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  1. th__> >google translate
  2. <Reno> you guys wanna see the dumbest recipe ever
  3. <Reno>
  4. <Reno> this fucking cake is a travesty
  5. <Reno> it makes no goddamn sense
  6. <_seth__> explain
  7. <_seth__> I am cooking noob
  8. <Reno> he's very wasteful, there's a lot of redundant steps and I'm not seeing the payoff for all his extra work
  9. <Reno> it's a chocolate mousse cake, it's a very simple thing that is hard to improve on without like, adding shit to it
  10. <_seth__> maybe he's just doing extra shit to look cool or something
  11. <Reno> he's wasting his boss's money is what he's doing
  12. <Reno> his food cost must be shit
  13. <Reno> chocolate mousse is literally just
  14. <scared> oof i wanna see
  15. <_seth__> I guess cooking must be like engineering
  16. <scared> i love being critical of other peoples cooking
  17. <_seth__> you need to keep it simple
  18. <Reno> heavy whipping cream, chocolate, sugar, vanilla and gelatin as an optional thing
  19. <Reno> and then you can make a simple chocolate sponge, preferably chiffon, but he went with genoise which has less flavor and is less most
  20. <scared> yeah his name is baumbhartner
  21. <scared> baumbgartner* you cant take him seriously
  22. <Reno> he takes a bunch of dumb steps like "hydrating your cocoa powder"
  23. <Reno> yes the recipe has fat in it
  24. <Reno> it's already hydrated then.
  25. <Reno> you wanted to add coffee flavor since that enhances chocolate but
  26. <Reno> you should have just added espresso powder or something
  27. <scared> >spooks owns aviator sunglasses
  28. <scared> literally chad
  29. <scared> disgusting
  30. <Reno> liquid coffee is just decreasing the sponge's structure
  31. <Reno> i'm more of a wayfarer sunglasses guy
  32. <scared> me too
  33. <scared> i need to invest in perscription sunnies
  34. <scared> probably wayfarers but maybe a clearish seethrough frame
  35. <scared> for something different
  36. <Reno> scared are you taiwanese
  37. <scared> no
  38. <Reno> fuck
  39. <Reno> that's my second guess
  40. <Reno> that's also too bad because taiwanese food is G O D  T I E R
  41. * Black_dahlia ( vient de rentrer
  42. <scared>
  43. <scared> yeah babyyy
  44. * Spooks (~Hi@spooky.v2) vient de rentrer
  45. * Ayu a donné l'état d'opérateur de canal à Spooks
  46. <scared> get out
  47. <Reno> wow what'd you do spooks
  48. <Spooks> do what?
  49. <Reno> are you
  50. <Reno> in the dog house
  51. <Spooks> scared is just mad that I made her take her vitamins I think
  52. <Reno> scared should take her vitamins.
  53. <Spooks> that's what I think too.
  54. <Spooks> she's my little girl after all
  55. <Spooks> gotta look out for those, am i right Reno ?
  56. <Reno> yes although I would have phrased it in a way that makes me sound LESS like a pedophile
  57. <Spooks> #noshame
  58. <Reno> hey spooks
  59. <Reno>
  60. <Reno> there are nuts
  61. <Reno> in the nuts.
  62. <Spooks> dick in a box huh
  63. <Reno> the taiwanese are crazy
  64. <scared>
  65. <scared> guy fieri
  66. <GumNut|m> Tfw slept a few hours
  67. <scared> You ok?
  68. <GumNut|m> Just want to keep sleeping regardless of how it affects sleep schedule
  69. <Spooks> GumNut|m, get up, take a shower, get dressed and go for a walk
  70. <GumNut|m> Ugh
  71. <nepjelly> spooks is she your girlfriend or your daughter
  72. <GumNut|m> Fine
  73. <GumNut|m> Thanks
  74. <nepjelly> don't get skeevy with it
  75. <Spooks> nepjelly, my girlfriend of course
  76. <Spooks> but girlfriends can be little girls!
  77. <Reno> spooks is that guy who is way too young to have daddy/daughter fetishes
  78. * scared a quitté (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  79. * scared ( vient de rentrer
  80. <Spooks> WOW Reno
  81. <Spooks> just WOW
  82. <Reno> i call them as i see them
  83. <scared> waat
  84. <nepjelly> no reno's right here and you know it's true if we agree
  85. <Spooks> rude
  86. <nepjelly> i know you're going to be making scared call you daddy
  87. <Spooks> >going to
  88. <Spooks> oh boy
  89. <scared> w h a t did i miss
  90. <nepjelly> and you're gonna make her work for her allowance
  91. <Reno> <Spooks> but girlfriends can be little girls!
  92. <Reno> <Reno> spooks is that guy who is way too young to have daddy/daughter fetishes
  93. <scared> true
  94. <scared> he is too young
  95. <scared> i like them old :^)
  96. <nepjelly> uh-oh
  97. <nepjelly> she's already plotting her escape
  98. <nepjelly> what will the spooky man do?
  99. <Spooks> nepjelly, little girls can be cheeky....
  100. <Spooks> she just needs some strictness!
  101. <Reno> spooks is also a man who enjoys a little push & pull
  102. <nepjelly> spooks seems like one of those guys who would be part of those nudist groups, where the families are all a little bit 'too close'
  103. <nepjelly> i know such a family, or did
  104. <scared> HAHAHA
  105. <Reno> yo that shot feels a little bit off the mark
  106. <scared> is it your family, nepjelly?
  107. <nepjelly> no
  108. <scared> oookay
  109. <nepjelly> don't see them anymore really
  111. <Spooks> nepjelly we gonna need a bigger projector here
  112. <nepjelly> most people i know don't approve of their lifestyle
  113. <nepjelly> my family is not nudists
  114. <Reno> because you've seen dose pecs every day of your life
  115. <nepjelly> we're the opposite in fact
  116. <Reno> and now you just want them to jelly you
  117. <Spooks> Reno, she's seem the  BWC
  118. <Spooks> now she has cocklust for nii-san
  119. <Reno> his glutes imply great thrusting power
  120. <Spooks> lmao
  121. <nepjelly> well the pecs ARE succulent but he doesn't walk around shirtless very often
  122. <Reno> NEPJELLY STOP
  124. <nepjelly> honesty is the best policy
  125. <Reno> this is like there's a grease fire and you're like I KNOW I'LL ADD WATER TO IT
  126. <Reno> and suddenly your whole house is on fire
  127. <Reno> the fires
  128. <Reno> of incest.
  129. <nepjelly> there's nothing wrong with thinking he's an attractive man
  130. * scared a quitté ()
  131. * scared ( vient de rentrer
  132. <nepjelly> chiseled face, gorgeous butt, strong arms
  133. <nepjelly> doesn't mean anything
  134. <scared> no need to talk about spooks like that
  135. <Spooks> ayyyy
  136. <nepjelly> not the spooky man
  137. <nepjelly> my brother~
  138. <scared> but you described him perfectly
  139. <nepjelly> are you saying he should face my brother in a jock strap jelly wrestling match?
  140. <nepjelly> for the nepjelly foundation
  141. <Reno> real talk one of these days
  142. <Reno> nepjelly's going to come in and be like
  143. <Reno> "i've done something terrible"
  144. <Reno> and my reaction will be
  145. <Reno>
  146. <nepjelly> terrible like WHAT?
  147. <Spooks> like getting your bro's jelly in the belly
  148. <Reno> killing your brother's girlfriend
  149. <nepjelly> i'm telling you guys it wouldn't happen. he wouldn't even ever look at me sexually. i could put my jiggly jellybutt right in his face and there'd be no effect. he follows the bible and believes that lust is adultery of the heart, so he wouldn't do it.
  150. <Reno> then he wouldn't mind some christly temptation then
  151. <Spooks> >jiggly jellybutt
  152. <Spooks> ok
  153. <Spooks> tmi
  154. <nepjelly> he has very good mental control. he does a lot of praying and meditation.
  155. <nepjelly> Spooks: don't hate me because of my good genes
  157. <_seth__> spooks is a good christian boy
  158. <Spooks> Reno, it does
  159. <nepjelly> it's not bbw to have a slightly larger rump
  160. <nepjelly> harumph
  161. <nepjelly> also bbw isn't even real because big women aren't beautiful
  162. <nepjelly> bfc - big fat cows
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  174. <scared> cause she knows you were talking about her
  175. <Reno> yeah nepjelly
  176. <Reno> you fuckin dick
  177. <nepjelly> i know
  178. <nepjelly> now she'll figure out my secret plans to get her in that bikini jelly wrestling match
  179. <scared> reno have you played risk of rain
  180. <nepjelly> i'm thinking bigger now though. it's going to be a bikini jelly battle royale with every girl here except me.
  181. <Reno> yes
  182. <Reno> it is alright
  183. <scared> nah its fucking solid
  184. <scared> what a good ost
  185. <Reno> nepjelly you need to decide if you're a gigantic lesbian or straight
  186. <Reno> you fuckin weirdo
  187. * _seth__ a quitté ()
  188. <scared> im not listening to it because im taking to spooks but im definitely thinking about the ost
  189. <nepjelly> Reno: what's lesbian about bikini jelly wrestling
  190. <nepjelly> it'd be lesbian if i were in a bikini too but i'm going to be in a polar bear outfit
  191. <Reno> what isn't lesbian about it
  192. <Reno> why would you be in a polar bear outfit.
  193. <nepjelly> because i can't be in a bikini
  194. <nepjelly> it's for charity reno
  195. <nepjelly> it's for the kid
  196. <Reno> so why is that the obvious second choice
  197. <Reno> WHAT KID
  198. <nepjelly> umm my inner child
  199. <nepjelly> it's to benefit the nepjelly foundation
  200. <Reno> a charity for your inner child
  201. <Reno> do you just want a full costume so you can masturbate inside of it
  202. <nepjelly> what
  203. <nepjelly> that's LEWD
  204. <Reno> that's smart
  205. <Reno> is what it is
  206. <Reno> you know it's gotta have happened before
  207. <nepjelly> it's gonna be a cute onesie
  208. <Reno> it's the perfect crime
  209. <nepjelly> not a fursuit
  210. <nepjelly> i'm the mascot of the nepjelly foundation
  211. <Reno> why is the mascot a fucking polar bear
  212. <nepjelly> 20% of all funds raised go to the polar bears
  213. <Reno> you fucking
  214. <nepjelly> let's hope they know how to set up bank accounts
  215. <Reno> okay stop we're walrusing up the chat now
  216. <nepjelly> polar bears are cute
  217. <nepjelly> not like bipolar bears
  218. * Yal (KiwiIRC@E14DDB40.98AD89DA.F72898AC.IP) vient de rentrer
  219. <Reno> yal say things
  220. <Yal> Hello hello.
  221. <Yal> Do I just sprout random shit or say something meaningful?
  222. <Spooks> <nepjelly> umm my inner child
  223. <Yal> I do not promise the latter.
  224. <Spooks> ^brought to you by her brother, of course
  225. <nepjelly> wat
  226. <nepjelly> Spooks: what are you getting at
  227. <Spooks> he went DEEP INSIDE the jelly hole, you just know it
  228. <nepjelly> no way
  229. <Yal> ...what the heck is going on.
  230. <nepjelly> spooks are you really saying he molested me? that's a crime
  231. <nepjelly> he's a perfect gentleman
  232. <Spooks> it's not a crime if you begged for it
  233. <nepjelly> what if i actually had been molested spooks and i had some sort of breakdown here?
  234. <scared> what are you deviants talking about
  235. <nepjelly> actually my brother saved me from being molested, multiple times probably
  236. <Reno> by molesting you?
  237. <nepjelly> a cute young jelly like me attracts creeps like ants to a picnic
  238. <Reno> that'd be a twist.
  239. <Spooks> he saved her virginity by taking it himself, Reno
  240. <nepjelly> no by not letting me be tricked by devious men
  241. <Yal> scared, what is going on
  242. <nepjelly> my brother would have a heart attack if he heard you guys
  243. <Reno> it's alright i could definitely beat him up
  244. <nepjelly> how
  245. <Reno> hit him with a cane repeatedly
  246. <nepjelly> he really is the perfect gentleman though
  247. <Reno> i asked my parents if i could have a cane with a hidden blade
  248. <Reno> they didn't find it as amusing as i did.
  249. <nepjelly> never looked even a little bit if he walked in on me undressed or something
  250. <Spooks> nepjelly ?
  251. <nepjelly> he won't even touch my underwear
  252. <Reno> real talk
  253. <Reno> what kinda dirty shit do you think nepjelly's brother does behind closed doors with his gf
  254. <nepjelly> let's not talk about that
  255. <nepjelly> no clamjelly pls
  256. <Spooks> hm. 50 bucks on older bro/ little sis
  257. <Reno> 50 bucks that her brother is as fucked up as the jelly
  258. <Reno> and they'd be perfect deviants together
  259. <Reno> if they'd stop the no incest facade
  260. <nepjelly> we're both normal people
  261. <Spooks> you mean his boyclam beats quicker for his sister?
  262. <Reno> the most tragic of stories
  263. <Reno> two perverts divided by their own perversions
  264. <nepjelly> no really he's not lewd at all
  265. <Reno> they were made for each other but born too close
  266. <nepjelly> he got supremely embarrassed at the idea of picking my underwear up off of the floor
  267. <nepjelly> well i mean he's lewd but only privately but thin walls you know...
  268. <Spooks> nepjelly, DOES HE CALL HER HIS LITTLE SISTER?
  269. <nepjelly> it's not like they're talking out loud
  270. <nepjelly> they try to be quiet
  271. <scared> spooks wont call me supreme mosquito queen of the underworld no matter how many times i ask
  272. <nepjelly> maybe they'e
  273. <nepjelly> maybe they're just excercising vigorously
  274. <scared>
  275. <Reno> real talk
  276. <Reno> he sounds like he'd be hella into femdom
  277. <Reno> bet they own a strapon
  278. <nepjelly> Reno: how do you get that!?
  279. <nepjelly> he's a man's man.
  280. <Reno> it's not gay if it's a girl, nepjelly
  281. <Spooks> lmao
  282. <Spooks> so he's the little brother and she's the big sister huh?
  283. <Spooks> o - nee - san
  284. <Reno> it's also not gay if he's wearing a skirt
  285. <Reno> then he's a girl
  286. <scared> Reno's a pro with this stuff.
  287. <Reno> 100% absolutely
  288. <nepjelly> he's the big brother
  289. <nepjelly> i'm the imouto
  290. <nepjelly> i'm the baby gotta love me
  291. <Reno> only in your dreams
  292. <nepjelly> everybody loves me
  293. <nepjelly> i'm the cat's footie pajamas
  294. <Spooks> this is nepjelly vision of her onii-sama tbh
  295. <nepjelly> Spooks: hotter than that guy but close if you put clothes on us
  296. <Spooks> nepjelly; you in irc now
  297. <Spooks> calling him to beat us up
  298. <nepjelly> i don't want him to beat anyone up
  299. <nepjelly> he's a man of peace
  300. <Spooks> you want him to beat himself off to you?
  301. <Mou> Hey
  302. <nepjelly> he doesn't do that
  303. <Spooks> but do you want it?
  304. <nepjelly> i know he's done it before but he tries his hardest to resist
  305. <Reno> has anyone else considered that nepjelly knows too much about her brother's habits
  306. <Reno> like have you bugged his room
  307. <nepjelly> no
  308. <nepjelly> we've lived together our whole lives?
  309. * Prokyon ( vient de rentrer
  310. <nepjelly> and i'm his little sweetjelly
  311. <Reno> so "yo have you jacked off before" is just typical morning talk over breakfast
  312. <nepjelly> no lol
  313. <nepjelly> i walked in
  314. <scared> this is getting kind of weird
  315. <Reno> so how do you know that isn't habitual
  316. <Spooks> did you stare?
  317. <nepjelly> well i wouldn't call it staring
  318. <nepjelly> i was a bit flustered
  319. <Prokyon> what did I miss, did nepjelly help his brother masturbate?
  320. <scared> yes
  321. <Reno> we're seeing how deep the jellyhole goes once more
  322. <nepjelly> no
  323. <nepjelly> these things happen
  324. <nepjelly> don't you guys have siblings?
  325. <Reno> yes
  326. <Reno> i've never walked in on them or vice-versa
  327. <Prokyon> yes, but I don't want to fornicate with them like you do
  328. <nepjelly> well you must not be very close then
  329. <Reno> yeah that
  330. <nepjelly> nobody wants to fornicate with anybody
  331. <Prokyon> [15:51:01] <Prokyon> yes, but I don't want to fornicate with them like you do
  332. <Prokyon> [15:51:06] <nepjelly> well you must not be very close then
  333. <nepjelly> we fornicuddle sometimes but that's about it
  334. <Reno> FORNICUDDLE.
  335. <Reno> excuse me
  336. <Mou> top kek
  337. <nepjelly> Prokyon: that was in response to reno!
  338. <Prokyon> should we start making a pastebin of nepjelly's degeneracy?
  339. <Reno> could you define fornicuddle for me
  340. <nepjelly> like cuddling but even better
  341. <Mou> yes Prokyon
  342. <nepjelly> but not lewd
  343. <Reno> I have never done anything resembling cuddling with my sister
  344. <Reno> worse or better
  345. <Reno> I feel like this is normal.
  346. <nepjelly> that's sad
  347. <Reno> nigga I don't want to bone her
  348. <nepjelly> it's normal to cuddle family...
  349. <Mou> In a side one is super distant with his sister and in the other one is don't know where the lewd things starts
  350. <nepjelly> maybe she thinks you're too, you know, big to cuddle
  351. * snervous ( vient de rentrer
  352. <Prokyon> do your parents know you want your brother's seed inside of you?
  353. <Prokyon> what's their input?
  354. <Reno> maybe we're normal people who don't want to bone family
  355. <nepjelly> i don't want to bone anybody yet!
  356. <Reno> like seriously poll here guys
  357. <Prokyon> >yet
  358. <Reno> do you FORNICUDDLE with your siblings
  359. <nepjelly> my parents think it's good we're so close
  360. <Prokyon> poor parents, they don't know your true intentions
  361. <snervous> my brother gives me cigarettes
  362. <snervous> thats about it
  363. <Prokyon> how you want to pull your brother away from religion and seduce him into hell
  364. <nepjelly> i'd never do that
  365. <Mou> but you fornicuddle nep
  366. <nepjelly> i always move away if his jelly bubbles
  367. <Mou> it's too late
  368. <Reno> i think the most intimate i have been with my sister is "hug that lasted a little too long" or "dry kiss on the cheek"
  369. <nepjelly> you don't even smooch on the lips?
  370. <Prokyon> wtf no
  371. <Mou> wow
  372. <Reno> nepjelly are you trying to tell me that the most you do
  373. <nepjelly> do you guys hate each other?
  374. <Reno> is have your brother pull out
  375. <Reno> no I love my sister
  376. <Reno> we have a pretty great relationship
  377. <Reno> it's just FAMILIAR
  378. <nepjelly> hmmmm
  379. <Reno> F A M I L I A L
  380. <Mou> nep where do you come from ?
  381. <nepjelly> i thnk you're weird
  382. <Prokyon> nepjelly "I'd never do that" are empty words, after all what you have shared so far
  383. <nepjelly> nothing's lewd about a big wet smooch for my favorite guy
  384. <Prokyon> just admit it, if your brother was single, and came on to you, and told you "let's elope and get married far away from here"
  385. <nepjelly> i smooch dogs too
  386. <Prokyon> you'd do it in a heartbeat
  387. <Reno> kiss on the lips is romantic
  388. <Mou> pls no
  389. <Prokyon> >bit wet smooch
  390. <Prokyon> *big
  391. <Reno> also WET are you kidding me
  392. <Reno> like is there tongue involveed
  393. <nepjelly> i'm a smoochie hoochie for the canine qts
  394. <Reno> are you tonguing your brother
  395. <nepjelly> no lol
  396. <nepjelly> my tongue stays in my mouth
  397. <nepjelly> i need it there
  398. <Prokyon> Reno, they kiss until a "bridge" of saliva is visible when they separate their lips
  399. <Reno> you still haven't defined fornicuddle
  400. <snervous> hot
  401. <Mou> Ok for your tongue but what about you brother's ?
  402. <nepjelly> i only tongued my brother once accidentally
  404. <Reno> next you're gonna trip and fall on his erect penis
  405. <Prokyon> guys, guys, we misinterpreted... the big wet smooch is not on his lips :^)
  406. <Prokyon> it's on his jelly bubble
  407. <nepjelly> i was talking and went to kiss him and i forgot to stop talking so it went into his mouth
  408. <nepjelly> no it's not
  409. <Mou> what
  410. <Prokyon> how the hell do you "accidentally tongue your brother"?!
  411. <Prokyon> wtf haha
  412. <Mou> how can you forgot to stop talking ?
  413. <nepjelly> i just said
  414. <nepjelly> it was kinda gross since he had just eaten and i think i licked some off of the plaque off of his teeth
  415. <Mou> How did he react ?
  416. <Prokyon> "it was accident, guys, I didn't meant to thrust my tongue into his larynx"
  417. <nepjelly> i can be careless sometimes
  418. <nepjelly> he didn't react
  419. <snervous> hey mou
  420. <Mou> hey snervous
  421. <nepjelly> well he smiled a bit
  422. <Prokyon> you damn deviant
  423. <nepjelly> that's about it
  424. <Prokyon> if there was a hell you'd go straight into satan's butthole
  425. <Reno> nepjelly you know about incest babies right
  426. <Reno> you need to know about incest babies.
  427. <nepjelly> i'm not incestuous!
  428. <snervous> trying to get spooks into macross kek
  429. <Prokyon> Reno, she doesn't care
  430. <Reno> it is imperative that you learn about incest babies.
  431. <Prokyon> she's a succubus
  432. <nepjelly> i know all about inbreeding genetics
  433. <Reno> and how one of y'all need to get your tubes tied
  434. <Prokyon> Reno, let them have their incest progeny, what do you care
  435. <nepjelly> if i were a succubus i'm doing a bad job
  437. <Prokyon> inb4 nepjelly is a pedo too and will accidentally tongue their kids
  438. <Reno> and walked in on him jacking off
  439. <Mou> hahaha Prokyon
  440. <Prokyon> "walked in"
  441. <Reno> and apparently fornicuddle
  442. <Prokyon> right...
  443. <nepjelly> if i wanted to seduce my brother i could sit on his lap when his jelly was bubbling and 'adjust' myself or do pervy stuff like that which i don't do
  444. <nepjelly> also i was only 10
  445. <Prokyon> ah loli too!
  446. <Prokyon> the list never ends
  447. <nepjelly> i was a talkative kid
  448. <Prokyon> a sexually talkative kid
  449. <Reno> so you lost your virginity that early?
  450. <Reno> goddamn
  451. <nepjelly> people always told me nepjelly don't talk with your mouth open ALSO NO
  452. <nepjelly> I AM A VIRGIN
  455. <Prokyon> were you baptised in blood or something?
  456. <Prokyon> "don't talk with your mouth open" what?
  457. <nepjelly> fine it's just regular cuddling
  458. <Prokyon> are you a ventriloquist?
  459. <Mou> there is not ony one clam nep
  460. <Mou> only*
  461. <nepjelly> Prokyon: sorry it's a jelly thing
  462. <nepjelly> we encourage the use of telepathy
  463. * scared a quitté (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  464. * scared ( vient de rentrer
  465. <Reno> also scared
  466. <Reno> you just know
  467. <Reno> spooks's favorite is gonna be macross 7
  468. <nepjelly> why am i getting lectured on perversion by a bunch of NON-VIRGINS
  469. <Prokyon> I bet you don't count foot/tit/hand/job as losing your virginity
  470. <nepjelly> anything involving the private parts is
  471. * snervous a quitté (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  472. <Prokyon> how is feet a private part
  473. <Reno> because what would virgins know about perversions
  474. * snervous ( vient de rentrer
  475. * snervous ( est parti
  476. <nepjelly> if you stick them on a guy's jellybaster then that's a private part
  477. <Reno> it takes a non-virgin to tell you you totally want the onii-san dick all up in you
  478. <Prokyon> I bet you collect your brother's jelly and use it to make ice cream
  479. <nepjelly> you guys don't give your siblings massages either i bet?
  480. <nepjelly> how unfortunate
  481. <Reno> NO
  482. <Reno> I DON'T
  483. <Prokyon> not in the benis
  484. <nepjelly> you're missing out
  485. <scared> reno im talkin
  486. <Mou> do you walk in him when sleeps ?
  487. <scared> macross 82-99
  488. <scared> music
  489. <scared> not shit mechas
  490. <nepjelly> my brother gives a mean footrub you know
  491. <Reno> nigga don't give me that shit
  492. <Mou> I did massage to my sister nep
  493. <Prokyon> I bet nepjelly does those oil massages like in porn
  494. <Mou> But I don't smooch her
  495. <Reno> i'll kill you
  496. <nepjelly> no oil
  497. <Prokyon> splashes oil over her chest and rubs it against his back
  498. <nepjelly> but i am a master of jelly massage
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