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Jan 23rd, 2014
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  1. Dear sir/madam,
  3. I hereby identify myself as the user under the protected screen name of
  4. F1k on Freenode IRC.
  6. Though I am considered as a part of the new 'devteam' on CoinyeCoin I do
  7. not possess the necessary technical skills to actually develop things
  8. related to CoinyeCoin. My skills are in the field of communication and
  9. parts of (copyright) law.
  11. After the indictment of the original CoinyeWest Coindevelopers and their
  12. re-branding of the project to CoinyeCoin they left the project, where a
  13. number of volunteers picked up. After reading the news that the old devs
  14. decided to quit I wasted no time applying for a position at the new team.
  16. It has come to our attention that someone, claiming to be you and
  17. claiming to act upon the request of Mr. West has sent an e-mail to one
  18. of the CoinyeCoin exchanges. The exchange is currently taking actions to
  19. prevent litigation, however, the bitcoin-community found irregularities.
  20. The signature in the e-mail does not match the signature we have on file
  21. for you[1].
  23. You must understand that there are a lot of jokers trying to impersonate
  24. Mr. West and/or his lawyers in an attempt to have their way with us.
  25. Since in this case a signature was present we felt obligated to at least
  26. inform you that someone is using this name with these two signatures.
  28. If you are indeed representing Mr. West in this case and wish to address
  29. the devteam behind Coinye and, you may address me. You
  30. will understand that to verify your identity I will need a letter sent
  31. via the postal service, addressed to me at home in Zoetermeer, The
  32. Netherlands.
  33. Until I can verify your identity as Mr. West's representative I simply
  34. can not comply with any order directed at me via E-mail or phone.
  36. Stichting BREIN, located in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, embodies the
  37. local Dutch anti-piracy outfit. Should you require help in forwarding
  38. your requests you can contact them using the information provided on
  39. their website [2].
  42. Should you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to
  43. contact me.
  45. Yours Sincerely,
  47. Robbie E. C. A. Hontelé
  48. Available mon-fri 09:00 - 18:00
  49. Amsterdam time-zone GMT+1
  52. [1]
  53. [2]
  54. (E-mail signature cropped)
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