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  1. Name    Scientific Condition    Source      Picture (CC0 License/Public Domain, Modified FOR list standardization)
  3. Left Handed
  4. Sociopath       
  5. Green Eyes       
  6. Autism biggest. Bhyygb bob ggyfv bbgygbn bybcfb. Hi bhuv. Ugdxvbhn. Uggbn. Gfvhnjuggb by gyhbggghjnbvgg hfvbhyfvbnhgb he bg Bhutto. Hbhhb ee-clipart/Mans-head-silhouette/79733.html
  7. Twins Birth 28
  8. Psychopath    
  9. White Skin Patches  Vitiligo
  10. Both Eyes Different Colours Heterochromia       
  11. Extra Finger/Toes   Polydactyly    
  12. Above IQ 144    Gifted     
  13. Down Syndrome   Trisomy 21      
  14. Extra Hands/Legs    Polymelia     
  15. Abnormal Tumour Growth  Neurofibromatoses     
  16. Small Head  Microcephaly      
  17. Triplets Birth    
  18. Albino  Albinism       
  19. Exposed Brain   Anencephaly     
  20. Blind & Deaf     
  21. Mermaid Syndrome    Sirenomelia    
  22. Claw Like Hands Ectrodactyly     
  23. One Eye Cyclopia      
  24. Backwards Bending Knee  Genu recurvatum
  25. Gigantism   Gigantism     
  26. Genderless  Gonadal dysgenesis     
  27. Conjoined Twins Birth   Polycephaly     
  28. Red Plated Skin Harlequin Ichthyosis     
  29. Quadruplets Birth    
  30. Overgrowth of Bones/Skin    Proteus Syndrome     
  31. Above IQ 178    Profoundly Gifted     
  32. Conjoined Triplets Birth       
  33. Quintuplets Birth    
  34. RH-Null Blood Type    
  35. Treeman Syndrome    Epidermodysplasia verruciformis      
  36. Werewolf Syndrome   Hypertrichosis    
  37. >5 tuplets Births      
  38. Sperm Fertilizing
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