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Becoming A Goddess

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Jan 6th, 2018
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  1. Lisa was a quiet, shy girl who had always lived in worlds of fantasy. She daydreamed constantly about being a great heroine, Queen, or even Goddess and seeing fantastical new lands and meeting amazing magical creatures. But deep down she knew that these things could never be. Or could it?
  3. Her world changed drastically and abruptly one night as she returned from the library to her apartment. As she walked she was suddenly stunned by a blinding flash of white light and stopped in her tracks. As she regained her senses and prepared to run from…whatever this was, a voice told her not to be afraid. Lisa looked toward the voice to see an ethereal being, a vaguely human form of twisting smoke made visible in the darkness by a faint blue glow. The faceless being spoke by seemingly projecting its words into Lisa’s mind and introduced itself as Avraleth, a messenger from a tremendously powerful God. Getting straight to the point, it informed her matter-of-factly that she had been chosen to be the Goddess of a magical realm that was in desperate need of one. Avraleth didn’t provide many details or seem interested in answering questions. It informed Lisa that her desires and temperament aligned with the needs of this mysterious realm and that all she needed to do was either accept the great responsibility of her new position as caretaker of this place and give up her old life or reject the offer and continue as she was. There were certainly people and things that Lisa would miss, but this was an opportunity that simply couldn’t be passed up. A real-life chance to travel to a magical realm and become a Goddess! This was a chance only matched by her wildest dreams! She hesitated momentarily, thinking about all she was leaving behind and anxious about what lay ahead. But of course, she accepted and took the leap into the unknown of her new life as an actual Goddess!
  5. Three years later, Lisa having now taken her Goddess Name Quetzal and the title of Mother of the People, lounged in her extravagant abode truly fit for a Goddess. The home that had been created for her consisted of a large rectangular temple of pink granite sitting atop an immense step pyramid. The temple was open on three sides with rows of Grecian columns along the edge of the pyramid’s flat top. This courtyard was entirely open to the sky except for a small enclave on the fourth side which was roofed and enclosed with walls of large cloudy marble slabs. Her “house” and its door were sized so that she could only just fit in them for some alone time or to shelter from heavy rains, but she spent most of her time draped upon the beds of sweet smelling flowers the priests kept freshly stocked across the temple floor. The sides of this grand pyramid were emblazoned with images of Dragons and serpents rendered in bright tropical colors and the steps were covered in treasures and gifts. There were so many gifts of golden chains and jewelry embedded with all manner of precious stones that there was only a single pathway exposed to the top. Contrasted against this opulence, the base of the pyramid was strewn with the bones of sacrifices made to Quetzal.
  7. Looking out from her beautiful home, Quetzal could see much of the land of Topantemoc, the realm that she was now Goddess over. Around the great pyramid were a dozen smaller, less lavish ones where her people worshipped and made sacrifices. And winding between them were rows of square houses and shops made of black volcanic rocks stacked of tropical wood frames. Beyond this great city stretched vast green jungles filled with fruits, nuts, and wild game. And in the far reaches of this jungle she could make out the crags of the volcanic mountains from which came much of Topantemac’s wealth. Occasionally she could catch a glimpse of one of the majestic Dragons that lived atop the mountains as they took off or landed. These mysterious protectors of the land were solitary and aloof, and she had not encountered one up close yet, even after several years. On the left-hand side of her enclosed “house”, or East as she reckoned, she could make out the sapphire waters of the great sea. It was filled with fish and pearls. And on clear days she could make out the islands and boats on which those who made their living off it dwelled.
  9. The people inhabiting this rich and breathtaking land were reptilian humanoids. Some might call them “lizardfolk”, but they preferred Tetlahuehuequititzinor (Dragon Kin). They lived up to the name by worshipping the draconic protectors of the realm with rituals and presenting sacrifices at the top of their pyramids and revered the Dragons only a little less than Quetzal herself. The Dragon Kin came in a variety of tropical reds, oranges, and greens. And all had tough scales and sharp teeth and claws, long tails, and a stooping dinosaurian gait. But these creatures were by no means savage animals! They were great engineers and builders with a love for artwork and with many craftspeople, merchants, and warriors among them. Quetzal loved seeing their creations and learning their customs. And she had many opportunities to do so as their calendar revolved around a series of festivals celebrating and worshipping her.
  11. The beginning had been tough. When Quetzal had first arrived, Topantemac was overrun by the jungle and much of the Dragon Kin’s buildings were in disrepair. And she had become a Goddess without any kind of teaching or preparation. But she learned quickly. Much of being a Goddess was simply looking beautiful during rituals and ceremonies, and graciously accepting gifts and sacrifices. She soon learned that she had magical potential as well and began subtly changing the weather for the better and learning how to ward against natural disasters. These duties filled most of her time and she was never bored. Having a Goddess descend to be among them had reinvigorated the Dragon Kin’s spirit. Soon after they began their rituals and sacrifices to her the land underwent a rebirth. But Avraleth had mentioned Quetzal undertaking a “great responsibility” and in the back of her mind she felt that there was some other important part to her position yet to be revealed.
  13. In the meantime, Quetzal reveled in being the center of attention of an entire world and living in a pristine and lovely environment. She also appreciated a very personal perk of being a Goddess. From a short pale girl with glasses, she had been transformed into a sublimely beautiful deity with the upper body of a voluptuous seductress and the lower body of a lovely colorful serpent. Her human portion was that of a giant which could hardly be squeezed into a small house. Her smooth, blemish free olive skin was hairless except for her wavy jet-black hair which hung to the middle of her back, perfect eyebrows and long seductive lashes. Her lashes accentuated her big hazel eyes, worthy of a Disney Princess. Her dark red lips were big, pouty and sensual. Her nose, cheeks, and jawline struck a fine balance between the soft and youthful, and the sharp and mature. Descending from her alluring eyes and lips was an even more enticing body, molded to practically scream sexuality and fertility. What she considered perhaps her best feature was her perfectly sculpted, perky, and quite prodigious breasts, each adorned with a delightful large dark nipple. Her breasts were so big that she could rest each on a horse drawn wagon and easily fill the bed. She enjoyed the occasional chance to fondle them during her rare moments alone in her temple’s shelter. Her waist pinched in slightly before reaching her wide hips, giving her a nice hourglass shape. The human portion of her body ended at a mesmerizing full bottom and a pleasing and pretty nether area. A few scattered scales decorated the outer part of her hips, but it was below her private parts where human legs would be separate that instead her body formed a serpentine tail nearly a hundred feet long and emblazoned with emerald green scales decorated with ruby colored designs like fans or blooming flowers.
  15. In the tropical weather of Topentemac, Quetzal didn’t need to be covered much. But the Dragon Kin priests at least made sure that she was provided with silk outfits which might be fitting for a belly dancer or some such so that her most private parts at least could remain…. private. There were a variety of colors though she most often went with purple. She was also often draped with all manner of gold jewelry and decoration. Just as Quetzal was settling into her comfortable new life as a Goddess, she was confronted with her first real trial. One that would require her to sacrifice her body and very being and finally take on the full duties of her station and teach her the meaning of her grand title…
  17. Quetzal was stunned when she heard the news. Invaders from some distant realm had attacked Topentemac! And these invaders were human! She had not been a Goddess for long at all and she certainly remembered her old world and old life. Regardless of who these invaders were or where they came from, they had to be defeated. The coming weeks were filled with consternation. Quetzal learned the limitations of this body which she’d been so delighted with. It turned out that being a multi-ton serpent with a human torso and freakishly huge fun bags wasn’t the best design for mobility. But it was just as well, for she found that even as the war raged across the land, she had plenty of duties to attend to at her temple. Day and night, she dedicated herself to mastering new and powerful forms of magic. Many wounded Dragon Kin were brought before her and she became increasingly good at healing them. She also learned an incantation to bring heavy rains and storms to slow the attackers. All the while her worshippers fought bravely against the mustachioed invaders calling themselves “Conquistadores”. They used their knowledge of the land and survival skills to their advantage to draw them into the savage jungle and mountains at the heart of Topentemac. But the Conquistadores were numerous and donned heavy suits of steel armor and wielded powerful guns. In the end it was not the magic of Quetzal, or the bravery of the Dragon Kin warriors, or the harsh conditions and vicious wildlife of the jungles that defeated the murderous human trespassers. It was the Dragons.
  19. Flying down from their high mountaintop perches the guardians of the realm descended upon their lesser kin’s foes with sharp teeth and claws, and fiery jaws. With searing flames, they burned the fleets of Conquistador ships and blew up their gunpowder stores. When the war was finished, and all fighting ceased, many prisoners were taken to the pyramid tops to be sacrificed in thanks to Quetzal and the guardian Dragons who were the saviors and eternal protectors of the realm. But the cost had been great indeed. Burned jungles could be replanted and destroyed buildings rebuilt, but the loss of life among Quetzal’s followers was devastating. Dragon Kin lived a long time, but reproduced and matured slowly. It would take many years for them to recover their numbers. And none knew when or if the humans would return. Even as her followers celebrated victory and presented her and the Dragons with praise, sacrifices, and gifts, she was deeply saddened by the size of the pyres built to send the dead on in their great mourning ceremonies. Little did she know, the rituals and sacrifices of her adherents served another purpose and that she herself had a greater duty to fulfill for her people…
  21. It was after a full week of raucous victory celebrations and solemn mourning ceremonies that Quetzal began to feel the change. She woke up one morning feeling just plain gross. Her skin felt oily and she felt like she just couldn’t get clean or comfortable. The next day her abdomen began to feel bloated and uncomfortable, like her organs were rearranging themselves somewhere in there. And a day after that she noticed that she had developed a musky odor that no number of flowers or scented oils could suppress. Was she getting sick? She hadn’t felt the slightest bit ill since she arrived here and had suspected that as a Goddess she was immune to all illness. Perhaps she was wrong? Things got weirder a few days later when she awoke to find her already cumbersome breasts had grown even larger and that she was in desperate need of a new outfit. Her bra had wet spots from her now leaky and painfully strained chest and her skirt was completely soaked with… From then on, each night she found herself squirming with discomfort and something else. Up to this point, a combination of very little time alone and unwatched, and plain business and distraction with the duties of Goddess hood and magic had prevented Quetzal’s from straying to long into the sexual realm. Just a little touching here and there. But now she found herself constantly wet with a burning heat inside her and tingling sensations rippling from her neck down through her body to her nether region. She had a constant need to rub herself and could hardly focus on her daily duties. But she had to wait until after dark when she wasn’t being watched so closely to retreat to the temple’s shelter and try to relieve herself the best she could. Though for the most part all she could manage to do was soak through her clothes and release more of her pungent “musk” without much relief to her condition. What was wrong with her? Was she going crazy? Was this the fate of all want-to-be Goddesses?
  23. After several days of torment Quetzal found herself officiating one of the very last ceremonies commemorating the defeat of the Conquistadores. While ritually drinking the blood of one of the executed human commanders from an ornate bowl, Quetzal’s eyes drifted up to see an amazing sight. Two mighty Dragons had arrived and were fighting a fearsome battle in the sky. A long slender Dragon with deep forest green scales clawed, rammed, and roared through the air with a less long, but stout and muscular Dragon of dark rust red hue. Quetzal’s big hazel eyes widened at the wonderous spectacle. She passed down the bowl to the priests who quickly retreated down the pyramid steps. She took no notice. She was mesmerized by the behemoths somehow sailing through the air on massive wingspans despite being the size of castles. They were so huge and powerful and graceful. And the legends were true, they breathed fire! The battle grew increasingly violent until the massive pair came tumbling down toward the pyramid. Faster and faster they fell toward the ground until it seemed certain they would crash. But at the last moment, the green Dragon extricated itself from the battle and flew into the distance post haste. The red Dragon spread its wings and swooped down, landing on the side of the great pyramid.
  26. With the distraction of the epic battle gone, Quetzal suddenly became aware of her terribly immodest state. Her dress was thoroughly soaked, and she was sliding her fingers up and down her abdomen in a rather provocative manner. Embarrassed, she sought out the best way to extricate herself from the thousands of eyes of her followers crowded on the tops of their lesser pyramids and retreat to her “house”. Flushed with a mix of her excitement from earlier and her growing sense of shame she began to edge back toward her small but increasingly inviting dark door. By the time her focus shifted from the crowds long enough to see that the red Dragon was coming straight toward her up the pyramid with quick and determined movements, it was to late for her to do much about it. Its right foot stepped upon the hem of her skirt. She pulled away, tearing it from her. But it slowed her down enough that the massive Dragon’s next step swung its left foot over her tail so that its forelegs were straddling the lower part of her very long and serpentine body. She pushed herself back away from the mighty fire breathing creature, leaning back and scooting away with her elbows and bottom. It was only now that she caught a glimpse of the beast’s huge, erect phallus protruding from its scaly sheath. The blood red member was long as her forearm and very thick, the end came to a tapered point. Hanging from the base were orbs that must have been the size of watermelons. She stared in horror at the frightening thing and then up to see the hungry look in the Dragon’s eyes.
  28. She wrapped her tail around the immense body and attempted to push it back. For a few moments the two struggled. The Dragon strained against Quetzal’s tail such that he was propped partially upwards onto his hindlegs. Quetzal was sweating and shaking with the effort and was not sure how long she could maintain it. She glanced about frantically for support, but none came. As the creature’s full weight bore down on her, Quetzal turned her body to crawl away. But it was to late. The Dragon’s clawed right foot came down on her right shoulder and its left foot on the back of her left upper arm, pushing her to the temple floor. She lay face down uncomfortably on top of her right arm, with her gigantic breasts bulging out from under her. Her hips were still awkwardly turned partially to the side making her feel more exposed and vulnerable. The Dragon literally stood on top of her and pinned her down with its weight. Its intentions clear and Quetzal continued to fight, pushing with all the strength of her mighty tail. The Dragon seemed briefly unsteady and grunted as it struggled to keep its position. Until finally it bit down onto her neck hard enough to hurt. This sudden pain and the strength she felt as her head was forcefully turned to the side by the bite gave her quite a fright. A tingling shiver ran down her spine as her tail let loose, seemingly on its own, and she ceased her struggle. As the Dragon swept her limp tail out of the way and repositioned its hindquarters, presumably to mount her, Quetzal was suddenly reminded of the changes shed gone through the last couple weeks that she had briefly been allowed to forget during this fight.
  30. The hot breath on her neck reminded Quetzal the tingling heat that’d been relentlessly growing inside her. And as her tail was moved she felt the puddle that had been forming beneath her as she lay under the great beast’s weight. What was happening? She went from being an actual GODDESS devoted to caring for her people to being constantly hot and bothered. And to top it all off, she was about to be violated by a Dragon in front of all her followers! And the madness was only just beginning. Laying with her right arm pinned straight beneath her abdomen had placed her hand in just the right spot and she began unconsciously rubbing her pleasure button. The burning need within her grew out of control such that her shame and confusion could only hang like falling leaves in the back of her mind. She could no longer control her body or hold more than the briefest of thoughts as she was overwhelmed with an urge that she recognized, but did not want to accept.
  32. Then it happened. Quetzal felt the end of the Dragon’s organ, burning hot and slick with what must be its own lubrication, traced the scales of the base of her tail before prodding and rubbing around her hot, wet entrance. Quetzal was frightened, confused, and even disgusted by what was clearly about to happen, but her body acting entirely on its own appeared more than ready. She whimpered quietly as the tingling need within her grew unbearable as she continued to frantically flick her sensitive bean and her tail coiled and twirled on itself. The tapered tip parted her lips paused there briefly sending a shudder through Quetazal’s just before it aggressively rammed its length into her. Her hazel eyes grew large and she let out a yelp as the huge burning hot rod quickly slid in, the Dragon’s tremendous strength overpowering any resistance, stretching her to her limits and filling her completely. The Dragon’s claws dug into her shoulders and arm for grip, drawing blood as it began to relentlessly batter her baby maker with great speed and animalistic enthusiasm. Tears streamed down Quetzal’s face and she bit her lip trying to suppress her moans as she was overwhelmed with conflicting feelings of pain and humiliation from this savage and very public assault, and surging feelings deep down of joy, and fulfillment. Somehow the voice that told her this was so very wrong was being slowly drowned out by the voice that was saying this was so very right, that it was meant to be. The overwhelming feeling of being filled both physically and emotionally overwhelmed all her thoughts as the member continued to piston into her. Her hand which had been at work between her legs could feel the bulge in her abdomen as thrusting and receding, the searing heat emanating inside her tangible to her hand even through her tummy. With each push the Dragon’s huge orbs swung forward, hitting her pleasure button and sending waves of ecstasy up through her body. They did not flop lightly, but swung pendulum-like with the weight of storage tanks filled to the brim with dense liquid.
  34. Just as Quetzal was reaching the point where it seemed her body and mind could take no more of this abuse, the Dragon grunted and tightened its bite on her neck so that blood flowed, and she was gasping for breath between her subdued moans. Suddenly she felt the beast’s enormous member swell up to even larger than before as it gave a few final and particularly violent thrusts, its claws raking her shoulders, back and upper arm. She cried out from the pain of the claws cutting deep into her back and the tapered tip of the Dragon’s gigantic phallus pushing into the entrance of her womb. But the sound caught in her throat as the Dragon’s jaws tightened like a vice on her neck. She shuddered as she felt steaming hot Dragon seed shoot into the deepest recesses of her baby maker. Her left hand clawed the stone of the temple floor, her tail writhed and curled, and her vision blurred. She began to fear she might die, but her clouded mind and trembling body seemed not to care. Until finally her tail of its own volition, without any thought from Quetzal, reached up, wrapped around the Dragon’s fat orbs and squeezed gently. The Dragon let go of Quetzal’s neck, letting loose a low guttural roar of satisfaction, the sound of relief from releasing a pressure built up for millennia as it unleashed a torrent of thick seed instantly flooding Quetzal’s vessel like a water main spilling into a swimming pool. As air and blood returned, Quetzal took in a desperate breath, her eyes filled with fireworks, and her entire body shook uncontrollably so that her huge breasts, pressed outwards from beneath her, and her substantial rear shook hypnotically. As thick ropes of seed like rice noodles in gelatin fill her egg basket and stretched out her tummy and her entire body continued to tremor uncontrollably with the ecstasy of fulfillment, Quetzal was no longer afraid, embarrassed, or disgusted, but overwhelmed with the happiness of fulfillment. Somehow deep down she knew that this was something she must do to be truly and fully embraced as a Goddess.
  36. After an hour of uninterrupted orgasm for them both, the Dragon finally withdrew its shaft with an audible plop as it came out limp and shrinking in size. It was followed by the splatter of globules of it’s heavy seed onto the stone. Quetzals tail also dropped down limp. Quetzal continued trembling lightly. She was utterly exhausted from the experience and felt like she could sleep for years. Even if she had more than an iota of energy, she would hardly be able to move seeing as her stomach was distended like a woman’s who’d been pregnant for much longer than she most certainly was now and with her profusely leaking breasts swollen like hot air balloons. The Dragon stepped over her, spattering her large round buttocks, and lower back with all that was left of its potent seed as its member receded into its protective scaly sheath. It plopped down next to Quetzal, emanating a comfortable magma like heat. But all to soon it stood up, let out a very Dragon like roar and took off toward the mountains. Quetzal lay on her side, as any other position was nearly impossible, and relaxed in the sun. But after only a matter of minutes she became aware that she was being watched.
  38. She’d forgotten that the entire populous of Topantemac had watched the entire spectacle from atop their pyramids. Her eyes welled up with tears as she propped herself on an elbow and scanned her surroundings. She was entirely bare and exposed for all eyes to see. Her clothes were soaked and torn rags on the temple floor and she was covered in sweat, blood, seed, and her own sexual fluids. She was supposed to be a Goddess! A vision of perfection, a source of power, and an object of worship! What had happened? The shame and humiliation were unbearable. She looked toward her house. In her exhausted condition, it seemed so far. And she wasn’t even sure she could fit inside it now. She hoisted herself up to sit on her bottom, which proved quite difficult, and buried her face into her hands weeping. As she shook with crying, she heard a sound. Something was getting closer, moving up the pyramid. As she lowered her hands and raised her eyes she was met by an incredible spectacle. Hordes of Dragon Kin were charging up the pyramid…and they were cheering.
  40. The priests immediately got to cleaning Quetzal up and dousing her with jars of sweet perfume, while others brought out a new outfit for her. Others brought all manner of gifts, from flowers to impossibly ornate jewelry. Beautiful rugs were strewn across the temple floor for her to lay on comfortably while her condition kept her near immobile. She stood dumbfounded as the Dragon Kin danced and sang her praises, for they knew their prayers, rituals and sacrifices had been rewarded. They knew that through these they had ensured the fertility of their Goddess of life was tied to the prosperity of the land and the strength and virility of the Dragons who protected it. What had been consummated was not an act humiliation or degradation, or an act of wanton lust. It was an act of love and devotion by a Goddess who cares for her people and will do anything to ensure their survival. As she understood what had just happened, Quetzal was overcome with total joy, an indescribable happiness, belongingness, and love and she began to weep again for another reason. She was passing through a great trial for her people and very soon would complete it with flying colors. Soon she would lay eggs that would bring forth a new generation of Dragon Kin and replace the numbers of all those unfortunates who had died in the conflict with the humans. They truly were Dragon Kin, and she truly was the Mother of the People. She was finally a full-fledged Goddess. She now knew without any doubts that this is where she belonged and what she was meant to be.
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