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  1. Changeling Headcannon
  3. Emotional Energy and Body Development
  4. >-Emotional Energy is Magical Energy.
  5. >--Absorbed emotional energy is stored in the body, magic use drains that energy based on spell energy consumption.
  6. >-As changelings absorb energy, their body develops.
  7. >--Body size directly correlates with max energy capacity.
  8. >--More developed bodies require more energy than less developed bodies.
  9. >--Body development stages
  10. >>--Nymph- Newborn, about the size of a pony foal. Very low energy limit.
  11. >>--Lesser Drone(Proto Drone)- About the size of an average earth pony, no wings, cannot shift forms, only capable of minor magical feats, levitation and basic telekinesis. Low energy limit.
  12. >>--Minor Drone(Worker Drone)- Similar to a Lesser Drone, but has wings. Low energy limit.
  13. >>--Major Drone- The majority of the forces that attacked canterlot were this stage of drone. Wings, capable of semi-advanced magics. Medium-low energy limit.
  14. >>--Heavy Drone(Beserker Drone)- Essentially a more armored Major Drone, The initial wave of the canterlot attack consisted of this stage. Can magically strengthen chitin armor to impact at high velocities, appears to be lit with green fire when doing so. Medium energy limit.
  15. >>--Infiltrator Drone- Physically weaker than a Major Drone, but much more adept at shifting forms. much more intelligent than other drone stages. Capable of advanced magics. Medium energy limit.
  16. >>--Swarm Sub-Commander(Lesser Officer)- Similar build to a Heavy Drone, but with the intellect and magical prowess of an Infiltrator Drone. Can lead swarms of drones through the hive mind. Serves the role of lower level officers. Medium energy limit.
  17. >>--Swarm Commander(Minor Officer)- Similar to a Swarm Sub-Commander, but has even more command abilities within the hive mind. Medium-high energy limit.
  18. >>--Hive Sub-Commander(Major Officer)- Supremely intelligent, Fast, Well versed in advanced magics. Lightly armored, with a tall and somewhat slender build. Commands authority within the hive mind. Medium-high energy limit.
  19. >>--Hive Commander(High Officer)- Similar to a Hive Sub-Commander, but with much more access to power and advanced magics. Has access to Hive forbidden knowledge and magics. Answers directly to the Hive Queen. High energy limit.
  20. >>--Hive Queen- The highest authority in the hive mind. Tall and slender build, with incredibly strong chitin and armor. Very fast, has access to all hive knowledge, as well as all Hive forbidden knowledge and magics. Energy limit is nearly limitless, with sustained energy absorption, can become virtually immortal.
  21. >--Absorbing more energy than the energy limit of development will result in magic-sickness, where the excess energy gradually eats through all body tissues. When a magic-sick changeling dies, the magical energy is released with drastic, if explosive, results.
  22. >--A changeling can force energy into muscle groups to temporarily increase muscle strength, resulting in stronger physical strength/faster flight speeds/tougher chitin.
  24. Changeling Magics
  25. >-Basic Magic
  26. >--Telekinesis- Levitate objects and such.
  27. >--Kinetic Blast- A basic energy bolt that impacts with kinetic force.
  28. >--Thermal Ignition- Lights nearby objects on fire.
  29. >-Semi-Advanced Magic
  30. >--Pyro Blast- An energy bolt that impacts with kinetic force and fire.
  31. >--Directional Shield Barrier- A concave wall that blocks magic and physical force.
  32. >--Burning Hooves- Hooves are surrounded by magically contained fire to give an edge in physical combat.
  33. >-Advanced Magic
  34. >--Non-Changeling magics can be used by changelings who are capable of Advanced Changeling Magics.
  35. >--Kinetic Wave- A pulse of energy that impacts with kinetic force.
  36. >--Pyro Wave- Essentially a Kinetic Wave, but instead of kinetic force, it ignites objects on contact.
  37. >--Fire Portal- Thinking with Portals. Two portals, on two surfaces, both within visual sight of the caster.
  38. >--Memory Spells
  39. >>--Alter Memory- Allows the caster to change memories. Altered memories can be reverted back, but it is hard to determine if a memory is altered or not.
  40. >>--Remove Memory- Allows the caster to completely remove a memory, leaves blank areas that can be noticeable, but memories cannot be recovered.
  41. >>--Influence Thoughts- Allows the caster to influence the decisions of a target, target can overcome the effects with enough willpower.
  42. >>--Enslave Mind- Caster is given complete control of a target, but the target loses the ability to think for itself while under the influence of this magic.
  43. >-Forbidden Magic
  44. >--Non-Changeling Dark Magics can be used by changelings capable of using Forbidden Changeling Magics.
  45. >--Life-Energy-Conversion- Allows a caster to completely drain a target of energy, total gain of energy is nearly double what feeding off of the target would attain, but the target dies.
  46. >--Lightning Blast- Shoots lighting at a target, incredibly devastating.
  47. >--Target-Assimilation- Starts the process that converts a non-changeling into a changeling drone.
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