Feb 18th, 2013
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  1. [12:06:30] <Kain> Last time on Kaingame, you traversed an otherworldly vessel that wasn't all that difficult to be honest. You found quite a few potentially hilarious things after disassembling a war mech piece by piece, learned a bit of history about a different world, and discovered a few things related to the mysterious "Ambrosia" you guys all left back in Treno. Oh, and you've pretty much saved the lives
  2. [12:06:30] <Kain> of a bunch of ratpeople, but that hasn't been resolved quite yet! When we last left off, the ship's sensors had picked up an energy signature that could possibly belong to something that could provide more power to the ship... after a moment, the computer gives a visual of the scanned object - a chunk of pale green crystal that's chipped and fractured.
  3. [12:08:04] * Theta collects robuttbrainrepairkit as they presumably return to the ratfolk
  4. [12:08:36] * Lenore squiiint
  5. [12:08:49] <Lenore> "Oh man it's a Crystal! Weneedtogogetit!"
  6. [12:08:49] * Natalie spent this time rubbing the everloving fuck out of her forehead. Lewd! But as the pictures come on oh boy guess who's paying attention.
  7. [12:08:53] <Kain> Aside from the color, it looks identical to the crystal shards you've been collecting.
  8. [12:09:02] <Natalie> "Yeah c'mon let's go right now!"
  9. [12:09:14] <Kain> Then again, it's been hard finding a consistent color with those anyway.
  10. [12:09:52] <Natalie> The color means something but we'll never notice it because we're so densI MEAN YEAH CRYSTAL SHARD LET'S GO
  11. [12:10:02] * Theta turns his attention to it. "Green? Well that's a first for those."
  12. [12:10:31] * Amaryllis looks up from reading the history of the ship and turns toward the display.
  13. [12:10:49] * Amaryllis blinks. "But this ship is not even of this world - why would it have a shard of crystal?"
  14. [12:11:00] <Amaryllis> "...Unless the shard is one of another world's crystal."
  15. [12:11:04] <Natalie> "Why don't we ask it?"
  16. [12:11:20] * Natalie taps on her sparkly-clean ruby a couple times, ready to FUCKIN' GO.
  17. [12:11:40] * Theta nods, following along. "Only one way to find out."
  18. [12:13:08] * Natalie probably spearheads and equally likely gets lost because how do we even traverse this giant-ass ship goddamn
  19. [12:13:27] * Amaryllis nods, taking a look at the map to get a path back up to the garden and then shuffling along.
  20. [12:13:38] <Natalie> Telos Astue sure wasn't this big last time!
  21. [12:13:55] * Lenore starts running ahead alongside Nat~
  22. [12:14:24] <Kain> Well, the elevators aren't on security lockdown at least! Assuming you guys figure them out.
  23. [12:14:42] <Kain> There are certainly benefits to having the securty system under your control.
  24. [12:16:08] <Kain> But either way, you all eventually get back up to the first floor, heading for the roof. The crystal shard is in the garden on top of the ship, apparently. As you near the room where Ricard and the other nezumi were, you see one of the larger spider bots, mangled, somewhat nearby. Ricard and a few others are standing in the hallway, looking exhausted.
  25. [12:16:25] <Lenore> "Oh wow! Are you guys okay?"
  26. [12:16:59] * Natalie brushes her hair in the way of the ruby whoops. "Were they, uh, fighting?"
  27. [12:17:49] <Kain> Ricard looks up as you guys approach, leaning on his spear. "Yeah... Someone left to use the little boy's room and this thing set an ambush. We managed to fight it off... and then it just shut down instead of repairing itself. Did you guys do it?"
  28. [12:18:13] * Natalie winks and gives a thumbs-up like an anime character.
  29. [12:18:43] * Theta nods to the hamsterman. "We also found your lost personel."
  30. [12:19:01] <Kain> Ricard breathes a sigh of relief. "We owe you a great debt of gratitude."
  31. [12:20:09] <Natalie> "Well it wasn't THAT tough..."
  32. [12:20:13] <Kain> Ricard: "I'll be sure to tell everyone the ship is safe now... and maybe then we can finally go home."
  33. [12:20:15] <Lenore> "Glad to be of service~"
  34. [12:20:18] <Theta> "The ship should be free to traverse at the moment, and the teleportation systems enabled again, I believe."
  35. [12:20:19] * Natalie considers scavenging the spiderbot but decides to spare the GM.
  36. [12:20:45] <Amaryllis> "We should wait to return as a group though, I believe."
  37. [12:20:57] <Amaryllis> "The journey back to New Cleyra would be safer that way."
  38. [12:21:42] <Kain> Ricard nods. "Alright, let me know when you're ready to go back, then."
  39. [12:22:30] <Natalie> The moeblob gives him a wave. "Nnnn, yeah, we just gotta check a thing. We'll be back soon, 'kay?"
  40. [12:22:34] <Amaryllis> "We have just a little sight-seeing to conclude first." Ammy nods to the others and continues shuffling up to the garden.
  41. [12:23:07] <Kain> Ricard: "Good luck, then."
  42. [12:23:56] * Theta follows as well considering the broccoli crystal is the most pressing issue at the moment.\
  43. [12:25:49] <Kain> On top of the ship - how does exterior garden into space anyway - you walk along the soft, green grass towards the front of the ship, where a sparkly green crystal is embedded in the ground, with a bit of a skid of dirt trailing from it from the north - it looks like the crystal landed at a decent speed and then slid.
  44. [12:26:08] * Natalie rushes up to meet it. Kyaaaa~
  45. [12:26:16] <Kain> This particular area is in the midst of a few trees and flowery bushes, too.
  46. [12:27:11] * Amaryllis looks up, following the trail of where the crystal would have had to come in to impact the ship like this. Then shuffles up to examine it more closely, reaching into her bag and searching for the omega lego crystal.
  47. [12:27:14] <Kain> The crystal shard just lays there, sparkling dimly in the afternoon light.
  48. [12:27:35] <Kain> Definitely came from the north, but from where, and how did it get this high?
  49. [12:27:38] <Natalie> SNATCH
  50. [12:27:53] <Kain> Nat snatches the shard before lego crystal engages.
  51. [12:28:07] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  52. [12:28:14] <Kain> "...."
  53. [12:28:17] <Natalie> "~"
  54. [12:28:22] * Lenore follows more slowly, looking around carefully...
  55. [12:29:05] * Natalie does, at least, let Ammy examine it, after a few sniffs to make sure this is genuine crystal material. Weird color and all.
  56. [12:29:10] <Kain> Sparklesparkle. This area is quite a beautiful garden. A carefully cultivated park with an artificial river and a little white bridge crossing it. Huuuh.
  57. [12:29:29] <Kain> It's definitely genuine.
  58. [12:29:32] <Kain> At least
  59. [12:29:34] <Kain> you think so!
  60. [12:29:45] <Kain> And if Nat thinks so, it's gotta be right!
  61. [12:29:46] <Kain> Right/
  62. [12:29:47] <Natalie> "Yeah, it's totally real." Well who's gonna doubt THAT?
  63. [12:29:47] <Kain> ?
  64. [12:29:48] * Theta looks over the garden confused. "Didn't Ricard mention two of his men came here as well to retrieve something?"
  65. [12:29:54] <Natalie> Eidolons are always right.
  66. [12:29:58] <Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  67. [12:30:02] * Amaryllis turns over the new shard in her hands a few times. "Should we see if they are around?"
  68. [12:30:39] <Theta> "And this seems a rather odd...addition to a vessel suited for traversing between worlds." He points at the bridge and river.
  69. [12:31:10] <Amaryllis> (has science advanced enough on Gaia for us to understand the concept of space being a vacuum and all that? :V)
  70. [12:31:19] <Natalie> "Maybe they just wanted to relax while they world-traveled? Looks like a great place for a nap..."
  71. [12:31:25] <Amaryllis> (or do we still think it's AETHER?)
  72. [12:31:34] <Kain> Hm, you know, that's a pretty good question.
  73. [12:31:35] <Lenore> (GREAT AETHER)
  74. [12:31:51] <Kain> Let's say that the exact science of space has not been nailed down quite yet.
  75. [12:31:52] <Theta> (I figured Theta would least have an IDEA of how it works cause he's from a world where they, ya know. ate other planets.)
  76. [12:31:58] <Kain> I mean, Ricard wants to jump to the moon
  77. [12:32:05] <Kain> You figure he'd think that was a bad idea if science
  78. [12:32:35] <Amaryllis> (yeah but does Theta have enough Terra memories to know that?)
  79. [12:32:56] <Kain> (Oh, sure. Theta can know then)
  80. [12:33:01] <Theta> (audino. THE MOON IS NOW CHEESE.)
  81. [12:33:06] <Theta> (LET'S EAT IT.)
  82. [12:33:08] <Natalie> (but wasn't it always?)
  83. [12:33:14] <Anise> (that's why all the rats want to jump to it :3c)
  84. [12:33:25] <Kain> Though while speaking of it, you spy two Nezumi in dragoon armor sitting over on a bench in the distance. It doesn't look like they're... doing anything really, just relaxing.
  85. [12:33:36] <Lenore> "Oh, there they are!"
  86. [12:33:52] <Amaryllis> "Shall we take these somewhere more discreet first?" Ammy holds up the two crystals, one in each hand.
  87. [12:33:58] <Natalie> Well they sure aren't crystal-hunting! Considering somebody with no awareness to speak of spotted the thing in like, not even a second.
  88. [12:34:12] <Kain> Ammy can feel a pull in each hand, almost like magnets. Whoa, nelly.
  89. [12:34:31] <Theta> (now magnets, he doesn't know shit about them.)
  90. [12:34:42] <Amaryllis> (how do they work?)
  91. [12:34:42] * Natalie snags the little guy back from Ammy then, giving her a nod. "Yeah, let's go somewhere quiet."
  92. [12:34:54] <Kain> (Fuckin' magnets)
  93. [12:35:18] * Amaryllis looks around for a place that might be better suited to crystal legos
  94. [12:36:29] <Kain> Well, that's kind of hard to define, anywhere would be good, really?
  95. [12:36:37] <Theta> (just stick them down your shirt.)
  96. [12:36:38] <Natalie> Indoors, in an empty room.
  97. [12:36:42] <Lenore> (^)
  98. [12:37:16] <Kain> Alright, you head back inside for the moment, and find an empty room~
  99. [12:37:23] <Amaryllis> Somewhere where we won't be disturbed, so yeah that works.
  100. [12:38:30] <Kain> Alright then, LEGO TIME
  101. [12:38:54] * Natalie gets ready to lego it yeah, beaming.
  102. [12:38:55] * Amaryllis holds up the bigger lego
  103. [12:39:03] <Natalie> Wonder Twin powers...
  104. [12:39:05] <Natalie> ACTIVATE
  105. [12:39:11] <Kain> The crystal shard aheres to the lump that's growing increasingly large and awkward, sending a green pulse of energy through it. The entire chunk glows blue, then red, then green a moment, then blue again.
  106. [12:39:53] <Amaryllis> Resistance is futile little crystal. Prepare to be assimilated.
  107. [12:40:29] <Kain> 12,0The stability is slowly being restored...
  108. [12:40:36] <Natalie> :D
  109. [12:40:39] <Lenore> :D
  110. [12:41:03] <Natalie> "Yeah, it's still taking a while, sorry 'bout that."
  111. [12:41:04] <Kain> The crystal glows and levitates a bit.
  112. [12:41:12] <Natalie> memories memories gimme gimme c'mon c'mon
  113. [12:41:27] <Kain> 12,0You are doing well, do not worry.
  114. [12:41:39] <Lenore> ~~~~
  115. [12:41:43] <Amaryllis> "What world did this newest shard come from?" Ammy cuts right to the chase, knowing this thing has limited talky time usually.
  116. [12:43:18] <Kain> 12,0From a world that was one and yet three, a distant place that was once threatened to be overtaken by oblivion.
  117. [12:44:23] <Kain> 12,0The next crystal shards....
  118. [12:44:26] <Amaryllis> "Was that world assimilated by Terra? It seems not, by this ship's records. And yet its shard comes to us. Why? Why are the shards of other dying or dead worlds converging upon ours?"
  119. [12:44:30] <Kain> 12,0....
  120. [12:44:38] <Natalie> "Three? Uh..."
  121. [12:44:39] <Lenore> "Yeah, that's pretty weird..."
  122. [12:44:39] <Amaryllis> "Do they perhaps sense the return of Chaos?"
  123. [12:44:46] * Natalie rubrubrub. Her own ruby of course silly misinterpretations.
  124. [12:44:59] <Kain> 12,0This shard was not of the world this vessel came from.
  125. [12:45:17] <Lenore> "Oh! Okay."
  126. [12:45:25] <Theta> "Of course not. This shard fell. Tossed. Something. On it."
  127. [12:45:31] <Natalie> "Oh, I get it, you really are from somewhere else!" Nat droops. "That means you don't have any memories of me, do you..."
  128. [12:45:45] <Kain> 12,0One moment...
  129. [12:45:50] <Natalie> Kya!
  130. [12:46:27] <Amaryllis> "Then the world this shard came from was one of those taken by Terra after all? I see."
  131. [12:47:33] <Kain> Natalie for a moment sees a pulse in her head. A castle with walls made of throbbing flesh and bones, treacherous floors suspended over lava, a terrible, predatory green beast with a ruby set in its- wait a minute, the vision stopped. 12,0Wrong one.
  132. [12:47:48] <Natalie> "Ack."
  133. [12:48:33] <Amaryllis> "Is something the matter Nat?"
  134. [12:48:50] <Natalie> "... Just a nightmare."
  135. [12:48:57] * Natalie tries to rub her eyes to get rid of that.
  136. [12:51:31] <Lenore> "Sure you're okay?"
  137. [12:51:32] <Kain> After a moment, she instead gets a vision of a standoff between what appears to be Carbuncle in the past, an unknown woman on her side, fighting against three mages in insect-like armor. A tall, thin one, a tiny child, and a bulky healer. This one's shaky, like watching it through a pool of water with static running through it, but momentarily you see a flash of lightning bounced between
  138. [12:51:32] <Kain> Carbuncle and the bulky mage's Reflects, back and forth, after a moment, the larger one's shield finally gives and a lightning bolt pierces the group.
  139. [12:52:39] * Natalie zones out for a minute. Unfortunately we can't call that 'going into a trance' because that's a mechanic from this game. Ha ha!
  140. [12:52:58] <Kain> 12,0The shards on this continent... cannot be narrowed down any further at present.
  141. [12:53:00] <Natalie> "Nnnn... whoa."
  142. [12:53:09] <Amaryllis> "What about on other continents?"
  143. [12:53:26] <Natalie> "I didn't even know Reflect could DO that.... thanks!"
  144. [12:53:31] <Kain> 12,0There is a distinct energy building at Madain Sari.
  145. [12:53:36] * Amaryllis looks to Nat. "Did you recover a memory?"
  146. [12:53:48] <Theta> "Distinct?"
  147. [12:54:10] <Lenore> "Does that mean you know what it's from?"
  148. [12:54:13] <Natalie> "Uh-huh! I was fighting... three people, I think? They were dressed kinda buggy, and looked pretty silly too."
  149. [12:54:16] <Kain> 12,0It is an energy like the that of the crystal.
  150. [12:54:21] <Natalie> "Lots and lots of reflecting."
  151. [12:54:28] <Kain> 12,0And yet it is growing in power.
  152. [12:54:50] <Lenore> "Does that mean someone's putting together another part of the Crystal?"
  153. [12:54:53] <Kain> 12,0It could be that others are assembling crystal shards as well. In this fractured state it is impossible to tell.
  154. [12:55:06] * Natalie turns back to the crystal. "Yeah, sorry we lost one shard... but we'll get it back, promise! And uh, hopefully get as many of the others as we can."
  155. [12:55:14] <Amaryllis> "Intriguing."
  156. [12:56:35] <Amaryllis> "Tell me," Ammy glances once to Nat before turning to the Crystal again. "are all memories you keep of the Eidolons those of Gaia? What I have read on this ship suggests that the very same legends persist between different worlds, or at least Bahamut does, down to the physical appearance of the creature."
  157. [12:57:46] <Natalie> OH OH OH OH
  158. [12:57:49] <Kain> 12,0There are pieces of others. Fragments.
  159. [12:58:00] <Natalie> How similar was the Carbuncle in the vision to the plushie from the Ragtime Mouse's carnival?
  160. [12:58:12] * Natalie pulls that out and looks at it to reflect on the memory in more depths.
  161. [12:58:15] <Natalie> Ha ha, reflect.
  162. [12:58:17] <Natalie> Pun intended.
  163. [12:59:00] <Kain> This plushie is definitely Carbuncle, but there are a few differences from how you remember seeing yourself. Similarly, the thing in your vision just now was a huge, savage beast.
  164. [12:59:47] <Natalie> Oh, so it was the same 5-werebeast version as the one before it? Freaky!
  165. [13:00:06] <Amaryllis> (I think Tree's asking about what form it was during the fight vs Magus Sisters)
  166. [13:00:10] <Kain> Oh
  167. [13:00:16] <Natalie> (Oh, I thought that was what he was answering)
  168. [13:00:31] <Kain> In THAT vision it was definitely you.
  169. [13:00:38] <Kain> FFIX carbuncle.
  170. [13:00:42] <Natalie> Oh okay gotcha
  171. [13:00:42] <Theta> (carbuncle more like confusedbunches)
  172. [13:00:49] <Kain> The plushie is FF8 carbuncle
  173. [13:01:55] * Natalie stares at it s'more then. "... Just a little different. The ears're a little weird, tail's a different shape..." Pinch, pinch, she messes with the plushie slightly. "I don't think I actually SAW me any of the other times."
  174. [13:02:08] <Natalie> "Buuuut this one's got the idea right!"
  175. [13:02:49] <Kain> The vision you just had called to mind the vision of Cid I and Alexander you had, where you indeed saw yourself.
  176. [13:03:01] <Kain> IIRC anyway
  177. [13:03:12] <Natalie> ... Oh right, that wasn't from a crystal though. Counts!
  178. [13:05:08] <Natalie> "Well, there was once, but there was that other guy and the big rainbowy stuff I did so I couldn't see me that great... my summoner THIS time was someone else," she nods and passes it off like it was nothing.
  179. [13:06:24] <Theta> "How did this shard end up here anyway? Is that something you can even convey?"
  180. [13:07:31] <Lenore> "Hmmm..."
  181. [13:07:48] <Amaryllis> "It appears to me that throughout all the different worlds, the idea of Eidolons as mythical guardian creatures seems to persist, though under different names and different forms. However - what I found curious is that Gaia seems to have had two races who could summon these Eidolons. One we are all quite familiar with - they lived in Madain Sari before its fall. And I would wager, essentially being humans, that they were similar t
  182. [13:07:49] <Amaryllis> o whatever summoners existed in the other worlds."
  183. [13:07:55] <Amaryllis> "The other..."
  184. [13:08:16] <Kain> 9,0Star shining brightly / From the heavens we came down / The wind is our guide
  185. [13:08:17] <Amaryllis> "Are there stories within your memories of other worlds of Tonberries, as either summoner or Eidolon?"
  186. [13:08:48] <Theta> "...So, uhm, the moon?"
  187. [13:09:16] <Amaryllis> (maaaybe a solar wind? But we don't have enough SCIENCE to theory that)
  188. [13:09:19] <Kain> 12,0Tonberries were a people of Terra that practiced the summoning arts.
  189. [13:09:22] * Natalie steps back once Ammy goes into storymode.
  190. [13:09:49] <Amaryllis> "Are they one and the same with the Tonberries who once practiced the summoning arts on Gaia?"
  191. [13:09:56] <Kain> 12,0Yes.
  192. [13:10:29] <Kain> 12,0The failed merger of the worlds brought them here.
  193. [13:10:39] <Amaryllis> Furious scribbling happening in Ammy's journal as this exchange happens. "I see."
  194. [13:11:40] <Natalie> Natty does some head-tilts left and right, like her friend's in a totally different world or something.
  195. [13:11:43] <Amaryllis> "And that is the only other world for which you have memories of them?"
  196. [13:11:44] * Lenore nodnods along.
  197. [13:11:55] <Kain> Theta doesn't really get a response from the 'green' voice, but he gets a sort of feeling that suggests no, that isn't the case.
  198. [13:12:20] <Kain> 12,0At the moment, yes.
  199. [13:13:06] <Kain> 12,0...However.
  200. [13:13:13] <Amaryllis> "I see. I wonder, if the summoners of Madain Sari learned from them, or if they developed their arts independently."
  201. [13:13:39] <Amaryllis> "However?"
  202. [13:14:18] <Lenore> "...however...?"
  203. [13:14:29] <Natalie> "However!"
  204. [13:15:25] <Kain> 12,0Perhaps looking a bit back further is needed. One of the worlds that Terra assimilated once had them as well. A ruined people that wandered the ruins of a different civilization long extinct, their king making his lonely march.
  205. [13:15:47] <Lenore> " you mean Odin?"
  206. [13:16:25] <Kain> 12,0Nay, the Tonberry King is the one spoken of.
  207. [13:16:36] <Lenore> "Er, right, Odin died in battle..."
  208. [13:17:09] <Amaryllis> "They were merely ruin dwellers then? what?"
  209. [13:17:37] <Kain> 12,0That is a story long past, for another time.
  210. [13:17:37] <Theta> "As far as I can tell the title of 'Summoner' was less restrictive on Terra than it is here in general."
  211. [13:18:04] <Kain> 12,0The light of the crystal is growing weaker...
  212. [13:18:19] <Amaryllis> "I would like to hear that story sometime." Ammy frowns. :<
  213. [13:19:09] <Natalie> "We'll fix it!" Nat deactivates patient listener mode and peps up. "I feel a bunch of my powers coming back, so we're definitely getting closer!"
  214. [13:21:37] <Kain> Any last questions?
  215. [13:22:19] <Lenore> Nope!
  216. [13:22:38] <Amaryllis> "By what means are the memories you restore to Carbuncle preserved? I have requisitioned the help of a great mage to reproduce those effects, but I do not yet know if his efforts have bourne fruit."
  217. [13:22:51] * Natalie peps up. "Ammy..."
  218. [13:23:27] <Kain> 12,0All memory of a world is within the crystal. It is only a matter of what pieces may be found within these fragments.
  219. [13:23:47] <Kain> 12,0The crystal itself is memory.
  220. [13:25:03] * Amaryllis furrows her brow. "In practical terms, what does that mean for what may be done?"
  221. [13:25:24] <Natalie> "Well it's not like I can just make my own crystal or something. So he probably meant what he said about his thing... right?"
  222. [13:26:25] <Amaryllis> "If there is still a missing piece to this research when we return, I would not like to return empty-handed when I have had a chance to fill in the blanks. Perhaps another one's memories may be turned to a physical crystal?"
  223. [13:27:12] <Amaryllis> "After all, some of the memories you have shown her are not from her perspective, that is to say, not how her own memories of those events would have been kept..."
  224. [13:27:24] <Kain> The crystal begins to speak once again, but the light fades before it can become intelligible.
  225. [13:27:45] <Natalie> "Oh, yeah. I was seeing it as me a few times, but this time I just watched me and my summoner versus the three... whatevertheywere."
  226. [13:28:27] * Theta shakes the broccoligem. "Curious how they always run out of energy as we find them."
  227. [13:28:37] <Amaryllis> "Oh sod it. I apologize if you had further questions. I thought it would last longer this time, for how much effort we have put into assembling them."
  228. [13:28:39] <Natalie> "But I didn't like, feel what I was thinking then or anything."
  229. [13:28:55] <Kain> Shakeshake
  230. [13:28:57] <Kain> Rattlerattle
  231. [13:29:06] <Kain> Doesn't seem to make it flicker or anything :<
  232. [13:29:26] * Natalie POWERS UP TO SHOOT LASERS AT IT just kidding but that's a hilarious idea to note down for the future
  233. [13:29:43] <Lenore> "Aw. So, uh, anyway."
  234. [13:29:59] <Lenore> "I guess we're supposed to use the crystal to power the ship? Or at least, that's what we're going to have to do."
  235. [13:30:05] <Natalie> "It's okay, we got what we needed! Thanks for trying to help, Ammy, but..."
  236. [13:30:07] <Natalie> "..."
  237. [13:30:16] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, how ARE we gonna get back?"
  238. [13:30:21] <Kain> Oh uh
  239. [13:30:27] <Kain> I guess it wasn't made clear but
  240. [13:30:29] <Amaryllis> "We can simply activate the teleportation circle again."
  241. [13:30:50] <Kain> The entire reason you guys went to the control room was to reroute power from the security systems to the teleporter.
  242. [13:30:51] * Amaryllis hefts the now-fused crystal. "We cannot really leave our Crystal here to power a ship, after all."
  243. [13:30:53] <Kain> It's active, now.
  244. [13:30:54] <Lenore> "Oh, right..."
  245. [13:31:14] <Natalie> "Can... we?"
  246. [13:32:41] <Amaryllis> "The question is what will become of this ship after we leave. The records implied that the teleportation circle could not be kept active for long under the ship's current power."
  247. [13:33:25] <Theta> "I imagine with the security system disabled there will be a bit more leeway there, but," shrug.
  248. [13:33:32] <Natalie> "Well, is there anything else that can power it up?"
  249. [13:33:46] <Natalie> "I mean, if the crystal can power it, we all know I'm part of the crystal, sooooo...."
  250. [13:33:52] * Natalie sparks off some tiny lasers.
  251. [13:34:11] <Amaryllis> "What is...uranium?" Ammy says the word awkwardly, recalling it from the records. "Some form of powerful magical reagent?"
  252. [13:34:19] <Lenore> "Probably!":
  253. [13:34:31] <Kain> None of you have any clue.
  254. [13:34:38] <Kain> Not even Theta. D:
  255. [13:34:44] <Lenore> "Not one I've heard of, though, maybe my dad has?"
  256. [13:35:01] <Amaryllis> "Shall we ask him upon our return then?"
  257. [13:35:21] <Natalie> "Yeah! Besides, aren't we gonna come back to bring Am.... Am.... Amb...."
  258. [13:35:29] * Natalie droops. "... Can't remember her name already."
  259. [13:35:39] <Amaryllis> "Ambrosia."
  260. [13:36:01] <Natalie> "Right!"
  261. [13:36:22] <Lenore> "Right!"
  262. [13:36:29] <Theta> "Well, that's not her actual name, but speaking of which I should probably make with haste for that if we are to depart soon."
  263. [13:36:38] <Lenore> "But first we have to bring proof we were here to my, what was our proof again?"
  264. [13:36:54] * Amaryllis hefts the nuke cannon with a smile. :D
  265. [13:37:06] * Natalie points to the warmech eye oh god are we gonna disagree on this?
  266. [13:37:20] * Amaryllis also shows off the bottle of wine.
  267. [13:37:28] <Amaryllis> "We have taken more than enough souvenirs, I believe."
  268. [13:37:51] <Amaryllis> DO we have a maid spiderbot? If we don't, we're grabbing one to take back.
  269. [13:37:59] <Amaryllis> It will serve Theta's household.
  270. [13:39:09] <Kain> The spiderbot peeks out of Ammy's sack awkwardly.
  271. [13:39:13] <Kain> Maid headband and all.
  272. [13:39:23] <Natalie> MOE
  273. [13:39:31] <Natalie> SO MOE I'M GONNA DIokay we should probably get moving
  274. [13:39:31] <Kain> Prickles :<'s at it and pushes it back down.
  275. [13:39:32] <Amaryllis> Sugoi.
  276. [13:39:40] * Natalie is still totes wearing Prickles, right?
  277. [13:39:48] <Amaryllis> "Mr. Prickles, that is so rude."
  278. [13:39:52] <Kain> He's hanging around at least.
  279. [13:40:03] <Kain> "My apologies, but they... bug me for some reason."
  280. [13:40:33] * Theta stares at Mr. Prickles.
  281. [13:40:40] * Lenore staaaaaaaaare.
  282. [13:40:48] * Natalie wears at Mr. Prickles. Hahahaha get it that's a okay that's stupid
  283. [13:40:49] <Kain> Prickles staaaaares back with his soulless, vacant cactuar eyes.
  284. [13:40:51] <Natalie> ONWARD.
  285. [13:41:07] <Natalie> "Nnnn, so what were we gonna do next, again? Go back?"
  286. [13:41:07] <Kain> You can't win a staring contest with a cactuar.
  287. [13:41:31] <Amaryllis> "Anyhow," Ammy pats the maidspider reassuringly. "Yes, we shall. Let us find the rest of the Nezumi first and then return."
  288. [13:42:42] * Natalie gives a little 'uh-huh' nod and gets in walkymode, tagging close to Ammy instead of spearheading.
  289. [13:42:49] <Kain> An indefinite period passes in which we can do a retroactive something later just in case.
  290. [13:43:21] <Kain> And then you guys go to collect the Nezumi. Ricard is waiting for you in the refugees' room.
  291. [13:43:30] <Kain> They all look over a bit expectantly.
  292. [13:45:24] <Theta> Retroactive more like LAME. Theta slips off to the forth floor before leaving.
  293. [13:45:37] <Kain> Oh WELL then.
  294. [13:45:48] <Kain> Okay, Theta seems to be slipping off - anyone following him?
  295. [13:45:52] * Natalie invokes the spirit of CURIOSITY and trails behind because that seems more fun.
  296. [13:46:10] * Amaryllis sighs and follows Nat.
  297. [13:46:11] * Lenore also follows along, happily~. Anything is good with her~
  298. [13:46:32] <Kain> Suddenly it's a group trip!
  299. [13:47:09] <Natalie> Mr. Prickles comes too! Because he gets carried along.
  300. [13:47:27] <Kain> Theta finds himself walking down a much more open area - the fourth floor is a ring of rooms surrounding an absolutely gigantic core - you have no idea how this thing doesn't intrude on the third and fifth floors, maybe it's just clever design.
  301. [13:47:50] <Natalie> *JRPGs*
  302. [13:48:03] <Kain> Prickles squibs in wonder at the place.
  303. [13:48:45] <Amaryllis> "This is the power source for the ship?" What is 'radiation poisoning'? Fuck if any of us know. Let's go get cancer.
  304. [13:49:02] <Natalie> LASERSHIELD
  305. [13:49:17] <Lenore> YEAH CANCER
  306. [13:49:35] * Theta navigates through this level to the room he looked up earlier.
  307. [13:49:35] * Natalie srsly intuits an invisible shield because why not, fluff lets you do that kind of nonsense. Cancer protection! ... Not that she has any idea what radiation is so it's probably accidental.
  308. [13:49:56] <Natalie> "Yeah, Mr. Delta, what ARE you looking for?"
  309. [13:50:14] <Kain> In any case, the Chief Engineer's room is nearby. Entering, it's a modest little room. There's a double bed in the room, and a number of pictures on the nightstand and on the wall - holy shit, they're in color. This looks a great deal more comfortable than the admiral's room, even. There's a nice, leather armchair, a closet full of men and women's clothes...
  310. [13:51:36] * Theta looks at the pictures on the nightstand before turning to the closet.
  311. [13:51:41] <Amaryllis> Is Nat gonna initiate DRESS-UP TIME? Ammy isn't, she's looking at the pictures.
  312. [13:51:45] <Natalie> Yes.
  313. [13:51:55] <Kain> There's also a computer in here
  314. [13:51:56] * Lenore squints at color photoes.
  315. [13:52:11] <Natalie> "Whoa, this place is nice-looking!" Instead of actually waiting for an answer to that question she goes straight for the clothes to 1,1see what sizes they're in.
  316. [13:53:04] <Kain> The pictures show the young man, Lucian, that passingly resembles Theta, and...
  317. [13:54:28] <Kain> Ambrosia. She's smiling a lot in these pictures, standing next to the guy. In some of them, he's carrying her piggyback, in others they're hanging out in the garden with a vast night sky around them. One shows her in a wedding dress and him in a tux, too. ...Oh dear.
  318. [13:54:44] * Lenore stare.
  319. [13:54:50] <Amaryllis> "How curious."
  320. [13:55:01] <Kain> They're sized for Ambrosia - Which is to say they probably fit Nat.
  321. [13:55:13] <Lenore> "T-theta d-did you and Ambrosia..."
  322. [13:55:20] <Natalie> Man, it's weird to imagine them being the same size for some reason. Dunno what that reason is.
  323. [13:55:22] <Kain> There's all kinds of odd future fashions in here...
  324. [13:56:07] <Natalie> "Hey, these all fit me!" Nat rushes back into the crowd of the others to see what they're all getting into. "You think there was a-"
  325. [13:56:14] * Natalie spots the photos. "... Oh."
  326. [13:56:24] * Lenore sniff.
  327. [13:56:59] <Theta> "Huh? Did we what?" He starts to collect the photos in his bag.
  328. [13:57:00] <Kain> Theta only bears a passing resemblance, silly. Looking closer it's definitely not him. But emotional mages, silly people. Time for Theta to do some explaining, looks like.
  329. [13:58:10] <Theta> He looks over to Nat putting the dresses on as well. "Uhm."
  330. [13:58:22] * Natalie just checked to see if they DID fit, having put them all back.
  331. [13:58:24] <Natalie> ...
  332. [13:58:26] <Lenore> "D-did you..."
  333. [13:58:26] <Theta> "Well presuming those are hers probably should take them as well."
  334. [13:58:27] <Natalie> Okay maybe she tried one on.
  335. [13:58:42] <Lenore> (Are they lax future morals fashion?)
  336. [13:58:49] <Natalie> The real question is, are they like, poofy and shit or easy to move around in?
  337. [13:58:51] <Natalie> This is important.
  338. [13:59:28] <Kain> Some of them are obnoxious gothic lolita like what Notbuncle favors. Some of it is more like what Sophia wore in Star Ocean.
  339. [13:59:35] <Kain> There's a lot of variety.
  340. [13:59:57] <Natalie> oh god Sophia's default outfit is the cutest
  341. [13:59:59] <Kain> So, both?
  342. [14:00:00] <Natalie> 2d6+3 thievery
  343. [14:00:00] * Amaryllis is standing back, watching the awkward unfold between Theta and Lenore.
  344. [14:00:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, thievery: 10 [2d6=2,5]
  345. [14:00:08] <Kain> Nat steals clothes.
  346. [14:00:26] <Lenore> (Oh man does it include the unzippable pants?)
  347. [14:00:30] <Theta> " can pilfer them. Yes."
  348. [14:00:32] <Kain> It does.
  349. [14:00:34] * Natalie actually just follows Theta's advice and takes them.
  350. [14:00:43] <Natalie> "Same thing! We'll give them to her when we get back."
  351. [14:00:52] * Theta looks to Lenore confused.
  352. [14:01:02] * Lenore sniffs, looking at the pictures some more...squint......
  353. [14:01:13] <Lenore> "Oh...they're...not you."
  354. [14:01:16] <Lenore> "...I'm sorry."
  355. [14:01:17] <Kain> Poor Theta.
  356. [14:01:22] <Kain> So oblivious
  357. [14:01:29] * Lenore runs out the room red as a beet.
  358. [14:01:31] <Natalie> SO JAPANESE
  359. [14:01:38] <Natalie> IT'S LIKE WE'RE REALLY IN AN ANIME
  360. [14:01:46] <Theta> "...Huh."
  361. [14:01:50] <Natalie> 1,1Are there any swimsuits in this closet?
  362. [14:01:55] <Natalie> 1,1Can we do the beach episode next?
  363. [14:01:56] <Amaryllis> "Well then."
  364. [14:01:57] <Natalie> 1,1Pretty please?
  365. [14:02:01] * Theta looks back over the photos. "He doesn't even have a tail!"
  366. [14:03:22] <Kain> There are totally swimsuits. One piece swimsuits.
  367. [14:03:28] <Amaryllis> "How would Theta have even gotten on board this ship before now?" Ammy muses to herself, chuckling at Lenore.
  368. [14:03:35] <Amaryllis> (what have you done)
  369. [14:03:49] <Natalie> One of them mysteriously disappears.
  370. [14:04:48] <Natalie> Anyway Nat grabs a shitbunch of them to give back to Amby like a respectable citizen and approaches the others again. "... She looks like she was really happy."
  371. [14:05:11] <Kain> Makes you wonder how long ago this was.
  372. [14:05:20] <Kain> The spiderbots probably keep everything disturbingly clean.
  373. [14:05:27] <Natalie> "I feel like I was pretty happy in all the memories I got back too... in a, um, different way."
  374. [14:05:31] <Kain> Not a spec of dust in here.
  375. [14:06:09] <Kain> Other things in the room include a toolbox of some kind, and the aforementioned computer.
  376. [14:06:14] <Theta> "She anything that might have belonged to her here will be coming with us," He continues to collect small things around the room before turning to the computer. Where is Lenore hiding at anyway?
  377. [14:06:48] <Natalie> "Gotcha! I have a buncha pockets... ooh, might borrow this one."
  378. [14:06:51] <Natalie> 1,1Any jewelry?
  379. [14:07:02] <Kain> She ran out of the room, possibly in another room along the engineering floor's ring.
  380. [14:07:06] <Lenore> ^
  381. [14:07:15] <Amaryllis> "...It will be difficult for her to find out that so much of what made her happy in this life is gone now, though." Ammy shuffles around the room, looking around. "Certainly this man is long dead at least." She says quietly.
  382. [14:07:24] <Kain> You don't see much in the way of jewelry, though roll an awareness, Nat.
  383. [14:07:29] <Natalie> 2d6 kya!
  384. [14:07:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, kya!: 5 [2d6=1,4]
  385. [14:07:45] <Kain> kyaaaaa
  386. [14:07:49] <Kain> You don't spot anything :C
  387. [14:08:28] <Amaryllis> "Shall we be leaving soon?" Ammy tries not to sound rude, though it's clear she's antsy to get back to Treno ASAP.
  388. [14:08:29] <Natalie> "No way, Ammy! That's how it is for me too," clearly she doesn't spot things because she's busy talking, what a silly, "but it's not that bad! ... Um, I guess I forgot most of them, but you know."
  389. [14:09:35] <Amaryllis> "Not everyone feels the same way about the past, or about facing eternity without a loved one."
  390. [14:10:55] <Theta> "Just trying to make sure I don't miss anything," he says as he pokes at the screen. "I could meet up with you in a bit if you wish to go ahead."
  391. [14:11:05] <Natalie> "Then I'll teach her! It's sad, but she can still be happy."
  392. [14:11:17] * Natalie gives Theta a nod and finishes carrying away the clothes.
  393. [14:12:04] * Amaryllis sighs and glances around without moving from her spot for books or other items of interest. "There is no point to waiting for you idly above."
  394. [14:12:38] <Natalie> "Nnn, well, I'll go find Lenny, 'kay?"
  395. [14:12:43] * Natalie springs off~
  396. [14:13:39] <Kain> You do find a book, curiously enough. It looks much older than everything else, as if the apparent stopping of time here couldn't preserve the paper and leather. It's labeled "A Collection of Cornelian Sonnets"
  397. [14:13:47] <Kain> As for the computer, it blinks on.
  398. [14:13:53] <Natalie> Is it safe to say Nanore can meet up during this happening or do I need to DICEMAID?
  399. [14:14:00] <Kain> You can PROBABLY find her.
  400. [14:14:10] <Natalie> 2d6 I'll dicemaid anyway just to see how long it takes
  401. [14:14:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I'll dicemaid anyway just to see how long it takes: 6 [2d6=4,2]
  402. [14:14:16] <Natalie> meh average
  403. [14:14:16] <Kain> The computer seems to contain engineering logs from Lucian as well as diary entries.
  404. [14:14:50] * Amaryllis shuffles over and idly flips through the book of sonnets, her impatience keeping her from paying too much attention to what she's reading.
  405. [14:14:57] * Theta skims through both a little at first to get an idea what the contents are.
  406. [14:16:08] <Kain> The first is cut and dry stuff - people telling him problems and him fixing them with notes about what it was and how it was fixed. The diary entries are about his daily life, near the end it talks about Lucian's reluctance to leave Svipul behind, and how he doesn't want to.
  407. [14:16:45] <Theta> Say anything about where they might be heading?
  408. [14:17:28] <Kain> Nothing. Seems he didn't have a good idea of just what was here. There wasn't even that much of a civilization around, according to the logs you're reading, when everyone departed the Enterprise.
  409. [14:18:17] <Kain> The pages begin to crumble in Ammy's distracted touch.
  410. [14:18:49] * Lenore is in a room! Probably a room with MORE dresses or something, Idunno', what does Kain think?
  411. [14:19:01] <Theta> "Hmm..." He closes the screen and gives the place one last look. "They didn't even know a destination. Just...up and left."
  412. [14:19:17] <Theta> "Guess we should head off then."
  413. [14:19:18] * Amaryllis frowns, noticing only after a few turned pages. She carefully closes the book and wraps it in a cloth to set in her bag.
  414. [14:19:33] <Amaryllis> "Yes, let's."
  415. [14:19:44] * Natalie barges into the room and gives Lenny the dresses FTB
  416. [14:21:04] <Kain> Lenore's probably found a nice little room belonging to a female engineer and is burying her embarassment in dresses.
  418. [14:22:18] <Lenore> THAN TO TRY ON EMBARRASSING DRESSES
  420. [14:23:05] <Kain> AFTER A MOMENT THOUGH
  421. [14:23:12] <Kain> Theta and Ammy find the two
  422. [14:24:39] * Natalie totally did remove her bigass sandwich-stuffed winter coat at some point to see just how well these fit, and is currently in the process of zipping Lenny up when the door opens.
  423. [14:25:44] * Amaryllis pokes her head in the room
  424. [14:25:49] * Amaryllis pokes her head out of the room
  425. [14:25:55] * Amaryllis reaches in her bag for the whiskey
  426. [14:26:02] <Theta> "Uhm?"
  427. [14:26:11] <Theta> "Should I be worried?"
  428. [14:26:20] <Amaryllis> Glug
  429. [14:26:51] <Theta> "..."
  430. [14:27:58] * Lenore is in a black one-piece swimsuit, which fits her perfectly, but oh man she's wearing so little technically aaaah she hides behind Nat when Thammy come in
  431. [14:28:36] <Theta> "Uhm."
  432. [14:28:42] <Theta> "Should I wait outside or something?"
  433. [14:29:28] <Lenore> "Y-y-y-yes!
  434. [14:29:31] <Lenore> “
  435. [14:29:58] <Natalie> "Geez, can't you knock? We're almost done!"
  436. [14:30:21] <Theta> "Oh okay," he turns 360 degrees and walks away
  437. [14:30:27] <Lenore> "I-it's rude to not knock!"
  438. [14:30:34] * Natalie is totally in some variant of holy crap why does google not have an official image of this anywhere
  439. [14:30:41] * Amaryllis holds out a potion bottle of whiskey to Theta.
  440. [14:31:39] * Theta accepts it but DRESS UP TIME IS A MYSTERY TO THIS POOR SOUL
  441. [14:33:52] <Kain> That poor, poor soul.
  442. [14:33:57] <Natalie> He's androgynous enough to where he'd probably have gotten dressed up too if he weren't in the middle of something. He is spared this day.
  443. [14:34:06] <Kain> Anyway, we can move on once Lenore picks out her swimsuit~
  444. [14:34:39] * Lenore comes out in ~
  445. [14:35:11] <Amaryllis> That isn't even aswimsuit
  446. [14:35:48] * Natalie spins around in shameless gothloli that is totally doable because this place is spaceship Telos Astue anyway. "Ta-dah~!"
  447. [14:35:53] <Kain> She obviously changed out of the swimsuit or something!
  448. [14:35:58] <Kain> Or maybe it is.
  449. [14:35:59] <Kain> Who knows.
  450. [14:36:05] <Natalie> ~Spacemen~
  451. [14:36:05] <Kain> Anyway, you guys ready to move on?
  452. [14:36:26] * Natalie ... puts the coat on over, anyway.
  453. [14:36:35] <Lenore> (That was actually listed in the swimwear you sillies)
  454. [14:36:38] <Theta> "It's cute on you but don't you think it's, well, a bit cold ou- nevermind I guess." He gives up back to ratopia indeed.
  455. [14:36:40] <Lenore> (The one I linked)
  456. [14:36:43] <Kain> Not that I'm trying to hurry past reactions~
  457. [14:37:09] <Kain> She'll be plenty warm if she FILLS HER BODY WITH A BURNING DESIYUH
  458. [14:37:23] <Natalie> So dance, while he puts her in a trance.
  459. [14:37:29] <Natalie> Sensation, feel the vibration.
  460. [14:37:32] <Lenore> ~
  461. [14:37:38] <Amaryllis> Glug
  462. [14:37:39] * Natalie gets ready to leave yeah
  463. [14:37:48] <Kain> Heading back up to the Nezumi, Ricard looks up as you enter the room, confused by why suddenly half of you had an outfit change.
  464. [14:37:48] * Amaryllis shuffles off to get ready to leave
  465. [14:38:06] <Natalie> WINK. ☆
  466. [14:38:13] <Kain> Ricard: "So, uh... I think everyone's good on our end..."
  467. [14:38:21] <Kain> Ricard: "You all ready to go?"
  468. [14:38:27] <Lenore> "Yep!"
  469. [14:38:39] <Natalie> "Yeah!" Nat actually put the coat back on. "I... think we finished everything, right?"
  470. [14:38:43] <Amaryllis> "Indeed."
  471. [14:38:45] <Natalie> I mean, it's a big coat.
  472. [14:38:52] <Natalie> ... still has a sandwich stuffed in the pocket
  473. [14:38:55] * Theta turns to the drink himself as this continues to progress. next thing you know they'll dress up a grand dragon.
  474. [14:39:12] <Kain> Good idea!
  475. [14:39:29] <Lenore> ( is also apparently a swimsuit.)
  476. [14:39:32] <Lenore> (And probably warmer)
  477. [14:39:50] <Kain> But no, Ricard nods and gathers up everyone, and you all proceed back to the teleporter.
  478. [14:40:05] <Kain> Vrooooooom, you all find yourselves back in the temple.
  479. [14:40:08] <Natalie> Nat probably also took to wear. Seriously, that's cute.
  480. [14:40:10] <Natalie> ... but later
  481. [14:40:41] <Lenore> ~
  482. [14:40:49] <Theta> "...So. Is there a way down there to avoid the dragons? Specially with this many of us?"
  483. [14:41:32] <Kain> Ricard: "...Probably not. But we'll keep an eye on the skies. Taking care of the Grand Dragons has become one of the prime duties of dragon knights in this area."
  484. [14:41:43] <Lenore> "I'm sure they know what they're doing!"
  485. [14:42:02] <Kain> Ricard: "And we have a few here used to it, so not to worry, I think."
  486. [14:42:05] <Natalie> "Well I could do..." ... Right there are other people here. "The... um... thing I did earlier. Which is... uh... nnnnothing really."
  487. [14:42:27] * Natalie trails off and just nods along to that, trying to be subtle about putting up a diversion barrier this time.
  488. [14:42:49] <Kain> And then the group of around twenty sets off out of the temple and through the forest.
  489. [14:43:01] <Kain> Give me some Spot checks.
  490. [14:43:03] <Amaryllis> "If they are smart, they would avoid targeting a group this large."
  491. [14:43:08] * Natalie does take close to the front!
  492. [14:43:11] <Natalie> 2d6 lol
  493. [14:43:11] <Lenore> 2d6+4
  494. [14:43:12] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  495. [14:43:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  496. [14:43:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, lol: 8 [2d6=6,2]
  497. [14:43:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=6,1]
  498. [14:43:21] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 chocoroll
  499. [14:43:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, chocoroll: 13 [2d6=6,2]
  500. [14:43:37] <Theta> 2d6+7 wot is spot precious
  501. [14:43:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, wot is spot precious: 12 [2d6=3,2]
  502. [14:43:48] <Lenore> Actually that's +5 forgot I boosted it when I leveled up so that's an 11
  503. [14:44:30] <Kain> Theta notices it right away, and Ammy too after a peep from her scarf, but as you're walking through the forest, you can see a humanoid figure jumping between the trees in the distance. It seems to be keeping pace with all of you, but keeping distance due to the size of the group.
  504. [14:45:02] <Kain> Seems to be carrying a rather large weapon, from what you can see, but details are hard.
  505. [14:45:17] * Amaryllis keeps looking ahead as if she hadn't noticed it. "Do not look or change your tone of voice, but there is someone stalking us in this forest."
  506. [14:45:28] <Amaryllis> "They are carrying a large weapon of a sort."
  507. [14:46:12] <Kain> Ricard: "Alright, gotcha. Might just be a dragon knight in the area, but keep on your toes."
  508. [14:46:39] * Natalie gives a little nod without turning, reaching up to rub her now-covered forehead like looking as if she has a headache or something. Of course that's to better project the diversion barrier and reflect the air around them like a convex lens, making them harder to see, but that's pretty tough for a rank 1 eidolon to do and only slightly effective, if at all.
  509. [14:46:40] <Theta> "Well, being as they are keeping their distance I doubt that. But we'll see I suppose."
  510. [14:46:40] <Kain> It sure ain't the Ragtime Mouse.
  511. [14:47:17] <Kain> A few ants on the ground fry. You horrible horrible person.
  512. [14:47:31] <Natalie> ~
  513. [14:47:59] <Kain> You all continue on for an hour or two, the figure keeping their distance, and eventually you begin to climb out of the basin.
  514. [14:48:53] <Kain> At the top of the ridge, all that's left between you and New Cleyra is a treck down the mountain. Some of the Nezumi separate from the group, hopping down on their own and escorted by some of the other dragon knights. Ricard keeps his eyes on the sky, not parting with you yet.
  515. [14:48:53] * Natalie gets tired and takes a nap on Ammy's back sometime during that hour. For like, a few minutes.
  516. [14:48:56] <Natalie> Just for the kawaii factor.
  517. [14:49:03] <Natalie> (Trek)
  518. [14:49:12] <Kain> trebeck
  519. [14:49:22] * Amaryllis starts to object as the group splinters, reminding everyone they're still being stalked.
  520. [14:49:46] * Theta seems equally shocked at this. God, rat people suck.
  521. [14:50:01] <Kain> You don't see the stalker come out of the woods after you, but yeah.
  522. [14:50:13] <Kain> Ricard: "My apologies, some of them are just really anxious to see their homes again."
  523. [14:50:21] <Lenore> "Not like I can blame them~"
  524. [14:50:42] <Kain> All in all, about six of them stay with you, plus Ricard.
  525. [14:50:51] <Kain> So half of them left, looks like.
  526. [14:51:01] <Amaryllis> "Of course, and what if one splinter of us were ambushed and never sees their homes again?"
  527. [14:51:10] * Theta counts the five remaining humans and the non-jihadist rat. Right.
  528. [14:51:11] <Amaryllis> "Nevermind that, let us press on. Together." She sighs.
  529. [14:51:32] <Natalie> "Nnn... but what if it's us the- nevermind~!"
  530. [14:51:43] <Lenore> "Hmmm~"
  531. [14:51:48] * Natalie hops off whatever ride she'd been hitching and probably ACTUALLY spearheads the group this time.
  532. [14:52:03] <Amaryllis> "We number ten. If anything, I am worried for the others as they will make an easier target."
  533. [14:52:44] <Kain> Ricard slowly begins to make his way down, leading you down a more gradual slope you couldn't see from your disvantage point on the way up. It's still difficult to climb down, and you're about halfway down when shadows begin to circle your position.
  534. [14:53:17] <Kain> It's a pretty clear view down the slope, the ones that separated don't seem to be in any trouble.
  535. [14:53:27] <Amaryllis> "Of course..." Ammy mutters.
  536. [14:53:35] <Natalie> "Toldjya."
  537. [14:53:39] <Amaryllis> (did food carry over or reset?)
  538. [14:53:51] <Kain> Mmmmmm
  539. [14:53:55] <Amaryllis> "In either case, it appears separating was the unwise choice."
  540. [14:53:59] <Kain> I'll let it carry over for one more battle.
  541. [14:54:05] <Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  542. [14:54:21] <Amaryllis> (and we got a full rest equivalent after leveling up, right?)
  543. [14:54:24] * Natalie gets in half-stance while moving.
  544. [14:54:33] <Kain> (Does it say that in the book?)
  545. [14:54:47] <Natalie> (I sure hope it does because I reset everyone on my healsheet, WHOOPS)
  546. [14:54:50] <Amaryllis> (I don't know, I'm asking cause I didn't exactly save my HP amount from before that)
  547. [14:54:58] <Kain> Well, okay then, you can all have a full rest.
  548. [14:55:06] <Lenore> (~)
  549. [14:55:21] <Kain> Ricard: "Grand Dragons..." he looks up, and the rats prepare for battle as the serpents spiral down.
  550. [14:55:34] * Theta looks to the sky and thinks a bit. "Don't suppose we can't feed them spider robots."
  551. [14:56:04] <Kain> The pair of dragons lands on the slope nearby and roar at the group!
  552. [14:56:16] <Lenore> "I'm not getting carried off this time!" She snaps her fingers and...she's back in the crabmono? Fucking wizards.
  553. [14:56:47] <Kain> Meanwhile...a humongous sword spins past you all, missing you by a hair, before boomeranging back up.
  554. [14:56:56] <Natalie> sup gilg-
  555. [14:57:03] <Lenore> Pause. ""
  556. [14:57:04] <Theta> "Well that was rude."
  557. [14:57:08] * Theta adjusts his hat.
  558. [14:57:15] <Kain> And a woman lands on the rocks behind you.
  559. [14:57:18] * Amaryllis turns to look.
  560. [14:57:22] <Natalie> Oh that's not Gilgamesh at all.
  561. [14:57:38] * Natalie springs backwards and turns around.
  562. [14:58:17] <Kain> She's human, has fiery red hair and dark skin, wearing a headband with a feather in it, and very skimpy clothing. She's got a humongous axe-blade with her.
  563. [14:58:30] <Kain> "Just a second there~"
  564. [14:59:48] <Kain> The woman stands up to face you. "Nothing personal, but if you know what's good for you, you're going to surrender everything you found up there..."
  565. [15:00:05] <Natalie> "Oh, uh."
  566. [15:00:07] <Natalie> "Nope!"
  567. [15:00:22] <Amaryllis> "You must be joking. We have not the time for this." Ammy sighs in impatience.
  568. [15:00:30] <Lenore> "We're in a bit of a hurry, miss!"
  569. [15:00:33] * Natalie backs up close to Ammy and gets in stance.
  570. [15:01:23] <Theta> "I'll take my chances with the dragons thank you very much."
  571. [15:01:27] * Theta gets his bow out.
  572. [15:01:34] <Amaryllis> "Theta. Arm this, will you?" Ammy hands the nuke cannon to him.
  573. [15:01:49] <Kain> The woman laughs. "Too bad! I have a client veeery interested in these things..."
  574. [15:01:52] <Kain> It's uh
  575. [15:01:54] <Kain> Kinda damaged
  576. [15:01:58] <Kain> from you cutting it off the mech.
  578. [15:02:00] <Amaryllis> (lame)
  579. [15:02:01] <Theta> (yeah I dunno what you mean by that)
  580. [15:02:13] <Amaryllis> Then nevermind Ammy doesn't do that. :<
  581. [15:02:14] <Lenore> "We have a client too!"
  582. [15:02:30] <Natalie> "Yeah, we're kinda in a hurry!"
  583. [15:02:53] <Kain> "Guess that means we're at an impasse. Fine then, prepare to face the infamous and beautiful bandit, Lani!"
  584. [15:03:00] * Natalie gives the ground a light stomp and shifts into Perplexed Sword.
  585. [15:03:15] <Natalie> "Infamous? Uhh, I don't think I've ever heard of you!"
  586. [15:03:15] <Kain> The rats are too busy dealing with the conveniently placed dragons to help! D:
  587. [15:03:18] <Natalie> "Beautiful..."
  588. [15:03:21] <Natalie> :|
  589. [15:03:37] <Kain> Lani: "...Why, you! I'll show you my charm!"
  590. [15:03:39] <Kain> Whoosh!
  591. [15:03:58] <Kain> Lani x1
  592. [15:04:07] <Kain> Enemy initiative!
  593. [15:04:17] <Kain> She spends a point of destiny to get the first attack!
  594. [15:04:24] <Kain>
  595. [15:05:17] <Kain> She winks at Nat, and a heart flutters out of her eye as flower petals fall around her! ...What?
  596. [15:05:21] <Kain> 2d6+10 Lani Wink on Nat
  597. [15:05:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Lani Wink on Nat: 15 [2d6=2,3]
  598. [15:05:30] <Natalie> Oh that's pretty sexy
  599. [15:05:34] <Natalie> ... and totally hits
  600. [15:05:35] <Lenore> ^
  601. [15:05:37] <Kain> 2d6+10 Opposed Finesse
  602. [15:05:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Opposed Finesse: 22 [2d6=6,6]
  603. [15:05:44] <Natalie> 2d6+8 are you kidding me
  604. [15:05:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, are you kidding me: 15 [2d6=2,5]
  605. [15:05:53] <Natalie> yeah destiny won't help that
  606. [15:05:59] <Kain> Natalie has become Charmed!
  607. [15:06:18] <Kain> Player turns!
  608. [15:06:20] <Natalie> "... Well maybe a little."
  609. [15:06:25] <Natalie> "I wish I could do that..."
  610. [15:06:36] * Theta puts a hand on the cliff side. "Spirits of earth lend us your strength!" The rocks part from the wall and surround the party and rats and other humans, enchancing our ARM by 21.
  611. [15:06:38] <Kain> Hearts begin to surround Natalie!
  612. [15:06:57] <Kain> Natalie, use Execution on Theta.
  613. [15:07:02] <Natalie> Okay~!
  614. [15:07:06] <Natalie> 2d6+4 GO!
  615. [15:07:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, GO!: 13 [2d6=6,3]
  616. [15:07:34] * Amaryllis walks up, pretty pissed off, and tries to wrench the giant axe thing from Lani. "No, really, we are in quite the hurry."
  617. [15:07:34] <Amaryllis> 2d6+11 force
  618. [15:07:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, force: 21 [2d6=6,4]
  619. [15:07:52] <Lenore> (fuck. yes.)
  620. [15:07:57] <Kain> She kicks you away with a steel toed boot. "Too bad."
  621. [15:07:59] <Natalie> Boom! 86 ARM and the OP greek numeral dude's ARM and M.ARM both get -8 oh god I'm so sorry
  622. [15:08:00] <Kain> Two-handed grip.
  623. [15:08:22] * Lenore is chanting a spell~
  624. [15:08:46] * Theta eyes Nat oddly.
  625. [15:08:48] * Natalie lifts her bandage without a care and FLASHes Theta in the eyes.
  626. [15:08:52] <Theta> "And what was that all about?"
  627. [15:08:58] <Natalie> "What was what about?"
  628. [15:09:21] <Natalie> It was a really painfully bright flash.
  629. [15:09:54] <Theta> (Not her chest? LAME)
  630. [15:10:44] <Natalie> Lood.
  631. [15:11:44] <Natalie> ... Is it okay to boost as normal or is that charmer's choice, btw?
  632. [15:11:54] <Kain> Don't boost.
  633. [15:12:06] <Theta> (It's lani's action I think you silly)
  634. [15:12:21] <Natalie> k
  635. [15:12:28] <Kain> Oh, whoops.
  636. [15:12:42] <Kain> She instant casts Scan on Amaryllis!
  637. [15:12:54] <Amaryllis> (how lewd)
  638. [15:13:14] <Kain> "...Immune to fire, huh? Got it."
  639. [15:13:31] <Kain> She then begins psyching herself up... Slow action.
  640. [15:14:13] <Theta> A blue spirit bear appears behind Theta as he bops Nat on the head, then it vanishes. "Pay attention!" Spirit Bear: Esuna!
  641. [15:14:20] <Natalie> "Oof!"
  642. [15:14:39] * Natalie shakes her head a bunch, like a dog shaking off water. ... Only a cat. Actually, cats do that too, don't they?
  643. [15:14:55] <Natalie> "Owowow. Sorry, what was I doing again?"
  644. [15:15:17] <Theta> "You flashed me, not her!"
  645. [15:15:24] <Amaryllis> "Back to your senses?" Ammy readies her knife, looking to Nat then glaring at Lani.
  646. [15:15:25] <Theta> "In fact I don't think you should be flashing anyone!"
  647. [15:15:39] <Natalie> "... Oh, I just wanted to get some fresh air..."
  648. [15:15:42] <Natalie> "..."
  649. [15:15:53] * Natalie lets the rubycover down. "Yeah, Ammy, let's do it!"
  650. [15:16:40] * Lenore grins. "Spirits above, bring your wrath upon this interloper! Teach them not to meddle with my affairs! Triple Thundara!" The sky crackles, once, twice, three times, before BOOM, a pillar of lightning erupts from the sky and strikes Lani!
  651. [15:16:57] <Natalie> Oh, did hitting Theta give a CC point though? So it's okay to boost NOW?
  652. [15:17:17] <Kain> Yep
  653. [15:17:20] <Natalie> Awesome.
  654. [15:17:24] <Lenore> 3#2d6+144 Lightning Damage
  655. [15:17:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Lightning Damage: 154 [2d6=4,6], 146 [2d6=1,1], 151 [2d6=1,6]
  656. [15:17:33] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 teamwork attack
  657. [15:17:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, teamwork attack: 13 [2d6=5,3]
  658. [15:17:37] <Natalie> 2d6+5 'kay!
  659. [15:17:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 'kay!: 13 [2d6=6,2]
  660. [15:17:40] <Kain> She doesn't seem as dreadfully hurt by triple thundara as most are.
  661. [15:17:47] <Natalie> 1d6 teamwork reroll 2
  662. [15:17:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, teamwork reroll 2: 2 [1d6=2]
  663. [15:17:54] <Amaryllis> 2d6 blade reroll
  664. [15:17:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, blade reroll: 9 [2d6=6,3]
  665. [15:18:43] <Amaryllis> 97 ARM with piercing if it hits!
  666. [15:18:54] <Kain> Nat missed by one, did you already include Boost?
  667. [15:19:04] <Natalie> Yeaaaah, including
  668. [15:19:11] <Amaryllis> (a 13 misses by 1?)
  669. [15:19:11] <Amaryllis> (geez)
  670. [15:19:14] <Amaryllis> (destiny maybe?)
  671. [15:19:30] <Natalie> (Hmmm is it worth it? That's denying you a stronger together down the road)
  672. [15:19:36] <Amaryllis> (CAN I throw a dragon at her?)
  673. [15:19:43] <Kain> YOU COULD TRY
  674. [15:20:25] <Amaryllis> (anyway up to you then but this is a slow action we'd be interrupting)
  675. [15:20:43] <Natalie> (don't you up to you me it's up to you)
  676. [15:22:29] <Natalie> 1d6 FUCK IT MAKE THIS HIT
  677. [15:22:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, FUCK IT MAKE THIS HIT: 6 [1d6=6]
  678. [15:22:43] <Kain> Critical hit
  679. [15:22:47] <Natalie> YEP
  680. [15:23:02] <Natalie> DOES THAT DOUBLE THE DEBUFF TOO?
  681. [15:23:04] <Natalie> =^-^=
  682. [15:23:19] * Theta smacks Nat through TCP/IP
  683. [15:23:22] <Kain> nnnnnnnno
  684. [15:24:00] <Natalie> Fine, 198 ARM then. Bitch.
  685. [15:24:09] <Kain> Describe your attacks while I use the bathroom~
  686. [15:24:55] * Natalie puts a finger to her forehead in a typical weeaboo way and twirls in a circle, disappearing. A moment later she reappears behind the bounty hunter (is it even okay to call her that?) and gives Ammy a nod while red lasers start to materialize in a straight line in the air.
  687. [15:25:20] * Amaryllis just walks up to Lani, being the obvious target here but also distracting her from whatever Nat's preparing.
  688. [15:26:09] <Natalie> 2d6+8 Nat leaps straight up in the air above Lani's head, let's do an athletics to see how silly this ultimately looks
  689. [15:26:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, Nat leaps straight up in the air above Lani's head, let's do an athletics to see how silly this ultimately looks: 18 [2d6=6,4]
  690. [15:26:31] <Kain> Incredibly weeaboo silly. Silliboo
  691. [15:27:17] <Natalie> BADASS AS FUCK. She does a double somersault straight in the air and presses upside down against the sky which materializes as a hexagonal glowing panel in midair for a second. As it fades, Nat leaps directly downward for an axe-kick at the woman's face. "... Finishing Strike! Rebel Against Destiny!!"
  692. [15:28:11] <Amaryllis> "No, really." As Ammy walks up, she grabs the lantern with one hand and flicks her wrist, summoning the knife to her other. She waits for Nat's strike, then stabs Lani with the knife. "We. Are. In. A. HURRY!" With the last word, she presses her foot up against her and kicks her away as she pulls out her plunged knife.
  693. [15:28:12] <Kain> +1 destiny, Nat~ Because really, who rolls athletics just for descriptive fluff
  695. [15:28:28] <Natalie> <3
  696. [15:29:01] <Kain> Lani's Mad Rush is interrupted and she's bitchslapped by Nat, then stabbed by the dark knight!
  697. [15:29:02] <Theta> (swapping to desktop)
  698. [15:29:05] * Theta is now known as poofman
  699. [15:29:24] * zoofman is now known as Theta
  700. [15:29:29] <Amaryllis> "I will throw a dragon at you." Ammy seethes through clenched teeth.
  701. [15:30:15] <Lenore> "She will! Don't think she won't!"
  702. [15:30:20] <Kain> Lani: "All this over a few trinkets. You don't have a better use for them." she snarks.
  703. [15:30:23] * Natalie boosts again. "Yeah, she will!"
  704. [15:30:54] <Natalie> "And we SO do. How do you even know?"
  705. [15:30:56] <Amaryllis> "I do! And I pray you have the favor of the gods if you choose to continue to oppose us."
  706. [15:31:04] <Kain> She runs at Ammy and flips head over heels, bringing her axe down HARD on Ammy.
  707. [15:31:14] <Kain> 2d6+9
  708. [15:31:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+9: 12 [2d6=1,2]
  709. [15:31:19] <Amaryllis> Hits
  710. [15:31:21] * Natalie redirects, MISSES
  711. [15:31:28] <Natalie> 13 avd motherfucker
  712. [15:31:59] <Theta> "I doubt your employer does either."
  713. [15:32:19] * Amaryllis is shoved out of the way of the attack!
  714. [15:32:41] * Natalie bounces off after axekicking and lands on... midair again, this time with a horizontally-placed hexagonal planel reflecting the sky. It, too, fades as Nat pushes off of it and tackles Ammy, both of them spiraling to the side.
  715. [15:32:49] <Kain> Nat doesn't get damaged, persay, but the blade comes uncomfortably close, slicing off a few azure colored hairs.
  716. [15:33:01] <Natalie> Ow!
  717. [15:33:43] <Kain> Amaryllis, you feel your anger welling up inside - you're mad, this bitch is getting between you and Nat's memories. Who does she even think she is, anyway?
  718. [15:34:16] <Lenore> (She probably thinks she's a bounty hunter)
  719. [15:34:20] <Kain> Your emotions are seething.... And everyone notices Ammy begin to glow with a white-pink color.
  720. [15:34:41] <Lenore> "A-ammy..?"
  721. [15:34:43] <Amaryllis> "I WILL GO GET THAT DRAGON RIGHT NOW." Ammy gestures dramatically down the cliff as she glows. "Do you still wish to fight us?"
  722. [15:34:47] * Natalie bounces off. "Ammy?"
  723. [15:34:51] <Kain> 13,0Trance!
  724. [15:35:14] <Kain> Ammy is enveloped in a bright purple light, obscuring her features for a moment!
  725. [15:35:43] * Theta squints, looks to the potion whisky bottle
  726. [15:35:53] <Theta> "What does she PUT in this?"
  727. [15:35:53] <Kain> And when it fades, she's pulsing a bright pink color, wearing intricately decorated robes, with a hood pulled up over her face. A carved mask covers her face.
  728. [15:36:25] <Kain> The masks' eyes are also glowing a bright pink color at the moment.
  729. [15:37:47] <Kain> (One sec)
  730. [15:38:02] <Amaryllis> (okay, lemme know when it's okay to go ahead and fluff some dragon tossing)
  731. [15:38:40] <Amaryllis> ( also I'm gonna need the actual Trance rules again whoops~ )
  732. [15:39:26] <Kain> Ammy was cured of status effects! Ammy's damage increased by two steps! +1 session ability uses! Can activate limit break as a Standard (ends trance)! Gained free Darkside! (That's all for now)
  733. [15:39:37] <Kain> Two Trance turns left.
  734. [15:40:28] <Kain> Player turns!
  735. [15:40:38] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. You can just about see the anger coalescing into a fine mist from her mouth. She hooks the lantern onto her wrist for now, dismisses the knife, then stomps down the cliff and grabs a dragon by the tail, intending to swing it around Mario 64 style to throw at Lani. Her hands glow with a dark fire! Darkside! Nightsword!
  736. [15:40:42] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9 force
  737. [15:40:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, force: 16 [2d6=2,5]
  738. [15:40:49] <Natalie> SO LONG, GAY BOWSER
  739. [15:41:03] <Kain> Lani swears loudly as SUDDENLY A GRAND DRAGON AAAAAH
  740. [15:41:13] <Natalie> "... We told you she'd really do it."
  741. [15:41:16] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 attack roll if that's enough
  742. [15:41:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, attack roll if that's enough: 16 [2d6=5,6]
  743. [15:41:20] <Amaryllis> CRIT
  744. [15:41:23] <Kain> The dragon doesn't even know what the fuck, man.
  745. [15:41:31] <Lenore> "Yeah uh, you shouldn't have made her mad!"
  746. [15:41:49] * Natalie gets far out of the line of fire and peacefully draws energy to her ruby. Probably not even gonna need it.
  747. [15:41:58] <Amaryllis> (you shouldn't have done that etc etc)
  748. [15:42:05] <Lenore> (WE WARNED YOU ABOUT AMMY)
  749. [15:42:09] <Lenore> (WE TOLD YOU DAWG)
  750. [15:42:44] <Kain> So uh
  751. [15:42:46] <Amaryllis> (oh I forgot to quick swap to my humanoid killer bracers)
  752. [15:42:52] <Kain> Go ahead I suppose.
  753. [15:42:55] <Amaryllis> (how many damage steps does a dragon do?)
  754. [15:43:01] <Kain> And you get an additional damage step to your regular attack
  755. [15:43:05] <Kain> for throwing a fucking grand dragon
  756. [15:43:26] <Lenore> (It'd be HUGE weapon type, right?)
  757. [15:43:43] <Amaryllis> So uh 462 and then x2 for humanoid killer
  758. [15:43:52] <Kain> And uh
  759. [15:43:54] <Kain> She was um
  760. [15:43:57] <Kain> vulnerable to shadow
  761. [15:44:11] <Amaryllis> So...1386?
  762. [15:44:33] <Kain> A grand dragon erupts into FIRE AND DARKNESS AND EXPLOSIONS as it's hurled into Lani.
  763. [15:44:46] <Kain> You just... watch them both sail off into the horizon together.
  764. [15:44:58] <Kain> ...
  765. [15:45:00] <Kain> clink clink.
  766. [15:45:02] <Theta> "..."
  767. [15:45:07] <Lenore> "..."
  768. [15:45:10] * Theta looks back to the bottle.
  769. [15:45:12] <Natalie> "So who was that, anyway?"
  770. [15:45:12] * Theta looks to Ammy
  771. [15:45:18] <Theta> gulp.
  772. [15:45:28] <Lenore> "Well."
  773. [15:45:30] * Natalie heals Theta up. "Here you go."
  774. [15:45:30] <Theta> "WELL I HAVE HAD ENOUGH ADVENTURE TODAY."
  775. [15:45:32] <Lenore> "That happened."
  776. [15:45:33] <Amaryllis> "No one of consequence." Ammy snarls. "They shall not interfere with our story."
  777. [15:45:42] <Kain> Something fell out of Lani's pockets when she was uh
  778. [15:45:44] <Natalie> 2d6+80 don't actually need to roll this but lol
  779. [15:45:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, don't actually need to roll this but lol: 87 [2d6=4,3]
  780. [15:45:46] <Kain> Completely anihillated.
  781. [15:46:05] <Kain> Received 1 exp! 1 Destiny! Got a Pumice Piece.
  782. [15:46:52] <Kain> Ammy glows bright white, and when the light fades she's in her normal outfit again.
  783. [15:47:21] <Amaryllis> Another deep breath. "Shall we continue?"
  784. [15:47:30] * Natalie :Ds and grabs Ammy's hand. "That was SUPER cool!"
  785. [15:47:38] <Natalie> "Even cooler than me!"
  786. [15:47:45] <Theta> "Yup, never even mind that other dragon."
  787. [15:47:54] <Kain> Speaking of.
  788. [15:47:57] <Kain> Ricard
  789. [15:47:59] * Natalie looks over. How uh... ARE they doing?
  790. [15:48:00] <Kain> The nezumi
  791. [15:48:00] * Amaryllis looks to the other dragon. Does it want trabble?
  792. [15:48:04] <Kain> and the second dragon
  793. [15:48:06] <Kain> Are just staring
  794. [15:48:13] * Natalie waves.
  795. [15:48:16] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  796. [15:48:16] <Lenore> WHAT ABOUT MR. PRICKLES?
  797. [15:48:16] <Kain> The second grand dragon quietly slinks away.
  798. [15:48:19] <Natalie> "Ready to go?"
  799. [15:48:24] <Theta> "I'm off to the village of cleyra to drown myself in more inhebriating liquids."
  800. [15:48:32] <Theta> He makes a staircase down the mountainside all the way back down
  801. [15:48:32] <Lenore> "...count me in on that, Theta."
  802. [15:48:35] <Kain> Prickles is always staring.
  803. [15:48:48] <Kain> Anyway, that pumice makes up the last ingredient Ammy needs for her tantarian compass.
  804. [15:48:50] <Amaryllis> "Excuse me dragon. Could we bother you for a ride to Treno?" Ammy calls out.
  805. [15:49:03] <Kain> IT SCRAMBLES THE FUCK AWAY
  806. [15:49:22] <Natalie> Shrug. "Tried!"
  807. [15:49:44] <Kain> Ricard: "That light... that power. Was that Trance, then...?"
  808. [15:49:44] <Amaryllis> "I suppose we shall be walking back then." Ammy sighs.
  809. [15:51:58] <Amaryllis> "Was it?"
  810. [15:52:09] * Amaryllis was too busy throwing a dragon to pay attention to silly glowing lights
  811. [15:52:11] <Lenore> "Yeah you went all glowy and your outfit changed!"
  812. [15:52:18] <Kain> Ricard: "Do you even know what just happened...?"
  813. [15:52:30] <Natalie> "Uh-huh. It... may or may not have happened before. I sure don't remember it if it did!"
  814. [15:52:33] <Lenore> "It was really cool but it was also really scary."
  815. [15:52:33] <Amaryllis> "I told her I would throw a dragon at her if she continued to get in our way. She did. So I did."
  816. [15:52:47] <Kain> Ricard: "But..."
  817. [15:52:50] <Kain> Ricard: "I..."
  818. [15:53:27] * Natalie grabs Ammy and starts draggin'. Get it, because she just threw a- never mind. "C'mon!"
  819. [15:53:35] <Kain> Ricard shakes his head. "I think I'm going to need a drink, myself."
  820. [15:53:42] * Amaryllis is dragged along. Some things never change.
  821. [15:54:18] <Kain> The afternoon is turning into evening as you climb back down towards New Cleyra.
  822. [15:54:58] <Natalie> YAAAAAWN.
  823. [15:55:11] <Kain> Eventually, you all make it back safe and sound to town.
  824. [15:55:39] * Amaryllis frowns at the sky. "One night's rest before continuing the rest of the way cannot hurt much, I suppose." She grumbles. "But if the rest of you are up for traveling through the night..."
  825. [15:55:49] <Kain> There's quite a bit of hubbub as you get back - the Nezumi that went on ahead have rejoined with some of their families.
  826. [15:56:18] <Natalie> "I'm a liiiiittle worried... but just one nap!"
  827. [15:56:26] <Kain>
  828. [15:56:55] <Kain> Prickles: "Terribly impressive..." he finally murmurs after all of that time.
  829. [15:58:15] <Kain> As you enter town, you suddenly find yourself surrounded by Cleyrans. "You found my husband! Thank you!" "You're the heroes that saved them?" "What was that bright light?" "Come on, we should all celebrate!" "Sir Ricard, you've returned! Are you alright?"
  830. [15:58:36] <Natalie> Oooooh that's gonna harm nap-chances.
  831. [15:58:40] * Natalie suddenly doesn't like that at all. :<
  832. [15:58:49] <Lenore> "Hi!"
  833. [15:59:16] * Theta feels terribly awkward about all this for some reason. "Uhm. Hi."
  834. [15:59:46] <Natalie> "Well, we just kinda found them along the way annnnnd..."
  835. [16:01:16] * Amaryllis on the other hand seems to be reveling in the attention, getting into storymodo as she describes what they saw on the Enterprise.
  836. [16:01:38] <Kain> Ohhh boy. The Cleyrans swarm around Ammy for now then, always up for a good storytime.
  837. [16:01:43] * Natalie slinks off after a series of yawns and hits up the nearest inn or whatnot, content to plop down while Ammy has her fun.
  838. [16:01:44] <Kain> Looks like she's in her element.
  839. [16:02:02] <Kain> Ricard tugs at Theta's arm a moment. "If I could have a word..."
  840. [16:02:45] <Amaryllis> "...And then we deactivated the security system, and the spiders became maidservants!" Ammy holds up the poor spiderbot. And so the story of life goes on. And on. And on. Because Ammy doesn't shut up once storymode starts.
  841. [16:03:00] <Theta> "uh huh." very draggable.
  842. [16:03:48] * Lenore goes off with Natty to plop!
  843. [16:05:33] <Kain> Ricard: "I wanted to apologize. This is probably all a bit much to process, and it was essentially my fault that you all had to be involved in the first place."
  844. [16:06:15] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9 I'm gonna roll perform just cause
  845. [16:06:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, I'm gonna roll perform just cause: 18 [2d6=4,5]
  846. [16:06:42] <Kain> There are already bards writing down Ammy's words and everything.
  847. [16:07:15] <Kain> She's got the crowd fairly entranced. But all rats like a good performance, right? That was what the pied piper was about
  848. [16:07:17] <Kain> I think
  849. [16:07:25] * Theta shakes his head. "It is more coincidence than anything. Lenore's father asked us to investigate that particular region."
  850. [16:07:27] <Amaryllis> (das racist)
  851. [16:07:34] <Anise> (totes racist)
  852. [16:08:07] <Theta> "Honestly it's fortionate we arrived when we did."
  853. [16:08:17] <Lenore> (*fortunate)
  854. [16:08:23] <Kain> Ricard: "Yes, and now you're suddenly local heroes. ...Mm, I can just imagine it can be uncomfortable. And yes, it was."
  855. [16:08:30] <Natalie> (NO DON'T CORRECT THE BEST ZOOFISM)
  856. [16:08:33] <Natalie> (WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE)
  857. [16:10:20] <Kain> Ricard: "In any case, I imagine the general will want to see you all before you leave town."
  858. [16:11:02] <Kain> Ricard: "Thank you for all your help... I'll probably be back to Burmecia after all this, and hopefully I can return to my previous assignment in Lesetira."
  859. [16:13:50] <Kain> ....???
  860. [16:14:11] <Lenore> Lenore is asleep wtih Nat in the corner
  861. [16:14:18] <Amaryllis> (oh I assumed Ammy was still caught up in storytime, so Ricard would be speaking to...just Theta right now?)
  862. [16:14:20] <Natalie> whoaaaaaa leeeeeeeewd
  863. [16:14:32] <Kain> Yeah I was just wondering why Zoof went quiet.
  864. [16:14:42] <Kain> Ammy's got her crowd to deal with.
  865. [16:15:08] * Theta nods. "We will try to meet with her then. Good luck returning to Lesetira then."
  866. [16:15:25] <Kain> Ricard: "Thanks. Good luck to all of you, too."
  867. [16:16:35] <Kain> Ricard: "Trance... I wonder if you're all capable of that..., no, I'm sure of it."
  868. [16:19:55] * Theta shrugs, unsure himself. "Perhaps. I wouldn't be one to dwell on it I uess."
  869. [16:22:03] <Kain> Ricard has a look at his spear, the emblem of burmecia waving gently in the evening breeze. "Well... I'll see you around then, Sir Theta. Take care of yourselves."
  870. [16:22:39] <Theta> He nods and waves. "Same to you."
  871. [16:23:23] <Kain> Ricard leaps off into the waning light.
  872. [16:25:58] <Kain> Ammy is attracting crowds of Nezumi trying to give her alcohol or food once she's done with her story. There are already a few over there dancing to the songs the bards are beginning to play. The celebration has started to widen out a bit, not centered around her so much.
  873. [16:26:58] * Amaryllis takes a large flagon of mead and chugs half of it as she steps onto a table with a spin and a twirl, continuing her stories.
  874. [16:27:00] <Lenore> zzz
  875. [16:27:08] <Natalie> zzz
  876. [16:27:10] * Theta retreats off on his own and drinks while watching the festivities.
  877. [16:27:12] <Kain> This is gonna end well.
  878. [16:27:24] <Lenore> 1d2 1 is Lenore, 2 is Nat
  879. [16:27:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 1 is Lenore, 2 is Nat: 1 [1d2=1]
  880. [16:27:38] * Natalie is on bottom and totally a cuddly pillow.
  881. [16:27:48] <Lenore> zzz~
  882. [16:27:51] <Natalie> Z!
  883. [16:27:58] <Lenore> !Z
  884. [16:28:51] <Kain> And the rest of the night goes quite nicely!
  885. [16:29:19] <Kain> Ammy doesn't wake up in any strange beds or anything, she wakes up in the same room as Nat in the morning.
  886. [16:29:31] <Amaryllis> After running out of stories about the Enterprise, Ammy segues into both tales of the group's adventures as well as assorted stories they've heard along the way - from the Oeilvert repository, from Renegade's library, etc. She probably eats some bread and ham to help process the boozahol.
  887. [16:29:39] * Natalie sleeps in. ZzzzzZzzZZZZzzzZZzzz~
  888. [16:29:46] <Lenore> Zzzzzzzzzzzzz~
  889. [16:29:52] <Lenore> Where does Lenore wake up?
  890. [16:30:07] <Kain> Probably in Nat's bed.
  891. [16:30:18] <Kain> Theta is all alone, bloo. :<
  892. [16:30:23] <Natalie> Nat probably pushed her off in her sleep, ow.
  893. [16:30:24] <Lenore> Sleeping on a soft natpillow
  894. [16:30:31] * Amaryllis wakes up with a splitting headache, probably in the same room yes, but on the floor and with an empty flagon a few feet away.
  895. [16:30:33] <Natalie> ... Like, accidentally.
  896. [16:30:58] <Natalie> The implication is more 'she's a ROUGH sleeper' more than 'she's a mean person sleepwalking and actually puts Xenogears to shame' or anything.
  897. [16:30:59] * Lenore was probably squeezing Nat like a Teddy Bear. not that her grip is hard to break.
  898. [16:31:01] <Amaryllis> There's likely a new bottle of whiskey, still full and unopened, rolled off somewhere else in the room.
  899. [16:32:37] <Kain> The morning greets you warmly, but since SOMEONE is in a hurry you don't really have the chance to enjoy New Cleyra all day. >:C
  900. [16:33:08] * Natalie rolls around.
  901. [16:33:15] * Lenore manages to get up and dressed and ready to go relatively quickly~
  902. [16:34:22] * Amaryllis wakes up then crawls over to the bottle of whiskey and downs a shot. Perfect hangover cure, huh? She mutters something about not having drank for merriment in a long while, then stumbles to her feet, hoisting the bottle in the air. "Onward!"
  903. [16:34:41] <Lenore> "What ho!"
  904. [16:34:47] <Amaryllis> "We have a day's trek yet for Treno!" She's probably woken up Nat by now with this.
  905. [16:34:48] <Lenore> "Let's go~"
  906. [16:35:02] * Natalie totally doesn't, nope. Rollrollroll.
  907. [16:35:30] <Amaryllis> Can I say Ammy drunkenly got one of the craftsmen in her audience to put together the Tantarian compass for her with her recipe?
  908. [16:35:46] <Kain> HMMM
  909. [16:35:50] <Kain> You know what, sure.
  910. [16:35:56] <Kain> It's a fine looking compass and-
  911. [16:35:56] <Kain> ...
  912. [16:35:58] <Kain> uh
  913. [16:36:01] * Theta is awake by now and looking over the contents collected from The Enterprise while waiting on the others
  914. [16:36:06] <Kain> It's needle is spinning wildly.
  915. [16:36:06] * Amaryllis stumbles over to Nat and shakes her awake. "Nat, this is the day we shall secure your memories!" Shake shake.
  916. [16:36:28] <Kain> This is what it's supposed to do when... a tantarian is nearby.
  917. [16:36:29] * Natalie winces and cracks an eye open, then closes it.
  918. [16:36:52] <Natalie> Then another and she SPRINGS UP, probably headbutting Ammy on the way up if she's close enough.
  919. [16:37:09] <Natalie> "GWAH!"
  920. [16:37:17] <Natalie> "... Huh?"
  921. [16:37:19] * Amaryllis is hungover and she wants Nat to recover her memories and doesn't really know what even right now - and then she gets headbutted. "Augh!"
  922. [16:37:30] <Kain> Theta - in the inn lobby, a few familiar faces are walking in.
  923. [16:38:06] * Natalie cringes and barely manages to get up, looking at Ammy with a combination of apology and puzzlement.
  924. [16:38:48] <Natalie> "... 1,1Who're you?"
  925. [16:38:50] <Amaryllis> "Nat, you do remember, yes? Renegade made a deal with us, and he shall help us keep your memories from fading.
  926. [16:39:07] <Natalie> "Who's... Nat? Renegade?"
  927. [16:39:22] <Kain> A woman in green robes with mousy brown hair and glasses, an blonde chick wearing leather armor with her hair tied back in a ponytail and a star tatoo under her eye, a red-haired chick in white robes, carrying a book, and a VERY familiar little black mage wearing blue robes with a large pompom on the hood...
  928. [16:39:41] * Lenore is already in the lobby, with Theta now.
  929. [16:39:44] <Kain> It's Cirra, Gale, and Elizabeth from session 1, and Bebe the Geomancer - are they traveling together?
  930. [16:40:41] * Natalie shakeshake. "Nono, where's Eiko? Where's... uh, what just happened... Why am I...?"
  931. [16:40:42] * Amaryllis walks over to the door and makes sure it's shut tight, then returns to Nat's side. She tosses the compass and her bag to the side for now and takes out her lantern, lighting it with a snap. She sets it on a bedside and then reaches to fetch two books - Nat's diary and her own journal.
  932. [16:40:52] <Theta> "Ah!"
  933. [16:41:01] <Lenore> "!"
  934. [16:41:32] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and puts two hands on Nat's shoulders. "Stay with me, just a moment. We will be back to Treno within the day, so..." She flips open Nat's diary first and sets it in front of her to read.
  935. [16:41:38] <Amaryllis> "There is a story I know..."
  936. [16:41:40] <Kain> The girls look over at Theta and Lenore and Cirra calls out. "Theta? Lenore? Is that you? It's been some time! Hiii!" Bebe snaps his gaze over when he hear's Theta's name.
  937. [16:42:17] <Theta> He waves over to them after greeting Lenore. "Master Bebe and Elizabeth, Cirra, Gale...a curious place to cross paths, yes."
  938. [16:42:18] <Lenore> "Hi!" She jumps up. "I haven't seen you guys in a while, how're you doing? ☆"
  939. [16:42:45] <Natalie> "Huh... but I was just in Treno! Who are you, anyway? Who wrote this?"
  940. [16:42:58] <Kain> Bebe: "Theta... Wow, didn't expect to see you here. Yes, indeed, very curious."
  941. [16:42:59] <Amaryllis> "You did."
  942. [16:43:06] <Kain> The group approaches the two of you.
  943. [16:43:25] * Natalie clutches her fingers, as if weirded out by them being... fingers.
  944. [16:43:40] <Kain> Gale grins, winking her tattooed eye. "We've been good! We met up with this guy over in Dali when we were investigating a little problem."
  945. [16:43:45] <Amaryllis> "What is the last thing you remember, Carbuncle?"
  946. [16:43:57] <Natalie> "Oh, you do know me! Why didn't you just say so?"
  947. [16:44:11] <Theta> He puts the photographs away and welcome them over. "My trip has only gotten stranger and stranger since The Mayor, uhm, well, sent me off."
  948. [16:44:23] * Natalie skims past the first page with the names, and then the next ones. "Doesn't sound like me..."
  949. [16:44:37] <Kain> Gale: "But now that it's taken care of, the chocobo cart transports should be back up and running."
  950. [16:44:53] <Kain> Bebe hops up and has a seat next to you. "Really? Tell me about it!"
  951. [16:44:55] <Amaryllis> "Do you remember when you fought at Eiko's side at the Iifa Tree? This diary begins quite a time after that..." Ammy then takes out the Crystal and sets it out as well.
  952. [16:45:03] <Lenore> "Oh really? Neat!" She clasps her hands together in excitement.
  953. [16:45:58] <Amaryllis> "Eiko asked you to recover shards of this - the world's Crystal."
  954. [16:46:04] <Theta> "Well...I suppose you were there when she left with the others for the trip to Lindblum? Or were off on another journy."
  955. [16:46:17] <Natalie> "Yeah! All of that! We fought a... something... and used a feather on it and it died right away, and then..."
  956. [16:46:41] <Amaryllis> "And then...?"
  957. [16:46:45] * Natalie blinks and holds it, segueing into a wince. "I just remembered it... what'd I just say?"
  958. [16:47:45] <Natalie> After taking a second to finish spewing that she notices the crystal and its explanation, looking somewhat horrified.
  959. [16:47:49] <Kain> Gale: "What have you been up to?" she sits next to Lenore. Cirra sits on the other side, fiddling with her glasses.
  960. [16:47:58] <Amaryllis> "You spoke of killing the creature within the Iifa Tree. With a feather, likely a Phoenix Down."
  961. [16:48:04] <Natalie> "no, wait..."
  962. [16:48:09] <Natalie> "Shards of..."
  963. [16:48:23] <Kain> Bebe: "Yeah, I feel like I've been all over the place, lately."
  964. [16:48:34] * Amaryllis sits back patiently, rubbing her head and trying to keep focused.
  965. [16:48:40] * Theta thinks for a bit on the best way to summarize this.
  966. [16:48:42] <Natalie> "Ack, how long has it been?"
  967. [16:48:45] <Kain> The mage regards you with his kind eyes.
  968. [16:48:56] * Natalie starts flipping through the diary furiously, weirded out at the tone it's written in.
  969. [16:49:00] <Amaryllis> "It has been over ten years since that day, Carbuncle. You lost your memories."
  970. [16:49:06] <Theta> "In some ways I think it would be easiest to show you."
  971. [16:49:33] <Lenore> "Lots of things! We went to Oeilvert and Ipsen's Castle and Durandal and Lesetira and went on an Airship and went to Lindblum and Treno and now we're here and we went to a giant airship way WAY up in the sky and Ammy threw a dragon and lots of things have happened!"
  972. [16:49:33] <Natalie> "What do you mean, lost? I have them all! They're just... kinda fuzzy..."
  973. [16:50:27] <Amaryllis> "Then, that is progress, but you remember nothing of the past ten years, right? Of...what happened after Zidane, Eiko, the rest of your companions defeated Kuja?"
  974. [16:50:54] <Theta> "In summary I am also traveling with a few young women, including Lenore here, on a quest of sorts while continuing my research. Some complications have arisen however."
  975. [16:50:54] <Natalie> Her head shakes. "Nothing after that. It's like it just happened."
  976. [16:50:58] <Natalie> "But... it didn't, huh?"
  977. [16:51:02] <Natalie> Flip flip.
  978. [16:51:45] * Theta looks over to Elizabeth. "I'm relieved you are all fine though. We witnessed what Tiamat did to that aircraft. What brought you to meet Master Bebe?"
  979. [16:52:05] <Amaryllis> "When I found you in Ipsen's Castle, you had forgotten all of that. You knew not even Eiko's name, nor the task she had given you. You had lost your memories and with them the bond you had with her."
  980. [16:52:44] <Amaryllis> "And so, if this diary seems a bit odd, it is because you had to relearn...everything. And even then, there were times your memory lapsed once more."
  981. [16:53:46] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Yes, we were lucky there were lifeboats. We Gale said, we met him while investigating missing chocobos in Dali. It turns out there was a powerful monster eating them, something we had never seen before."
  982. [16:53:50] * Natalie droops, flipping the book closed after just a few pages. "No way. How could I just... forget that?"
  983. [16:54:02] <Natalie> Criiinge. "Ammy..."
  984. [16:54:19] <Natalie> "Ammy, Ammy, Ammy, Ammy Ammy Ammy..."
  985. [16:54:20] <Amaryllis> "You are an Eidolon. Your life is as the Crystal's, and your memories as well."
  986. [16:54:42] <Kain> Gale: "It was something, yeah.... I think it's the first documented of its kind. We call it "Chocobo Eater" after the entire incident."
  987. [16:54:44] <Natalie> "Dragons..."
  988. [16:54:53] <Lenore> "Oh wow, that's pretty weird!"
  989. [16:55:47] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and shifts in her seat. She looks like she's teetering dangerously between patiently explaining everything to Nat once more - or just downing that entire bottle of whiskey on the spot.
  990. [16:55:50] * Theta nods. "What leads you here, then, if I may ask?"
  991. [16:55:50] <Natalie> "Ah!"
  992. [16:56:15] * Natalie suddenly perks up and reaches out for something. "Wait! I..."
  993. [16:56:34] <Natalie> "... What happened to her?"
  994. [16:57:00] <Amaryllis> "To who? To Eiko? She resides in Lindblum now, as a member of Tantalus."
  995. [16:57:11] <Natalie> !
  996. [16:57:17] <Natalie> "Right... she's okay, isn't she?"
  997. [16:57:19] <Kain> Bebe: "Well, I was here earlier in the week, these nice ladies had been investigating elemental corruption that had been turning up in various shrines. We came back through New Cleyra to take an airship from Burmecia to Madain Sari to go and visit the Earth Shrine."
  998. [16:57:37] <Lenore> "Elemental Corruption...?"
  999. [16:57:40] <Kain> Bebe: "I decided it was really worth looking into and came along."
  1000. [16:57:41] <Natalie> "And I'm with you now, and the others..."
  1001. [16:57:42] <Amaryllis> "It has only been about a week since you saw her last."
  1002. [16:58:09] <Natalie> "Something something teleportation, throwing dragons..."
  1003. [16:58:49] <Theta> "Hmmmm. Pressing. I imagine our paths will cross again then, but we need to return to Treno first ourselves."
  1004. [16:58:59] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath. "So you do remember...something."
  1005. [16:59:09] <Natalie> "Trying on clothes..."
  1006. [16:59:15] <Natalie> "Yeah!"
  1007. [16:59:49] * Natalie scrunches her face up and tilts her head to the side. "... Ammy, what's wrong? You're acting like it happened again."
  1008. [17:00:00] <Theta> "Let me think on how to keep this short then. It's a matter that's important to the village that I have already discussed with the Mayor, but you're the first of Vivi's children I've met since it occured." He thinks some.
  1009. [17:00:37] <Natalie> Flipflipflip, she takes the book out again. "I'm just missing a few bits and pieces this time."
  1010. [17:01:13] * Natalie hops up. "Sorry if I scared you! C'mon, let's go find the others, okay?"
  1011. [17:01:15] <Amaryllis> "Huh?" Ammy looks confused for a second. "...No, no, not this time. I suppose it has been a long time since I drank for pleasure though." She runs a hand through her hair. "It was the last time Noah showed off his collection of wines and spirits...Do you remember him? Or Cait Sith?"
  1012. [17:01:47] <Kain> Bebe nods, and listens.
  1013. [17:01:48] <Natalie> "Um... kinda familiar, I think? Ooh, you're not gonna believe this though!"
  1014. [17:02:15] * Natalie grabs Ammy's hand and begins dragging. "I was so close to remembering old-me again! I swear I almost remembered it this time..."
  1015. [17:02:32] <Amaryllis> "What is the earliest you remember, Nat?"
  1016. [17:02:53] <Kain> Cirra: "Yes! The corruption of elemental spirits can have serious implications for an ecosystem if left unchecked... We're not sure what the cause is in this case."
  1017. [17:03:08] <Natalie> "Um... I dunno. It's still a little blurry."
  1018. [17:03:14] <Natalie> Drag drag.
  1019. [17:03:35] <Lenore> "Hmmm, hey Theta! Didn't you say there was something weird about the spirits in that library? I think?"
  1020. [17:03:59] <Theta> "There was. They were corrupted. If the Earth Shrine is as well I imagine Lich is there."
  1021. [17:04:25] <Amaryllis> "Then...we really should hurry back as soon as possible." Ammy gathers up her things as quickly as possible, ignoring her pounding headache.
  1022. [17:04:31] <Kain> Bebe: "Lich... Wasn't that the Earth Guardian...?"
  1023. [17:04:44] <Theta> "Do you remember an Ayane? She is impersonating as Kuja, and stole those designs of mine and put them to use. She somehow aquired the means to put it to use, and brought a thousand of them into this world" He says to Bebe.
  1024. [17:04:55] <Kain> Bebe: "What."
  1025. [17:05:09] <Lenore> "Yeah, we fougth Lich! Although I was sleeping at the time."
  1026. [17:05:32] <Theta> "See, I told you it'd be easier to show you! I was able to convince five of them to come with me instead, and they are currently risiding at my estate in Treno."
  1027. [17:05:35] * Natalie totes drags Ammy out into the lobby, back to being as hype and treegirl as ever.
  1028. [17:05:36] <Kain> Bebe: "That girl did all of that? This is terrible news!"
  1029. [17:06:09] <Kain> Gale: "Hey, Cirra, look, it's THOSE two." she says, squinting at Nat.
  1030. [17:06:19] <Kain> Cirra: "Gale, don't start anything..." she warns.
  1031. [17:06:26] <Amaryllis> "Are you all ready to leave for Treno yet?" Oh there are guests.
  1032. [17:06:34] <Natalie> "Hmm? Who're they?"
  1033. [17:06:41] <Theta> "Along with...well, she's not a member of our race but it's close. A Manikin, she's called. That's a seperate issue I would like to tell you about later but, well, yeah."
  1034. [17:06:55] <Kain> Ammy remembers these two as two of the people they met at Daguerreo.
  1035. [17:06:57] * Natalie stretches on the way out, wearing... the coat again, we'll say.
  1036. [17:07:04] <Kain> Nat almost got into a big argument with the girl with the star tattoo.
  1037. [17:07:14] <Kain> It was Cirra and Ammy who calmed things down.
  1038. [17:07:33] * Amaryllis gives them a quick nod of recognition (yeah I remember), then drags Nat past them and out the door. "Then let's go."
  1039. [17:08:02] <Kain> Bebe: "Manikin...? I don't believe I've ever heard of that. Goodness, it sounds like you've been through a lot. How long has it been? Just over a month now? Not even that?"
  1040. [17:08:38] <Kain> Cirra waves at Ammy, but is disappointed when they don't stay to chat.
  1041. [17:08:46] <Natalie> "Huh... okay." Nat gives Leta a wave at least and, slightly confused, gets dragged out.
  1042. [17:08:50] <Theta> "Oh, yeah, that too. Mikoto gave me a section of the King Estate." :B He takes out one of the photos and shows it to Bebe. "That's her. I don't quite know the specifics but she's more an automation than we are...similar in a lot of ways though."
  1043. [17:09:20] <Theta> "A month? I guess? Is it new years yet?" he says half jokingly.
  1044. [17:09:25] * Amaryllis gives an apologetic glance back and calls out. "We are in a rush to return to Treno, my apologies!"
  1045. [17:09:28] <Kain> Bebe: "Wow... She doesn't look that different, though."
  1046. [17:09:50] <Kain> Bebe: "Not long until. I haven't checked a calendar in a while, actually."
  1047. [17:11:29] <Kain> Bebe: "I haven't gotten involved in nearly anything as interesting - or dire - until yesterday. I don't know whether to pity you or envy you... but this issue with Ayane is certainly pressing, hm."
  1048. [17:12:08] <Kain> Bebe: "Ladies? I think I'd like to stop by Black Mage Village on the way to the Earth Shrine..."
  1049. [17:12:49] <Kain> Cirra: "Really? I've always wanted to go there!"
  1050. [17:12:49] <Amaryllis> The sunlight hurts with that hangover though, so Ammy squints and pops her head back in. "Lenore, Theta? Ready to depart?"
  1051. [17:13:08] <Theta> "Honestly the part that scares me the most is these girls she's created are the same as the prototypes of the former Kuja."
  1052. [17:13:21] <Theta> "It's put a very...steep need for a solution to things."
  1053. [17:13:37] <Kain> Bebe: "...Hm..."
  1054. [17:14:09] <Kain> Bebe: "Actually, I have a lead I wanted to check out related to that, but maybe you'd be better off checking it out."
  1055. [17:14:12] <Lenore> "Yes, we are! Be careful at the Earth Shrine, Elizabeth, Bebe, Cirra, and Gale~!"
  1056. [17:14:43] <Theta> "It would be appreciated. I keep running into dead ends. I was hoping these Manikins were closer to us than they were as my last."
  1057. [17:15:00] * Amaryllis starts to shuffle off again then, dragging Nat along. She winces and covers her face from the sun with one arm.
  1058. [17:15:01] <Kain> Bebe: "Our father had to have created us somehow - I think my visit in Alexandria has turned up a possible location of the workshop where it was done."
  1059. [17:15:02] * Theta doesn't look entirely ready to leave quite yet, no
  1060. [17:15:04] * Natalie spends the time outside and totally not with the others noticing that there's an emerald in her pocket. Whoa, how long's that been there? It's like that one stoner comic where the dude says he wants to make a sandwich and goes to the kitchen to find it already there and asks his friend about it who's like 'you made that sandwich an hour ago.'
  1061. [17:15:13] <Natalie> And the last panel is all 'IT'S LIKE A PRESENT BECAUSE I FORGOT'
  1062. [17:15:30] <Kain> Gale: "You be careful, too, alright?"
  1063. [17:15:39] <Lenore> "Thanks~ ☆"
  1064. [17:15:56] <Theta> "That would be a significant help."
  1065. [17:16:20] * Lenore walks out~
  1066. [17:16:21] <Theta> "Though if you are going toward the village..."
  1067. [17:17:03] <Theta> He reaches into his bag, and offers Bebe Vivi's autobiography. "Please take this with you and leave it in the care of the others. It was written by your Father."
  1068. [17:17:12] * Amaryllis has started shuffling on toward the town exit. She shoves her new compass deep into her bag for the moment - Tantarians can wait til after this memory thing is sorted out.
  1069. [17:17:15] <Kain> Bebe: "This...."
  1070. [17:17:18] <Kain> He takes it, gingerly.
  1071. [17:17:22] <Amaryllis> Nat is still dragged~
  1072. [17:17:27] <Kain> Bebe: "...Thank you, Theta."
  1073. [17:18:16] <Theta> "Found it in Lindblum, forgotten and hidden away. And the only copy. It needs to be there, for sure."
  1074. [17:18:25] <Natalie> She probs has her diary back by now, too.
  1075. [17:18:34] <Kain> He holds it to his chest, nodding. "I will."
  1076. [17:18:49] <Kain> Bebe: "By the way..."
  1077. [17:19:13] <Kain> Bebe: "The workshop is apparently somewhere in Madain Sari."
  1078. [17:19:20] <Kain> Bebe: "That's all I know."
  1079. [17:19:32] <Theta> "Hmmm."
  1080. [17:20:34] <Theta> "I will investigate it after we stop back in Treno, as we were heading there anyway. If you ever find yourself there, stop by The King Estate. I feel it would do them some good to meet some of you one day."
  1081. [17:21:27] <Kain> Bebe nods, then gets up. "We should probably get on our way, too."
  1082. [17:21:44] <Kain> Gale: "Aw, what? But we just got here!"
  1083. [17:22:11] <Kain> Cirra: "Science waits for no one, Gale."
  1084. [17:22:14] <Kain> Elizabeth: "...Mm."
  1085. [17:22:53] * Theta nods, collecting his and Svipul's stuff again. "Right. We need to reach Treno before night fa-...nevermind. Hopefully we'll meet again before too long."
  1086. [17:23:02] <Kain> Elizabeth: "You'll probably find a solution to your problem. Your landing on me back in Daguerreo was proof of your... really uncanny blind luck."
  1087. [17:23:24] <Theta> "What makes you say that?" he asks Elizabeth.
  1088. [17:23:39] <Theta> I mean he isn't going to deny the luck part but.
  1089. [17:23:45] <Theta> (ROLLIN D6 DEEP.)
  1090. [17:23:47] <Kain> Elizabeth just stares at you. "I simply have a hunch."
  1091. [17:25:37] <Theta> "Mmm...alright. Was good to see all of you. Safe travels," he tips his hat and hurries to meet with the others.
  1092. [17:26:34] <Kain> They all bid you farewell, and you catch up, shortly.
  1093. [17:27:32] * Natalie is nagging Ammy after finishing up observing the master emerald and reflecting on what it's like to be rougher than the rest of them, the best of them; tougher than leather. "Nnnn, really, who were they? They looked like they knew me!"
  1094. [17:27:55] <Amaryllis> "We met them at Daguerreo - the same place we met our traveling companions."
  1095. [17:28:46] <Natalie> "Oh... I don't think I ever wrote about them though. Weird." Flipflip.
  1096. [17:29:00] <Amaryllis> "It was while we were still masquerading as noble and servant. No doubt Gale still holds some small amount of ire for how you acted back then, but it is no matter - chance meetings are no mere chance in a story such as ours."
  1097. [17:29:26] * Theta vrooooooms over. "I swear this happens often enough now I should ready a presentation."
  1098. [17:29:39] <Amaryllis> "You will have a chance to apologize to them later if you so wish, recall now why we are returning to Treno?"
  1099. [17:29:56] <Natalie> "Ohhh... yeah, I think so! Kinda."
  1100. [17:30:56] * Natalie makes some idle snap-kicks at the air as long as people aren't around, like making sure she's still got it.
  1101. [17:31:04] <Kain> As you near the edge of New Cleyra, something that wasn't there before has cropped up - a few Nezumi with wagons hooked to pairs of chocobos.
  1102. [17:31:19] <Lenore> "I'm ready to go when you are~"
  1103. [17:31:21] * Amaryllis is setting the pace for once - and you can tell she's pushing herself, especially with the hangover.
  1104. [17:31:37] <Kain> The sign nearby reads: "One Way: Dali - 50 gil. Treno - 100 gil."
  1105. [17:31:50] <Theta> "Oh, convienent."
  1106. [17:31:57] * Theta *moneybags*
  1108. [17:32:07] <Amaryllis> "Per person? Or a group?" Ammy is already taking out her moneybag and counting out coins.
  1109. [17:32:14] <Amaryllis> (we didn't - unless Kain just forgot)
  1110. [17:32:18] <Natalie> YEAH WASN'T SAID
  1111. [17:32:19] <Natalie> DID WE?
  1112. [17:32:26] <Theta> (We hit her with a fucking dragon she probably took it with her)
  1113. [17:32:31] <Natalie> (believable)
  1114. [17:32:35] <Kain> "Per person, miss. If it was by group the wagons'd probably break." says the elder nezumi chewing on a reed while he sits behind the reins.
  1115. [17:32:38] <Theta> (unless it like knocked the coins right out of her)
  1116. [17:32:52] <Natalie> (just as believable)
  1117. [17:32:55] <Natalie> (*JRPG logic*)
  1118. [17:32:57] <Lenore> (Pfff)
  1119. [17:32:58] <Amaryllis> 100 gil into their hands then
  1120. [17:32:59] <Theta> (Or if it's like Scott Pilgrim and she just exploded into coins)
  1121. [17:33:04] <Kain> Mmmmmmm 1200 gil for each of you spilled out of her pockets with the pumice.
  1122. [17:33:05] <Lenore> (PFFFFFFFF)
  1123. [17:33:13] * Natalie tries to find where she even - kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - put her money.
  1124. [17:33:26] * Theta hands over 100 gil and hops in.
  1125. [17:33:34] * Lenore hands over 100~
  1126. [17:33:43] <Theta> "So..."
  1127. [17:33:46] * Natalie hands over 101 because she can't count.
  1128. [17:33:56] <Theta> "Should we discuss at some point what we wish to discuss about what we saw up there?"
  1129. [17:34:03] <Theta> (er, disclose*)
  1130. [17:35:03] <Amaryllis> "On the Enterprise? I have already told the townsfolk stories of our adventure. No doubt the dragon knights who returned would have told the rest of town already anyway."
  1131. [17:35:43] <Theta> (oh man we were totally supposed to talk to the general)
  1132. [17:35:44] <Theta> (OOPS)
  1133. [17:35:48] * Amaryllis finds a comfortable place to sit on the wagon and takes a swig - of water of this, then rubs her head.
  1134. [17:36:11] <Lenore> (OH RIGHT0
  1135. [17:36:12] <Amaryllis> (yeah I was wondering if anyone would remember. Ammy is intentionally not really giving a shit atm)
  1136. [17:36:25] <Theta> (I forgot OOC :<)
  1137. [17:36:25] <Kain> The wagon sets off...
  1138. [17:36:26] <Lenore> "Oh! We forgot to talk to the General!"
  1139. [17:36:26] <Amaryllis> (we can go back)
  1140. [17:36:27] <Natalie> (*amnesiac moe* over here, ganbatte Thetakun!)
  1141. [17:36:39] <Lenore> "And her really nice friends!"
  1142. [17:36:41] <Kain> You almost got ATE'd
  1143. [17:36:41] <Amaryllis> (like, later)
  1144. [17:36:46] <Amaryllis> (Ammy is not turning back right now)
  1145. [17:37:03] <Natalie> (Alternatively we could 4,1split into groups)
  1146. [17:37:10] <Amaryllis> (could!)
  1147. [17:37:47] <Theta> (inbetween some NPC's I've been wanting to see again for a long time and people wanting to move on it slipped my mind :B)
  1148. [17:37:47] * Lenore jumps off the cart and starts running for the office~
  1149. [17:38:26] <Natalie> "Uhh aren't w-" Amused as the player is, Nat is totally staying with Ammy and probably sleeping on her lap like a good kitty.
  1150. [17:38:30] <Kain> The ratman slows down the chocobos and looks back. "Er...?"
  1151. [17:39:13] <Theta> "...Oh, right. She did ask to see us." He hops out as well. "We'll catch up later?"
  1152. [17:39:29] <Natalie> "Um, shouldn't-"
  1153. [17:39:31] <Natalie> "..."
  1154. [17:39:31] <Amaryllis> "We can return to the town later."
  1155. [17:39:32] <Kain> Nezumi: "Well... alright. They paid already, guess I'll just pick them up on the return."
  1156. [17:39:37] * Natalie has no idea how to feel.
  1157. [17:39:50] <Kain> Nezumi: "Hyah!" And off they go.
  1158. [17:39:52] <Natalie> But sloth wins out. Naptime!
  1159. [17:40:17] * Theta catches up with Lenore then.
  1160. [17:40:22] <Kain> The dreaded party split has occured.
  1161. [17:40:38] <Natalie> 'party' is a meta construct used only by weaklings
  1162. [17:41:59] <Kain> Next time on #kaingame: A Hat for a Nat, or... How to Make a Party Split Sunday.
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