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  1. Dear administration,
  3. The Angel Arrow user, as can be seen in the attached films, was clearly ahead of the road where there was a double continuous line and at the railroad crossing. Unfortunately, I noticed it too late and I was afraid that the user would collide with me. In the next video we can see that for no reason it brakes and stops in the middle of the road which causes a threat, I almost didn't hit him
  5. On the next attached video you can see that regardless of the fact that I'm driving and I have priority on the road it joins the traffic causing a collision
  11. I do not understand why I was banned for such behavior, and this user is considered dry. I started recording only when situations began to repeat frequently. My colleague also with his evidence sent a report but was also rejected. I believe that our joint evidence is significant evidence. In many situations, we had to brake to avoid collision, but the common behavior of this user was extremely annoying
  13. Here is the evidence of my friend
  17. Here is the recording from his stream on which he intentionally rams the car. On his broadcasts he often speaks very vulgarly about the prevailing situation. I understand that this does not apply to the game. I think that so much evidence means something and will allow this user to be punished
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