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  1. [center][color=red][collapse=<x>LOG HERE<x>][big]💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀[/big]
  3. [left][color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] bookmarks the cutie~[/color]
  5. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] Gosh..!!~
  6. [icon]Juna[/icon]  Oh, god..  
  7. [icon]Juna[/icon] You're a beautiful vore mommie .o.
  8. [icon]Juna[/icon]  I.. oh gosh you're a permavore mommie!
  9. [icon]Juna[/icon] huffs, flustered under her freckles, whimpering with her stiff baby-wiener gettin' all hard infront of the busty pup.
  10. [icon]Juna[/icon]  I.. I wonder what your big stinkie doggie turds look like..
  11. [icon]Juna[/icon]  Do you have a graveyard you can show me Mommie..?[/color]
  13. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] laughs softly, shaking her head. "You seem to be getting quite flustered, sweetie pumpkin~" Her tail wagged with a casual eagerness as she gazed downwards towards that tiny little prick, stiffening up just at the sight of her alone. "Unfortunately, Mommy has very recently come into existence, so there's no graveyard just yet - but don't worry, I'm working on it~"
  14. [/color]
  15. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] grips Mommie's hand firmly with hers, squeezing and whimpering and huffing while her thick thighs rub together infront of the lovely dog mom. "I.. I wanna see one of your big long turds Mommie.. pretty please?"[/color]
  17. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] siddles closer, enveloping the smaller girl in her arms. So soft, so cuddly, yet with a certain strength, too. Just like any Mommy ought to have, of course~ "Now now, someone's rather eager~ All in good time, my dear! Wouldn't you rather see one from the [b]inside?[/b]"
  18. [/color]
  19. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  flushed hot into those sweltering titties, snuggling with furrowed eyes. She's so lonely, so scared, so helpless and afraid in this big scary world and she's so happy to have [b][color=pink]MOMMY.[/color][/b] She looks up with a sniffle, biting her lip. "Your.. your stinkie turdlogs from the inside? How Mommie?"[/color]
  21. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] rolled the tip of her tongue, that long, pink, drooling thing that it was, out across her muzzle, seeming to respond to the needy, anxious desires from her 'little girl.' "Oh, Mommy can make just about anything possible, my dear~" She murred tenderly in reply. With each slow breath she took, the immense weight of her breasts came squeezing down around Juna's face, and all it took was a little urging from one paw to squeeze the redhead right in between her cleavage. It must have felt almost like entering another world - the hot, sweaty valley between each tit was slick, her golden fur sticky, the feminine scent overwhelming the limited availability of oxygen very, very quickly. [/color]
  23. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  "Oh, mommy.. M- Mommie, I.. you're making my princess pebble all tingly and hard, and-" She whimpers, nuzzling the sweaty tittyslick as she sinks in deeper and deeper until finally her baby wand pops and squirts all over mommie's hot, hot dog twat. "Unnghhh! Mama, I- I squirted.." She whimpers, near crying into her boobiepit and halfway to wetting herself from arousal and love. "You're so amazing mommie... I love you..." *SNIIIIIIFFFFFFF* Little Junums huffs the tittyfumes and whimpers, until her tiny peen starts spraying onto the ground before Shamsi like a submissive scared dog.[/color]
  25. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]"Poor little cutiekins, you're making such a mess!" Shamsi's honeyed voice balanced evenly between stern and affectionate. "Far too excited, aren't you?~ You've been waiting for such a long, long time for a real Mommy to come along and take care of you.." Up until that point, the massively curvaceous dogmom had been wearing a tightly fitting pink gym shirt, accompanied by a pair of black hot pants - but now, Juna had gone and made quite a sticky mess of her underparts! So, she simply let the clothes dissolve, every strip of fabric fading away as if they'd simply never existed. "Let Mommy calm you down~" She grinned, letting her arms close down around either side of the massive swells of her breasts, smooshing them down around Juna's face - utterly trapping her inside the noxious, clammy confines of her breasts, til her face was stewing in hot, musky dogsweat, and her lungs were burning for air! She'd surely feel like she was trapped, buried in that immense bust, kept pinned, squeezed, and helpless![/i][/color]
  27. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  quivered in mommie's arms and her titties, too. She nodded helplessly into the slick breasts, "Yes Mommy! Yes, oh, god- I.. I'm so scared and lonely, Mommie.. you make me feel safe and loved and tingly.. and warm," She whimpered, opening her eyes to find mom totally naked and hot and sweaty and.. oh god! She was easy to calm down from her sniffling huffing 'mood', with those gigantic soft pliant fuckpuppies smothering her face until its hot, red, coated in mom 's sweat and she can't breathe!  She tries to pull back.. oh god, mommie is strong! But not only that, her gigantic fucking shoulder boulders are locked around Juna, and she cant get out or pull her head up! Its so.. hot... steamy, sweaty- can't breathe! Can't... breathe.. her face turns beet red, then purple, until finally her squirming rises her up to the surface with her feet dangling off the ground and her face barely poking out of the tops of her sweltering fuck-puppy boobs. "Mah-- Mah-mah... unngh- I feel woozy n funny, and... unngh- Juna squirts her baby goo, helplessly shooting spurts onto mommy's leg this time as she whimpers, sighs weakly, stops squirming and begins to truly calm down in her titty-prison timeout. Gosh, mommy's tummy sure is loud huh..[/color]
  29. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]Carefully, she let herself slip backwards until she was simply laying upon her back, with Juna cradled firmly between the plump security of her massive teats. The thick, pudgy rolls of her belly trembled ever so slightly with every deep breath she drew, and on occasion, her stomach would even growl. [b]Grrrrl.[/b] A low, deep rumble, coming from somewhere deep inside. That could only mean one thing! One very, very obvious thing, and it certainly didn't bode well for little Juna~ "Mmh, have you properly calmed down now, snuggly wumkins?" She cooed in her sweetest dogmom voice, her maw breaking into a broad, flashy grin. Plucking Juna out from between her cleavage, she eyed up the sight of the flustered redhead, face coated in clammy hot mommysweat! Cheeks turned to a shade of purple! A pretty, tasty sight, she couldn't help but think, her tongue rolling out across her maw once more. "You wanted to see Mommy's big, long turds, didn't you?" She asked, allowing Juna to slip-slide down the swells of her belly, and down between her thighs. Shamsi rolled her hips to rise to her knees, and suddenly she was clambering forward, the immensity of her curves on full display as she cast a big, plush shadow all over her prey-to-be. "Just hold nice and still for Mommy~" She murred sweetly, the hot feminine stink of her juicy wet cunt briefly passing by Juna's face as she repositioned. But it wasn't her pussy the girl was going to get acquainted with. No, instead she'd soon find herself planted completely between the light-eclipsing, oxygen-starving valley of Shamsi's wobbly, bouncy, thick asscheeks![/i][/color]
  32. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] was an utterly destroyed little priestess. Vows? Church? God? No.. Mommie. There was always.. only.. Mommie. Juna may still be a little baby-boo virgin but she tugged her tiny penis after Mommie helped her get her lil pink chastity cage off her princess wand.. and the little t-girl tugged it often, squirting into the bed, into mom's dog bowl, into the toilet, the sink, on the floor, in the back yard, on the balcony, in her own bed! She was in a world of sexual depravity living in mommie's cottage, and for some reason she could never go past the flower fields.. the three times she tried just to go get to the store, she never could. And she hadnt tried in weeks. "Mommie, you.. hahh.. you are.. so beautiful, and smelly, and sweaty and hot- and soft.. and pretty.. the- the prettiest mommie in the whole world, and I love you..." She whimpered as the color in her face went back to normal. She settled down on the ground.. and didn't miss that chance to smell Mom's dogpussy, a quick passing sniff as she clutched her shifting thigh that ended in a big doggiebutt in her face and oh, oh god the smell of her stinkie dog-turd pooper! That shit factory smelled like heaven to widdle Juna-kins and she put her nose up in int to huff, even as it flexed and her tummy grumbled. "Are you gonna.. ungh, show me your thick stinkie mom-turds again?" She said, good thing they were in the back yard already! Her heart was racing. She was in love.. with mommy.[/color]
  34. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]Being totally engulfed by the hot, golden valley of her asscheeks was an ethereal experience, to say the least. It wasn't all too dissimilar to being smothered between her breasts, in one sense - but although the slick, heady musk of feminine sweat was to be found back there in great abundance, it was far from the only smell, nor was it even the most potent. Instead, the pungent stink of the dog's puffed up pink tailhole was by far what really stole the scene. The wafted, noxious taste of her ass could practically be felt on Juna's tongue even before she started nuzzling up against that twitching rim. "Of course, sweetie~ It's only fair that Mommy shows you what you're going to become.." She waved a paw mockingly against her lips, with a little 'oof!' "Did I say that aloud?" Her muzzle curved into a wicked little grin, and she rolled her hips back, shifting almost the entirety of her weight to ensure that she was really [b]sitting[/b] on Juna's face. With the redhead's nose half-buried against her shitter to begin with, it took barely little more than a [b]squelch[/b] of her sphincter to suddenly pop open. The terrifying process of seeing that squishy shitbox popping open to such an extent was downright alien - yet, for a poor, helpless voreslut like the priestess, it probably made her teeny-weeny spurt all over again. "Let Mommy just.. mmh, [b]there~[/b]" She murred as she wriggled her hips from left to right in a quick shimmy, allowing her to very, very suddenly squish her little prey-toy between the crushing, stinky confines of her rear end. [b]Gulp.[/b] Her ass swallowed the priestess head-first, right up to her neck! Giving her all the depth she needed to get a nice, long look at the heavy, thick log of shit just peeking out from Shamsi's bowel.[/i][/color]
  36. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] sniffed- and sniffed- and huffed, and licked, and nearly cried like she was having a new-aged religious experience while her baby wand bobbed and throbbed and dripped and spit weakly. Oh, no, sweet Juna! She's a real doggie at heart, thats for sure, losing herself to toe-curling goosebump-raising bliss in mommie's buttcheeks. She was quivering at first.. and outright twitching, as she sat down atop Juna's head and SHHLUURP-GULP! Her anus flexed open to completely consume Juna's head, then she was squished and convulsed like a sweet t-girl lollipop. It flexed around her neck like a tight collar.. no, she could breathe in here and that was the worst thing! Stinky, rancid doggie-shit air that makes Juna both hard as a rock and somehow afraid on a primal, prey level. Like she was staring into her own future.. and her own future was slowly pushing up against her cheek, its firm wide tip smudging her cheek and moshing it around as she whimpers and turns her head, kicking and twitching wildly. "M-Mommie your poopie is too hug--nnmmphNNHH!MMMPHH!" And dumb Juna gets a big mouthful of mom poop. It tastes like her death.[/color]
  38. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i][b]Frrrrrrpt![/b] Shamsi let out a perverse, almost shamed giggle as her bowels intervened with a timely, terribly stinky fart. Though that paled in comparison to what that sudden, hot release of gas had accomplished, forcing a good few inches of that thick, potent dogshit down through that dark chocolate tunnel, and inevitably, smooshing right up against poor Juna's mouth! There was nowhere else for it to go, after all, not with the sweet, squirming little redhead laying imprisoned in it's path. "Oh, I'm sooo sorry, sweetie. Mommy had a very, [b]very[/b] big meal, you see~ But you're getting what you wanted, at least. A nice, dirty, disgusting preview of what's going to come next!" The tip of her tongue rolled invitingly against her muzzle once more, and she huffed out a hot, heavy sigh. It would have probably been easy enough to simply crush her sphincter down around the adorable priestess and swallow her right up into her stomach through the rear entrance - but Shamsi preferred to watch her prey sliding down from the best seat in the house. She shifted her hips upwards, with a [b]plop![/b] And out Juna came, her lips coated in thick, creamy Shamsi-shit. "Are you satisfied?~"[/i][/color]
  40. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  has a thick mouthful of doggie poop in her smacker and her lips are now coated with brown lipstick, just like her nose and cheeks. She whimpers, teary-eyed, but still chews mommie's shit and swallows it, before smacking her lips stupidly. "Unngh.. Mommie, I like your poopie! It makes me- ungh, feel.. funny...." Her tummy rumbled and she let out a deep long fart, and held her lil gut. "Its so strong and stinkie and theres so much... I- I love you, Mommie! She nodded rapidly, but her knees were too weak to get up.[/color]
  42. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon]  [i]"Mm, you'd best be sure to lick your lips properly, young lady. Mommy hasn't raised you to be a slob, now has she?~" Shamsi's voice was alight with adoration, even if the macabre sounds of a growling, increasingly eager belly signalled entirely different intentions."Mommy loves you too, cutie. [b]So much.[/b]" She grasped out with both paws, tugging the young priestess into the tightest of hugs - all but smothering her between her breasts once more, albeit for a shorter duration this time. Instead, she kept tugging her upwards, bit by bit, letting her body slip and slide along the soft, golden tracts of her fur - until at last, they were almost eye to eye! "Mmnh, aren't you a delicious little baby, my sweet honey dumpling~ So sweet, I might just have to eat you up.." Her maw parted, opening nice and wide. "Aaaaah~" That big, thick dog tongue slid out of the way, allowing Juna a birds-eye view down into the tight, undulating passageway towards her gullet.[/i][/color]
  44. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] stared down into Mommie's throat... the heat rising from that deep, dark tube was molten, it made her sweat and whimper, huff and puff! "Mommie its so hot... your throat is sooo hot,, I can't..." She quickly began to both lick her lips clean of mom-turd and whimper will at her own sundress, fiddling with buttons and ties until its starting to slide off of her body and revealing her soft, pale, freckled form. Breasts, thighs, arms, neck and face- shes so freckly! Her perky B cups are cute as can be, with nipples getting firm just like the teeny pecker she has pointing forward in her panties.  She fans herself as sweat drips down her face but doesnt pull back from Mommy Mouth Pass, instead she bites her lip and sniffs the pit as if to see what its like in there, At the rim of Mommy's soft, pretty lips. "Mommie.. you arent really gonna- EAT me, are you?" She quivered asking the question. "You're really gonna turn me into stinkie poopie log? Unngh, Why.. why can't I... Hnngh!" PBBFFFFTT The dumb cutie lets out her own stinkie fart, while her toes curl and her eyes are always staring down into Mommie's sweaty, smelly musky boob-cleavage and her gaping mouth. "Mother, your mouth is so big..."[/color]
  46. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] wore the broadest, happiest grin upon her face at the sight of the priestess dangling naked in her grasp. Well, almost naked - the panties remained intact, but not for long. That immensely thick tongue slathered forward, the tip eagerly darting beneath those sticky, moist panties, probing beneath the hem of the fabric and, with a quick yet insistent tug, pulling them close enough to her waiting maw so that she might just.. [b]bite[/b] them off. Mommy had such sharp teeth, after all~ Rather than let the panties fall by the wayside, her tongue flopped and curled, hauling the ruined garment back into her maw and snapping them up with a [b]gulp.[/b] "Mommy isn't going to just eat you, my sweet little priesty-kins~ She's going to [b][color=red]devour[/color][/b] you, every single last piece! It's the only way, baby~ The only way to keep you here with Mommy for good.." She twisted and turned the girl in her grasp as if she was a ragdoll, a relatively easy feat when she was so much bigger! Juna found herself turned head over heels, til it wasn't her face in line with the maw anymore, but her toes! Those dainty, cute, wriggling little priesty-toes. Now, they were dog food. Shamsi's belly churned and growled with hunger, a long, low [b]Grrrrrl[/b] gurgling out from within that thick, plush golden pudge. She leaned closer, let her maw sprawl wide apart, and then... [b]GULP![/b] Those toes got chomped, her tongue lashing out to ensnare them, drag them closer, and finally, once they were pushed right up against her powerful throat muscles, down they went, the soles following close behind![/color]
  48. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] "Mommie.. oh gosh... forever- I.. I don't.. I don't wanna die, mommie.. But I wanna be here forever- I'm scared... whats going to happen to me?!" She whimpers, watching her tiny panties get snapped off and eaten was tremendously sexual. And then.. her sweet, sexy feet were dogfood! She pedicured them so often, they were soft and dainty, her toes curled as she couldnt keep in her giggle feeling rough taste buds feel up on her feet. "Oh, its hot.. you're so hot inside Mommie, is.. is it going to hurt? Being eaten and gurgled up into a dog turd? Am.. am I really just.. *sniff* Dog food, now?" She says, practically sitting on her big fucking bobs with her feet upwards. It was hard not to slip down into her hot, sweaty cleavage again, she was already starting to. All of the sudden, her little princess pebbles squirted out another load right onto Mommie's doggie snout. It was lightly musky, thin, sweet priestess princess squirts that could never impregnate someone like Mommie no matter how virile she was.[/color]
  50. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]Her vivid, golden eyes seemed to grow more lurid with each passing moment. Shamsi's arousal was hot and fresh between her thighs, those curvaceous, plump mounds of dogmom-deliciousness squishing tightly together to stimulate the juicy, fat folds of her sex. It was just enough to evoke a growled out little moan, though she scarcely let it blow her composure. "Oh, don't you worry about a thing, sweetie~ It won't hurt. Mommy would [b]never[/b] hurt you! You're just going somewhere nice and safe, somewhere warm and cuddly, where you can feel closer to Mommy than you've ever been before. Isn't that what you want?" She was speaking, yet without the use of her maw - instead, the honeyed murr channelled itself right into the priestesses pretty little head, her thoughts hijacked by the eldritch wonders that hid deep beneath Shamsi's cuddly exterior. Undeterred by their little mind-chat, her throat muscles acted almost on instinct once they'd secured those precious little princess-feet. [b]SWALLOW![/b] The powerful valves that lined her throat clenched together in unison, generating a sudden, forceful vacuum that hauled Juna further inside the waiting, cavernous throat-tunnel that would lead to her inevitable demise. All the way up to her thighs, now! That would have forced the poor girl to bend at quite an angle, but always so considerate, Shamsi was on hand to prop her rear end up with a helpful paw - making it easier to look deep into those baby blue eyes.[/i][/color]
  52. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  felt at ease as Mommie spoke.... but suddenly worried when she realized she wasnt using her mouth and moreso when- SHLUMP! Like a vaccum that throat yanked her forward with a jolt that jostled her boobies and made her whimper and think hot, dirty thoughts. "Mommie, oh gosh.. its so warm, I like it.. I like going in hereMommie!" She insists, pointing her little wiener at mom's cold cool snout to gently hump it with a blush until she squirted more princess goop onto it with a sigh and sudden limpness. "Mommie, its tight... and my toes feel like theyre on fire, mommie!"[/color]
  54. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  looks up at the blue sky for the last time, and then back to her loving mom.. this was the way it was supposed to be. [b]Mommy knows best.[/b] It had to be this way. [b]Mommy knows best.[/b] She was dogfood, after all. [b]Mommy ALWAYS knows whats best, for widdle juna-wumpkins.[/b] She just had to remember that as she sunk FURTHER, and her tiny bunched up balls and cock disappear, grazing past mom's sharp teeth with a whimpering wince.. Her wide pudgy hips.. her thick asscheeks. In Mom's mouth, somehow. She's half gone.. or at least, half disappeared.[/color]
  56. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]"You're going to love it inside me, my lovely little princess-pancake~ You'll not find a comfier, warmer spot. There's no better place! It's a perfect little Juna heaven~" Shamsi assured, her maternal, steady, soothing coo never quite letting up, even whilst she was half-way through devouring the wriggly little preyslut. The fresh squirt of premature spooge against the cold of her nose provoked a little twitch, but she paid it no heed! Her appetite was all that mattered now, that carnal, voracious, predatory instinct that lurked, black and foul, deep within her very soul. She took her time savouring the soft, squishiest parts of her chewtoy's body, her tongue slathering it's hot, sticky drool all over Juna's hips, leaving her asscheeks glistening. Soon enough, the inevitable hunger beckoned. [b]SHLURP![/b] Her jaws clamped down, and just like that, over half of her little priesty-snack had been snapped up - now she was sinking. There was too much weight already committed to Shamsi's digestive tract, making the pull of gravity every bit as inescapable as Mommy's maw. Down she was sliding, inch by inch, the teensy buds of her breasts vanishing into the heated darkness of that greedy gullet. Somewhere, down through that passageway, the pretty little priestess would feel her dainty toes tickling against a squelching, slowly opening valve - it was [b]very[/b] hot![/i][/color]
  58. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon] 's pretty dainty toesie-woesies hit that steamy-hot valve and she yells out in whimpering fear, "MOMMIE! ITS HOT! oh gosh, y-your belly, its so so hot.. it burns a little.. ahhhh!!! Nngh!" That was her toes being SLURPED up by that lovely inner-sphincter and her feet sliding by the scalding ring. She whimpered, squirmed, and shook- "Mommie.. Im- Im gonna die to be your doggie food! Ahh!" Her whole feet were in.. bubbling liquid tickled them and numbed them after hot burning. "Mommie, I feel so hot but.. I'm not afraid anymore..." She coos, as her tiny titties disappear inside, and its only a beautiful head sticking out. "Mommie.. im ready.."[/color]
  60. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon][i]Oh, Shamsi could all but feel that final little gulp coming right up, the sense of anticipation and excitement every bit as palatable for her as it must have been for her poor, mewling preyslut! She almost wanted to savour the feeling of those toes dipping against the hot, scorching valve, which was already splurting out a hearty bout of digestive acids. Juna was going to receive a very warm, very [b][color=red]fatal[/color][/b] reception. "I know you're ready, my sweet little cutiesnack. You've always been ready~ Now, be a good little girl for Mommy, and digest~" Just like that, she reached out with a single furred digit, pressing it against the redhead's cute little head - and she pushed! [b]PLOP![/b] Down the hatch, just like that. A heavy, forceful swallow followed up, and the last daylight the priestess would ever see was snuffed out in the blink of her pretty blue eyes. She was pushed, slurped, and squeezed, slipping and sliding down that hungry gullet, her toes plunging into free fall for a few precious, weightless seconds, until... [b]SLOSH![/b] Down she landed in that spongy, steaming hot belly, the foul acrid stench of digested meat overwhelming her senses - not to mention the urgent pain of frothing, bubbling, [b]churning[/b] acid, spewing in to seal her fate.[/i][/color]
  62. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  was ready. And Mommy knew it- she knew her big girl was all ready. Ready to be pup-chow... her feet were already growing soft and bubbly from the acidic spray and she couldnt feel her numb toesies. "Mommie..  I love you, I love you!" And then SHLUURRK! GULP! GULP! GLCK! Juna's hair is slurped up like spaghetti and down she falls through that tight esophagus, squishing and tenderizing the meat ont he way down so rough her bones crack and squeak and bend, and she moans in intense pain on the way down. But when she was in that belly with a sloshing SPLASH, distending mom's gut with Juna's beautiful face, the shreiking started. Screaming, wailing, crying, "MOMMMYYYY! IT BURNS! IT BURNS, MOM- OH GOD NO, MY FEET I - I CANT FEEL.. MY.. MY PRINCESS PEBBLES! MY BABY STICK IS.. ITS MELTIIIING! ITS- ITS GONE! MY PEEPEE IS GONE MOMMIE! MY LEGS HURT- *COUGH, COUGH* UGHHNH I CANT BREATHE! MOMMY I'M SCARED, ITS DARK AND HOT AND IT BURNS! HELP ME MOMMIE!" She cries, face imprinting against her hide, with her hands too while they were in tact. Her lower half soon grew numb.. and began to softly dissolve inside Mommy.
  64. [icon]Juna[/icon]  cried and cried and cried.. but remembered Mommie's lullabys. She could really use them right now..[/color]
  66. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] lay back in silence for a few fleeting moments, merely allowing her rough tongue to flop free of her muzzle, savouring the final taste of Juna's pretty young flesh, whilst it remained right on the tip of her tastebuds. In time, it faded, but the memory would long remain. She could her the girl's gurgling squeals from within her belly, although they did come out rather muffled, so it was difficult to truly make out what she was saying! But Shamsi could get the gist, all the same. It wouldn't be too long at all before Juna could hear her voice, warm as ever, singing sweetly into her mind. [b]"♫♪Hush little baby, don't say a word~♫♪"[/b] Even whilst she sang, the terrible inner workings of her digestive system secured a fatal hold upon poor Juna. When she pleased, she could digest her prey slowly, but of course, that required a certain.. restraint. The princessy priestess had done a fine job in riling up her appetites, and she didn't want to hold back. No, she wanted to hear her gurgle, squirm, writhe, churn, and of course, [color=red]die.[/color] [b]"♫♪Mommy's going to make you a steaming turd~♫♪"[/b] She perverted the song's lyrics with a sadistic enthusiasm, rolling the Juna-sized bulge in her belly with a single paw, poking and prodding at the face-shaped outline that soon appeared, once the girl found herself increasingly squelched and squeezed by the inevitable contractions of the rapidly digesting belly. The acid seeped between her toes, melting the dainty flesh off the bone with biting hot sizzles. It stung against her little tits, it devoured her cock and balls, and she'd soon feel it snapping like a ravenous dog against her thighs and rump! [/color]
  68. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  cried and screamed, but the chamber of juna-snuffing wonders was singing to her with Mommie's voice right into her head! She sniffled and cried and sunk deeper into the sludge of her own body and digestive destruction, starting to feel at peace as the rapid digesstion set in. She felt like one good clench could tear her into mush and end her.. but Mommy was gently petting her belly, and Juna grabbed the hand as best she good to hold it when it wasn't touching her face. "M-Mommie's turds.." She whimpered, as the juices rose and he belly convulsed.. and she was soon being torn apart! The pain! She shrieked into Mommy's petting hand while she sang, the pain of an acidic death washing over her bottom half and mushifying her body into sweet, sweet Juna-paste, nutritious and good for your beauty.  She was crying still, that much was certain. Her boobies were so soft and sore, and now they too hurt as the greenish meat-consuming liquid rose to her chest. This snuff-pit could turn anything into dog food she was certain.. luckily, she left her [url=]beautifully ornate staff on the table for Mommy to remember her by, or add to the grave-shrine.[/url]
  70. "Mommy... S- Sing.. you are my sunshine... I love youuu...." She sniffled out, her head barely staying above the carnivorous liquid, occasionally bubbling when it washes above her head like a rocking gurgling sea.[/color]
  72. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]That fading, gurgled little voice, so tiny, weak and pitiful, scarcely would even have reached Shamsi, were it not for the infernal dogmom's uncanny ability to perceive just about everything that went on inside her gut. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine~" She cooed out in reply, although this time, she didn't bother with the telepathy - she let the sound rise from her maw instead, sonorous and sweet, so that the vibrations might travel all the way down from her throat, and reverberate within the cavernous, Juna-snuff chamber that her belly had become. "You make me happy, when skies are grey!~" Her paw slowly withdrew from her belly - she could feel the end closing in. The churning was relentless, now. [b]GWHRRRRL! GRRRRL! GLUT![/b] Those powerful digestive walls threw Juna around like the piece of meat the poor little priest-snack had become! Bouncing her against the walls, giving her flesh the briefest of respites from the acid, only to slosh her back into the midst of it all over again. Her stomach muscles were closing in, with sickening, mushy squelches, each new inch digested ensuring that Juna was steadily becoming a pulp of sweet nutrients for her Mommy's ravenous appetites. "You'll never know dear, how much I love you...~" She sang out, her eyelids fluttering closed with satisfaction. Her belly let out a long, hard [b]GROAAAAAAAN![/b] And then, just like that, Juna's face was engulfed - and she was done for. The walls slid shut with a visceral squeeze, utterly annihilating the sweet little priestess, obliterating every bone, every strip of flesh - everything that made her cute, everything that made her tasty, every last little itty bitty piece of Juna-food... gone. "Now it's time for you to go.. away~ [b]BRRRRP![/b]" A burp caught the twisted dogmom off guard, and she merely giggled. Juna was [b][color=red]dead and gone.[/color][/b][/i][/color]
  74. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  's last moments were blissfully numb- "I LOVE Y-GGLLRRGP.. URGGLL.. GLGUH- UHGHGH!!!!" Though her final words were a mess. Juna was crunched, squished, clenched by the powerful belly of her mommie, until she was nothing but nutrients to digest for the whole night... and then... nothing. A skull-cracking CRUNCH is heard, but thats it, and then soft gurgles and no motion at all but a fat, swollen, hanging and smooth round gut. Juna was always going to meet an end like this, and it couldn't have happened with more love. Now she churns in that belly, slowly siphoned off into her small intestines to have her nutrients striped and sucked with loud gurgling gruuuuing efficiency and a deep sense of
  75. fullness. Sweet baby Juna is gone, but she will return soon.. though nothing, NOTHING like before at all.[/color]
  77. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon]breathed out a heavy, utterly satisfied sigh, watching with grim delight as that sizeable swell in her belly began to shrink - slowly, surely, but inevitability, until one could barely notice any perceivable difference at all. Of course, before long, all that sweet, tasty little Juna-fat would find it's way onto her plush, silky fur in some way. Most likely on her tits, or ass! They always wound up there - if not, then the hips, though they were thick enough already! "Mommy loves you too~" She spoke up, even though the girl was long dead by the time she bothered to reply - it was just a prelude to the eventual, stinky send off. With the last remnants of her meal utterly digested, she closed her eyes, and allowed herself to drift off to a nice, well deserved dogsleep. Only when her belly began to growl, and her bowels started to bulge, did she reawaken. Striding through her cottage, she descended the stairs, and ventured out into the beautiful flower garden. Many of her 'children' had often asked her, "How did you make so many beautiful flowers grow, Mommy?" But of course, she'd only give them a smile. "Mommy's little secret, my sweetie pie." Now, the horrible truth of that secret became apparent - she had the most powerful fertilizer she could ever possibly concoct. Plopping down into a wide squat, she flaunted her massive, plump curves, those thighs spread wide, her sumptuous rear cheeks drawn apart by the stretch - oh, if only poor Juna could see it now! [b]SQUELCH![/b] A massively thick log of shit slid without much ceremony from the pink, puffy doughnut of her rump, landing in a foul-scented heap amidst the flowers. A teensy, princessy little skull lay half caked in the midst of that brown waste, and somewhere, if she cared to look hard enough, Shamsi was sure she noticed a cute little blue headband - well, hardly blue anymore, now that it had been through her bowels. Faint, utterly sodden traces of red hair stuck out from the steaming hot turd, but aside from that.. nothing even faintly reminiscent of her last meal. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.." She began to sing as she rose back to her full height, and strolled off, leaving what was left of Juna for the flowers~
  78. [/color]
  79. [color=orange][icon]Juna[/icon]  emerges from Mommy's anus new.. reborn. Ready to fertilize the flowers and be the most beautiful she can be, the stinky odor of Juna's digested meat wafts through the garden as her [b]four and a half foot stinking turd emerges and drapes in a long, half-firm pile of stinkie dog-mom junapoop[/b]. Her skull lands atop it in a lewd thwack into the filth, her headband resting near it and her memory only in Mommy's wonderful, eternal grace. The length was as thick as Juna was, even thicker, and scraps of her clothes stick out partially digested. Her belongings lay in her beautifully decorated room... shrines to Juna's once shining brilliance. Of course, she may come back whenever the Old God Mommie wishes it.. but then, Juna has deserved a long nap.[/color]
  81. [color=yellow][icon]Shamsi[/icon] [i]Time passed, as it often did. In her own dark little pocket world, Shamsi scarcely noticed it. Inevitably, more lost 'children' in desperate need of a Mommy would appear, lost and alone, at the entrance to her cottage. She'd welcome them in, bake them cookies, and of course, eventually, they too would meet the same fate as Juna. As the days passed by, the priestesses holy little soul, the only part of her that really still [b]existed[/b] by this point, had been stuck in the void of Shamsi's gullet. Most of the souls that wound up forcefully parted from their bodies by dogmom's digestive processes winded up smooshed and absorbed just like any other nutrient, but the priestess had been lucky enough to persist - only because Shamsi didn't quite feel done with her just yet. Indeed, she'd been mulling over her fate! When at last she had reached a decision, she did it in her kitchen. Reaching up to a tall shelf, she scooped down a vacant candy jar, rolling off the lid and cupping it up to her buttocks. [b]Pffffrt![/b] The passing of the soul wasn't that loud, for Juna wasn't exactly much of a powerful creature, but it was.. noticeable, all the same. The gaseous release soon took up a whitish cloud, vapour-like, which soon got swallowed up into the embrace of the candy jar. Before it could slip anywhere else, Shamsi screwed the lid shut once more, and put the jar back on the shelf - but not before writing a label, simply saying.. "Juna ♥" [/i][/color][/left]
  82. [big]💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀[/big]
  83. [center][img=1353552]JunasDogfood[/img][/center][/collapse][/color][/center]
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