  71. >You're both sticky with sweat and sexual fluids
  72. >Used tissues everywhere
  73. >She admits she couldn't return your feelings without a little bit of a drink first, since her first boyfriend left her for a Gazer without consummating the marriage, something about 'Eye Moé'
  74. >Timidly ask her if she'd be okay with you being her boyfriend, even after fucking her like a rabid hyena
  75. >She just smiles and pats your head
  77. >Months pass
  78. >Nina's gotten you back into the spirit of going back to school, patting you on the head every day and recharging on her "Anononium" by giving you hugs
  79. >Some of your classmates in your courses think she's either your mom or your older sister and tease you for it
  80. >When every night you and her lose each other in the throes of passion
  81. >She's older than you by a few years, but you still feel things about her... is it love? You can't tell. Hell, you spent most of your teenage years playing eroges and shit
  82. >You're both eating dinner at her place when she tells you she has some kind of news for you
  83. >Quirk an eyebrow, thinking she's going to show you a wedding band, but instead she slides a manila folder across the table to you
  84. >The top of the page says [MGC Medical]
  85. >[Mother and Child Health Assessment]
  86. >Anon.exe has crashed
  87. >Look at her, back at the document
  88. >Back at her again
  89. >How many months?
  90. >She tells you four, laughing at how you never noticed
  91. >Pouts when you tell her it's hard to tell with how much of a bear of a woman she is
  92. >She threatens to take away your headpats before you tell her you wouldn't have her any other way
  94. >Get a call in class some time later
  95. >She's in the hospital, her water broke
  96. >Please God don't let her be just a pair of arms and an eye
  97. >Hours pass and you can hear the wailing of a babe, the Mindflayer nurses and Shoggothes are ushering you in
  98. >She's so pink, and loud
  99. >But you can feel something inside of you shattering the mask of your old life
  100. >You and Nina...
  101. >Made this... thing
  102. >This little ball of screaming baby
  103. >Both of you are crying blissfully as your first daughter clasps onto her mother's copious breast and begins to nurse
  104. >You're faintly 'awawawa'ing at her
  105. >Telling Nina how beautiful she and your baby are
  106. >She just beams at you
  107. >Patting you on the head, ruffling your hair
  108. >You did good, Papa
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