BwB: Coffee, Bacon, and a Blowjob

Mar 5th, 2019
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  1. Breakfast With Benefits: Coffee, Bacon, and a Blowjob [F4M] [Breakfast Gone Wild] [Part 1] [Morning Wood] [Fresh Roasted Coffee] [Sizling Bacon] [Blowjob] [Throatpie]
  3. Nothing gets your harder in the morning like the smell of fresh coffee and cooking bacon. It wafts up to you from the kitchen as I cook and you awake, morning wood standing tall and proud.
  5. Its a tad chilly so you drape your robes over your shoulders, leaving it open at the front.
  7. When you come downstairs and into the kitchen, you see me at the stove over a pan of crackling and spitting bacon.
  9. My back is to you and I have on your favourite hoodie. It's much too large for me, the sleeves almost cover my hands, the bottom only just touches at my ass and the cheeks peek out from the edge, teasing, waiting for your playful caress.
  11. I hear you behind me and I say in my morning voice, still not clear of the haziness, 'No sneaking any bacon before it's done... but teasing the chef is very much acceptable.'
  13. You press into my back, fingers brushing my messy bed hair from my neck which you nuzzle most affectionately. Then your hands travel south, fingers teasing at the edge of the hoodie.
  15. I giggle as I flip the bacon in the pan and it sizzles anew. It only eggs you on. The smell of bacon and coffee are so closely associated to sex to you and I feel your hardness press into the small of my back and you push in closer, your hands sneaking under the hoodie and up my body to my bare breasts.
  17. I say how happy you must be to see me, or is it the coffee and bacon that makes you so hard?
  19. I push back into you, the hoodie sliding up with your hands, your manhood sitting at the top of my cheeks as I grind softly into you.
  21. Then I whisper, 'the bacons done...'
  23. You reluctantly pull away and make your way over to the coffee pot, pouring the bitter and dark liquid into a mug for each of us. We both take a sip, sighing in glee as it warms our mouths.
  25. I step in close, my hand running down your naked chest, down lower and lower, until my fingertips brush up and down your erect length. I reach lower, cupping your balls gently, looking up at you as I take another sip of coffee then biting my bottom lip as I place the mug down.
  27. I go down to my knees, stroking you gently. Then my warm, coffee touched tongue takes a long lick along the underside of your pulsing cock. 'Enjoy the bacon while it's hot. I want extra cream to go with my coffee.'
  29. You groan at the sight of me on my knees before you, or perhaps its the bacon sitting in the pan that makes you groan so? You pick up a rasher and take a bite and as that saltiness blooms in your mouth, you see me smile, my tongue reaching the head of your cock before slipping it between my lips.
  31. Inch by inch your dick disappears into my mouth, teasing the head with my tongue until I take as much of you as I can, pausing before starting to bob up and down your cock, glad to see you enjoying your breakfast while I suck and tease you.
  33. You rock your hips gently, matching the bob of my head, groaning each time you bottom out down my tight throat. You take another sip of coffee and pop the last of the bacon into your mouth. Then you gaze down at me, and you growl with lust, 'a perfect breakfast from a perfect woman.'
  35. I giggle around your cock and start speeding up, determined to get that thick cream. I needed your seed to fill my mouth and I wouldn't take anything less. You pulse with each stroke of my lips. You let out a loud moan and say, 'your hot mouth and this amazing bacon is gonna make me cum...'
  37. Your hand falls to my head, fingers weaving into my bed hair, guiding me as you push deeper down my tight throat. Your chest rises and falls as you breathe and moan, pleasure sparking through you like crashing waves.
  39. I quickly take your entire length in my mouth just in time as your cock swells for a moment before you start to cum, your seed coating the back of my throat and then some as I swallow quite a bit of you down, not pulling away until I'm sure you are sufficiently drained, even being sure to wipe up any of the cum that dribbled from the sides of my mouth. I moan, 'you taste delicious as always...'
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