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  2. Severity One.
  4. Capitalized Typing
  5. Using an excessive amount of capital letters in message.
  6. Determined by staff member.
  7. 1st Offence: Warn
  8. 2nd Offence: 10m Mute
  9. 3rd Offence: 30m Mute
  11. Spamming
  12. Excessive amount of sentences being sent within a short amount of time.
  13. Determined by staff member.
  14. 1st Offence: Warn
  15. 2nd Offence: 10m Mute
  16. 3rd Offence: 30m Mute
  18. Chat Flood
  19. Sending a message with using an excessive amount of random characters.
  20. Determined by staff member.
  21. 1st Offence: Warn
  22. 2nd Offence: 10m Mute
  23. 3rd Offence: 30m Mute
  25. Inappropriate Language
  26. Any kind of inappropriate language. Pairs with censor bypass. Such as being in a sexual regard.
  27. Determined by staff member.
  28. 1st Offence: Warn
  29. 2nd Offence: 30m Mute
  30. 3rd Offence: 3h Mute
  32. Spamming Vouchers / Bosses
  33. Placing or redeeming more than 3 in a row, within a short period of time.
  34. Determined by staff member.
  35. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  36. 2nd Offence: Kick
  37. 3rd Offence: 1h Ban.
  39. Spamming Unnecessary Commands
  40. Spamming commands that do not do anything such as /login.
  41. Determined by staff member.
  42. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  43. 2nd Offence: Kick
  44. 3rd Offence: 1h Ban
  46. Toxicity
  47. Displaying a rude or disrespectful attitude in what you say and/or the way you behave and spreading unnecessary hate. This applies universally, no specific context is needed.
  48. Determined by staff member.
  49. 1st Offence: Warn
  50. 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
  51. 3rd Offence: 6h Mute
  53. Hacksuating in global chat
  54. Calling someone out for hacking in public chat.
  55. Determined by staff member.
  56. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  57. 2nd Offence: Warn
  58. 3rd Offence: 10m Mute
  60. Exceeding Alt Limit
  61. Having more than X amount of accounts online on the same ip. Siblings count as an “alt”. If you AFK with your alts logged on and you are banned, the staff is not accountable for your ban.
  63. Neptune; 15 accounts allowed.
  64. Mars; 15 accounts allowed
  65. Jupiter; 15 accounts allowed
  67. 1st Offence: A verbal warning with 10 minutes to log all the accounts off.
  68. 2nd Offence: Kick Alts until Alt Limit Satisfied.
  69. 3rd Offence: 1h Ban to Main Account. - Kick all alts
  71. - Exceeding the alt limit with 4 or more accounts will be an IP-BAN - w/ appeal.
  73. - Applies to all realms unless individual announcement made.
  75. Misuse of /report
  76. Using /report for anything but reporting a player. Spamming /report is also misuse of /report.
  77. Determined by staff.
  78. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  79. 2nd Offence: Kick
  80. 3rd Offence: 1h Ban
  82. Staff Disrespect
  83. Disrespecting a staff member. This applies to nicknames and encouraging demotion/resignation of a targeted staff.
  84. Determined by staff.
  85. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  86. 2nd Offence: Warn
  87. 3rd Offence: 2h Mute
  88. 4th Offence: 24h Mute
  90. Server Disrespect
  91. Disrespecting the network. Applies universally.
  92. Determined by staff.
  93. 1st Offence: Warn
  94. 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
  95. 3rd Offence: 12h Mute
  97. Player Disrespect
  98. Disrespecting a player. Applies universally.
  99. Determined by staff.
  100. 1st Offence: Warn
  101. 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
  102. 3rd Offence: 12h Mute
  104. Harassment
  105. Continuous form of intimidations/aggressive behaviour
  107. Continuously trying to annoy/bother another player on purpose after they have asked you to stop.
  108. Determined by staff.
  109. 1st Offence: Warn
  110. 2nd Offence: 30m Mute
  111. 3rd Offence: 6h Mute
  113. Filter Bypass
  114. Bypassing filters in place to prevent certain things.
  115. 1st Offence: Warn
  116. 2nd Offence: 10m Mute
  117. 3rd Offence: 1h Mute
  119. Posting Outside Links in Chat
  120. (e.g. Links not related to Universe).
  121. 1st Offence: 10m Mute
  122. 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
  123. 3rd Offence: 12h Mute
  125. Self Advertising
  126. Not related to UniverseMC + Not being within the media team.
  127. 1st Offence: 10m Mute
  128. 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
  129. 3rd Offence: 12h Mute
  131. Nickname Abuse
  133. Nickname not related to your IGN, offensive, inappropriate in any way, impersonation etc.
  134. Determined by staff. If a staff member tells you to change it, change it, no exceptions.
  135. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  136. 2nd Offence: Warn
  137. 3rd Offence: Kick
  139. If proceeds to ignore, 1h ban.
  141. Inappropriate Faction Name
  142. Naming your faction that goes against any current rules.
  143. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  144. 2nd Offence: Force Faction Name Change.
  145. 3rd Offence: Disband
  147. If proceeds to ignore, ban person doing so for 1 day.
  150. English Only
  151. Speaking or using characters that are not English in global chat.
  152. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  153. 2nd Offence: 10m Mute
  154. 3rd Offence: 30m Mute
  157. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  159. Severity Two.
  161. Sensitive Topics
  162. Topics that may easily offend others and/or making fun of something that is a “hot topic”.
  163. Determined by staff.
  164. 1st Offence: Warn
  165. 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
  166. 3rd Offence: 12h Mute
  168. Forcing Bosses Into Spawn
  169. Leading or bringing bosses into safe zone areas so they cannot be killed. This includes any areas with damage protection, such as spawn.
  170. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn
  171. 2nd Offence: 1h Ban
  172. 3rd Offence: 12h Ban
  174. Pornographic Links or Pictures.
  175. 1st Offence: 24h Mute
  176. 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
  177. 3rd Offence: 7d Ban
  179. Racial/Religious/Derogatory Slurs
  180. Discrimination of ethnic background, race, religion, etc.
  181. Determined by staff.
  182. 1st Offence: 24h Mute
  183. 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
  184. 3rd Offence: 7d Ban
  186. Slander
  187. The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation. Applies to serious situations. Saying “you’re bad at the game” is not slander.
  188. Determined by staff.
  189. 1st Offence: 24h Mute
  190. 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
  191. 3rd Offence: 7d Ban
  193. Homophobic Slurs
  194. Disrespecting against someone’s sexuality - Showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.
  195. 1st Offence: 24h Mute
  196. 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
  197. 3rd Offence: 7d Ban
  199. Sexism
  200. Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of sex or gender.
  201. 1st Offence: 24h Mute
  202. 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
  203. 3rd Offence: 7d Ban
  205. Influencing Suicide / Self-Harm
  206. Encouraging suicide and/or self-harm in any way.
  207. 1st Offence: 24h Mute
  208. 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
  209. 3rd Offence: 7d Ban
  211. Inappropriate Buildings
  212. Building something that is going against any of our current rules and/or discriminating against a certain group.
  213. 1st Offence: Verbal Warn to Remove.
  214. 2nd Offence: Forcefully removed - Punishment in place for that realm - Player who built gets a 1d Ban.
  215. 3rd Offence: Punishment in place for that realm - Forcefully removed - Player who built gets a 7d Ban.
  217. Bug Abuse
  218. Abusing the way the game was meant to be made / violating something that was not meant to be there. - Defined by the management team.
  220. (Some common examples:Smiting through walls, smiting in ct, and f chesting in ct.)
  222. 1st Offence: 30d Ban
  223. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban
  225. Mute Evasion
  226. Evading a mute on any of your accounts by either going on another account or bypassing it in a way meaning you can still communicate.
  227. Saying it’s a sibling will not be accepted, you’re responsible for your IP.
  228. 1st Offence: 1d Ban
  229. 2nd Offence: 7d Ban
  230. 3rd Offence: 14d Ban
  232. Ban Evasion
  233. Evading a ban on any of your accounts by going on another account is strictly prohibited. If a sibling, you need to provide proof that you in fact have a sibling and share the same ip.
  234. Determined by staff.
  235. 1st Offence: Perm IP Ban w/ appeal
  236. 2nd Offence: Perm IP Ban w/o appeal
  237. 3rd Offence: Blacklist
  239. Admitted Blacklisted Modifications
  240. Admitting to using a restricted modification that is listed on the list or that is giving you an unfair advantage.
  241. Defined by the Management Team.
  242. 1st Offence: 14d Ban
  243. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban w/ appeal
  244. 3rd Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  246. Lying to a staff member/Failure to comply with a staff member (Within reason)
  247. Lying or not co-operating for your personal gain or gain of others.
  248. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/ appeal
  249. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  250. 3rd Offence: Blacklist
  252. IRL Trading
  253. Any kind of trade involving IRL money related to our server on any of our platforms. Being involved or doing one. Punishment executed against scammer & other person.
  254. Example: Selling buycraft rank purchases for in-game money/items. Selling buycraft item purchases for in-game money/items.
  255. Selling your account.
  256. Selling corner for paypal. ANY allusion to selling a corner is considered an IRL deal, no exceptions.
  257. Note: Selling in-game items (such as a double time sellwands) is allowed for other in-game items.
  258. Determined by staff (administrator level)
  260. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/appeal
  261. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  262. 3rd Offence: Blacklist
  264. Blacklisted Modifications
  265. Any kind of modification that can give you an advantage that the "average" player does not already have. Any mod that is currently said as a blacklisted modification is strictly prohibited.
  266. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/ appeal
  267. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  268. 3rd Offence: Blacklist
  270. Emptying Recycling Bin
  271. Emptying your recycling bin after being frozen is strictly prohibited and will be detected.
  272. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/ appeal
  273. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  274. 3rd Offence: Blacklist
  276. Doing /back in Enemy Land
  277. Doing /back into enemy land.
  278. 1st Offence: 30d Ban
  282. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  284. Severity Three.
  286. DDoS Threats
  287. Threatening or implying to “hit” another user offline regarding internet etc.
  288. Determined by staff. Suspected DDoSing and DDoxing is a valid reason to be screenshared, no exceptions.
  289. Determined by staff (administrator).
  291. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  292. 2nd Offence: Blacklist
  294. Dox / Dox Threats
  295. Leaking, exposing, or threatening to do the above to a user on the server, forums, or discord. The accuracy of the dox is not relevant.
  297. -Releasing Personal Information [Accuracy is irrelevant]
  298. -Posting links that have any sort of personal information
  299. -Speaking about personal information
  300. -Seriously implying that you will dox
  301. [Determined by staff, Jokes are not allowed]
  303. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  304. 2nd Offence: Blacklist
  306. SWAT Threats
  307. Threatening or implying to SWAT another user.
  308. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  309. 2nd Offence: Blacklist
  311. DDoS / SWAT Implications
  312. Doing these things to another user is strictly prohibited.
  313. 1st Offence: Blacklist
  315. Advertising
  316. Advertising or promoting anything that is not related to UniverseMC e.g Minecraft Servers, Businesses.
  317. 1st Offence: Perm Ban w/ appeal
  318. 2nd Offence: Perm Ban w/o appeal
  319. 3rd Offence: Blacklist
  321. Spam Bot / Bot
  322. Threatening to or spam botting/botting UniverseMC or any of its platforms.
  323. Determined by staff (administrator), being suspected to bot is enough to be banned. If you wish to prove your innocence, contact support/admin who banned you.
  324. 1st Offence: Blacklist
  326. Insiding
  327. Insiding your Island/Faction in anyway, (taking value that isn't yours,unclaiming land to cause your faction to get raided,tping enemies into base).
  329. DISCLAIMER: Once you place value in your faction’s land is is not considered yours, it is property of your faction leader as they own the faction. Only exception is personal boxes that have been explicitly specified as “player’s box” through means such as a wooden sign.
  331. 1st Offence: Perm Ban
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